When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - Episode 10 (Recap)

kakashi: New players and new leads. Is our team even one step closer to solving this? I'm not sure anymore.
Trotwood: Usually, at this point in a drama, I want the good guys to be making more headway. Here I don't care because we are still learning even though the path towards truth seems to be making it harder and harder to get to it. It's like when you start to really clean, your place actually gets messier in the interim. That is what it's like. We are really doing a deep clean and sort and getting rid of the garbage both on the outside but within people as well.
JoAnne: Sorry, say that again? I was looking at Ji Bai.
Shuk: Things are getting complicated. But that's a good thing, I think.
Eleanor: I think Jo is trying to steal my comments. 

Episode 10

Intro: Xu Xu is lying on the chalk outline, imagining the crime. Suddenly, her eyes fly open and she breathes in fear. The sound of a gun being loaded... She jumps up ... it's Ji Bai! Man, she's so relieved ... and he's so angry/concerned (concangry?I love this new term. Can I use it now?) about her coming here in the middle of the night by herself. But she has been expecting him - or rather, she thought he would already be here. Of course because she figured that he wouldn't be satisfied either. It's clear that Ye Qiao lied - she isn't the killer. But Xu Xu does not have evidence yet! She has 20 minutes to find it, says Ji Bai. Xu Xu invites him to sit down in a chair and stay out of her way. It's because she needs to work alone; other people distract her. And off she goes.
I know there was a murder committed here, and we need to be looking for evidence, but I'm seriously getting distracted by Ji Bai's jawline in this lighting. Dark empty house with Ji Bai? So many other things they could be doing. (Where is Eleanor? I need to tell her to focus so I can focus)
Did she just take a picture of him? That made me laugh - which was very welcome because this scene was quite tense!
Was she fearful? Or was there a big revelation / flashbulb in her mind? I'm not sure we have seen her scared yet.
Haha. I love how he just sits down and listens to her. It's very endearing. 
First, Xu Xu goes upstairs and thinks about how Zixi fell down. She puzzles over the fact that with two women of the exact same height and weight, one fell down and got stabbed and one didn't get hurt at all (as in: not a single scratch). Plus, there is that contusion on Zixi. Next, Xu Xu runs to the kitchen while Ji Bai sits there sexily like this. (Eleanor, feed him! He looks very thin here)
I am always surprised when I see a Western show now, and notice how much less chair is visible when people sit.
I'm not sure about the ethics of moving furniture around at a crime scene, but since she did it to throw Ji Bai in the the warm backglow of a street lamp, she totally gets a double thumbs up and heartbeams.
He is rather skinny. Kaikai promises that he eats a lot but he has a high metabolism I think. 
Ah, the microwave beep. Why, when Zixi prepared a cold meal? (salad and salmon). Xu Xu concludes that it probably wasn't the microwave - but a notification beep on the phone. Is it possible the killer used an app to send the message at a specific time?
Only 1/10th of 1% of the world's population knows how to do that, though, and they're all under the age of 25.
It can't be done on the current not-jailbroken iOS-10.2 platform, but there are apps for it. Good call on Snail's part. You go, XuXu!!
Who would have thought some sort of microwave or other ping would be so important. I also love how her thought process is revealed. I really do like this show. 
Xu Xu shivers all of a sudden. Oh, didn't Ye Qiao also say she was really cold that night? Yes, because the air conditioning was on. Why, when it's spring and cold outside? Because the killer wanted to fool the police about the time of death! No, says Ji Bai - now no longer content to sit on his chair and let her do all the work. The killer only lowered the temperature of the skin. Forensics uses the liver to determine time of death (oh, they do?)
Cool (no pun intended). I'm learning all sorts of things in this show.
I learned that on CSI yeaaaaaaars ago. The real one, the one in Las Vegas.
Where all things are real.
Being a coroner and doing all sorts of forensic stuff must be rather interesting. 
Still, Xu Xu thinks the delay of the message has something to do with an attempt to make it seem as if the death had occurred later. What else could the killer have done? Both are thinking. Xu Xu remembers something! The fridge! The injections! Ice! Suddenly, she sneezes. And Ji Bai takes off his white jacket and puts it on her shoulders. We're all dead.
(Pulling out the defibrillator.) He has to date someone like Xu Xu. She is the only one who wouldn't have thrown him down and climbed him like a tree at this point.
Can someone help me up, please?
Really, he is too perfect, is our Ji Bai. [grabs Jo's wrist and hauls her upright]
Aw. They are too adorabubble. 
She insists she is fine (gurl! Can't you see this is a gesture?!), but he says this case is too important, he won't let her take any sick leave. She starts to jump up and down to prove to him she can keep warm without his clothes. Hahahaaa.
I think I'd be kind of freaking out wearing his clothes and would really want him to take them back before I embarrassed myself with the begging that would soon follow. Self preservation your name is Xu Xu. Good for you, Xu Xu.
I'd be snuggling in and sniffing the collar...
When you said 'without his clothes' I had something else in mind entirely.
Haha. This scene was a bit random I found. But I guess they are probably dead tired and Ji Bai's defenses are down and I think he really does already like her. Maybe not romantically, but they have a really lovely camaraderie that is sweet. 
Anyway, all of this is no news to Ji Bai. He thinks Ye Qiao sent a message to Zhang Shiyong because she wanted to see how he'd react upon seeing the body. She waited outside - and she might have seen much more than she admitted. Ergo: She is probably trying to protect someone. Xu Xu is impressed with her Shifu - he kept all this to himself, in order not to mislead anyone in this investigation. (KaiKai arms. I'm distracted--join me on the distraction, bus Kakashi. I'm sort of afraid what's going to happen to me when Husband shows up in this episode. My restraint is pretty much gone).
I know we generally reserve glitter for Awesome PAs now, but we did introduce glitter to the blog for Oppa's abs in the first place...so maybe we can just have KaiKai glitter regardless? Just for anything he does, really.
We can glitter anything but abs. That is reserved for woori Hand Towel. But regarding his thoughts on the forensics of the case: since he is in charge of the whole shebang, doesn't he want his team to have the best data and thoughts available? Although I can see him wanting to step back just for XuXu, but not for the entire case, I would think that it's not in his nature to hold back evidence.
I think it's because he wasn't sure and wanted to perhaps lull the person Ye Qiao is protecting into thinking that person is safe. That way he can come back to the crime scene and get more evidence and properly figure things out. Or maybe he is also there to protect the crime scene from tampering.
He suggests a little game - they both write the name of the killer on a slip of paper and then compare (Ah the old game of  "You Show Me Yours And I'll Show You Mine"). They do and get ready to show each other what they have written, but there's a sound outside! Someone is coming. Ji Bai draws his gun. Oh. It's Zi Shan! And, as it turns out, Daddy Ye, close behind him.
Isn't there police tape up?
Police tape, and a guard at the gate.
Ooh! What are they doing here in the middle of the night. I'm not going to lie, that jawline and well just everything about Kaikai is rather distracting. 
They've come to "say goodbye" to Zixi, as it has been three days since her death. They brought ceremonial items in a suitcase and light candles - and Papa Ye starts apologizing to his dead brother and sister-in-law for not protecting Zixi enough. Ji Bai lets it happen ... even though this is clearly extremely and totally against any regulations. But he stays firm about them not being allowed to take any clothes for the funeral unless they do it the proper way (ask for it through official channels). All the more since the entire Ye family is among the suspects of Zixi's murder.
Does no one find this odd that they show up late like this? Or is it just dark because of the time of year rather than it being in the middle of the night the way it feels?
I was wondering the same because for some reason I thought it was the middle of the night too.  But maybe that's the point - maybe it's midnight, and they're at the EXACT 3-day point, not late in the day on the 3rd day.
I don't know enough about their funeral / death rites, to know, but since people die in hospital rooms every day, it doesn't seem practical to have the ritual at the exact location and 72 hours after the supposed deathtime. It had to be hard on Ji Bai to act like a law enforcement officer and not a friend of the family.
It is way weird to me that they're here in the middle of the night. Definitely something fishy going on. 
At the station, Yao Meng and Zhao Han are up and about. (Flailing about like I'm having some sort of fit. Choking on the extra glitter from the giant placard. Sending in the first payment for a Husband billboard on the highway. HUSBAND!! HUSBAND HOOOOOOOORAYYY. And you're working on the case with Yao Meng. HOOOORAAAAYYY!! gasping. Coughing in excitement because the glitter is everywhere and now has gone in my windpipe)[handing Trot a non-rebreather and an oxygen tank] His conclusion: Ye Qiao is protecting someone. The only person in her life worth doing that for is ... Zhang Shiyong. Yao Meng doubts that. Ye Qiao doesn't love Shiyong enough. Husband goes on about how Shiyong may have broken up with Zixi and then killed her in order to save his marriage. Ahahaha.
Oh, Husband. So completely unlikely.
If she just leaned back a little and tipped up her face, Husband could easily kiss her. We know he wants to. Also, Trot, OSHA is going to require that you wear a little mask from now on, when you're flinging all that glitter around.
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration): for our readers who didn't take an American Government Agency course in university or at work.
He could have at least leaned in to look at the monitor more closely, before moving to the chair. I think he needs seduction lessons. Trot?
Ahahahaha. Maybe we need to limit how much glitter Trot has access to if she's already choking on it. 
I love you Yao Meng. So professional. I'd be a puddle of goo with Husband looking over my shoulder like that.
She has no clue he's even interested, I think, and hasn't yet realized he's a boy and she's a girl anyway.
Yao Meng:
And :D

And then she goes on to speak about men and how useless most of them are, except for Shifu! Mean. Husband does NOT like to hear this.
But probably true with most of the men she sees in their line of work (but I'm also expecting a real backstory with her. I can imagine the kind of treatment she got in the academy and in school. It would have hurt a personality like hers more than Xu Xu's)
They're going to be a great couple, though, because he totally gets off on how awesome she is. He has no prejudice about her as a female police officer at all and doesn't feel threatened in the least by a strong woman. Oh my God, give me the glitter.
(passing glitter and face mask)
They are going to be a More Awesome Couple than SnaiLion. And yay! he does move in a little closer. Maybe your teaching skills are not needed after all, Trot.
They really are sweet together. I think just hanging out here I'm also going to need a mask. 
At the crime scene, Chairman Ye has started to speak about his children and family. Most decisively, he says that Ye Qiao is innocent. She could never hurt anyone. And she had already given up on her husband - the divorce agreement was ready. He believes that the fights they have in his family are manageable - everybody is in the same (financial) boat. And he hands Ji Bai a stock transfer agreement between himself and Zixi. She agreed to use the money that she had embezzled for the Ye deficit. And he gave her 10% of his stock in return. Ziqiang (the son) and Qiao knew about it too.
So basically she was just giving back the money, period. Undoing what she did, sort of. Why, I wonder?
It's possible these stock manipulations are a complete fabrication and back-dated to look authentic, Certainly Ji Bai can't take the story at face value.
Man, I do NOT trust this family. There's just something not right about them. 
This is highly interesting.At least someone was working trying to save the company. It didn't look to me like any of them were looking out for the company, so yes this is very interesting. Ji Bai thinks so too ... and tells Papa Ye to come to the police station with them. Haha. Got you, old man. But this one has class. He does not object, he simply instructs Zi Shan about the upcoming board meeting. And Ziqiang and his horrible temper. It's hard not to respect this man, even though he probably is a mostly heartless, too ambitious man.
It's his composure. You wouldn't see him throwing things about like his son. 
He seems truly sad, too.  Like maybe he set some things in motion and had no idea or intention for them to result in anything approaching his family's current situation, both financial and emotional.
But to be in that position requires certain showman skills and not a little acting.
I hope that the team can get to the bottom of this quickly. I don't like the thought that there's a killer on the loose right now. 
But Ji Bai is clearly planning something: he instructed Husband to bring in Ye Ziqiang and tell him they've found the killer. In the car back to the station, Daddy Ye talks about how Zixi introduced Ji Bai to him - and how they came to the conclusion that his Ji family was a good match for their Ye family (not the first time we hear that Ji Bai comes from a very respectable and I guess very well-off family). Ji Bai knows how long ago it has been to the day.
How difficult must it have been for him to grow up in this world and have to grow to have such disdain for it even if the individual people weren't that bad. But also that he was brought into that world and knew about it better than most and still couldn't protect Zixi from it or how she was poisoned by it. I wonder what his parents were like and how he stayed so separate from it all.
And if they were deciding he was such a good match for the family, who was it supposed to be with? Ye Qiao or Ye Zixi?
I imagine it didn't matter, as long as he was willing.
Good for Ji Bai that he didn't go all corrupt etc. Damn he's beautiful. Ugh, those eyes, noses, ears, lips. 
The others bring Ziqiang in (is he drinking alcohol this early in the morning?). The timing is perfect ... both Yes reach the station at the exact same time. And I am guessing right now, but am pretty sure that Ji Bai wanted to happen what happens next: Ziqiang explodes in anger when he sees his dad there - and has to assume that's "the killer" the police has arrested. He draws a knife! And runs towards the exit. Ji Bai swings Xu Xu out of harm's way and gets slashed in the process.
I thought this was entirely what he was expecting to have happen, assumption-wise.
Dang Ji Bai moves fast! 
It takes a while to subdue this Ziqiang lunatic, but all of them combined manage. And then, Ziqiang screams that his dad had nothing to do with it! He killed her! (At least he has some loyalty left.) Oh no, does Papa Ye have a heart condition? Looks like it. And then, they bring Ye Qiao by too. Brother! Brother, she screams. Very interesting.
Is this going to be one of those Agatha Christie things where everyone each did something to Yixi and was seen by a family member, so that family member thinks they're protecting the killer?
This was a great scene, bringing all the potentials together, and driving home to XuXu how important it is that she become stronger and faster, not only for her own safety, but to protect the entire managerie.
Quick! Someone help fix up the Lion. I don't like that he got hurt T___T
Shifu's wound needs cleaning and bandaging and it's Xu Xu who does it. She blows on it... awwwww. Maybe stitches would have been better? (He says: "This is nothing", and adds: "When I was shot through the stomach, I still managed to complete my mission"Of course, you did) He grabs her note with her guess from earlier. She wrote "Qiang".
Interesting since we'd really seen very little of him, compared to others.
That blood is way too all over the place, it must have gotten on the cloth. If I was her, I request removal of the shirt just to, yunno, check for any more injuries or blood stains. Yep, that's the best thing to do. 
Oh his poor left shoulder. It always gets hurt. 
He demands to know why she came to that conclusion. Mainly the time of death, which leaves Daddy Ye and the unruly brother. Daddy has an alibi, Ziqiang does not (Okay, anyone else notice how close their heads are?!Yes!!!! *swoon*). Also, Shiyong and Ziqiang had dinner together on the night of the murder, which is unusual. Xu Xu thinks he deliberately mentioned the leaked info to Ziqiang in advance and gave him the address to Zixi's address. To keep all the money for himself. What a scumbag, if it is true.
See. I knew that he had it in him to suggest/hire someone else to do a killing, but he could not do it himself. Wimp.
Oh, that's disgusting. He didn't even ask, he just whisper whisper whisper whispered someone to death?
Please put this animal away forever, thanks.
Argh. What a horrid person. Ugh. 
Does she want to see his guess? Ji Bai asks - and hands her his note. It reads: Ye Ziqiang. Why? Xu Xu asks. But he doesn't answer her.
Because they are twinsies.
I love his slow blinking throughout this scene. I think he's closing his eyes to enjoy her voice / presence / being.
Well, he is the Lion, so the slow blinking is just his catlike reflexes ;)


In this episode, it was as if Ji Bai and Xu Xu are partners, with everybody else forgotten. It seems as if he were really enjoying working with her. But he is also still testing her - always being her Shifu. It seems to be working. She listens to him and has improved her methods, now taking evidence seriously etc. She will only get better, that much is clear! I just luff them 😍😍😍
Those Yes ... I loved how we got to know Daddy Ye much better in this episode. It is hard to "read" him, I find: he seems honestly sad about Zixi's death - and guilty. What happened to his brother greatly benefitted him and I guess that part of why he took Zixi in like his daughter goes back to him wanting to atone for it. But what happened to her mother?
I thought her mother killed herself too but maybe that was just Ye Qiao's mother. Didn't they say that after the botched kidnapping his brother's wife killed herself?
Yeah yeah, poor orphaned little girl. Can we move on now?
Well, she's also murdered...so I think it's okay to be sad for her right now. 

Do I believe it was Ziqiang? Not before they prove it to me. 
No way, but really just because of the timing in the show.
If SnaiLion says it's him, it's him.
He's definitely got something to do with it. We just have to see what. 

Also, some lovely scenes with Husband! I bet you Trot was happy. (Grinning broadly)
I'm having pancakes for dinner in his honor.
*distracts them with pancakes so I can have my Ji Bai*