Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 45 (Recap)

kakashi: Did I say this show is ultra weird yet? No? It gets trippier and trippier.
JoAnne: It resembles a certain type of Saturday morning show kids watched in the 70s - we called them cartoons anyway because back in the dark ages, all that was on TV on Saturday mornings was cartoons. But there were also these really super cheesy live-action shows, too.  Ice would fit right in.
SakiVI: this episode had some ROFL moments. 

Episode 45

Our friends get to the something-something Hall, where people cry "Guardian Qin Ren is victorious! Guardian Qin Ren is victorious!" Our gang vows to kick Qin Ren's ass. It's completely empty inside though. That's creepy. Everything is, look!
Flying Monkeys?  Did they go to Oz?
Is it just me, or do people not really like walls in this show?
"That's Qin Ren!", says Qing Long and points a finger at a figure in a White Tiger cape, with their back to them. Kasuo politely addresses Qin Ren and asks for permission to walk through the sealed door. Qin Ren does not react. How rude.
Wow, his hair needs some attention. Leave-in conditioner and a good trim, at the very least.
He's a Wild Man. He doesn't care. 
Well, we find out why when Pian Feng spreads his wings and flies up to him, touching his shoulder. He is dead! Murdered! And this is a trap. Suddenly, men appear from out of nowhere and surround them, swords drawn.
Well now I feel bad that I insulted his hair but ... look, it's terrible. Who could be here, though? Don't let me forget that important question.
Rather exciting all this mystery.
And Qing Long breaks out in insane laughter (they do that really well in this show) and zips up to the dead body of Qin Ren. Oh shit, so HE is the Demolisher White Tiger now! HE was the one who defeated the other guardian who is now dead. So HE is Qin Ren (Gong Zhengnan)! The one who is dead is Qing Long. Got it?
I don't remember who Qin Long is, so no. Please don't make me try.
Got it. But I thought these immortal types could only die when hit on the back of the head.
Kasuo, who just kind of stood there all this time, remarks that "it seems" as if White Tiger Demolisher won't take down the shield and let them through. Man, how can you be so smart? Our friends try to use their special superpowers, but nada. Oh no! The bangles! They were so easily tricked!!
What the...I don't remember bangles, either. Am I doing these out of order? Update: yes, I am. Back soon.
Oh no, Qin Ren is really powerful ... he grows little blue threads and makes them do his bidding, just like marionettes! I thought of those annoying people in a basement playing video games. Enjoying himself very much, he makes them go up against each other. It's just a test run, however. He is planning some accession ceremony the next day and he wants them there for entertainment. He promises them an exciting death. Oh no!
Ha, he's so crazy. 
I'm back! What did I mi....what the hell is this? What's wrong with his HANDS?
Our friends are locked up and Qin Ren goes and boasts about it with his boss. But Yuan Ji isn't impressed at all - apparently, Qin Ren only went and snatched away Qing Long's territory because somebody else got his. Oh.... to whom, I wonder? Maybe Granny. I don't remember. Qin Ren wants to be Guardian of both East and West
The ONE good thing going for this show is that it has several options of attractive men.
While all this happens, Yan Da is still confused about where everybody went. But she manages to summon Shi Fairy there! Aw, they're still friends deep down. (Whom she decides to call Yun Fei) With some of her tasty soul, that he gobbles up. He boats about how he will soon eat up Kasuo as well, but then realizes that Kasuo might be in danger from Qin Ren, which he doesn't like, because it's his food and all. So he agrees to help her free them (She needs them to find the Veiled Lotus for her).
Understood. To be honest, Yan Da and Shi are often the clearest people of all. 
So if Baby Shi eats Kasuo's entire soul, does Kasuo die or does Shi take him over?
Shi Fairy goes to the cell everybody is held in and tells them to look for a gap to crack the bangles open. And just like that, Kasuo knows the answer. He won't tell us though. The next day, it's inauguration day and Qin Ren has been eagerly expecting them. And here we go with the blue threat thing again! Qin Ren plans to have all of them fight each other and the winner gets to fight Kasuo. The last one standing is ..... Xing Gui!
I can't decide whether I like this actress or not. 
She looks like that girl in class who tells on everybody.
Oh, here comes Lotus/Lian Ji, to watch the final round (or rather, to see Kasuo die). And to jerk Kasuo around a bit on that blue thread. When she does it, she looks cool. Meanwhile, Qin Ren seems to have developed lusty pedo feelings for Xing Gui - he undresses her (via blue thread), well, at least a bit. Basically down to a whole other dress. With all eyes on Kasuo and Xing Gui, the scoobies launch into "execute plan" mode!
She's really embracing this evil thing.
They have their powers back (how? Oh well, never mind) and after a while, they are victorious. It takes Kasuo and his sword and a tip from Shi to defeat and kill the Demolisher. One Guardian down! Lian Ji flees when she gets a chance. Smart woman. 
Smart and stylish. 
They must have found a crack.
And just like that, they're on that empty field again. Chao Ya and her two consorts share a moment (Pian Feng saved her by giving her half his immortal power (Urgh, really?) and Bear thanks him for it - he even hugs him!) and then, the enchantment field breaks and they're off to the next destination! Which looks like this:
Ooooh, pretty. They must have bought all the plastic plants in China for this.
Oh, they received a map from Granny, that is useful. They're headed for the "Destructor Vermilion Linnet Hall" (of course) next, which is in the middle of a lake. Bear can't swim, plus there are hundreds of enchantment shields on this lake that they are not allowed to touch, but that's not an issue! Because Chao Ya's harp ... is also a ship! And its music can expose the enchantment fields! Ahahahaaaaa. Who has these crazy ideas?!
It was pretty creative. 
How con-veeeeee-nient.
And then, we leave our heroes for a bit and see how Lord Dreamer, who is much better thanks to Healer's awesome medication, talks to Kasuo's dad. Dreamer wants to go back to the Snow-Mountain, but Daddy won't allow it. No, he wants Dreamer to dream-talk to his little sister all the time, be alerted of danger that way and act as their savior if necessary.
They went a little too prom-date with his make up this time around, I think.
Someone from the spirit cluster seeks an audience then. He seems to be a stag of sorts. Anyway, he has bad news, something is off in Spirit Land! All fruit and vegetables that they planted have withered. There is a tornado! The rivers have gone dry! And all the food has been eaten! Really... never a dull moment with this show! Xing Jiu is sent to investigate this matter right away.
Oh no! Not....The Anomalies!
The others seem to have arrived at the Vermilion Hall. It's basically an indoor garden, very beautiful. All of a sudden, Chao Ya's MOTHER, Queen Chi Lian (Wang Yidan) appears. Yes, this really happens. Xing Gui - who really is a smart cookie - asks the question we all wanted to ask: why is she here in Sacred Snow Mountain? Oh, it's a bit weird: she doesn't seem to recognize her daughter.
Wow, she's very pretty.
And we end this crazy ep with her leading them to the South Guardian, Princess Die Che (Wu Diao) next. Oh dear me, they have bad taste in that Vermin Hall...
I liked the soft-colour psychedelic aethetic.  
Barbie's Drug-Fueled Dream House.


Someone living in such a pretty garden will certainly just open the seal for them, right? NOT, ahahahaaaaaaa. This "you must defeat four guardians"-stuff is a nice way to drag this drama out, but rather than being annoyed, I really like it. It's simply insane, pretty much everything about it. I was even sad to see the White Tiger Demolisher die!
Me too.  I would've liked him to slink away to some basement and rebuilding his blue threads. 
Maybe Lian Ji took a thread with her and will restore the magic.