Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 29 (Recap)

kakashi: Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear, that's a LOT of excitement for my poor nerves!! This (below) doesn't look good. Not good at all. Rest assured though: Shi survives. Even though he is forever altered.
SakiVI: Even all red like that, Shi is pretty.  #LifeGoals
JoAnne: Nah, he looks like the Wicked Witch of the East, but red.

Episode 29

We're in the snow forest ... and Kasuo watches Shi rocking back and forth on a swing. It's where they often went when Shi was still a kid and the memories are painful. Kasuo realizes he cannot "let them kill Shi". Time for some noble idiocy? Indeed. Kasuo tells Shi they will become enemies now. He has all the friends he needs and Shi is just the son of a concubine. The throne is his and Shi better accept that and withdraw from the match.
Yep, noble idiocy right down to the fake nastiness.
Or not. Actually, Shi wants Kasuo to withdraw from the match, per the favor he still has open with Kasuo when he won in ice soccer a few episodes back. To show Kasuo how silly his display of power is seeing how he has none, Shi force-lifts him. Always in character, Kasuo actually secretly wishes for Shi to kill him and flee afterwards, as he hangs up there.
Great, now they're into S&M.
Come on, you two ... everybody knows you still love each other.  More than people think. Stop playing this silly game!! Is it just me or does Kasuo look particularly good when he is suffering? Which is often, I admit.
Maybe that's why he's so emo, because he's vain and knows he looks good.
That's a good point, actually.
As people (including the Guardians) place bets on who will win, the royalty gathers at the ever-blooming cherry tree the next day. (Or is it a plum tree? Not everything that looks like cherry actually is cherry! A cherry-plum tree? (some sort of magic tree knowing this show)) This place is actually called Withering Blossom Hillside, according to Dramafever. I really love these names. Withering Blossom Hillside... Anyway, the rules of this fight are: turn the cherry blossoms (ah! It's a cherry tree after all!) into snowflakes. It's all about quantity, not quality. Go, boys!
So no cherries in this realm this season? Bummer. Well, I suppose it's not the only tree...
I actually think it is. But these Ice People only sniff flowers, so no problem.

Shi turns all the blossoms into snowflakes in an instant. Amazing skillz, Shi!
That's my boy!
Kasuo - with a little help from Dreamer, who revealed himself as one of the Seven Saints to Kasuo, but without any intention to kill Shi (at least there's that) - throws some blood into the air ... and draws out the sword fairies that still reside within him. That was unexpected. It's pure torture for Kasuo, but he manages to harness their power to counter Shi's snowflake magic.
That was a really good idea.  He should do this more often, especially since he likes to suffer.
Did we not know before that Dreamer was a Saint? I feel like we knew this.
Oh yes, we did, but Kasuo did not
Shi cannot endure his brother's suffering, so he pulls the Deicide and attempts to quiet the sword fairies. But Kasuo takes the sword from him and declares he is the sheath for the sword - and sticks it inside of himself, offering his soul to the fairies. Or what's left of it. 
It's like a Boy's Love manga. (Not that I would know, tootoototoo...)
Maybe, except that Kasuo isn't into Shi at all.
Now ... I mean ...... HOW was this supposed to get him to win?! Anyway, he doesn't. Shi does. So, Shi is the winner and Kasuo is bedridden once again. *Sigh* that happens when you stick swords into yourself.  Healer declares that "all his inner organs are damaged again".  A sword will do that to you. He only has 100 days to live if they don't get the sword fairies out.
And now Shi will be king, right?
Lian Ji is already planning her son's coronation party (and Kasuo's funeral), but Shi only wants to know one thing: how his brother's magical power can be restored. And this is the answer: Kasuo needs to kill another immortal - the more powerful the better. It's the only way.
She must've been serial-murdering left and right to know this.
Is the Mermaid Saint an immortal? I vote for offing her.
Oh my, Shi is pissed when he hears that. He knows his mother knows Kasuo would never ever do that, so this information is completely useless! And he realizes his mother has been using his desire to help his brother to get him to go for the throne. Yes... you have been p0wned, Shi.
Is he just figuring this out? Dumbass.
Time to join Li Luo in the cave. She made the flower wreath as requested - and Mr. Phantom thinks it's incredibly beautiful. It's like they're little girls in recess.  However, he is still not ready to tell Li Luo how to make someone immortal; in fact, he gets quite emotional when he shouts at her to forget Kasuo! Mortals and immortals are not meant to be together. He is obviously speaking from experience.
Yes, must be.
I guess he made a vow not to brush his hair until he sees his love again.
Time for some backstory! Not that we didn't already guess this... So, he met a mortal woman, fell in love, looked at the Day Blossoms with her, made her a flower wreath, and got engaged to her. Sadly, her life was short due to illness. On her deathbed, she wished to see the Day Flowers again - and She Yin committed an "unforgivable crime"; he killed an immortal.
Why is killing an immortal unforgivable? The statement suggests killing a mortal is forgivable. 
And what did the murder have to do with her health?
He knows how to transfer the immortal powers of a killed immortal into a mortal to make the mortal immortal. Her poor health would, you know, be cured
He was exiled to the Northern Border after this, with her corpse in a coffin. The worst punishment in life, we learn, is "to have what you desire within sight, but out of reach". Until the person gets past the desire. The Ice King put a force shield around the coffin, so that he can never ever see or touch her again.
Uh, she's dead. Why would you want to? After a while that'd be pretty gross.
But what is this? Suddenly, an earthquake shakes the cave. Apparently, She Yin knew it was coming - he has waited 3000 years for it. Okay. He hands Li Luo a leather scroll and tells her to summon "The Will of the Fallen" with it. Sorry, what? I've forgotten this, if I ever knew it. The consequences for her will be dire, but she doesn't care, of course. He blasts Li Luo out of the cave, and then, as everything collapses around him, the force shield around the coffin disappears and he gets to see and kiss! his woman one last time before she dissolves and he follows shortly after.
That was pointless. It really was. Nothing will convince me we really needed this dude. We could've just found out the killing another immortal thing from someone in Snowblade City.
Or Shi could have minded his own business or Kasuo could have grown a pair of balls or a hundred other things.
Kasuo sneezes and wakes up... ah, no, he shouted Shi's name. (hahahahaha) Anyway, Lan Shang is with him (fully clothed, only as nurse) and can barely hold him back; of course, he's mega concerned for Little Bro. Actually, she can't hold him back, he is out of bed and out of the room within a very short time.
Lan Shang, go away! Sidebar: I really hope Medina Mehmet acts a cool role in her next drama. 
So she's not even Chinese? I didn't think she looked Chinese, but sometimes people don't look like what you think they will look like.
She is Chinese, but from the Uyghur minority.
Hurry, sick man! Or is this his new "healthy balance" since he's always sick? The Seven Saints are indeed making their move. They are foolish. One of them is sent to keep an eye on Kasuo, but only finds Lan Shang in his room, who lies that Kasuo is fast asleep. Haha, too late, Asshat!  Yeah!  Kasuo manages to get to Shi's chambers and to warn him.
Kasuo, fighting!
Do be safe, boys. (I can hear Saki now thinking 'use protection!')
But alas! The Seven Saints (minus three) materialize all around them. And now, Shi gets it .... he understands why Kasuo wanted to win so desperately. Not leaving a iota of doubt about his love for his brother, Kasuo steps in front of Shi to protect him from the Saintly Asshats. That wasn't a good idea; Kasuo: out.
It's almost a joke, knocking Kasuo out so easily. 
Like,what IS he good for?
Next, Shi kicks their asses from here to eternity. *Standing ovations*
But the idiots get up and regroup. Just go away already!!! Patience... They throw a sword-spear of sorts at Shi, which he blocks with a force shield...
... when the black smoke appears, just as Shi is about to collapse from exhaustion. He says Shi cannot die, and that he is the true heir to the real immortal tribe that stands above all others. Huh. Daddy has come for a wake-up call...
I'm just saying, but Smokey coulda done this AGES ago.
Aw, sleepy Shi is cute.
... possessed by the black smoke, Shi slashes through the Saints and then vows to end the three realm, before he sets his wonderful chamber on fire.
Now, that's style!
It's like Ma Tian Yu was made to blaze.
Sorry but this is very Carrie-reminiscent.
He tries to resist the evil spirit, who wants to take over his body, but it is hard, so hard ... luckily, Kasuo wakes up, and that gives Shi the power to evict the black smoke from his body for good and save his bro. 
Outside, Kasuo gets to say his best lines ever:
(Ohh, you make me laugh so hard)
And then, the episode ends with Yan Da finding out where her brother Shuo Gang - whom we have all completely forgotten - is.
Why she should care is beyond me, but I guess she's a nice person.
She isn't, though.


It's the black smoke again, darn it! I had forgotten about it, as I have completely forgotten about ugly Shuo Gang. I am glad the two brothers can stop pretending they hate each other now, because that got old fast and sucked on top of everything. Big question though: how to get those sword fairies out of Kasuo before his 100 days are up?
Kasuo had the best lines of anyone so far in this show.  I'm not sure we can even top them.  
Darn it.