Prince of Wolf 狼王子 - Episode 3 (A WTFCap)

JoAnne: Re-entering society can be painful. So can re-watching Pain in the Ass Zi Zi and Pouty Mi Mi. It's not hard to watch Wolfie though, and Wolf Dad can throw major shade. I take my pleasures where I can.
kakashi: Zizi and Mimi, seriously?! These people don't speak French, that much is clear, or you wouldn't call someone Zizi. Even though I know someone who would totally love flashing his Zizi, as we learn in this great episode. 

Episode 4

Wolfie and Mi Mi have run straight to each other, in the way that fated lovers do. She coyly asks if he only came down off the mountain to return her bag. No, no, insists Ze Ming - I missed you! I kept thinking of you! But will you leave again, she asks? A long, pregnant pause. Can I stay here? asks Ze Ming. Wolf Dad makes what we can only assume are noises of approval.
Unsentimental Viki: 'Okay, I'm out now, peace' - Wolf Dad 
A quick question: I hope nobody finds this 5 year old sexy?! If yes, SHAME ON YOU.
Mi Mi takes Ze Ming home and Mom falls instantly (and almost literally.) He seems like a shoe-in, with sis Zi Zi admiring his arms and Mom calling him Handsome Boy and fussing over him like a special guest. Mi Mi starts to ease into the story of how they met, but then Zi Zi notices Wolf Dad and everyone freaks out, including the Herbal Helpers.
Snarky Viki: Meeting the parents is always hard.
I admit I haven't been paying attention but WHO are these weird people?!
Dad returns from his fishing trip with offerings from the local market, joking that at least the fishing is always good there. It takes him a minute to even notice anything out of the ordinary, but he's pretty quick to accept that Ze Ming saved his daughter and that Wolf Dad is good people. Well, you know what I mean. Mom's still smiling at the pretty even if she's a little nervous. Pain in the Ass Zi Zi raises objections but gets over-ridden. The Herbal Helpers eavesdropping on the stairs don't seem too enthused, either.
Hater Viki: Dude with a man-bun bothers me.
Dad picks up quickly on the benefits of having a strong young man around the house and puts Ze Ming to work washing his truck. When Mi Mi comes outside, playful Ze Ming starts a bubble fight - and then Dad teaches Ze Ming how to use the hose, so you know what comes next.
Picking Up on Sub-text Viki: Everyone is watching this!
Wolfie points out that their clothes are all wet and suggests that they bathe with the car - then pulls off his shirt and sprays himself with the hose. Which is fine by me, if you're wondering. Mom and all the neighborhood grannies are cool with it, too. When Wolfie starts to strip off his shorts, though, suddenly everyone has a problem. Minutes later he's fully dressed in some of Dad's clothes.
Quick Viki: Ha! Suspenders so he can't randomly take off his pants in public!
No Zizi. I'm not unhappy. Or wait, does he has underwear? Probably yes, cause that forrest supply shop has everything, apparently. 
They head into town to pick up a toothbrush and some extra towels. Mi Mi is all business but Ze Ming is back to emulating the couples he sees while Dumb Bunny Mi Mi just smiles her 'I don't get it, la la la' smile. She does get a little possessive when she notices that the shop girls are openly admiring of his physique, though, and gets a little handsy to show what's what.
Experienced Viki: In dramas, no one can button their own clothes or put on their own band aids.
When he comes out of the dressing room in a button down blue shirt, Mi Mi is satisfied with her make over efforts.
Back at the house, Pain in the Ass Zi Zi bitches about her sister, Wolfie, and Wolf Dad. Mom tries to shut her down, but they both react guiltily when they notice Wolf Dad on the stairs. The dog makes a disgusted noise and disappears into the upper level of the house again. 
Wolf Whisperer Viki:  'I don't fuck with fake-ass hoes.'
These women don't learn, do they? PitA-Zi Zi launches right back into complaints about Wolfie and this time she gets caught by the returning shoppers. Oops. Mom's impressed with the new look and the flowers Wolfie presents to her, but the Black Cloud of Doom stands in a corner and mutters to herself about everything.
Funny Viki: Sis is salty but Mom is thirsty!
They sit down to a Mom-prepared feast and after a minute everyone realizes that Wolfie is choking back tears along with his rice as he remembers tiny Ze Ming eating his mom's cooking and promising to grow big so he can protect her.  Mom's answer is to feed him more rice, of course, while Wolfie just sobs and drips tears and snot everywhere.  Even PitA-Zi Zi has the grace to look dismayed.
Embarrassed Viki:  I'm not crying, you're crying!
Stoic Viki:  I mean, it's sad I really the only one not crying?
Viki in Denial:  Shit, these onions...!
After dinner, Dad introduces Wolfie to drinking culture. It goes better than Mi Mi (and worried Viki) predict it will.  Later,  a quick lesson in writing the word 'home' leads Mi Mi to observe that pink-cheeked/slightly drunk Wolfie is missing his mother.  She offers to take him to the village wishing tree in the morning and he quickly insists that Wolf Dad goes too, as a member of his family.
Practical Viki: Where has Wolf Dad been doing his business?
Almost everyone settles down for the night.  While Mi Mi searches online for clues about his past, Ze Ming is unable to fall asleep and obsessively rearranges the bathroom items so that his and Mi MI's items are always closest together.
Conflicted Viki:  That's cute but also creepy, Wolf Boy.
Mi Mi lights on the right family at once, of course, but she doesn't know that - she decides to check things out on her own to avoid disappointing Ze Ming.
Skeptical Viki: How come her parents didn't recognize who he was?
Loyal Second Viki: Right? Because so many five year old boys named Ze Ming from rich families disappear all the time.
Objective Viki:  Maybe they didn't have a TV.
Maybe this show is too dumb
The next morning, Mi Mi and Wolfie head out for the wishing tree in the family car, which is a perfect opportunity for her to teach him about some of the useful features of this particular model. Look! It has a radio! A bored Wolf Dad grumbles, and she reassures him that when they reach their destination he'll be free to run around.
Really Stuck on this One Detail Viki: Is that wolf real?
Super patient Viki: It's a Husky.
Is the show's intelligence rubbing off on its watchers? 
Of course, they run into Second Lead Howie, who informs Mi Mi that she has to come with him right now to take advantage of a once in a life time opportunity to see her favorite photographer. They're stopped on the middle of a bridge, and a close call with a passing bicyclist gives Howie a chance to protect Mi Mi with his body and Ze Ming a chance to go full wolf with jealousy. He shouldn't worry, if Viki is any clue, but we'll see - the nosy neighbor lady just happened to be there to witness the scuffle so I'm sure it will come up again.
Surprised Viki:  First time I don't feel a thing for a Second Lead!
Mean Viki:  Second Lead has a frog face.
Above the pettiness Viki:  Aren't y'all blocking the road?
Mi Mi, though: Senior didn't do anything!  Why are you being so rude?
Long Memory Viki:  Because he and his friends beat him with bats and pieces of wood and left him injured in the woods?
Cause this dude is obviously a douche. Well done, Wolfie. 
Everyone regains control of their emotions with some effort. Wolfie's blue eyes return to their normal brown. (I expect that Howie wishes he'd brought some extra pants.) Mi Mi tries to rationalize breaking her promise to Wolfie, but she knows she's wrong and looks sad - or maybe she just smells something bad? It's hard to tell. Regardless, she heads off to see her famous photographer with a promise that she and Wolfie can see the wishing tree tomorrow. Sad Wolfie watches her ride away.
Flabbergasted Viki: She's just gonna go off and leave a wolf and a boy who can't drive with her car in the middle of the bridge?
What a horrible person. *drops drama* oh wait, I'm not even watching...
Wolfie's opportunity to redeem himself comes quickly and includes witnesses, fortunately.  A little boy has gotten stuck in a tree, and Peter Ho look-alike Jiang Ping can't figure out how to save him. No matter, Wolfie hears the cries and responds by activating his wolf-given ability to ignore gravity.
Medicated Viki:  This is a visual interpretation of my life.
Teen Viki:  He's like Edward from Twilight!
That's a very mean thing to say
The little boy is safe, but the nosy neighbor lady turns out to be his mother and of course she misinterprets everything. Because the writer needs him to, Jiang Ping remains silent when he could clear it all up. Sad Wolfie is sad.
Probably Right Viki: I smell a bromance coming up.

Elsewhere, Betrayer Mi Mi and Second Lead Howie arrive too late, of course. The photographer is gone. (Collective Viki assumes she will turn out to be Ze Ming's mother.) Mi Mi pouts through a lunch with Second Lead Howie while Wolfie waits in the pouring rain on the bridge. Even though Mi Mi sent the taller of the Herbal Helpers to pick up the car and her abandoned passengers, for some reason Wolfie thinks he should wait there until she returns. It's only when Mi Mi gets home that anyone even gives his absence a serious thought, and when she finds him on the bridge he explains that he wanted to wait there because it meant he'd see her a few minutes sooner.
He just knows he looks good in a wet T-shirt. It's an old trick.
Thirsty Viki Again:  I feel bad for being glad that it's raining, but that shirt - damn!

I don't know if you're going to be so glad to see her in a while, Wolfie - one of the things Mi Mi did while you were apart was call your uncle to see if he might be the right family.  Yes, the uncle who abandoned you on the mountain 20 years ago.  He lies to Mi Mi and says you were already found, though.  We hate him and he does not get a picture. Trusting Mi Mi gives him her address, too, 'in case he can help' as he says.  So right now we don't much care for her either, do we?
Short Fuse Viki:  Only Ep 3 and I'm already fed up at the sheer stupidity! Ugh!

When they get back to the house that loud neighbor lady is there with her husband, accusing Wolfie of hurting her son. In a drama first, a misunderstanding is cleared up in less than one episode when Jiang Ping explains what really happened.  That woman is just looking for a fight, though, and starts complaining about Wolf Dad.  We all know it's a bad idea and it won't end well, but Mi Mi's family denies that they're housing a wolf.  Everything settles down temporarily, but who's that lingering outside the house?  Looks like Uncle.  No picture for you, you bad man!


There are so many unlikable people in this drama. Pain in the Ass Zi Zi, that awful neighbor lady, the Herbal Helpers, Uncle Douche - and then there are the people who aren't hateful but still do things to piss you off, like Second Lead Howie and, yes, Dumb Bunny Mi Mi. Fortunately our hero is as photogenic as ever.
I don't get why someone who grows up with wolves is like someone with brain-damage. But he is cute - to look at.