When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - Episode 6 (Recap)

kakashi: An arrest is made and a life is lost - but how are these things connected? The drama still leaves us in the dark about basically everything. It's in fact why I like it that much.
Eleanor: Me too! Me too! Don't worry Ji Bai, we all look as confused and puzzled as you do. 
JoAnne: Sadly, we do not look as hot as you do.
Shuk: [sigh]

Episode 6

Cold open with a SWAT team, jumping from roof to roof and down into a courtyard. A guy with a motorcycle arrives in the street ... looks like our suspect who killed an innocent girl. He goes up to his apartment and looks around suspiciously... has he heard something?
I do quite love that SWAT team shot! So cool! I really love the action scenes in this drama. It's also something I feel I could share with a wider audience who maybe wouldn't normally watch an Asian drama. 
I loved the SWAT shot too, and I agree.  My dad loved cop shows and we would watch together when I was little, all of us racing to figure out 'who did it' first.  I think he would have liked this although I'm pretty sure his position on subs would be 'too much trouble, too hard to see.'
Trotwood: I have a colleague who I would know would like a LOT of the dramas we watch, but he refuses to "read his movies." Pfft.
Very dramatic, not exactly the way SWAT works, but it would be cool if they did!
And back to the interrogation of the guy who wanted to buy a new wife and Ji Bai asking about why her clothes were all torn. The man says he didn't do anything, it was Chen Yong (the motorcycle villain) who ripped them off her to show off her body to him. Yao Meng is as disgusted as I am. This case seems to really be getting to her. At least, the old man helps them with a facial composite of the human trafficker.
This guy is lucky Yao Meng is holding back. I bet she could beat him up pretty well if she put her mind to it. 
Yao Meng had such a strong reaction at various points that I thought perhaps there was a story there.
I did, too. I thought she was going to tell Husband that her sister was attacked or something like that. (Thanks for the reaction shot of Husband in the gif, by the way)
There clearly is a reason why she decided to become law enforcement.
Back in Lin City, Xu Xu (her email address is snailxuxu@qq.com!!!) (during the airing you could email the character's emails and get response, I'm not sure if they are still active though) is following up on that labor market. She was told to pay special attention to a woman who "always crosses the border" and an account holder. One of her police colleagues (the Fox! Xiao Fang) has located the market geographically and is providing more info: seems quite shady, lots of illegal labor to be found there. Involved in our case (in some way I didn't fully understand)  is a trading company called Golden Fields, which imports rubber, pepper, coffee and sugarcane from Vietnam - and they're exporting Ye Corporation goods. Ohhhhh. 
Sigh. I bet they are also packing humans in with the rubber, pepper, coffee, and sugarcane. Why are humans so quick to exploit other humans?????? But that would not be so good for the Ye family if they are implicated or involved in human trafficking? 
They're such a big company, though, and until recently were making good profits - how would they hide the trafficking money? Why go to that risk?
I was thinking that they were able to get good deals by working with the human traffickers or at least looking the other way when they did shady stuff or buying them off for safe passage or something.
The traffickers would have lines of transportation that YeCorp could use for questionable goods, as well as probably get a kickback from all the illegal transactions too. Big corporations and human traffickers do not ever look at an individual as anything other than a commodity. The SoKor Sewol Ferry disaster proved that one.
In the province, the detective in charge asks Ji Bai how he knew Zhang Zhuang Zhi was the buyer? Well, it is clear from the prints that the other two people at the scene came together. Also, Zhang left two sets of footprints - one messy, one orderly. So he came back to the scene. Yao Meng, who comes in to deliver some papers, happily connects all the dots and is praised a bit by her shifu.
Ji Bai. Dang he's good! 
Like Sherlock Holmes, this one. 
Ji Bai also notices that she hurt her hand! It happened when she slammed to table so hard earlier. Ji Bai reaches into his pocket and pulls out some disinfectant ...while he applies it to her wound, he tells her how much it costs and that her slamming her fist on the table and the table hurting her is still far less expensive than her breaking the table (which she claims she could have). And a little scolding follows... she can't lose her temper like this in his unit.
Aw, he is taking care of his colleagues. But yeah, one has to keep one's cool even in front of scumbags. 
I find it very endearing - the drama propensity for rubbing something on any scratch, no matter how small, and fussing as if it were an enormous gaping wound.  And then I wonder if I should, too - because I'm one of those people where a minor scratch WILL leave a scar.
This always makes me wonder if that is why their skin looks so good in these dramas--all that skin care from the age of 7.
Tiger balm for the win.
In comes Husband, a foolish and hopeful grin on his face .... awwwww, he has the same disinfectant in his hand. Awwwwwww. Ji Bai cracks up when he sees that. 
Ahahahahahaha, poor Husband. Ahahahahahahahaha at Ji Bai's cracking up. Hehehehehe. 
I love that Husband falls for Yao Meng so fast.  What a sweetheart he is.
I know it's early but this is just too good) HURRRRRRRAAAAAAYYYY for HUSBAND!!!! (*throwing glitter flowers into a field of unicorns*) Seriously, he is so adorable here.
I felt so bad for him, but I know his earnestness will be rewarded in the end. Wait, this is a TW production, so ack! Won't he get the happy ending? Won't he??
OMG ....... I think Zhao Han - who is so cutely earnest and awkward - likes Yao Meng! Awwwwwwww.
Awwwwwwwwww. So sweet! Oh I love this show. And that bazillion watt smile there Ji Bai *dead*
We didn't see signs of it before this?
I did.

Oh, Husband, You are just too adorable (looking out window, waiting for the tractor trailer delivery of pancake syrup).
Husband's proposal should be an arm-wrestling contest. And the moment she wins, he slips the ring on. That would be perfect!

Xu Xu is still busy drawing relationship charts on her whiteboard. She writes "knows something" next to Zixi. And "use" next to Zhang Shiyong. Ji Bai calls to tell everyone to go to bed, but Xu Xu needs to tell him something first: She thinks she's about to discover something important, but she has no proof. Ji Bai wants to see it all regardless - intuitions and proof. He tells her to go for a jog to sweat it out, take a hot shower and drink a glass of milk. And she can call him Shifu. It makes her so happy!! I don't think we've seen her smile like this before.
Heck, I didn't even know she had teeth!
*dead* so cute! So cute! How can a show go from so serious to so cute?!?! 
I think they handle the shift pretty well throughout, don't you?
And straight to the monkey bars she goes! To do pull-ups (damn those things!) ... and she can almost do it. Her smile stays. And then she runs ... while Ji Bai looks at a picture of her relationship chart on his Asus. Wait, isn't that a Taiwanese company? Okay, I don't care anymore, because Ji Bai looks sexy as hell here. Ohhh, Husband joins him on the staircase. Not sure where they are staying? Still outside Lin City though.
I feel like in every frame Ji Bai is sexy as hell. It's insane the amount of sexiness he generates. I do really love it though that the Snail and the Lion are working together! So happy! *does a happy dance*
When Zhao Han sees what Ji Bai is looking at, he makes this "hmm, interesting, but I told you so"-face and asks why Ji Bai changed his mind about Xu Xu. Here we go: Ji Bai (who never once looks up while he says all this) realized she was talented (also because "Old Zhan" recommended her), but also willful and stubborn. But - she cares about her friends. So it was when she apologized about making Yao Meng feel so embarrassed that he realized she wasn't all that bad!(See!) He felt she was truly sorry and that showed him she wasn't as self-centered as geniuses often are. He knows she'll break the rules again, but he believes she will learn to obey them in time.
Aw. Man, I just love Ji Bai even more now. Loyalty and love for friends. This is what he values highly *sighs happily* 
I like that he's willing to consider other points of view. He is confident enough to allow questions, even from himself.
Caring about your friends is important to this job, but more importantly it is clearly important in this squad. They really rely on each other and trust each other. this is always great to have at work, but it's essential when work may make you risk your life.
I'm just all gooey and warm inside from the whole conversation.
Adorably, Zhao Han is quite amused about his friend. It's probably unusual for him to speak that much. And he really seems to have thought about Xu Xu quiiiite a lot.
I love Zhao Han.  He's so funny and sweet!
(giving Jo, the side eye)--Sharing pancakes but nothing else.
Zhao Han is probably happy that Ji Bai isn't interested in Yao Meng.
And here's a bonus shot.
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 overkill with the emojis? maybe but I don't care
Back in the dorm, Xu Xu drinks KaiKai water - and then starts drawing. The Lion and the Snail.
Hmm, perhaps I should go to my fridge and grab some Kaikai water while I recap...
We have ice rain falling, I'm about to go make hot tea.
Does tea go with pancakes?
Pancakes go with everything.
And then, Ji Bai TEXTS her. I actually squeed. Well, he just writes "Great diagram, get some rest, tomorrow will be another busy day" - but that's so nice! Squeeeeee.
It really is. It is so important to get some acknowledgment for one's work. Great leaders understand that and not the fake stuff. She knows that he really llooked at it. He isn't the kind to give fake praise, so it means a lot more coming from him.
*squeeeeeeee* (once again getting out the paper bags for Eleanor to breath into) a detective show shouldn't be making me squee so much, right?! Though I guess it's supposed to have more romance than the show actually does haha. So cute. This makes me so happy. 
He definitely goes beyond normal leader/subordinate behavior with her, and right away.
I might have twirled a few times in my chair. This was so great! 
Next, Ji Bai is taking a shower, thinking of Zixi's cryptic and sad words. You guys still alive?
Oh the fanservice. Give me more. You know he did this just for the fans. Haha oh Kaikai, I do love you. 
When you marry, will you ask him not to do shower scenes anymore?
Already preparing for the mourning period.
The prenup should allow at least one shower scene per show. Pleeeaaassee?!
Xu Xu cannot sleep either, she's playing darts (she's really good). And she suddenly seems to have an idea. Ji Bai is out of the shower and sees that he has received a text from that other police officer, telling him they have found Chen Yong and plan to arrest him. He wakes up the team immediately - and we see that Xu Xu has gone back to the office and her whiteboard.
They mesh so well together. Such a perfect team! Even when they are collecting and donning their gear, it's almost choreographed.
Ooh! Are they about to make an important connection?! What's going to happen?!?! I do quite love how we get both Xu Xu and Ji Bai doing stuff sort of in sync, it's a nice way to show they are working together even though they aren't necessarily in the same physical location. It's also nice because it shows how all aspects of investigation, both mental and physical are a part of the process. It's all just so nicely done. I love it!
I think it is another example of how they actually think alike. They get to the same place along parallel streams of thought. It makes us understand why they should be together more and more, something that might be a hard sell on the surface of things.
I noticed that she dressed like she was going to work for the day, not throwing on sweats in the middle of the night to go take care of her idea before she forgot it.  Maybe she thought she'd run into Ji Bai?
Ooh, interesting thought. You may be onto something. Or does she only slouchy-dress in her dorm?
So they've really located that horrible man (thanks to CCTV) and start moving to go capture him. They all deposit their mobile phones before they leave ... I guess you can't have one of those go off while you stalk a criminal. Well, too bad, because that very moment, Xu Xu tries to reach Ji Bai. She knows something. Something to do with Zixi.
Oh crap! This can't be good! Noooooo! 
I thought the phone thing was weird. Yes, you don't want them going off. But you also don't want to have no way to contact anyone or be contacted, either. I've seen before where they'll announce 'phones off' and everyone takes out their phone and turns them off.
I have, too, but then I wondered about the phones and where you would have your phone if you were running after people or getting shot at. In many schools here, this is what they do when the kids come in a room; they have to put their phones in a basket. It's all about the distraction they cause. I also wondered about tracking devices.
I don't know of any situation where police can't have physical custody of their phone. Off, yes. Silenced, yes. But tossed together? No.
Back to the scene in the cold open. The criminal approaches on his motorcycle. The tension is rising. Ji Bai's team is positioned in various places. Chen Yong is very jumpy and highly alert. He enters his apartment ... oh no. It's a room in which he keeps for the women prisoner. He has a room next door - the police now know where his apartment is. It's a tricky operation, because they expect hostages AND the area is full of civilians, including children.
Ack! So tense! Man, if I were a police officer, I would want to beat up all these nasty criminals and human traffickers. Good thing I'm not in law enforcement then. 
I think this was one of my favorite parts of the entire drama, actually, the swarming of this building and then the cat and mouse game after.
It was deliciously tense. Everyone was important so so many things could go wrong at any stage.
I hoped everyone had their ballistic vests on underneath their street clothes.
The different teams start moving in ... and the SWAT team in the yard signals to the children and the women around to be quiet. And quiet it goes. The criminal immediately notices, dammit. He takes a gun and goes outside. The empty yard is just too suspicious ... and he is a smart one. He does not let on that he has noticed something is odd and moves normally, bending down as if to wash. But as soon as the officers reach the floor he's on, he throws the water basin towards them and opens fire. He manages to escape (and in the process hits Rhino Da Hu in the shoulder).
Eek! Not good! Don't hurt people you horrid criminal you! The courtyard going quiet was a bit of a giveaway though, but totally understandable. Protecting the innocent civilians is key. 

When he wants to jump on his motorcycle though, Yao Meng is there to stop him (and Husband too). She was awesome in action! Go Yao Meng!! She is very eager to make this arrest, but Chen Yong is skilled and it actually takes Ji Bai's intervention to stop and arrest him.
Arrest him! 
Shoot him, too.  Not fatally, but enough to hurt.
His balls would be a good place.
It's a success! But what is this?! Yao Meng notices that someone walks and then runs away from the scene and takes pursuit, Husband not far behind. The man leads them into a maze of houses and they need to split up. (Did you notice she didn't use her hands to clear her over the fence?) It's Yao Meng who chooses the right alley, so it's her that happens upon the man when he runs into a dead end. The man quickly grabs a child, but that only buys him a little time. He draws a knife next and attacks Yao Meng, and even wounds her! Not too badly, though. He tries to escape, but yay, here comes Husband and manages to arrest this guy (named Guan Nan) too. 
As much as I don't like our team getting hurt, I do like that they made the arrest scene a bit messy and not this clean cut thing where the good guys win all the time. It felt organic and a bit messy, and I imagine a lot of real life arrest scenes are probably fairly messy. 
I think it also shows us why Xu Xu needs to stay where she's at until she can physically keep up. Yao Meng and Husband had to run for a bit chasing after this guy and then still fight.
Yes. it was very good that Snail wasn't there. But I look forward to the time when she is ready to take on the bad guys! With Ji Bai by her side in the best wuxia fashion!

In the interrogation room, Chen Yong is being an arrogant prick until Ji Bai mentions his mother. So he has been sending money to her every month, but apparently did not know that she committed suicide not too long ago. Most likely out of disappointment in him, Ji Bai adds. (I hate this guy, but wow that was cold--although probably true and he needed to know it) That actually breaks the disgusting human trafficker, and he is ready to give up the name of his boss. It's Brother Lu to him, and Big Boss to others.  
Filial piety, works well. I really feel for the criminal's mother though. It also asks the question though as to why people have to resort to crime to pay the bills. 
I just thought, 'okay, you love your mother - how is she different from the women you kidnap, brutalize, and then sell? What if someone did that to her?' If you wouldn't be okay with that, why are you okay with this?'
People compartmentalize all the time.
His mother must have begged him to stop at some point in time, so perhaps there was a big dose of guilt in how easily he caved. Question, though: where did Captain Hotness get the death-letter?
Husband gets to feed the wounded Yao Meng some water, but he is really unhappy with her when she's all excited about what just happened. Being hurt really is nothing to be proud about! And it could have been much worse. Ji Bai doesn't scold her at all though when he comes in, to Zhan Han's great dismay. But when the Captain retrieves his mobile phone, he sees that Zixi sent him a message. It reads: "Help me, 3 You Ma Road". And the drama shows us Zixi, lying on a carpet, quite clearly ... dead. Oh shit.
Oh, dear.
Me, yawning. Not going to pretend that I care. I'm interested, but I don't care about her more than that I know this is going to hurt Ji Bai and add more confusion to the case. I don't think anyone deserves to die, but I never liked her, so I'm not going to pretend that I like her now that she is dead.
Plus, she was already in the crosshairs and a breathing corpse at the end of the last episode. We all knew that from her final call. We just didn't know the means.


Oh shit. It feels like a tragedy that we saw coming a while ago, right? She was so distressed and everything she said to Ji Bai when they last spoke was like a long, sad goodbye. It is probably something that could not have been prevented either, but I bet Ji Bai will be quite destroyed by this turn of events.
Yeah, she always seemed like dead woman walking to me.  He's gonna be wrecked, I bet.
I do feel bad for Ji Bai. I'm glad she's not the BSL, though.

It's all the sadder because he seemed fairly content in this episode, with his new team, including the two women interns, and especially with the arrests they just made. He smiled a lot. That probably won't happen again soon.
Happy Ji Bai is a lovely thing. I hope that this won't derail him, not that I think it will. But man, it's got to hurt, and he is the sort of person who feels deep responsibility to his friends. And Zixi was like a sister to him. 
This will give him greater focus although I don't know how much more focused he could get.

We know by now that there has to be a connection between Ye Corporation and some really shady people involved in smuggling, human trafficking and illegal gambling. We know that Zixi knew something that was weighing heavily on her soul, something to do with the dire financial situation at Ye Corporation. It seems it was her that tipped off the press about it. But why was Zhang Shiyong kidnapped by people involved in smuggling? What is his role in all of this? Well, it's clear he's a sleazy bastard ... is he possibly more?
*idealist me* why can't people just be good? why????? If Zixi is the one who blew the whistle, it just seems so unfair and unjust that she was murdered because of it. I know life isn't fair, but sometimes, those injustices add up to feeling like to do the right thing often results in punishment because there are so many bad people around. Not that Zixi is a saint, but yeah, it seems very unfair for her to die.
If fighting bad people were easy, people would do it all the time. This is why we like our team--because they are fighting injustice and risking their lives all the time. However, although I don't think she deserved to die, I'm not sure that she is completely clean in all of this. You play with dangerous people, dangerous things happen. Sometimes one has to, and I wonder if she got any of the vengeance she sought.
There are so many strings of story running through this. How is everything going to be tied together? I pray our poor sad Zixi has left a thumb drive or invisible ink relationship chart or something that can help our gang solve all of this. 
So at this point, are we to think that Zhang Shiyong is involved somehow with the smuggling? That Zixi knew something about it and died for it?