Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 22 (Recap)

kakashi: Dear all, Saki is currently on holidays, which leaves me with JoAnne, who, as she likes to repeat, remains "detached". I hope she will not be too mean to Kasuo et al.!!! In this episode, the Ice King tries to separate Li Luo and Kasuo for good and Shi realizes that it is very unlikely he is an Ice Tribe prince at all. Poor baby.
JoAnne: I can't really kick a man when he's down, though. Not too hard, anyway - and it's not like I don't like him, I do. I just want him to get past this mopey place.

Episode 22

The Ice Family ventures to the Ice Sheath and the Holy Flame to discuss stuff they should have discussed ages ago: how to get rid of it. Seems the Holy Flame has an "enchantment shield" just like the Fire King. The Holy Flame has no weakness though. Bummer. Go it must though!
That seems unreasonable. Why would the Holy Flame, alone of all things, have no weakness? Wouldn't that mean that the Fire Tribe would naturally be in charge of everything?
I did think about what that made the Holy Flame too. The Fire King has weaknesses, the Holy Flame does not. Ergo, the Holy Flame is the Fire Tribe leader. Stuff like that. Yes, this show makes me think deep thoughts.
Kasuo suggests he could try and get close - he has no immortal powers anymore, so maybe the Holy Flame won't react? That's an incredibly stupid idea, but it's better than moping for sure. Huh! He does indeed manage to draw it out! Shi runs to help him contain the vicious thing. They have it! And they put it into a golden box.
Two things: First, yes, he drew it out. With magic, I believe. That magic that he keeps saying he doesn't have. Second: That being the case, why didn't they just do this ages ago?
Lotus goes: 'now, Shi must be made king!' (indeed, everyone with them is 'woah, Shi did something incredible', without giving Kauso any credit, duh) But no, that's not going to happen unless Shi also fixes the ice sheath. How can that be done without the ice crystal? The Ice King seems to have an idea and back to the palace they go.
Well, it's true that it wouldn't have worked without Shi, but poor Kasuo, they don't give him any credit now and he could really use a pat on the back.

It starts snowing. People are happy. I could point out that it did snow before (it's all on camera, as Saki likes to say!), but I don't want to spoil anyone's joy. The Ice King picks something from the air and presents it to his sons: it's cute little ice balls that make baby noises.
Pokemon Fantasy.
Kasuo, the know-it-all, knows that these are ice nuclei - and with those, they can cultivate new six-leaf ice crystals. Again, I wonder why they didn't try to do any of this before, but I will assume they just were a bit too busy. Also, for future reference, I will call the ice nucleus "Ice Baby". The Ice King tells us it will take at least 1000, more like 10'000 years to get a full fledged new ice crystals from them, but hey, we have time. Oups, Kasuo doesn't, but hey, never mind. The King will be happy with just an indication of true ice power. True ice power = from pure royal ice blood. Oupsie. Daddy knows and he means to expose Lian Ji.
I'm just sitting here shaking my head.
We cut to Li Luo, who is mending in the Guardian camp. Exposition time! Her friend-would-like-to-be-lover knows that the Ice Babies need to be fed with blood and whoever makes them grow first will be King. Li Luo wants to go help Kasuo, but Qin Chu holds her back. They have orders to help the other tribes rebuild their homes (wait, wasn't that Shi's task before?). Qin Chu is of the opinion that Li Luo should break up with Kasuo anyway. Yes, we know that you think that.
You've said your piece, now go away.
Kasuo starts feeding his Ice Baby with blood - it looks fat and happy. Kasuo is conflicted (of course): After his father's threat, he wants to make a true effort to get the throne because of Li Luo; at the same time, he knows Shi is much more suitable. An owl flies in - Li Luo sent it. She expresses her concern for his well-being and wants to know what Kasuo wanted to tell her. He sends the owl back ... without an answer. Noble idiocy ... now also a plague in C-Drama.
I was wondering why he bothered with any of this since he doesn't even want to be king, so I was happy for the reminder and it let me overlook the idiocy.
Lan Shang - bleh, annoying, go away and stop trying to meddle with the Ice Baby! - wants to stay in Ice City, if must be alone, as Kasuo's wife, even if he dies early. She'll die with him! He doesn't want you, you stupid cow, how can we make you understand?!
Dead man walking. Besides, everyone says he won't live to be a hundred, except this show started with his 130th birthday, so...
They're not good at math it seems
Ice Mommy expresses suspicion about Prince Shi's super fast ascent to be the most powerful immortal in the ice realm to the Dream Lord and when he ventures to investigate, he dreams about Kasuo at the Prison Rock, with the birds that commit suicide and the red ice crystals. These are the words that Kasuo speaks to him: "Blood-red Lotus shall bloom, the twin stars will eventually meet. The wheel of destiny has started spinning. Please wait patiently". What does it mean?!
Someone ate something heavy right before bed?
He passes those words on to Kasuo, who disturbs his dream - but of course, he has no clue what it means either. Okay, they decide to "wait patiently". Passively? asks Kasuo. The Lord of Dreams saves the dream in two ice dildos and gives them to Kasuo. Does destiny just come to you or are you in charge of it? The eternal question.
If it's destiny, it shouldn't matter.
Shi feeds his Ice Baby some blood ... and the poor ice baby explodes. Shi omma promises to bring him a few new Ice Babies, but she looks worried.
I laughed so HARD.
Kasuo thinks his Ice Baby isn't happy, but his mom - who brings him tons of flowers for his stamina - smiles and corrects him: His Ice Baby is very happy. Yay! In the meantime, Li Luo is summoned to the Ice King. He wants to tell her a story. It's a story about a mayfly and an immortal crane. Crane falls in love with the mayfly. The crane promises the mayfly the world, but the next day, when they want to go on a date, the mayfly is already dead.
How subtle of you, Dad.
Li Luo says well, the mayfly may have died early, but at least, she was happy in love. Li Luo, I don't think the king gives a shit about the mayfly. The Ice King turns around and says gravely: The mayfly may have been happy, but the immortal crane only had one single day of happiness and 1000 years of loneliness. Well, if you put it that way......... to get rid of Li Luo for sure, the Ice King promotes her to Guardian General, to take the place of Ketuo.
Uh, Dad, your crane is already on borrowed time though. So why not just let things be?
Lan Shang continues to annoy, now by trying to sabotage Shi's Ice Baby. She also lies when she gets discovered. Shi has a new one, but because it's new, it hasn't developed at all. Lan Shang is very happy about that. I really want to smack her, she annoys me so much. The point of the scene is this though: Shi realizes that something must be wrong with him, because Kasuo's Ice Baby grows and his does not.
Well he has one thing in common with the Ice Tribe - he is very late to arrive at this question.
He goes to ask his mother about it. She denies he has any Fire Tribe blood in him! Shi cries ... he is unconvinced.
Mom, I'm not sure why any of this is only now worrying you. You've always known he wasn't Ice Tribe. And by the way, if he's not, what's with the white hair and blue eyes? Do you come in and make him over while he sleeps?


Okay, it's kinda official now that Shi isn't the Ice King's son. We also know that the Seven Saints have seen something in his future that scared them a lot, so I get why they don't want him as king. The Ice King's plan to expose this is actually quite smart. Shi won't be able to cultivate his Ice Baby and Kasuo can - even though he has no powers. Still, without powers, Kasuo is not going to be a very useful king, so what are you going to do about that, Ice King?
Quick, make another baby!

At the same time, the Ice King wants Li Luo as far away from the Ice City as possible ... and it looks like his Mayfly story made the necessary impression on her. This plus Kasuo's noble idiocy doesn't bode well for this couple. But can they really keep away from each other? Sometimes, love is too strong.
Yeah, we know the answer to this one.