Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 32 (Recap)

Kakashi: A death and a rebirth ... and an order that causes more pain than joy. It's all very complicated.
SakiVI: Should be right up Kasuo's Emo Alley, then.
JoAnne: Maybe he can be happy about how sad he gets to be.
Kid is breathtaking.

Episode 32

Xuan Ta is finally putting two and two together (Lian Ji = traitor) when the Lady herself appears in his chambers. She tries to play dumb for a while, but when he threatens to go to the Ice King with the evidence he's gathered, she ice-throttles him (what an idiot to turn his back on her).
Possibly he thought the secondary wifelet wouldn't be able to do anything to him.
Wouldn't you think the Saints had some extra powers or something to go along with their high level of importance?
But he's stronger than her! He manages to free himself and attacks in turn - at which point Shi, who just came to see his mom - ice-flames him. A few seconds later, after claiming she's a bloody traitor, Xuan Ta is dead. Shi is shocked. So am I. Little darling Shi just killed a man...
It's not the first time, is it? Oh, wait, maybe it is.
I don't think it is, but maybe it's the first time you could call it murder.
Shi sends the guard after an imaginary assassin and then rips his mother's Teardrop Charm out of the dead man's hand. Then, he goes down into the dungeons and frees Shuo Gang (to make it look like the same assassin freed the Prince). The Bear, who appears just then, almost foils his plot, but Shi quickly hurts himself with Fire magic to draw his attention and Shuo Gang gets away. Everyone believes Shi's story, especially when he mentions the Black Smoke's involvement. Darn it!
Bwahahahahahahaha! Darn it! 
Lian Ji is playing severely wounded in bed, until her son tells her that everyone has left. But he isn't friendly... he wants to know whether it's true that she's a traitor who is to blame for his older siblings' deaths? And those teenagers in the forest? She admits it all --- and he is shocked and disgusted that she would go that far (all for him, she claims).
She is obsessed with him. He was her only family for all those years.  
Yes but it's not really about him, with her. It's about her revenge on others. He's a tool.
He takes off his eye-patch then and shows her his amber eye, but she still refuses to tell him who his Daddy is. She thinks it does not matter - he already is the king of all realms now, with or without father. That's it for Shi. He tells her he will no longer regard her as his "respectable mother" even if she remains the Queen Mother. Bye, mommy. 
Yes, but men in costume dramas say things like this and then run right back to mommy next episode. 
It's not really limited to costume dramas...
The only remaining Saint (Lord Dreamer) cries a bit over Xuan Ta's death and promises not to rest until he has caught his killer (later, he finds out Xuan Ta held something in his hand that Shi took). He tells the Ice King that he saw Ying Kong Shi wield Ice Flame magic - which makes the shocked Ice King seek out someone on the island of Prisoner's Rock. That's the island in Kasuo's dream! And from the very beginning of this show!
So much for Seven Saints.  Then again, if they are mostly incompetent, who needs so many? 
Seven Saints. Seven Dwarves. Seven Deadly Sins. Seven Wonders. It's interesting how seven is such an important number, no matter where you go. Heigh ho.

Kasuo finds Shi on the throne, in full regalia (exquisite)... he even thinks its his father for a second. But Daddy is no longer king; he has abdicated. How anticlimactic?! Ah, it's because he rushed to the Rock, that's why. Anyway, they talk about how hard it is to be king and Shi adds how he knows that everyone hates him (awww, poor baby I know, so sad)... and then, the coronation bells sound and it's time for party, party, paaaarty! But before that, sweet Kasuo tells Shi how much the get-up suits him and that he'll do very well as king.
I agree. Shi is practical and a quick thinker and ruthless as needed.
It's shame it had to go down the way it did, but Kasuo is definitely not king material. If they would work with Shi, it really is for the best this way.
The new king sends the Bear, the Eagle and their bride out to catch the imaginary "fire assassin" --- and then grants Kasuo permission to marry Li Luo. Booya!!! Actually, he ORDERS him to marry her (because noble idiot Kasuo refuses to do so). Pffft.
See, Shi gets things done. 
That wedding night should be interesting. Hope Kasuo is into fuzzies.
Kasuo protests the union in front of Shi's chambers afterward, but Shi knows noble idiocy is just idiocy: he wants his brother to live the rest of his life with no regrets, even if the rest is short. Li Luo hears Kasuo shout for Shi to take back the order but smiles to herself: she never dreamt to be able to marry him, she just wants him to be well. And that means ... free of the damn sword fairies!!! The Will of the Fallen (apparently also a fairy) will come out and eat all of the sword fairies. Great. Get on with it.
So the consumation will really be a consumation?
Awww, look how happy he is .....
But not for long, because he realizes that she is keeping something from him about the Will of the Fallen. He knows there's always "give and take" with those darn fairies! But she keeps lying and he eventually shuts up. I'm thinking he might be a pleasant husband, actually.
He doesn't argue much, true. 
I'm still laughing over a possible new euphemism for masturbation: Face the Fairy Alone

Later, he obediently goes to the cave where Li Luo wants to summon the Will of the Fallen with the Deicide that he borrowed from Shi. Lan Shang, Healer and Luna trail after him, even though it's him alone that can go in, as was clearly explained. (This Scooby Gang thing gets a bit tiresome.) They agree to wait outside, cause otherwise, dire consequences etc. Inside, Li Luo binds his eyes and tells him it will be extremely painful, please endure and not take off the blindfold at any cost, or else (I want to shout "bondage!" but won't (It's true, though.)).
The way that Deicide is superimposed on this scene... can't stop laughing.
Kasuo breaks our hearts a little:
And so does she:
And then, Li Luo draws the sword fairies out with blood that she pours over the Deicide - and as Kasuo begs the Will of the Fallen not to hurt the woman he loves the most - she transforms into a monster (she looks like an 80s pornstar), summons the Will of the Fallen and has all the sword fairies destroyed. There's lots of noise.
I bet they laughed a lot, making these scenes.
And not to forget: This is Yan Da when they finally tell her that Ying Kong Shi is her brother (Shuo Gang isn't happy either, cause competition, but she is quite broken hearted, the poor woman):
Sob! There are a lot of sad Shi-YanDa shippers at this point.


I have a soft spot for Kasuo and Li Luo, and it doesn't matter how silly this all gets (the beast get-up! Come on!!!), that won't change. It makes me very sad that Kasuo thinks/hopes it will all be alright and she knows it can't be, because she's a bloodthirsty beast with a horrible, horrible wig who wants to eat everything and everyone alive. Can't these two just be, you know, happy together?!
She has to be the beast forever? Not just until the Will of the Fallen eats the Sword Fairies? I can't believe I said that out loud.
Forever, JoAnne. Forever

Okay, I know, the answer is NO.
If they were just happy together, they'd be really boring.

Nobody can be happy, I get it. Shi has done what he always wanted to do; he freed his brother of the burden to be a king. But the price ... the price is so damn high. His mother killed for him and then he killed for her, and he might be king now, but he feels very uneasy and very sad and probably very, very lonely.
That's how it is to be a king, though. Shi's situation is actually very realistic.
I can't believe you said THAT out loud.
Why? A top-of-the-head and famous example are the child Princes in the Tower, murdered by either Richard III, their dad's younger brother, or Henry Tudor, a distant relative, depending on who you prefer as your Wars of the Roses "Hero."  There are so, so many others from all around the world, let alone England.