Love for a Thousand More - Episodes 3&4 (A Mini-Squeecap)

Episode 3: Know Thyself then Know the Guy

Trotwood: We open right after she falls breaking the lightbulb and watch how the hand she cuts nearly immediately heals itself. Wow. Immortality and no scarring. Impressive. The tense moment we thought we had at the end of last episode isn’t really that tense at all because he breaks it up with a smartass comment although she has to fan herself because she feels hot.
JoAnne: And of course he didn't notice the abnormal healing. It's too soon.
SakiVI: I wonder if that is why this woman never had any descendants, because her body would just reset itself? Or maybe I'm just assuming she hasn't had any since she seems so alone. 
The next day (?) Yeon Ji is literally methodically banging her head against the wall at Mi-Jo’s place thinking she is a loser because she couldn’t even make Junu laugh.
Or maybe he doesn't have a sense of humour.
Mi-Jo tells her that she is young, pretty, and sexy. Yep! She has more ammunition than General Lee did against the Japanese fleet, so Yeon Ji shouldn’t complain when the admiral didn’t. She wants to know if Yeon Ji has begun to pack because she (Mi-Jo) is going to follow Junu around herself to find out what interests him.
Yeah, and the only reason is Yeon Ji, Mi Jo. Right? Keep telling yourself that.

We then get a funny sequence of her following him around dressed in black with a floppy black hat. You know she’s doing this as a disguise because she couldn’t be more obvious. Plus, this black hanbok is so pretty. I seriously have hanbok envy in this show.
They really are pretty.
I had hanbok envy too.
She gets disappointed because he seems actually nice. She's so determined not to like him. He picks up garbage on the street, and he helps an elderly lady with her bags. She is still suspicious though, wondering if he is being nice because he knows he is being followed.
Nah. We didn't get a cut-in of him looking sideways or in a window to see her reflected.
After an odd (narratively needless) encounter with Hyungsik, she realizes that she has lost the trail, so she rushes off.
It did seem out of the blue, but I'm hoping we get more info later that makes it relevant.  
He's eye candy, so I didn't mind. 
Who catches her, thinking it’s fate, but Jason. He figures out who she is trying to follow and uses it to his advantage to spend some time with her because he knows where that guy is. It turns out that Junu is dressed up like a hip hop bear to get customers into a shop. Made so much sense. She dresses up, too to get a closer look into his world. Hilariously, she challenges him to a dance off in these awkward mascot disguises (where in the world did she get hers so quickly). But she ends up falling, and her head comes off, so he sees her. She runs away while he’s just wondering at her crazy. She comes back to spy on him and overhears him trying to get a pay advance so he can help the band pay for a better space.
I loved the dance sequence. Her moves were very traditional and instantly recognizable, and they actually looked quite nice with his more modern moves.
I loved it as well. It was very smooth. 
Later, he is sits on the roof despondent until he freaks out when he sees Mi-Jo’s turtle. Turns out he is afraid of turtles. She teases him about that. He wants to know why she can’t just have a regular pet like a dog or a cat. She doesn’t want one of those because they don’t live very long. He asks her not to tell the bandmates about his job. She wonders why he won’t share his worries with his friends. He accuses her of hiding her problems, too. Her aid to him with his scrape from his fall and her gesture to him with comforting candy makes him flash back both to his mother and to her earlier at his parents’ funeral where she tells him that he will regret it if he doesn’t cry now (he apparently hadn’t cried at all at their death). Little boy Junu finally begins to weep.
Come on, who's scared of turtles?
Turtles are cute. I'd keep one, except I'm concerned it would outlive me. 
We close the episode with her asking him why he hugged her like that when he first saw her, and he just tells her that she reminded him of someone.
Dun dun da dun!

Episode 4: Why a Guy Never Gets Over His First Love

Our cold open repeats the end of the last episode but goes further. Mi-Jo wants to know if he liked that person a lot, but Junu just coughs awkwardly and avoids her eye. Hyunsik shows up to the roof in boxing gloves practicing jabs, and right when I think “that’s random", Junu comments on how random that it (haha). He leaves, but ironically Mi-Jo holds up her hands to help him spar. She even encourages him to punch harder. Aww. She’s warming up to her neighbors.
Yes, but also, what a very odd thing to do.
Also, ouch. Oh, wait, not for her. 
New day (I know because new hanbok (good call!)). She and Yeon-Ji meet for updates. Mi-jo admits that she is surprised at how nice it seems Junu is, but Yeon Ji just feels like she is losing ground. Mi-jo advises that he seems to need time to get over his bad memories before moving on to her, but Yeon-Ji reminds her that she has already waited for three years. (good point (but her own fault)). The new plan is for Yeon Ji to write him a letter (dictated by Mi-Jo), commiserating over their shared tough times and inviting him out to a movie to unwind. Mi-Jo even makes ink and dictates a letter straight out of a saeguk! Ironically, this is the thing that makes Junu laugh, but he does text her to meet.
I like Yeon Ji. I hope they don't waste time making her a problem.
The letter was hilarious, and I would totally laugh and call someone who wrote me something like that. 
We see Yeon Ji trying to follow Mi-Jo’s advice about ways to make Junu feel the warmth and comfort of home like putting meat on his rice. Yeon Ji brings up Junu’s necklace. She says it looks old, and that he touches it a lot, so she thinks it must be really important to him. Mi-Jo looks sad and thoughtful at this, commenting that it is probably something that brings him comfort just by having it. We cut to her looking through an old box that clearly contains her precious things. So much loss in a 999-year life. But wait. Does that green ring look familiar?
Cross over to Goblin?????
Honestly, all these antique jade rings look the same. it's not like they have special seals on them. 
But this moment is broken by noise upstairs. She’s pissed, so she waits outside the next day for Junu to confront him about it. Unfortunately, for her, she isn’t the only person who wants a confrontation. The client from first episode wants her money back because she found out that the satchel she sold her could be got online. She even gets Junu to pick sides by deciding who sounds like the crazy one. Of course Mi-jo does with all her talk about the Chosun era.
Well, they do have a point.
I thought so too, but then, this client should know what to expect going to a shaman-like love counselor. 
That night she has a nightmare about the night she almost died. A mysterious stranger with a tattoo on his arm offers her something from a sparkly vial saying it could save her life but her life will be different. He asks her if she still wants it, and she nods weakly. She wakes up abruptly from this nightmare saying over and over that she should’ve said no.
I wonder who she was before, and why she was almost killed? Is that stranger someone she knew?
Let's hope these questions get answered because I really want to know. 
We then see Junu at the shop in his outfit about to start his shift. He doesn’t look good; could that be guilt? He walks out, putting on his bear head only to overhear Mi-Jo’s client talking to a guy about how she went to get her money back. But wait! That guy is the one she had talked about in the love counseling. Even he says that Mi-Jo was right because otherwise they wouldn’t be together. Trash! This clearly makes Junu angry and he accidentally on purpose bumps into the girl as she’s taking a drink.
I loved him for that.
Later he shows up on the roof to find Mi-Jo to apologize. He even gives her some cute earmuffs (to block out their music noise?). Aww.
I would feel like I was wearing animal heads, but okay.
We close out official ep with her spinning him around as he walks away to have another one of their heated stare downs.
Post-credits: Mi-Jo is in one of those exercise playgrounds with the woman from her therapy group. She confesses to Mi-Jo that she likes the guy in the group who has terminal breast cancer. Aw.  Mi-Jo is surprised, especially because they know that any relationship wouldn’t last long. But the woman wants a chance at love and most guys don’t like women like her, so  . . . This clearly makes Mi-Jo think.
But about what?
That maybe she could love again?