The Man (That Should Be) Living at My House - Episode 5 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: And once again I fear that .... but no, here he is! Opppaaaaaaa! You're the star in my special version of this show!
JoAnne: I keep wondering what is going on in his head... most of the time, I fear the answer is nothing.

Episode 5

At 16 minutes and 34 seconds, my oppa is sitting in a trendy place with trendy music in a trendy sweater. What is this, lips? He is waiting for the traitorous cheater woman who seems to have forgotten her pants. She obviously has let him wait for a long time and this is a strange place to meet anyway.
Is it a nail salon? Are they going to do couple mani-pedis?
Yeo-Joo wants to know whether Na-ri has paid back the money and when Dong-jin says she has, she tells him Na-ri took out a loan for it. Everybody at work knows she's in debt. Say what now?
If that's true, it's because some little pantsless bitch is spreading the rumor.
Yeo-Joo is stupid if she thinks that will bring Dong-jin to hate Na-ri, because quite clearly, the opposite is true. She claims she feels bad about it and Dong-jin tells her she shouldn't talk about it that lightly then. Oh MAN! Spine alert! That very moment, Na-ri and two of her colleagues come in. You SNAKE, Yeo-Joo.
Oh, this worthless mannequin. She did not. Wow. (Also, ha! I like how it seems Don't Jin is getting tired of her bitchy little games.)
The friends try to stop Na-ri from seeing Dong-jin with the snake, in vain, of course. And it's not like she doesn't know already, isn't it.
Right but for some reason she was keeping it from everyone else.  I guess so she didn't have to rehash it at work all the time.
These women come here often, he learns. Burn the snake, oppa. Burn it with fire. Even if she claims it's a mere coincidence.
He knows. He knows she's a bitch. The question is, does he like her despite that?
Dong-jin takes Na-ri by the hand and drags her outside, to talk. Oh wow, so they were together for nine years? The "D" in "Madison Avenue" seems to have fallen down, by the way. She shakes off his hand, but the man is really sorry. You see, he's a weasel and all, but I don't think he ever wanted to hurt her.
No, I think he genuinely likes her, but he's - well, you know, we covered this before... he's a spineless jelly fish.
She calls him clueless with no manners and that she's a bit embarrassed of him, but he doesn't care. He asks whether it's true that she's in financial trouble (I guess it is) - he wants to help her.
So stupid, but so handsome.
The woman with no pants comes out and derails everything once again - or rather, Dong-jin gets the cringe-moment he deserves when Na-ri realizes Yeo-Joo has the same handbag (just in a different color). 
There's some Kwak Kwak stuff (actually, a lot of it), but in minute 34 and some seconds, Dong-jin calls Na-ri. It's night, he's in a bar. I think he's a bit drunk. He is also glad she answers his call. He closed their common savings account and transferred all the money to her account.
Wouldn't you think they'd have done that months ago? Well, not given the whole thing to her, but closed it out from being joint.
And then, he tells her that Nan-gil paid her uncle's debt to him. She hangs up on him in surprise and that's that.
Oh no, it isn't! My Kim Ji-hoon gets a third scene! At minute 44 and 13 seconds. Yeo-Joo calls him from the gym. She wants to have dinner with him, but he tells her that he's not feeling well about the whole thing. In fact, he thinks he's feeling guilty. And he needs some time alone.
At this point, I just want her to end up alone and jobless. He doesn't belong with Na Ri, of course, and breaking up is ultimately the best thing for them - but I don't want that little hussy to have ANYthing.


I still don't get the Snake. She seems genuinely upset when he tells her he's feeling guilty and he needs time for himself, but why? Does she really like him? That would be the biggest surprise for me, to be honest.
I really don't understand her rabid desire to 'win' him at all.

By the way, these recaps are painful to write. I cry for my Kim Ji-hoon. What a waste of talent.
Perhaps it would feel better if you allowed yourself to focus on someone genuinely nice and caring, someone who looks at the Snake like she's a particularly loathsome bug.  It wouldn't be hard to do, since at last count every single person in this drama besides Don't Jin fits that description.