Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 27 (Recap)

kakashi: This is a sad episode for our Eagle Pian Feng, so let me honor him with the top picture. There, there, it will be alright. Maybe.
SakiVI: I hope so. He's really handsome, and one of my favorite characters outside of Shi, Yan Da and Lianji.
JoAnne: I am quite fond of the Eagle Fairy also, even if I laugh every time I say those two words together.

Episode 27

The Dreamer is in the forest and it is snowing heavily. Despite of that, there is a lot of shadows, so I am guessing the sun is a sneaky bastard, shining through all these heavy snow clouds! He is here to meet the Eagle Fairy, who went and fetched the fairy helpers. They immediately have a crush on Dreamer, haha, like me.
Can't see it, but the heart wants what it wants, I guess.
He's lovely. I think you just like being contrary, Missy.
Nah, I already explained I don't like his goody-two-shoes behavior and general ambience.
Actually, they're already thinking about marrying him (and he is totally going with it, haha). Pian Feng says they're all lovely ladies but they "chitter chatter a bit much". That is exactly what Dreamer needs: he sends them into the forest to chat to everyone and find out whether there are any witnesses to the icelings murder.
Might as well delegate.
Icelings, ha. PS look how handsome the Dreamer looks here, even if he's wearing my mom's shirt from 1985.
You are right, the shirt has to come off
No, no, it doesn't. 
Kasuo is sad he needs to fight against Shi and Li Luo isn't around and Shi is sad Kasuo is sad. And Granny is sad Kasuo is sad. The fight is tomorrow: I'm not sad about that.
I'm sad this episode focuses so much on people being sad.
Gee, Kasuo, if only there was one thing, one simple thing, that you could do that would fix all that unhappiness. Just one thing. I wonder what it could be.
My love.
The first round is a competition of speed: it's Pian Feng against Liao Jian, at the Frozen Lake. But before we get to see the fight, Kasuo has a flashback to when he protected Shi against their brothers and sisters and they had a snowball fight at that very location. They swear Twu Wuv.  Little Shi vows to protect his Big Bro when he's grown up - and that is exactly what he is trying to do now.
This show is one massive dog whistle about their gay love.
I don't think that's it at all. Kasuo clearly loves and wants Li Luo. Shi just hero-worships the only person (outside of his mother) who ever treated him with any kindness. Okay maybe Shi's crushing on him a little bit, I don't think Kasuo has a clue.
Like JoAnne, I don't see them as gay. There is such a thing as very strong brotherly or sisterly love and I think we are seeing it here. It's like same-sex soulmate love
I guess we see what we see.  But Kasuo has not had to choose between girls and Shi so far because Shi supports Kasuo's relationship with LiLuo.  In contrast, Shi has had to choose Kasuo over girls, and so we have not seen the full extent of Kasuo's love for Shi.  
And then, poor Eagle gets his ass kicked. The Bear has a special gauntlet (the name is mentioned in one of the later episodes) and the Eagle has a special armor (Golden Feather Armor) - they're both really advanced in their martial arts - and it does look like Mr. Eagle has all the advantage at first, but alas, Chao Ya told her current fiancé how he could defeat her former fiancé (with heat, which will crack the armor). This betrayal made me sad.
I sobbed. Chao Ya, how could you? That's cheating.  
You biiiiiiitch. And I even like the Bear, but really, that's just unacceptable. I think he should have refused to use his ill-gotten knowledge.
Poor Eagle :(( Huang Tuo treats his severe injuries, when Chao Ya comes for a visit. Luna makes the Healer leave the room (he doesn't get why he should, the dummy, since he doesn't seem able to pick up any grown-up stuff) and then, Chao Ya plays her harp for Pian Feng, like she used to in the past when he was wounded. He looks at her, oh so sad...
I was more mad because she's rather annoying.  
Why do that? Guilty conscience? I do not like her. AT ALL.
What a cute pair they were ...
I like her more with him than the bear dude.
... before he left her, to "soar in the sky". He urged her to join him, to elope, to become nameless but happy, and it seems somebody objected to their union from the way he is speaking, because he is nothing but an orphaned eagle fairy while she is the princess. But she can't go and he can't stay, so they parted. 
Okay, then. 
So she didn't dump him because she fell for the Bear, then, but that makes her betrayal even more unpalatable to me.
When he returned (unexpectedly, but because he couldn't help it) after a long time, she had been betrothed to Mr. Bear. It's all quite heartbreaking.
She was never that into Pian Feng if she fell in love with Bear dude that fast.
I really did not like her on sight, and now I have reason for it.
In the here and now, Pian Feng tells her he regrets deeply that he did not stay with her back then - but he also realizes that the past is the past. And he vows to just serve her as Chief Imperial Guard in the future, without ever trying to win her over again. Whatever she is thinking, she is quite clearly very moved by all of this too. Does she still have feelings for the Eagle?
Maybe she just wants all the menz.
Eagle Baby, she TOL' HIM YOUR SECRET. Fly away.
The second match on the next day is Lan Shang against Chao Ya. Uh-oh. Lan Shang got a Super Shiny Pearl from the Mermaid Saint, to blind her opponent - so that she can escape rather than get killed. Pffft. Anyway, their task is to go against the Ice Tribe's mentally strong warriors with their music (and make them put down their weapons). Beam them down, Scotty!
I laughed so much at "mentally strong".  
If i shake my head any harder at this show it might fall off.
Chao Ya gets to go first. She blasts them with her sound relentlessly and even though they resist (with a silly dance, one should add), she eventually defeats them all.
This was all too silly - and sexist - for me to comment on it.
I think I've given myself brain damage, at the very least, from all this head shaking.


This really was Chao Ya and Pian Feng's episode. We always knew there was something between the two, but a love that deep? Where did it all go? Why did Chao Ya agree to marry the Bear? Duty? I guess. But why did she betray the Eagle and the secret of his armor? I don't get the impression that she does not care for the Bear - in fact, it's quite clear she does care. Maybe she loves both men, but has made a choice for the Bear? It makes me sad, either way.
I didn't care that much. Nice to get some backstory, I guess. And Pian Feng is very handsome, so that helps.
The Dreamer is twice as handsome as the Fairy, though. 
I've been crushing on Eagle since his NIF days, so disagreeing with you there. :-)