Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 37 (Recap)

kakashi: Death and tears. Welcome to episode 37.
JoAnne: Wait. She's really dead? Noooooo! She's the only person I actually liked in this show!
SakiVI: She's in a coma of sorts.

Episode 37

Huang Tuo is giving his very best (it's a bloody affair), but The Deicide is full of black magic, which means there is little hope for Li Luo, who has no defenses against such a thing, being just a mortal and all. Kasuo hugs her close and cries bitter, bitter tears. I'm so sorry, man... Ah, but she opens her eyes!! But it's only to breath a last "thank you"... and to tell him how blessed she feels to be his wife. If only for a day. She is saying goodbye to him :(( Let's cry together TT_________TT 
God, he's going to be unbearable after this, the poor bastard.
At least he has something to be seriously Emo about.
Okay, in all seriousness, Feng Shaofeng is a damn good crier. No wonder they gave him this role. He screams for Huang Tuo, who cannot help someone who is dying, but at least, he has an idea! He suggests they use magic to "seal away her body and soul" to keep her in this state, which is on the brink of death. But better than fully dead, I guess. That will buy them time to come up with a plan, too.
Hope is reborn in my heart!
If Li Luo dies, are you done with the show, Joanne?
Fine, but the problem is that this needs very strong magical powers, that nobody has. Nobody? Wrong! Shi has them and of course, he offers to try. As we all know, his magic is the most powerful in the realm and indeed, he manages to seal Li Luo in an ice coffin. He no longer cares about hiding his special powers now ... all seems pointless. But he does not want to talk about it - not even with Kasuo.
Shi thinks that everything is his fault. No, but aw, poor baby.  He wants to be alone and goes to gaze into a frozen pond when the black smoke appears. He congratulates him on becoming an immortal of the Ice Flame Tribe.
NOT what Shi wants to hear!! He tries to blast the smoke with his magic, but smoke is resilient.
Yeah, it can just sort of 'poof' away from anything, can't it.
At the palace, Mr. Dreamer finds some left-over Shi magic (I do see what Saki said before - he is a bit of a snooper exactly, and it's so annoying): it's unknown to all them. Only the ex-Ice King has a suspicion: it could be the magical powers of the long lost Ice Flame Tribe. Yes, well ... time the old King tells them that he suspects Shi isn't his son at all. What a shocker.
Serves him right for being so greedy for a Teardrop Charm, which, by the way, ought to belong to the mermaid, not her lover.
Everybody is quite puzzled about a lot of things, but they agree on finding and interrogating Lan Shang. That will be difficult, because the Mermaid Saint hears from sobbing Lan Shang what happened and helps her escape the city.
Why Lan Shang? If they're curious about Shi, shouldn't they want to talk to his mother?
Maybe they don't know about the bees and the flowers
I can well believe that with the Scooby gang.

Kasuo talks to the frozen Li Luo ... when he realizes that the coffin is melting! Damn. Kasuo says to not bother Shi again (he is too worn out), which leaves just one option: bring her to a very cold place. The bottom of the Infinity Ocean. TT_________________TT
So in a castle made of ice in a land made of ice, for some reason this one thing made of ice is melting.
And you'd think the Ice Tribe would have the requisite cold magic to manage all this freezing.
And thus, they drop Li Luo and her coffin into the sea. So claustrophobic right now. Emo Prince promises to come back for her. He also points out to her that she can have a good sleep now, without worrying about becoming a beast. Hey, true! Always look at the bright side....
Li Luo is sleeping with the fishes, and Kasuo just made her a promise she cannot refuse.
Also, doesn't she need some oxygen?
Lian Ji overhears some people in the street gossip about her son's strange dark magic and all the harm he has brought people. She promises to kill everyone who gossips about him in the future ... but Dreamer and Eagle Man are watching her closely. Still trying to find that spy? They suspect Shi has something to do with it and that also brings her into focus.
And yet, still, it occurs to no one that they should ask her who Shi's father is.
((Pssst, I think she doesn't know. Mermaids ....)) Pfffft. 
Overall, security is tightened in the palace. But Lian Ji helps the Mermaid Saint - who has de facto become a prisoner - escape through some underground passage. She claims that "in the end, I'm still a mermaid". Mermaid Saint won't buy that bullshit, but in the end, the reason for Lian Ji's help doesn't matter all that much.
May crabs come and pinch you both, may jellyfish come and sting you.
But ... oups. There were witnesses.
1985 New Wave album cover, right there.
Lan Shang is hiding on Cherry Popping Island, sobbing all day. Along comes Shuo Gang - because he missed her? It's possible - but Shi has already sent a magic ball to find him. Revenge time. I'm making popcorn.
I hope he dies a slow and painful death. Maybe some of those Sleet Birds can pluck out his hair. All of it. Assuming he doesn't already have a Brazilian, that is. He seems the type.
I want this character dead.
Because Shuo Gang likes to boast about his popping skills, he tells Lan Shang all about their night together. DISGUSTING. And yeah, shit, Lan Shang. You were wrong and you did something terrible because of it.
Oh my God, he is vile.
Lan Shang was stupid, but the rape is entirely on Shuo Gang. Also, Shi should've told her somehow, even if she wasn't going to listen.  
Shi arrives on the island and is about to kill the horrible Fire Prince, when the Mermaid Saint arrives and prevents it. WHY. Because the Mermaid Saint is a pest. But where is Lan Shang?! At the edge of the cliff. She sees no reason to continue living. She dances a last sad dance (I'm not laughing, I'm not laughing, I'm ... okay, I'm laughing a lot) while we get to see Flashbacks of her and Kasuo, her one and only love - and then, she flies/leaps off the cliff and drowns. Because she left her Teardrop Charm behind.
Death by interpretive dance. I wonder if any of them will actually keep this on their resume after a year or two? They must be hoping people will forget.
Again, the dance was ghastly and stupid and anyone could do it. And I am so confused regarding the Teardrop Charm: did Shuo Gang give it back to her?
Knowing full well that she will die down there without it, Shi grabs it and jumps. But will he reach her in time?
I wonder if they really end up together in the end.
Shi doesn't like girls, and Lan Shang only likes Kasuo, so no.


Alright, this show has just killed off its two female leads. What now?
Lian Ji begins a shocking affair with one of the Seven Saints. Yan Da hooks up with the Eagle Fairy, too.
The Seven Saints are dead. So yeah, if she sleeps with one of them, it's really shocking. Oh wait, Dreamer is one of them. Okay, she can have an affair with him.
I would be okay with Yan Da and Eagle Fairy. But why did Lan Shang become the new second female lead when Yan Da is around? Bad writing, writer.