Love for a Thousand More - Episode 5&6 (A Mini-Squeecap)

Episode 5: Does a Man Change? Or Does Love Change

Cold open is of Mi-Jo gripping Junu's arm from end of last episode. He looks at her in surprise, but she just smiles slightly and says that she accepts his apology. He winces a bit though because she’s gripping his arm so tightly. She lets go and they both look awkwardly about.
SakiVI: How strong is she?  She must've built tough fingers. 

After opening music we see a string of rappers auditioning. I don’t know rap, so I don’t know if they are good or bad or not, but according to Yeon Ji and Hyunsik, (they should have good rhythm and pronunciation, I think) they are good, and Junu is either not hearing them properly or being overly picky. We get a gong in the background before Hyunsik starts spouting out proverbs standing like he’s in a saeguk; it’s his shtick. But I’m too distracted by his blond hair and dark roots to get it. He's cute, so I like him. They decide to keep looking, but Hyunsik makes a good point that they should at least have a new song for the fans. Junu looks guilty and angrily walks out yelling that he’s working on it.
Awww, I like Hyunsik though. I keep wondering what secret he holds, because obviously he has one.
Sidenote: Mi-Jo isn’t saying anything during the auditions because she’s wearing the bunny earmuffs and they are adorable.
She is beautiful.
Junu is really struggling with his song to the point that he tosses his computer mouse to the floor of the rooftop. Way to go, struggling artist. When Mi-Jo and her turtle arrive, she asks him if that is why he so quiet; he’s busy destroying things. They sit as he scowls, but she seems to have a good read on him when she says that he seems unsatisfied with the way things are changing. He flashes back to his parents’ funeral where she comforted him as a small boy with the idea that some things don’t change; it’s when she gives him the ring that he wears around his neck, telling him that the ring has been around for over 150 years, so when he’s upset about things changing he should look to things that never change.
It's good to have an anchor. It's only now, thinking about what she said, that I realize it's advice that she can give from long, sad experience.
He tries, but he still can’t come up with anything, so the next day, he goes to her asking for more help with the idea she talked about the day before. He just wants to talk to her. She had shown him the picture of the Dabotap Pagoda that is on the back of the ₩10 coin as an example of something that has lasted. He tells him he has to grant her any favor she wants if she helps him. She also thinks to show him some of the treasures left to her from her previous relationships.
He goes back to try, but she thinks the music is dry and dull. She suggests that he can’t write because he hasn’t fallen in love and that he needs to date. He asks her if she wants to date him (half shocked and half intrigued), but she tells him that she has dated enough. He should though—maybe someone in his circle? (hint)
He'll never get it.  
We get another montage of him working and the new version has him singing on the track. He runs into her apartment excited, not even bothered by the turtle. why is he bothered by a creature that can't chase him? When she listens this time, she is surprised because he sings on this version, and he has a nice voice.
She convinces him to have the others listen, which he does. They love it and are impressed with his voice. The other positive is that they now don’t have to find get a rapper. He asks her what favor she wants, and she asks him to meet her at the Han river. (Did anyone think, “No! Not the river. That’s where people go to die or break up!) (of course I did!) (I didn't, no.) He looks embarrassingly pleased by this. And when we see him at the Han, he is dressed nicely and smiling to himself, but the person who shows up is Yeon Ji. She has been coached by Mi-jo to pretend to have a crush on someone else and ask Junu to help her practice confessing. This does not work at all.
It's also a dirty little trick. Mi Jo, I'm disappointed in you.
It was pretty funny.  
He leaves this fake date and finds Mi-Jo on the rooftop. He gives her candy and asks her why she said earlier that she wasn’t going to date. He accuses her of doing what she warned him not to do—cutting herself off from world. Wait until he finds out how much she's been in this world. Later that night he comes home to see her on the rooftop drunk out of her mind—reliving various executions. Ouch. Official ep closes with her passed out on him on the ground of roof.
After the close, we see the therapy group. Is the guy in glasses the counselor? Breast Cancer guy is telling everyone that he and the woman who has a crush on him are now together. Mi-Jo, smiling, tells them that they look very content.
I don't know if there is a counselor or not. Aren't they just people who get together to tell each other lies?
There is a researcher who hates them all. He was shown in the first episode. 

Episode 6: Are we good to start over again?

Cold open has Mi-Jo waking up hung over and remembering, to her horror, Junu carrying her drunken self to her apartment and her pawing him because she was confusing him with former flames.
Or because he's cute, Mi Jo. All on his own, he's cute.
What Jo said. 
After official opening, we see her cleaned up and eating at a street vendor trying to forget. Jason shows up acting all flirty with her, which she basically ignores. He acts his same aegyo/cutsie until he sees one of those murderous scooters coming along about to knock her over. He grabs her out of the way, and they fall in the street with Mi-Jo cutting her hand on the ground. Of course, it starts healing immediately. She tries to hide this, but he’s seen everything. However, when they are alone, and she tries to explain, he stops her. He is serious now. He finds some glass and cuts himself deeply. They watch as his skin heals itself. He’s like her, too.
Did NOT see that coming.
Me neither. I was so shocked!  
They sit together as he tells her that he doesn’t remember how it happened; he just woke up one day, immortal. Like her, right?  He tries to change the mood and go back to aegyo Jason, telling her that this proves they are fated, but she wants to know more information about him and whether he really doesn’t care that he doesn’t know anything. They present two ways of looking at things. She is sad because she is looking at the past and all the loss while he’s optimistic by focusing on the limitless future. He does ask her in a somber moment if she is really okay, “living so long alone”? He promises her that he will never let her be alone. Of course, he tries a kiss, but she hits him, and they both laugh. She is relieved that she won’t be alone.
For long. Anyone who has to spend time with that horrible aegyo is going to run away out of sheer desperation very quickly. But I am glad that the weirdness I sensed was this, and not that he is eeeeevil.
He said he's only been this way for 15 years. I hope he doesn't stay aegyo the entire time. That's going to be annoying. 
I think that's a mistake in the will become apparent that he's been this way for much longer than that.
Across the park Yeon-Ji and Junu are having yet another awkward walk/date/get together (?), but he stops upon seeing Mi-Jo with Jason. Junu does not look happy, saying he didn’t know that she (Mi-Jo) could laugh like that. Yeon-Ji looks at him thoughtfully.
Sigh. I like Yeon Ji, and she's about to feel pretty sad.
What Jo said, sigh. 
Later, when Junu sees Mi-Jo, she pretends to not remember what happened the night before, but they both know it’s an act. It turns out though that he only wants to sit and talk to her to keep him quiet.
He asks her if she’s ever experienced something/seen something, but no one believed her. Boy, has she! This describes her entire existence pretty much. hahahaha, true. He tells her about the accident that killed his parents. We get a flashback where we see him as a boy making funny faces at a Mi-Jo on the bus with her goofing with him right before the driver notices that the steering is gone. We see Mi-Jo carrying him, fading in and out of consciousness, into the hospital. When he asks about the nice lady who saved him, no one knows what he’s talking about.
She pulled a reverse gender Goblin, ha! It's faaaaaaaaaaate.
But because they look the same age and both act like adults, it doesn't seem weird. 
She tells him that people often don’t believe her, and she takes him to a place she visits when that happens. It’s a giant, and thus, very old tree. She says she leans on the tree and knows the tree believes her. Surprisingly, he finds great comfort in this.
Has it never occurred to him that she may be older than she looks?
She asks him to play Liars Game where he is to pretend that she is the tree and get everything out. He doesn’t understand though and asks her to go first. She tells a brief description of her life—that people think she is a monster and has been exposed to witch hunts and medical experiments on her person (I bet!). Aw, I feel bad for her here. She says that people are always afraid of her but that she’s more afraid of them. This story elicits a laugh from Junsu who, of course, thinks she is making this up; he takes a turn only to confess that he thinks he might like her. She takes it as a joke, but we all know this is true, right?
I had no idea!
I didn't know either. 
(I was joking.)
Post-credits: the group is meeting and the guy with breast cancer talks about how no one believes that he has the disease or that it’s fatal. um, why?  His new girlfriend hugs him. The glasses guy talks about how parents are usually the one to believe their children, but his parents just put him in the mental ward. Mi-Jo commiserates about how people don’t believe her either.
See, no counselor, right? I remember that there was this one guy in the group who was reaaaally cute, but I don't remember anything about him. Maybe he was dressed all in white one time, though?  Not the guy with the laptop, not the tank top guy. The other guy.
The guy with the laptop is the researcher.