Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 36 (Recap)

kakashi: Something I never thought would happen happens, but then something else happens and it's pretty shitty. Fate's a bitch. This drama has a tale to tell about it.
Saki: Good summary.
JoAnne: She's our sensei for a reason, after all.

Episode 36

Li Luo and Kasuo are still kneeling. Yes, still. We get to see their "moments" together - how they met, how they drank together, etc... etc. So they're kneeling and thinking of the good times and the less good times together (=flashbacks), which, as a recapper, I don't mind, because it means less work. Still kneeling at 6 minutes and still kneeling at 7. They really mean it.
Those seven minutes of not having to pay anyone to produce or complete any work probably paid for one of Shi's mother's dresses.
In the meantime, the ex-Queen is looking for the ex-King (he is at the Ice Saints platform, staring into empty space) to hand him his coat. Seriously, walking around in this cold without a coat is just dumb. But I won't mind if he catches a cold, he is nasty. Kasuo's mother thinks it would be a good idea if Kasuo went away for a bit: Shi's in power now. The ex-King mainly feels sorry for himself, it seems - old and alone. Good, because nobody else feels sorry for you, asshole.
Fast-forwarded them.
Seriously, spending time and effort to film someone one walking around looking for someone to hand a coat is just dumb. They could have been sitting in the ex-royal chambers having coffee and chatting, you know?
The Saints' Platform highlighted his sense of loss because there are only golen cubes flying around, but no Saints. 
Okay, then he apologizes for being such an ass - you should go say that to Kasuo and Li Luo though? It takes a bit more from the Ice Queen to convince him to agree to the marriage, but then, it's settled. Li Luo and Kasuo can get married! True love always wins! Tough sometimes, a kneeling strike is necessary.
After all they've gone through, what's a little kneeling?
If it was going to be that easy in the end, why did we go through all this shit?
First up, there are some Envoy of the Guardian celebrations. Sweet babies. Kasuo even has a betrothal gift for his bride - that bracelet he made from the kite string. He put some special gems on - it's unbreakable. It looks very hippie, but Li Luo seems to like it.
These guardians all look like flower children, anyway.
Ah, those birds crashing into the mountain!  They were HIGH.
Then, the Ice people are getting ready to see their former Crown Prince married. Lan Shang mopes around about wishing it was her, but having become spoilt goods bla bla. But Li Luo and Kasuo get to be truly happy for a while, thinking about what they will do in the mortal realm, under the bright stars of the prairie. Not right away though ... Kasuo is worried about Shi. He does not want to leave him alone. Awwwww
Bless. And, again, the brothers care most for each other over everyone else.
They'll ease into this marriage thing.  Maybe have Shi co-sleep with them for a while, to protect his feelings.
I like that.
The next morning, Li Luo wakes up in the forest after some beasty time and makes her way back to the castle. She sees Shi playing with some kids. He smiles so happily it warms her heart ... but he says he misses the past and being happy with his brother. Yeah, the present is just too messed up, I agree.
Plus, the ice kids never played with Shi before. So, he's making up for lost time.
Can't have it both ways, Shi. You have to choose. Which team will you play for?

The Mermaid Saint is getting ready for the wedding ... when Lan Shang comes in, dressed, well .... "loudly". She looks like a witch. With a lipstick so red it makes my eyes hurt. The bride is getting ready too - of course, she looks stunning. Lan Shang comes in and brings the mood down immediately.  Yet, it was less awkward than you'd think.  She insists on putting Kasuo's bracelet on Li Luo's arm and then congratulates her rival. Outwardly, she smiles, but when nobody sees her face, she looks sad and defeated.
They destroyed her. It's sad. I didn't like her very much but I wouldn't have wished this on her, all the same, and it's doubly sad that it looks like she won't overcome the trauma.
THE WEDDING FOLLOWS! Who thought we'd never get here? Hands up. Two, if necessary, for emphasis! It's sealed with a kiss and Lan Shang's tears.
Two hands went up! I read the book, so I definitely never thought we'd get here.
Oh, did they not get married in the book?
Only Shi notices Lan Shang's sadness. He follows her out of the room and sees who she performs some magic in his room. She creates an ocean bubble of sorts and says how much she misses home. He apologizes again to her and says he will "marry her one day" (pfffft). And he will even try to love her! She gets a totally crazy look on her face and throws her necklace into the bubble. "Prove it to me", she says. Uhm, what? 
She wants him to show his effort. Also, who would've thought someone so dippy could do so much magic?
What's the big deal with throwing the necklace into the bubble water? And how could she even contemplate marrying the man she believes raped her?
Li Luo has left the festivities too - the sun is about to set, she wants to go to the forest to beast out. Hm, yes, that's kinda not going to be a great wedding night, haha. A last longing kiss...
They should've had a morning wedding like they did in 18th century England.
... and then it's time to part. Well, there's always the morning for fun, isn't there. Is what you thought!! But this is not what fate has in store for them... dun-dun-dun. Of course things can't go smoothly.  In his room, Shi has taken off his regalia and coat and is getting ready to prove to Lan Shang that he is serious about "loving her". She demands his Teardrop Charm - and he goes in. As soon as he is inside the bubble - there is a swimming pool in there, where the necklace submerged) - and inside the pool, she does some magic again ... to drown him. Look how crazy she looks!
She looked funny.
Was he going to try to have sex with her, really? Who could blame her for turning him into the bubble boy?
Li Luo happens upon her (on her way to the forest?) - and tries to stop her, but Lan Shang is vicious, blasting her with Mermaid magic. Li Luo is able to defend herself for the time being. Kasuo, who went back to his wedding party alone, senses that his wife is in danger. That's neat. Li Luo manages to burst Lan Shang's crystal ball and the water bubble spits out Shi. Also neat.
Wouldn't you think his magic would have been able to overcome Lan Shang's?
But the CRAZY biatch has grabbed Shi's Deicide!! Oh, noes! And just when Kasuo enters the room, his friends in tow, Lan Shang stabs Li Luo through the stomach. Awkward.  Kinda by accident, but not really. Oh shiiiiiiit. Lan Shang tries to pull out the sword, she can't ... until Shi uses his secret magic powers to free his brother's bride (oups, outed. Everyone saw it).
This is looking very Saturday morning cartoon, right about now. But more violent.
But isn't it too late? Li Luo looks dead. Kasuo cries bitter tears. But I doubt they will bring his Li Luo back. Oh, what a tragedy.
Sob! On the plus side, that's one less beast to terrorize little puppies in the forest.
If someone cared about the puppies, they wouldn't be wandering around in the forest. No, I take it back! Everyone cares about puppies.


There were signs enough that Lan Shang would do something insane and now she did it. But! Li Luo!!! Why does she have to pay for all of this craziness! It's not fair! She has such bad luck, the poor woman. Not even a wedding night!! I wonder whether Kasuo is good in bed ... he might be. Very considerate of his woman, you know. Ready to please. Anyway, Li Luo has such bad karma, I pity her.
Li Luo got all Guardian on Shi and got herself impaled as a result. That's the problem. She should've just gone to the forest instead of poking her head into other people's bedrooms.
Uh, she was trying to help? Fulfilling her life's mission? And look, clearly Lan Shang is horrified at what happened. She didn't mean to do this.
True, she was actually trying to kill Shi!!