Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 39 (Recap)

kakashi: Let's see what this drama throws at us in this episode. Think about something you'd never think you'd see. Yes, it's that. If not worse. 
SakiVI: I see sad, weepy, bromance in this picture below.
JoAnne: There's no way Shi is dead. I'm not even convinced Li Luo is dead. Maybe they're ALL dead, though.

Episode 39

Attaaaack! The old Ice King screams - and everyone does, including the Fire Tribe. How this works, you know, physically, when there's an ocean between the two I don't know and I frankly don't care much either. Anyway, it's a Fire Trick: a diversion so that Shi can do his usual magic trickz (Appearance Replacement) and go back to Snow City. Mission: rescue Shuo Gang, his mother and get the Deicide.
Considering Shi is a trickster, it's hard to believe that's all it is. 
I'm sure there's more to it.
Only the dumb and the weak are still back in Snow City. We see that Shi sends the Mermaid Saint an owl and then goes and frees ugly Shuo Gang. He has a skiff ready for him, with a professional rower.
When they're far out on the CGI sea, the rower stops rowing and turns into the Mermaid Saint. Uh-oh, Shuo Gang, time to pay. She conjures up water plants to bind him and drag him down to the bottom of the Ocean, where he is tortured for eternity by angry fish.
Thank Heaven! 
Oh my God, I'm so happy about this.
Daddy has a sarage-fit (sad/rage (sangry?)) when he "feels" his son is dead. And he also realizes that Shi has tricked him.
He never was very bright.
Dreamer realizes that too! Always lurking around, this dude. And they venture to free the hostages. Shi, on the other hand, tells the Glittery Smoke aka Daddy to get his act together and go free Mom (he does - and takes her away).
The smoke should've done that before.
Right? Why'd he have to wait to be told? As for Dreamer - it's a good thing he's around, he's useful.
Kauso is kept "prisoner" for his own good by the remaining Envoys. He is angry at them for just dumping Shi and thinks he should at least have a chance to explain himself. In comes the man himself! To explain himself. Or not. He goes all "you are no longer my brother" on Kasuo and demands his Sword. To kill all the Ice Fookers, as he claims.
Do it, Shi, do it!  
He looks good here but I keep trying to read messages in his head piece.
Kasuo has hidden the Deicide at Withering Bottom Hillside, but that's useless, since he is its sheath and Shi can force-find the sword through him. Yes, something like that.
And how is this show not gay, again?
Never stand between a man and his sword!!
Gosh, Shi is beautiful!
Kasuo has never heard of that rule though. He has come and he is determined to stop Shi from leaving. And he wants his explanation! Shi just laughs at him, for thinking he is good and all. He ain't, hehehe! And he takes off his eye-patch thingie. Yes, Kasuo: his eye!!!
The eye patch thingy that never needed a tie. 
It's why he always scowled, he was trying to hold it in place.
Shi says he's forever changed through the power of the Ice Flame magic - and he killed the lousy saints for trying to prevent him from becoming the king. But Kasuo refuses to be disappointed in Shi. No, he is disappointed in himself! For not realizing what's going on with Shi. Spoken like a true Emo Prince. Aww. But Shi is not in emo-mode himself. He threatens to kill his brother.
Between an Emo and a Pretty Trickster, I'll take the Trickster. 
I think I'll just sit this whole round out, thanks.
And then, Shi attacks. Kasuo may be weak and emo, but he still knows his moves. Power surges into the sky - everyone sees it and goes "boah, lots of power". 
We'll be discreet and say this encounter is 'emotionally charged.'
And then, Shi holds up the sword, Kasuo's hands on it .... and stabs himself. WTF. Noooooooo!
We know he always wanted Kasuo piercing him some way some how.
That smile, though.
And why he does this? To transfer the load of his immortal power to Kasuo. It's the only thing he can still do for his brother. OMG, Shi. WTH, Shi! At least, Feng Shaofeng gets to cry again. Oh look, red ice crystals. 
Emos the world over are crying they can't cry red ice crystals.
I'm still going with it's not true.
Just when a completely devastated Kasuo takes the sword to stick it into himself too (pointless, dude - you're the scabbard, you cannot die from it (whatever)), the flute sounds. But it isn't Shi playing it, it's Xin Gui. She was told to do this by Shi when he was still alive, to prevent Kasuo from descending into madness. All the other Scoobies are there now, and Yan Da is also coming. Shi gave Xin Gui a message for his bro - and the ring he wanted to give to Li Luo back when (Shi has been safeguarding it).
Not just in love with his brother, but a shipper too. 
Awww, I haz a saaad.
When Kasuo touches it, he falls asleep immediately. Neat. And he dreams. Of Shi - who takes him through their past. And he gets his explanation. Shi did all of this to fulfill Kasuo's wish: to be free like a sleat bird. To enjoy simply happiness. And to go against Daddy Yuan Ji, who has vowed to kill Kasuo one day. He realized he cannot give him freedom - but he can give him power. Enough power to fight against his future - and Yuan Ji. Shi: out.
Still in denial here.


I am sad. Not Shi.... everyone, but not Shi! Well, we could be like Yan Da, who refuses to believe Shi is dead? 
I refuse to believe it!!!
I believe I have made my feelings on this matter abundantly clear.

Anyway, for an episode that could have made me or anyone rage-quit, it was actually quite touching. The farewell was super lengthy, but there were a few really heartwarming things said between Shi and Kasuo. And even though Kasuo will never stop being the most emo being I've ever met, he is now also the most powerful and I am certain he will use that power for the right thing. Which is: preventing Yuan Ji from destroying the three realms. 
Go Kasuo, yay and all that. Back to sobbing for Shi...
Don't mind me I'm over here busily pretending a new reality into existence.