ET Sightings - 2nd Half of 2016

We end 2016 on a final grouping of  Eiffel Towers found throughout Asian entertainment during the second half of the year.  First, my chingeuls have sent me non-drama ones and their own happy ET's for my perusal:

Trot's Bathroom Scale and Cherkell's Bastille Day Wallpaper:

ET's Euro Soccer Ball and....err...drinkable butter??? Is this something they do in France?

[Shaking off that image]  So, now let us parade our French phallic symbols!

Beautiful Gong Shim 2016 (South Korea)

Thinking Of You, Lu Xiang Bei 2016 (Mainland China)

Jao Sao Chapor Kit 2016 (Thailand)

Shopping King Louis 2016 (South Korea)

One Percent of Something 2016 (South Korea)

In Between 2012 (Taiwan)

On The Way To the Airport 2016 (South Korea)

Love O2O 2016 (Mainlaind China)

Dear My Friends 2016 (South Korea)

Boss And Me 2014 (Mainland China)

Sailab Rak Bpuan 2016 (Thailand)

Cinderella And Four Knights 2016 (South Korea)

Ngao Asoke 2016 (Thailand)

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho 2010 (South Korea)

Koo Woon Loon Paen Ruk 2016 (Thailand)

Punya Chon Kon Krua 2012 (Thailand)

Okay, the next one is the actual Eiffel Tower as an establishing shot, rather than a strategically-placed statue or picture of the same. Still, I'm going to include it, because I can!
Shuttle Love Millennium 2016 (Mainland China)

And as a final goodbye to 2016, I leave two ET photos with two wonderful actors:

Cho Jin Woong, 2016, possibly from a Signal press conference. (South Korea)

Nadech Kugimiya, visiting Paris and posting on his IG. (Thailand)

Oh, and as an FYI, since I started looking for these in 2014, I have found 94 separate instances of ET's. Shirts with multiple ET's (like Aaron Yan's shirt in Refresh Man) only counted as one, and I did not include music videos, selfies, or any non-drama ET sightings. Gustave would be so proud!  LOL

See you in 2017!