Thumping Spike - Episode 10 (A Squeecap)

Trotwood: So it’s obvious that one of the contracts in this episode’s title is the contract that Se Ra feels she has to sign with her manager, but there are also other deals people make here that don’t seem to be making anyone happy--even the winners. This was a hard episode to watch the first time, and it wasn’t any better watching it again to recap. I was angry pretty much the entire episode. I know my commenters thought Se Ra was out of line slapping our Rimbutt, but I was cheering her on. I was hoping she would just go around slapping lots of people in a rage of slaps. She could slap Rimbutt again on the other side of his face to even it out. Slap some sense into Woo Jin for going to the agency and really thinking he could make a deal with the devil. Slap Secretary Kim for reeling her back in through deception even though she doesn’t want her back. Slap Representative Gi-joon for being far too gleeful and blatantly ignoring how unhappy she clearly is. Slapping Coach for being a completely ineffectual adult let alone a coach. Slap Soo Bin because she is too annoying. (oh, yeah. she isn’t in this ep, but I wouldn’t mind her coming back just to get slapped)
If you’re going down, Se Ra, don’t go down alone!
But then we get a bonus at the very end, the world is bright again, and I put my slap outfit away.
Kakashi: She means there's a KISS. That's the bonus in KDrama. And let's see how I deal with the anger!
JoAnne: I'm totally fine with slapping Soo Bin. Let's just slap her at least once per episode for the remainder of the show. Her and Secretary Kim.

Episode 10—The Contract

The episode opens where we left off with representative Gi-joon (nose-mouth jerk!) on the phone with Jae Woong while JW confesses that he is the guy in the picture. Gi-joon pretends to be uninterested because she is no longer in his agency, but JW tells him to come get her because she is going to renew her contract. This is where I wanted to slap him again. Then I realize that according to the timeline, he hasn’t actually been slapped yet.
How confusing. Anyway, are these guys CRAZY? Why are they meddling like this? 
K-tosterone demands it.
Gi-joon smirks that Se Ra has two guys pretending to be the guy in the pic and wonders, nastily, to Woo Jin (who is still doing his best Joseon prince posture on that sofa) why everyone is claiming to be that guy? Secretary Kim comes in and shows him her phone. He tells Woo Jin that the reporters have gone, and Woo Jin gets up, bowing stiffly before leaving. However, Gi-joon reminds him to remember their contract. Woo Jin stops but doesn’t turn around.
Oh, this is not good. Not good at all... his posture is though. As expected of a tree!
So stiff. So upright. It seems like it would take a lot to soften him up...he's just so ready to be that strong pillar for her, I think. He's a very eager young man, and seems really committed to taking her on. You have to admire someone with that much devotion to the task at hand.
When our puppy leaves, Gi-joon looks as sick to his stomach as Woo Jin does. Why isn’t he happier since he’s getting what he wants? Could it be because he’ll never be as beautiful as that Climbing tree that just left his office? Or has he suddenly realized that he has two rivals for Se Ra, both play volleyball, and neither wears that atrocious lipstick? Maybe a slap will snap him out of it.
*Slap*! Oh, that felt good.
You have lipstick on your hand.
Se Ra, dressed once again like a volleyball goddess (incredibly high shoes—lovely, but I’m so worried about her injury that I can’t even enjoy how they look) gets picked up by Secretary Kim. She looks like she is going to her own funeral. It doesn’t help that she sees Jae Woong walking toward the training house on the street or that Secretary Kim informs her of the plan to have her stop coaching.
Oh, can I be in charge of slapping Secretary Kim?! *goes to the gym to train slap-muscles*
We could poke a hole in her skull with the heel of Se-Ra's shoe?
She signs the contract and goes to the press conference looking like she has just been forced to kill her own kitten. It’s so obvious that she is unhappy that I wonder about the wisdom of this press conference from a professional standpoint. Her dark mood isn’t lost on the crowd as our exposition fairies/reporters (EFRs) prove when they discuss the situation. EFR1 wonders why she looks like she is being forced; EFR2 reveals that he knows her agency is the one that took the pictures.
Haha, and he knew this how? Did they advertise that on the internet? 
Maybe he's sleeping with Secretary Kim. Oh hai, Current Flavor of Bad Guy. Do you recognize him, Kakashi?
Se Ra's face just gets worse as the picture taking goes on while Gi-joon stands smiling and waving. It’s so bad that our EFRs actually discuss how to photograph her to try make her look better. As they speak, she starts to keel over. Finally, Representative Gi-joon calls an end to the press conference. Despite all this, he just takes her home, trying to make small talk like this is just any other day, commenting that her passcode is still 114030—“Starting volleyball at 11 and you wanted to play 30 years until you were 40.” She doesn’t seem to even hear him, but it looks like someone else does. Neither of them sees that Jae Woong is also outside her house.
What is this idiot of a manager doing, is he NOT worried about her at all?!
People faint every day in Korea. It must have rained earlier or something. They just give you a packet and you're fine, or if it's really bad you go to the hospital and get that IV that cures cancer. Where do you think 'One Shot! One Shot!' started, anyway?
Hi there, Rimbutt!
Cutie Piebutt. Did you see Mary say she wasn't feeling him all that much the other day?  I wonder if I could swoop...
They go in, and he keeps talking (and I just want to slap him again—how can he act like everything is fine when he has to know just from her look that everything is NOT fine?). He looks at her shelf of trophies in admiration, talking about how she’s won pretty much every award and that she really needs to play in a bigger pond. Se Ra, who’s barely able to drink the water that she’s poured for herself, tries to respond, but instead just passes out in a dead faint. Finally, he looks worried and runs to her. I’m pretty sure there’s some time for slapping before the ambulance arrives. Sigh, but there is no one around.
Well, if it's any consolation, he won't get the girl. 
That's not a bad picture of him, but Se-Ra looks...busy.
She is fainting, for chrissake! 
At the hospital, Se Ra is lying down (unconscious? asleep?) with an IV drip while the doctor tells Gi-joon that nothing is wrong with her heart or her blood vessels (I hope this is only lame because of translation—what kind of diagnosis is that?), but she might be anemic and asks if Gi-joon wants them to keep her in hospital longer. He nods; at least he has the decency to look genuinely worried.(Pfft--too busy rolling my eyes to want to slap him here.
I think he sighed because she cannot make any money for him like this. I'm also glad she's not lying face-down, because as we know from Old Nine Gates, that's really dangerous
HAHAHAHAHAH that was my first thought! 'Well, at least she's not lying face down.' 
I was wondering how long it would be before we got an Old Nine Gates reference here.
We are back at the training house. Jae Woong goes into Se Ra’s room and is followed by Sang Gyun and Hyung Sung. Hyung Sung is surprised that Jae Woong hasn’t moved back into his old room. Sang Gyun asks why not since they all know that their coach isn’t coming back. He lays down on bed ready to read, saying that they will take this room if Jae Woong doesn’t want it back.  That is when he notices the poster on the ceiling from Hanbit University. He reads the “You can Do it” message that Se Ra wrote on poster and asks Jae Woong if it means him. JW just snatches the poster out of his hand and goes to brood in his room, only to find Han Sol and Jin Ah talking about Se Ra.
He should bury his face in the pillow she rested her head on and sniff her.
That might be too exciting, though.
Han Sol is reading an article about Se Ra and asks whether Jin Ah knows about Se Ra’s father dying. Of course, apparently he’s a fan, too, and he talks about how her stepfather is a professor at NYU, and her mother lives with him in the US. Jae Woong starts to look pained. And then comes the perfect knife in the heart. Han Sol reads from the articles about how Se Ra’s favorite animal is a bear because the last item her father left her was a stuffed bear, so every bear reminds her of that one. Jae Woong thinks back to their first meeting where she was in that ridiculous disguise and asking for the bear, saying she felt as if she had that bear, she could start all over again. Now he really feels bad. [As you should, Jae Woong! As you should!]
It's that moment in every KDrama when the protagonist realizes he totally messed up and knows he must do something radical to make it right
And then does about ten absolutely wrong things because he's an idiot.
What I didn’t say was that after JW had snatched his poster and leaves, Sang Gyun remarks that he hasn’t seen Woo Jin all day. But look. Here he is. Outside the training house at night (is no one but me worried about the 10 PM curfew?), looking wistful at the door. (oh no, what's wrong with you, Tree Puppy :(( His legs are incredibly long, and I can’t help but think about what a hard time his mom must have had finding pants long enough, especially through his growth spurt.
They're really rich, no? They probably have their own private tailor. 
I think we should encourage him to treat the pants carefully. If he removes them for long stretches of time, they will last longer. Just because you have money doesn't mean you should waste it. And if he is cold because he doesn't have pants on, rather than turn up the heat I know of a very organic and renewable resource that will keep him warm.
We get back to the hospital where Gi-Joon helps Se Ra into a nice private room. The nurse follows with a hospital gown for her to change into. He just stands there while she, wordlessly starts unbuttoning her blouse. She looks like death, but even she realizes that he probably shouldn't be there while she changes. He awkwardly starts at that and then says he’s off to see the doctor.
I hope you walk into a door and smash your stupid nose-mouth.
It's very clear to me at this point that he does care about her, not even as an agent but a man, so I find it harder to make fun of him. Except for that derp face you just captured, of course. Derp! Derp!
As soon as she is gone, she calls Woo Jin. [This is a nice butt shot and shoulder shot here. Not that I’m asking for a gif or anything - what butt though?! I kept waiting for the butt, there is no butt! No gif for you!] He hesitates quite a long time before picking up, but he finally does, and they both work to sound cheerful. She asks if he/they practiced that day and reminds him that time is important because of the President’s Cup. He lies and says he did but asks her if she is sick because she sounds so strange. She lies and says it’s because it’s late, and then breaks his heart a bit (okay a LOT) because she asks if Jae Woong went to practice and worked hard. Okay, I wanted to slap you before, puppy, but I’m sorry now.
No, he really does not deserve to be slapped. He deserves a group hug. Boob group hug.
Based on his height and my lack of perkiness, I can just imagine where my boobs would hit. They would cushion his bits quite effectively, I think.
You know by the look on his face that he just wants to scream and curse at her (gif of this please, for real), but he keeps it together and lies that he is, even smiling as he tells her not to worry about them.
Come to me, my puppy. I will show you affection and give you a really nice treat.
He walks home, tears welling up as he thinks back to when the reporters came to the house. Turns out, he was there, and saw them all surrounding Jae Woong. He runs off then to the agency, barging in past Secretary Kim (like she has any power against that large treewall of volleyball muscle) and demands that Gi-joon calls off the reporters. He says he is in the photo, so Gi-joon makes a bargain with him. If he calls off the reporters, Woo Jin has to promise to never see Se Ra again. WHAT, NO. Wow. Way to kick a puppy. But more than that, he tells our climbing tree puppy that if this contract is broken, he’ll make sure that Woo Jin will never hold a volleyball again. Puppy down and kicked and now stepped on. [You better watch out for Jo, Gi-joon. She doesn’t really have a forgiving spirit]. HE IS SO FUCKING DEAD. So, now we know why he didn’t come around, and now we know why he is crying.
Uhm, WHAT?! This is so messed up, I mean... why?! Is the nose-mouth jerk CRAZY?! And is Tree crazy for promising something so STUPID?! *slaps the drama*
*Tosses puppy keys to my house* Go wait for me, sweetie pie. Mama has to go kick some stupid nose-mouth jerk ASS. Remember to take off your pants, we don't want them to get worn out.
Back at the hospital, Gi-joon is facing his own worst fears. His doctor friend tells him that Se Ra has been to the hospital and was seen but not by him and that she came with a friend. The doctor assumed that Gi-joon had sent her. Now Gi-joon knows about her relapse. No pity for him. A good manager would have noticed this. He barges into the hospital room on a mission, although I can’t read his expression. All I know is that there is not nearly enough guilt painted there. However, the bed is empty. Se Ra has left.
Guilt? No, he just realized he signed with someone worthless!!! He is so ugly he doesn't even get a screencap.
I would slap the screen cap if you put one up.

Se Ra goes home to find the giant pink bear waiting for her at the gate. She quickly looks around, showing more energy and interest than she has since she slapped Jae Woong, but he isn’t there. The next thing we know, we still see the bear in front of the gate. Jae Woong shows up, sees it, and seems disappointed and ready to take the bear back. But it’s a trap. Se Ra comes out right when he’s picking it up. We all knew that he’d probably come back to see if she got it, right?
You did? 
I didn't. That confused the shit out of me for a second.
I did because I would have come back to check, and so I expected him to come back to check.
They end up sitting together outside of her house. I think the following: 1) did they not learn from the last time that sitting outside together in the dark is bad? 2) If she is such a star, why aren’t there reporters outside of her house? It’s right on the street. But then I hear, Jo, telling me not to think too much, and KaKashi reminding me that this is a drama, and I calmly move on. I mean, I’ve got slapping to do!
No, actually, logical fails like that make me angry too. *slaps drama again*
I don't think she's so famous that she's got reporters on her 24/7, guys.  I mean come on.  She's a college volleyball player who didn't get picked up by a pro team.
Uhm.... I thought she was a national team player before her accident? Why would she have an agency and press conferences and interviews in magazines and reporters running after her otherwise?
But no, they are being apologetic and have real conversation. She explains to him, as I thought, that she was going to tell the reporters everything about her injury and why she was coaching. She was ready to stop hiding and move on. He apologizes, too. He was afraid that she would get hurt staying at the house and was upset he couldn’t protect her. He says he was selfish and because of that he hurt her even more. She is thankful to him, telling him to win the cup and to go to Hanbit University and that she’ll treasure the bear. She gets up to leave, but he grabs her arm and swings her around for a


I faint.
And I gif
And I wonder if he really used tongue.
I forget why I wanted to slap him. I know I’ll probably remember soon, but right now I forget even though she’s doing the wide-eyed shock response rather than dragging him into the house.
Yes, let's slap HER
Who kisses like that and leaves their hand in their pocket? What's he doing with that hand, anyway?
Maybe we should ask Sung Hoon. He spent a LOT of time with his hands in his pockets in that show.


Ladies? After you.
Yeah, well, what to say? All the men except Rimbutt are total idiots, sorry Tree Puppy. I actually really dig you, but why did you have to go to that stupid Rep and say something so stupid? And then stupidly agree to something even more stupid? Stupid is not sexy, so you lose.
He gets one free stupid, and he's still sexy. I win, cuz he's home waiting for me with his pants safely stored for longevity.