The Disguiser 伪装者 - Episode 36 (Recap)

Pretty much absolutely nothing happens in this episode, except for an extended farewell scene between Big Sis and Ming Tai, which includes the washing of some hair. There are also some Manchun scenes in which she has her hair down (that happens when she is in prison, normally), and some utterance of truths between Big Bro and Big Sis at the end.
I'm going to have a hard time getting back into this, maybe, because I'll keep seeing their past lives...
Eleanor: Oh man, yeah, it's a total adjustment. It almost feels strange to be back. haha. 

Episode 36

And BAM! Ming Lou starts his attack on Manchun. He tells Tengtian that very clearly, that woman has a hidden agenda! She never wanted to capture the real secret code book and she always wanted the fatal defeat. Why? To grab power. Plus, Ming Lou thinks she is “KMT”. Why? She has never been attacked, ever since becoming a boss in Division 76. Not like Nantian, who was killed. Also, she secretly and hastily had his little brother killed - that’s also very suspicious. Especially since it looks like she made him something he was not: a KMT special agent. She framed him to deflect from her own crimes.
I've honestly forgotten what they did with Ming Tai, although I know that of course, he's not dead.
But he is! At least to all the bad guys. They shot him in the heart.
Shot him dead! Ah Cheng did that! Well, he made sure not to really hit him in the heart of course. 
Cut to: Ming Tai and Ming Jing reunion. Awwwww. (With Ah Cheng hovering in the background, slightly embarassed but mighty cute) Ming Tai assures Bis Sis that he is fine (well, mending), and she cries about his cruel fate. All she wanted for him is to be a happy-go-lucky, hard-studying student. Her heart breaks when she sees him like this.
Oh right, they snuck him out in an ambulance or something? He's been recuperating in his dad's home. He found that toy. Or maybe he finds it later in the episode.
He found it.
Yup, Ming Tai's real dad was waiting in the ambulance and did some medical wonders on him and made sure he didn't bleed to death. I love awkward Ah Cheng. And poor Ming Tai's fingers! 
In the other scene, Ming Lou readily admits to being in a love affair with Wang Manchun. A “very good” one. The problem is that his family does not allow it - and so she hates his family. She would go as far as to kill Ming Tai just to get to Big Sis. It seems that Tengtian believes what Ming Lou is saying. He thinks all that has transpired proves Ming Lou’s loyalty. Even more, he is sorry he didn’t listen to him earlier.
The best lies are grounded in truth, of course.
Oh Ming Lou. You are so awesome at being a spy. He almost has me convinced that he is on the Japanese side, and that's with all we know about him! No wonder Tengtian seems to trust him. 
Time for Ming Lou to get rid of someone super annoying: Lone Wolf, who - so he assures Tengtian - was planted next to him by Manchun.
But that actually was true, right? Or was it Nantien?
Nantien planted her but made sure she met up with Manchun. 

Ming Jing is still hovering over Ming Tai - she has heard he will be sent away after this. She cannot bear it. Meeting him will be so difficult! He assures her he will come back to her after the victory. He wants to marry, have kids! Lots of them, for Big Sis to play with.
God, Trainwreck. I forgot about her.
Miniature Ming Tai's running around! So cute! The cuteness of the future that might not happen because of this dratted war. *looks at smiling Ah Cheng for comfort*
Ah Cheng has a box with him, when asked what is in it, he says it’s all of Ming Tai’s remnants. Haha, Big Sis looks disgusted. But it’s just things that are precious to Ming Tai. Seeing them just makes him miss his Big Bro, who cannot come see him under the current circumstances.
He looks so cute there.
Aw. Seriously, how can Hu Ge look so cute! 
Ah Cheng also brought Ming Tai’s watch… the one he got from his teacher, Airplane Wang. Big Bro wants him to wear it forever.
Um, why?
I can't remember or even if we know. 
Something in Ming Tai snaps at the sight of the watch. Everybody has died! He is the only one alive! Why? He wants answers! This plan of Big Bro’s - he wants to understand why all the sacrifices were necessary. Ming Tai gets violent against Ah Cheng and Ah Cheng doesn’t hold back either… but it seems it’s some kind of venting, a necessary calming of nerves on both sides. They end on a sad note, with Ah Cheng handing Ming Tai the photo that Manli carried on her.
Fucking hell, Kakashi. My kitten. *sobs*
*cries* I can't help but think the fight scene must have been fun to film. It would be so therapeutic to throw things around. 
Later, Big Sis tells Ming Tai that his battle partner must surely wish for him to live a good life. He must hide well. And recover. Her hopes that he will go abroad to study are in vain, though. Him living while everybody else in his unit has died means he is carrying an extra burden now. Until the war is over. But he promises her he will be back afterward to help her with the family business.
Well shit that just means he dies, right? Oh wait, this isn't Korea. Does China kill everyone who promises to come back, too?
I don't think it's a good idea to make promises that are hard to keep like this, but then again, who knows. Please let's have some happiness. 
Outside, Ah Cheng has a tete-a-tete with Uncle Li, talking about Ming Tai and his temper tantrums. Despite his deep wound, it seems the Communists want to transfer him soon. That’s good news - at least Ah Cheng thinks so. Uncle Li on the other hand … he seems very sad. This is his son, after all. And it means he will be taken from him soon.
*hugs Uncle Li* *sneaks a kiss* *another* I think I can help him through this.
ahahahahahahahahahahahaha that shot is beautiful. I love the framing of it and the lighting. So beautiful! 
In the next scene - is this just a very long goodbye? - Ming Jing washes Ming Tai’s hair, chatting about how he hated that as a child, then continuing to talk about how Jingyun will help her discipline Ming Tai in the future. Yes, those are goodbye scenes… Big Sis is doing all those little things for her “baby”, whom she knows she won’t see again in a long time - if not ever.
It's still weird. I forget, are his hands hurt? That would make it less weird.
All the fingernails were pulled out
So yes, his hands hurt. This scene is really touching and sweet. Ah Cheng looks like he is having way to much fun. 
Liang visits Manchun in the interrogation room - she’s not much interested in seeing him though. Ah, she is raving mad! She knows someone sold her out. She worked all her life a dog for the Japanese. And now, she’s become a scapegoat? Naturally, she thinks it was him. Naturally, he gloats - there is a lot of evidence against her and he is the clear winner of this round. Maybe of all rounds?
He's a cockroach, so yeah.
She is so beautiful! Again! The lighting! Framing! LOVE IT!
What hits her hardest is to hear that Ming Lou has abandoned her. And then, she realizes it must have been him. Him, using her from the very beginning. Uh-oh.
Oh man. There are some pains that you think, 'I surely can't take another breath. I'll die between this and the next.' This would be one of those, I think.
Yeah, I would NOT want to be Ming Lou if she ever catches her hands on him. 

So Liang has actually come to get her confession. Well, won’t happen. Cause she doesn’t plan on dying quietly.
She's crazy but you have to respect her, in a way.
He isn’t all too impressed though and advises her to commit suicide before the Japanese get their hands on her. Hmm… is she scared? Hahaaaa, NO. But, she signs the confession. Then, she asks him to let her commit suicide. When they shake hands, he presses a razor blade into it. Yikes, messy. At the door, he turns around and promises her he will take care of her funeral. But what is this smile when she looks at the razor blade? Liang is such a dummy.
I can't see her killing herself. She would be fighting back as they ripped her limb from limb.
Yeah, that was a bit stupid Liang. 
Big Sis is still fussing over Ming Tai. Ah Cheng is getting more and more anxious. It really is time to leave, Big Sis… she bursts into tears and rushes out. Ah Cheng supports her (SHIP!) as they walk back to the car. Ming Tai rushes upstairs to shout after her but holds himself back… yes, he has to let go, just as much as she has to let go.
Plus, we need to give the shippers their uninterrupted moment.
LOL I kind of ship them but then I also think of her as his mom from there's that. But they do look good together. And that vest/tie combo! Ah! I LOVE Ah Cheng's wardrobe in this drama!
Back home, Ah Cheng attempts to have her allow Big Bro back into the house, but she ain’t ready yet. But when she storms into the house, there he is - fairly calm, considering her rage. They talk it to the “Little Hall”, where the memorial tablets are. But he isn’t getting a beating. He has come in a secret mission, to tell her something. And he comes right out and talks to her as the head of the Communist section in Shanghai. As proof of his identity, he has the corner of that bank note she found in the safe with the warning to not use it anymore.
Yeah, she won't be able to beat him this time methinks. 


Naturally, Big Sis is mucho pissed off rather than being happy after the big revelation. Hey, I wouldn't like being lied to like this either! For years! And by all three brothers. Damn, I'd cancel their desserts for months. No, years!
Spankings! On bare butts! The audience demands it!
LOL that would never get past the censor board hahahaha

Ming Jing's relationship to (fully grown) Ming Tai was never my favorite part of the drama and I couldn't help but think that it's not the worst of things for them to be apart in the future. Yes, that's a bit mean. The drama went at considerable length to make us sad about the separation after all. Oh well.
She treated him like an infant and I always liked him the absolute least when he was acting like a spoiled brat.
Yeah. Brattish Ming Tai is annoying. 

And oh, I don't think that this is the end of Manchun at all. Nobody about to commit suicide smiles like that.
I would have to agree.
Me too.