When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - Episode 5 (Recap)

kakashi: The show turns considerably darker in this episode and the case evolves once again, into a direction we could not have foreseen. As things get much more serious, Ji Bai is finally ready to work with Xu Xu. He knows that she is talented and I think he knows exactly how to use her talents in the future.
Eleanor: Can I just say that I love Wang Kai's little grey wingtips in his hair there. They are so distinguished. The case really is interesting and I do quite like that they aren't afraid to look at the darker aspects of crime. 
JoAnne: He looks like a golfer lining up his putt :) Is that grey? I thought it was just thinner/shorter there, a very conservative fade.
Shuk: I just want to smooth those forehead wrinkles...

Episode 5

We're in a field of sorts, it's night and a man protests that the girl in front of him is too young, apart from being a deaf-mute. The girl is terrified as she gets shoved to her knees. The guy who just protested leaves in a hurry when she tries to grab onto him, the girls starts stumbling away, but the guy who tried to sell her catches up quickly and starts beating her. The opening credits play.
This scene made me so angry, not because they showed it, but because this happens so much! All over the world too. Why? Why are humans so cruel? 
I was mostly focused on how much scarier it must have been for her being deaf-mute.  Terrifying already, and then unable to even hear anything or call out?  I feel like my heart would explode.
Trotwood: Very dark. Very scary. Very true. I'm on a committee with a woman who runs an organization that helps women who have been victims of sex trafficking. I want to hit everyone who seems surprised that this happens even in "better" communities.
I hope it isn't setting us up for her murder or something. 
We're back at the dorm, Xu Xu is exhausted. She's still trying to build up those muscles with Yao Meng's help. Okay, she isn't that exhausted, because she suggests to go and "run through" how Zhang Shiyong got abducted on location.
You can be physically tired but not brain tired. Often, I'm tired after a work out our training, but that is the time when I'm the sharpest (or at least the hungriest and more willing to make elaborate food).

To the shopping mall they go and step by step, they talk through everything that happened (according to the testimony of the people involved). Zhang came and bought a wedding anniversary gift for his wife. Then he had dinner, by himself. A waiter spilled soup on him and when Zhang got up to dry himself, the waiter (who is Yang Yu!) roofied his drink and later carried him out on his back and into a car. Xu Xu finds it quite strange that he was able to do both of those things in front of the many people around. It's true ... that's strange.
Hmmm. It is strange. It would indicate to me that he must be some sort of service worker or be sort of unnoticeable. Though yeah, carrying a roofied guy somewhere should surely draw some attention. 
Right? It's not so much the service worker who's noticeable, it's the unconscious guy he's carrying out like a sack of potatoes! You're gonna notice that, I think. So why didn't they? Or why did they pretend not to notice it, at least?
My question is not that did anyone notice but did anyone think to take action? Often people see something like this but they don't want to get involved. They get in their car and go home and then promptly forget about it.
We have seen it before in dramas where someone is carrying a passed out / drunk person and no one notices. As a side note I really love the wooden columns and the ceiling, along with the QBert flooring..
Ha! While she is sitting there with Yao Meng, Kai Kai and his team are watching the CCTV footage of the restaurant at the police station. And they actually notice something (more precisely, Trot's Husband does! Hooray! You beat me to it--looking around for my bag of glitter): there is a second person in all the videos of Yang Yu, a guy with a white shirt. About the same time, Xu Xu realizes there must have been an accomplice too.
Hmmm, did Xu Xu tell her boss she was going to the mall? Surely working together on this might be good peeps. 
I wouldn't have mentioned it either. I'd feel like I was on his shit list, so I'd be keeping my head down and try investigating on my own to get more evidence. Remember, he told her he couldn't go on her intuition alone even if he agreed with her.
Way to go Zhao Han! 
This Sunday I'll make the pancakes, Husband. You rest. *immediately covers head from the expected Trot-assault*
I'll just show up to have pancakes, too. . . . next to Husband. I cut my pancakes with knives.
Ji Bai demands files on all cases, big and small, between April and June last year. And indeed, they find the dude in the files! Wanted for smuggling, human trafficking, and underground casinos. A different unit (Squad 521) arrested a large group of people for these misdeeds a while ago (but a few guys escaped). A bit later, Ji Bai gets a briefing on the smuggling ring and missing person reports. There are two that have to do with Lin City, one of them is a deaf-mute girl. Hm.
Ooh! Interesting! I like how the cases all seem to be diverging into one. Your Husband is looking good there! 
At the time I thought this was stretching it - why would a group that traffics women be interested in kidnapping a wealthy businessman? Did he know about them? Had he been part of them? And if so, then why is Yang Yu working with them when he seems to be all about punishing evil? Either he's part of them or he's using them, but neither makes sense.
I just assumed that they smuggled all sorts of things--women, drugs, antiquities, anything--I can see our smarmy businessman being all into that. I thought Yang Yu was just about punishing Zhang and not really particular how that is done.
Usually human trafficking runs hand in hand with other forms of smuggling, so I'm not surprise that they found all these things in one raid.
Cut to Papa Ye - this is Ye Lanyuan (Jiao Ti Yi), reading in his home. With him is "Zi Shan" (who does not seem related? Is he the secretary? The part is played by Tan Xi He). They've known each other for 42 years, we learn - and they have been to Burma together several times, way back when. They share a few funny memories, but grow more serious quickly. Too many memories, not all of them pleasant. And we realize that Ye Corporation is in much bigger trouble than we were previously told. It seems there was a leak, too! They don't know who told them, but the media will report about it the next day, so they're expecting their shares to dramatically drop.
I still think of Zi Shan as the head eunuch in Nirvana in Fire, haha. It doesn't matter which role I see him in, I still think of him as the head eunuch. It's really not good that Ye Corporation is not doing well. This means people will be angry and lots of finger pointing. I wonder who the leak is. 
I'm going to go with involvement of one of the two men who are talking about it, sort of the drama version of 'he who smelt it, dealt it.'
We see Ye Zixi, alone (and we saw her very briefly when the two elder men discussed the mole, so I'm guessing she is), staring out of the window, then texting Ji Bai: "See you at the noodle shop next to the high school at noon tomorrow". She remembers how he told her to call the police if she's in trouble. Okay, she looks really worried. And we see police cars and an ambulance race through the night. I think we should get worried too.
I immediately thought it was Zixi, and not just because I don't like her, but because it's the kind of thing I'd do if I was out for revenge. I think she is an insider but feels like they betrayed her father somehow, so she really doesn't care about much let alone them. But I don't have a lot of evidence for this.
The fact her lover was kidnapped doesn't bode well for her changes of keeping clean from this. Or keeping alive, perhaps.
Ooh crap. This does not bode well, does it? I must say that I absolutely adore the framing and lighting in this whole scene. The cinematography and directing are just so spot on. 
Does she know who leaked it and fear for her life? Did she leak it accidentally and now fears for her life? Did she leak it deliberately for some reason related to her deep and pervasive sadness, and feel resigned to the idea of personal harm yet still have some fear? Or is she just a female Kasuo who happens to want to spend some time with the ultra-handsome and delicious Ji Bai?
The next morning, Xu Xu is training on the tracks, with weights on her ankles. Ji Bai turns up and WALKS kinda leisurely next to her. Bastard. That's not strong enough. Fucker. She explains what she's doing. He starts running and orders her to stay at maximum two meters from him. If she can still talk to him, so his reasoning, she is not trying hard enough.
Oh Ji Bai. I want to smack him upside the head sometimes. Poor little Snail, she really is trying hard. Not everyone is born to be a runner Mr. Lion. 
I once completed the run portion of the Army Physical Fitness Test after recovering from an injury. To encourage me, my boyfriend said he would do the run with me. And he did: backwards, about 3 feet in front of me, talking all the time. Had I a knife, he would be dead - but I fortunately remembered how good he was at making pancakes, and let him live.
Every coach I've had has said the same thing:( It's also not fair because his legs are almost as long as her entire body. How is she supposed to keep up?
I always try to talk when I'm working out with someone for that reason; if I can't talk I need to slow down until I can. But I don't work out with weights on my ankles or arms.
Meanwhile, Zhao Han receives a phone call from his mother, who has "insider information". According to her friends, she says, Ye Real Estate's reducing their property prices. He says he will believe these friends when pigs can fly, but we do see him checking on a website shortly after. And indeed! It's true, to his big surprise. Lol, Husband. You better believe your mom in the future.
Haha. But isn't this then also a public sign that Ye Corporation is not doing so well? Hopefully they can make the connection and use this for their case. 
And maybe score some investment property in the mean time?
I also get the feeling that she's probably always calling him with some sort of advice, which probably doesn't always pan out but when it does, it's a doozy. Thus, his caution but not complete disbelief.
Ji Bai finds food in the common room and a plastic plate with a smiley face on it. For whatever reason, he seems to think it's from Xu Xu.
Because he likes her but doesn't know her well enough that she wouldn't do this.
Xu Xu hasn't even smiled at this point in time, much less drawn one.

Husband joins in on the feast and tells him about the discount property, which is quite remarkable, given the location of the real estate. Ji Bai concludes that the Ye Corporation must be desperate for money.
Haha. He wants it to be from Xu Xu. Aw, he maybe does have a soft spot for her after all. My first instinct would definitely be: "this is someone else's food, don't eat it". Ji Bai on the other hand, this is a case when I wish Blogger had a screenlick emoji like Weibo. 
How many licks does it take to destroy a laptop screen, Eleanor? Asking for a friend.
Friend. Right. Pfft.
I'd be a bit suspicious of no-name food, but then  I eat cookies left in my office by grateful citizens.
Xu Xu comes in, sweating and exhausted. She goes straight for some water. Ji Bai (still in bastard mode) says: "I see you've shown gratitude for your superior's guidance. Good for you." He immediately goes on to scold her though and tells her she only has to do what she's supposed to do (which does not involve buying food). After she's emptied a full cup of water, she goes over to the table, looks at the plastic plate with the smiley and says: "I don't draw things like this". Pfft.  
Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love how she gives as good as she gets. Good work Snail! LOL
I knew it!!
They are going to be great together. 
I also love that she isn't really snarky about just complete matter of fact. She really didn't do it nor would she ever draw anything like this. So her telling him isn't really rebellion; it's just a statement of facts the way she states all her other facts.
The food is actually from Yao Meng - and supposed to be Xu Xu's reward. Yeah, Ji Bai: Fail. (He's conceited to think that it must obviously be for him as if no one else has any other friends. Haha) Xu Xu goes on to speak very well of Yao Meng, who is so considerate of others and knows how to please people. Apparently, she bought Ji Bai's favorite Dim Sum, because "she cares a lot about how you feel". OMG, Xu Xu, stop!
Once again she is saying this so straight because it is the truth; she doesn't think of the complexity of the emotions involved at all.
Awesome scene. Poor Ji Bai! Pwned by Snail.

Yao Meng is at the door, mortified. And she starts to explain to Ji Bai that it's "not like that", that he's just her idol from way back - well, that's what she's trying to say, but she messes her sentences up twice. She flees. So. Damn. Embarrassing.
Ahahahahaha I do quite love the humour in this. So so so awkward! Though Ji Bai doesn't seem too phased by the adoration. And OMG that cute little blink thing he does *flails* don't do things like that Wang Kai! They make me go all twisty inside. It actually totally reminds me of a cat for some reason, which fits well because he's the Lion. Zhao Han though, poor guy, he doesn't seem too happy about this exchange. 
I'm squealing just watching the gif again. It was so understandable in every respect and he's that GUY.  That really popular senior who's very aware of his effect on you and flirts with you, and you can never tell if he means it or not. 
It's okay, Husband. (patting him on the back)
The whole scene put a silly smile on my face. Everyone was so adorable!
Xu Xu realizes she has messed up, awww. She turns to Ji Bai (now herself embarrassed) and apologizes profoundly. She really did not expect her friend to get that embarrassed and upset.
I really liked Xu Xu here. it's clear that she still needs to learn more about regular human connections, but she's a really good friend and sees her mistake and tries to make up for it.
The two men go on eating for a bit in silence (it's awkward), but then, Ji Bai gets up and tells Xu Xu this: "Psychological analysis isn't enough proof for the truth. But psychological analysis isn't just limited to solving cases either". BAM. And he goddamn adds a sly half-smile as he walks away. *swoooon*
*dead on the floor* this role is PERFECT for Kaikai. Damn those sly smiles and smirks. He is just so sexy. And that white Tshirt. Basically I'm having trouble following the plot because of watching Kaikai. Haha. Xu Xu was also super adorable in this scene. 
He likes her. He likes her. He has to. There's no explaining his oppa-feel, otherwise.
[fans self] Oh. My. That. Grin. [gets out the industrial fan]
And of course, Husband makes us laugh again:
Husband is... he's Richie Cunningham to Ji Bai's Fonzi, except Ji Bai only shares coolness with Fonz, not badboy-ness.
[Running in with my "WE LOVE HUSBAND!" banner. Sliding on the glitter trail]
Just beautifully done.

The team continues to investigate the human trafficking ring. And lo and behold, they come across a guy named Zhao Yuan ..... who is the dude who tried to steal the suitcase from Ye Qiao in the shopping mall!! He is a wanted criminal in one of the Squad 521 cases. Luckily, they still have him in custody!
Ooh! So maybe he was more connected than we thought initially. 
So was he really there to grab the money after all, and Yang Yu was there to watch over the transaction? Like, he got the ring to kidnap Zhang, and now it's his obligation to make sure they get paid for it?

It's his date with Zixi next, so he heads to the noodle shop near their high school. It's full of students, but there is no Zixi. What, Ji Bai gets stood up? That must be a first for him. He calls her, and she picks up immediately. She is somewhere near with her bike. She tells him she wants to tell him a secret: she's always liked him very much. He, however, always only treated her like a sister. She had hoped that time would change that, but alas...
Oh crap! Oh crap! Is she going to jump in front of a train or something? This all seems very sad to me to confess to Ji Bai over the telephone. She seems certain of rejection. There's no way she would confess like this if she even had the remotest level of hope he would accept her confession. 
Okay but honey, I doubt it was much of a secret to Ji Bai.
This sounds like a goodbye to me. I'd confess to him over the phone if I thought I was never going to see him again anyway. It would be too painful to see his face, but man I'd definitely want to hear that voice one more time.
Isn't it too early for a Truck Of Doom? Her eyes looked completely emotionless though. No sadness no despair. At least in my opinion.
What, is she suicidal?! It sounds scary. (I don't think she is suicidal though. I think that she knows she is about to do something where there will be no way they can be friends again.) Ji Bai starts walking around, more and more quickly, looking around for her - yes, he's alarmed. She talks about not having a time machine, about her mistakes, about how much she regrets. Another call comes in from Husband, and it's about a murder case. It's in another province, but it looks like it's connected to smugglers active in their area.
*biting fingernails* This can NOT be good. 
Second that uh-oh. 
Sitting quietly with my hands folded tightly, so I stop gripping my hair.
Yikesy. But there's no "thud" sound through the phone.

Xu Xu draws a beautiful but sad swan (that's Zixi). And then, we're headed to the province. It's Ji Bai, Husband, and Yao Meng. All Ji Bai can think about is Zixi and what she told him. He looks extremely worried, but duty calls. At the crime scene (it's a field of sorts, and we immediately know who was killed here, right?), they are told the victim is a 16 year old girl who went missing six months ago. Her body shows sign of regular abuse. And her clothing was in disarray. Yikes.
Not only do cases like this make me angry, but I also feel sorry for the police officers and detectives who have to see this again and again and again. It can't be a profession that makes one think good things about humanity and must take quite an emotional and psychological toll.
Luckily, here in the States, we have Employee Assistant Plans that can be implemented, no questions and no cost. I used it once after a very bad medical scene.
Poor little thing :(  Her parents must have been in hell all this time, wondering.
The ground is muddy, so there are footprints and the tracks of a motorbike. Ji Bai has a closer look, then declares that based on the footprints, the suspect should be between 170 and 180 centimeters tall. He wore boots. Between 25 and 35 years old. About 80 kilos. He was carrying something on his left shoulder. There are also other footprints, apparently of the man who reported the crime to the police. It's a local, named Zhang Zhuang Zhi. Ji Bai immediately suspects that he was the victim's buyer and must have seen the killer.  
Damn he's good! 
Since he doesn't have the benefit of the cold open, I thought that this was a pretty bold leap, although certainly within the realm of possibility.
But the footprints have to be different and going in different directions. It would make sense of the other footprints were smaller that they would be the person who reported the crime. I'd be asking that guy how the heck he knew about something that happened in the middle of no where.
Xu Xu stayed back at the precinct, interrogating Zhao Yuan. She asks him whether he knows Wan Da Cai and Liu Shun - those are two guys that went to prison only a few month after being caught at an illegal gambling place (but seem to be involved in this weird kidnapping case?). He pretends not to know a thing, but Xu Xu tells him that the girl is dead. He's in deep trouble. And the idiot makes the classic mistake to give away too much information - that he has never hurt a deaf-mute. Oopsie. However, it seems he was "just" the money handler and had nothing directly to do with the abduction. 
Well good thing there are stupid criminals. I don't like it when TV shows only show brilliant, genius criminals. We like stupid criminals because they help catch the genius ones. 
Plus we don't like to work too hard.
It saves their energy to keep looking hawt.
Ji Bai and the other three are headed back to the provincial police station, because they've found Zhang Zhuang Zhi, and they should be there for the interrogation. In the car, Ji Bai lectures Yao Meng on having to  learn cases by heart. No, reading won't be enough in her case, because she's "not very skilled in doing analysis" (he does think she's very talented for making arrests and following suspects though). That's different in Xu Xu's case. He says her brain will automatically pick up key points and patterns. Omo, is this a compliment?! Haha, Husband goes "finally you're admitting it".
Hehe. Too bad Xu Xu isn't there to hear it. That smile *faints*
Wow, Eleanor. How do you make it through any show with him in it at all? (calming helping Eleanor breath into a brown paper bag)
I don't think he ever thought that there wasn't any value in her skill. I see him as a person who considers it one tool among many, and weighing the value of the tool against the 'cost' of her lack of tactical skill or ability. Could he afford it, in other words - and his answer has been no. Not if that's all she brings to the table.
I also get the feeling that he is used to working with and mentoring people like Yao Meng but not Xu Xu.
True, so he may actually be a bit out of his element here.

He never denied it, says Ji Bai, but he had to see that she's willing to learn. But it's not because of the Zhang Shiyong case. Hmmm ........ I wonder. Yao Meng is so happy to hear him say good things about both herself and Xu Xu and starts begging him to be their teacher/shifu. He's not saying yes, but he is smiling. And indeed: he has clearly started to teach her.
Aw! Many fans on Weibo were also begging to have Ji Bai be their shifu. Kaikai also posted a Weibo post about it, but well, you know...right now I can't link to the translation. It was cute. I wonder if police recruitment is up in China because of this show. Chinese police officers really quite like Wang Kai and how he has so often been in uniform. 
Well yeah, because he makes them look good. Have him be a garbage man and suddenly people will be applying for those jobs, too.
(starting to put together my recycling)
Look at that Husband is smiling, too. HURRAY!!!!! (patting myself on the back for holding it in so long--ignoring my banner running earlier)
I really like this gang. I want to order a couple of pizzas with them and just hang together. In a DramaWorld with built-in subtitles, of course.
The potential buyer (I guess he's just a farmer) is interrogated and horrified. Of course he's not the killer, but the police make him believe he's the suspect, so he tells them the whole story. He wanted to get a new wife and was told he could, for 30'000 yuan (which is roughly $4'300). He never knew she was abducted! They lied about her age to him and about her condition. He stayed nearby as the man beat the girl until she stopped crying. When he went to check on her, she was already dead. 
This whole business of buying wives is such a huge problem. It makes me so sad. Human trafficking makes me sad. The reasons why farmers even have to resort to buying wives makes me sad T_____T
I was thinking of it (for this guy) along the lines of the expenses you pay for adoption, or those companies that will arrange marriages for a fee. But was he really so unsophisticated that he couldn't tell the difference between a business that stays just this side of the law, and a gang of criminals? They met in a field in the middle of the night, come on.
He doesn't seem that smart or have the kind of access that would expose him to all the varieties of criminals.
Still, who thinks that a "young pretty" wife would be found in the middle of a dark field? How would you even tell she is young or pretty, much less believe this is legal? He had to have known it was a shady deal. Like buying  an LV purse for $100.00
Xu Xu calls. She informs Ji Bai that Zhao Yuan is just a petty thief. But the smugglers got him to help for the more important stuff. He doesn't know much about the organization he helped ... but he tells them he goes to a big labor market in the west called Jia He once a week. That's where he'd be approached by them. Ji Bai tells Xu Xu to find out as much as possible about Jia He and wait for some more information from him. To use for her analysis. Ha! They're finally working together!!!
Yay! *cheers loudly* *starts making glittery signs* 
Trot will be so proud of you.
I've got extra glitter, Eleanor. you can't be too prepared.
[Thinking about all the places that glitter is going to end up]
The episode ends with Ji Bai going into the interrogation room and asking why the girl's clothes had been torn and her belt was undone. I really don't want to know the answer to this question :(
He hid in the bushes and watched that, too?
Or did he do something to her while she lay there, unconscious and not breathing?? [shudders]


Okay, human trafficking is about the worst nightmare I can think of. Whenever I come across victim accounts I can barely hold back tears. So horrible. So vile. So, dear readers ... brace yourselves. This is no sugar candy show.
Human trafficking cases make my blood boil! And also reduce me to tears. I'm really glad that the show is so clearly addressing it, especially since it did so well nationally. Obviously this is something many people care about stopping and that gives me hope.
I've just never understand how one human can look at another and think 'I can do whatever I want with them' and yet remain convinced that they themselves have rights that should never be violated. Barring the insane, of course.
As I said above, I'm in a leadership training program with a woman who works on this full time. We had her come to our university to give a discussion about human trafficking in United States and the what we can be doing as a community to help. So much violence. So much shame by victims; no shame seemingly by the perps.
Like date rape, many times the victims feel too ashamed to get help or put these people behind bars. Which is what these bastards prey on, their fear and sense of helplessness.

It's the first time we see Ji Bai in action (at least the first time he is doing criminal investigation work), and it's immediately clear that he is very good at his job. Again, he is shown as extremely professional - I say extremely, because he did not for a second let his worry for his childhood friend interfere with his police work. I have to admire that, but it also worries me a bit. This does not look entirely healthy to me. If something happens to her, he will most certainly feel VERY guilty.
Ji Bai is a model police detective. There is also just something about watching someone talented, professional, and competent that makes me happy. It is good to see. Yeah, if something does happen to her, he will feel very guilty. But he would also feel very motivated to solve whatever crime could happen. 
It's good to see him smile (and not just because I like seeing Eleanor squeel every time Wang Kai does) but because Ji Bai seems wound rather tight until he shows us he's not. He is a by the book person. I know some of this is because of his attitude about the danger extreme training and focus can cause; however, I also think that he was probably a bit like that even when he was younger.
He's almost too stern, though. You have to have flexibility in police work, and not necessarily the kind that helps with yoga positions...[distracted]...It's good to show that he is willing to change some small bit of his attitude and personality as well.

I wonder what made him believe that Xu Xu is willing to learn. It's not her Zhang Shiyong analysis. Her determined running? I somewhat doubt that.
Maybe just that she is trying with the whole physical fitness thing? It shows she wants to work with him and in this department.
She also recognized her error with Yao Meng, although that's less convincing to me.  Are we to understand that she has never in life come across the fact that factual analysis of emotions can be painful for people?
I think it is a combination. It's not that she doesn't recognize that analysis can be painful to people. I think she is very straight and narrow like he is; truth/duty comes first. Like he doesn't hesitate to do his duty even though he's worried about Zixi, she doesn't hesitate to tell the truth and stick up for her friend. Facts are facts, but it's the fact that she immediately recognizes the embarrassment she caused and feels sorry. She recognizes her own faults and acknowledges publicly. I think he respect that. From my over 26 years of teaching, this is exactly the kind of student I want. They don't even have to have the skills in the beginning, but they will be successful in the end.

We are shown how different their methods are and we can see how Yao Meng and Xu Xu are these perfect opposites that will be extremely helpful to the team. But I also think that Ji Bai is not THAT different from Xu Xu. He may use more "classic" detective methods (he also knows that they need real evidence to be able to do anything), but clearly, he also uses his intuition a lot. He is quite good  at reading people (though not by far as good as her) and actually does it all the time. He is a quiet kind of man - and only speaks up if he knows that what he is saying is making an impact. 
Amen to everything Kakashi said. I think it's what will also make them potentially a very excellent team. And they complement each other well and well would just get a lot of really good work done. 
Yes, yes, yes!
Actually, I think they are more alike than different. Their personalities and methods are very similar; they differ because of his physical prowess (squeel now Eleanor) and his experience. The circumstances they grew up in molded them though. Ji Bai has that personality but those looks so has been admired and fawned over by men and women alike while Xu Xu has a similar personality but has been probably forgotten half the time. However, the parallel scenes showing us walk through the case in different settings but in exactly the same order is supposed to make us see why they should be the ultimate pairing.
Plus they are so cute together!!