Candle In The Tomb 鬼吹灯之精绝古城 - Episode 16 (Recap)

SakiVI: Finally, the Ancient City of Jingjue!
kakashi: Yaaaaaaay ..... still boring. 
Trotwood: But there is death! Finally.
JoAnne: I'm ready for this to be done.

Episode 16

Back to Bayi almost saving Other Professor. Now that I’ve thought about it more, I really wish it had been Alien Aficionado who had died here. Everyone is devastated, in particular Professor Chen and Boy Student since they were the closest to Other Professor. Professor Chen, in fact, faints, which I’m surprised he didn’t do before.
The show of emotions went on and on and on and one until it really annoyed me
I know I wasn't supposed to, but I laughed here at the fainting. Professor Chen faints and no one really pays attention. I mean Boy Student and Fatty help him down, but then are just staring at dead guy.
Isn't this the time he faints very loudly, all kinds of yelling and stuff? No, that comes later. Okay.
Boy Student is wailing over his beloved teacher’s body, and Bayi has to shout at him to calm down since he could be attracting God know what else to the team. As Bayi turns to lead them all out, a red snake slithers up his back and flicks its tongue. Ugh, creepy, creepy, creepy! I mean, I know Bayi is the hero and nothing will happen to him, but the snake is just horrible, especially as it and Bayi slowly turn to look at each other, gulp.
So what, did they snake sneak up to him and jump on his shoulders? Or why did he notice anything? Too struck by grief?
I thought Fatty yelled at him not to move and then he couldn't help but hear it hissing.
It's magic. They just teleport or something.
Both Shirley and Fatty aim to kill, and as the snake considers where to bite, Bayi whispers, “please don’t shoot my face into a sieve,” hahaha. Bayi and snake look at each more, and the snake finally decides on a spot to bite, when Shirley shoots twice! Her camera and her gun! She explains one of her National Geographic colleagues told her about a desert snake that was scared of intense light. Hmm, maybe that’s why the snakes stayed back when the flares were lit.
Shirley, badass, I think I can finally like you.
I like the fact that she can remember such things, which turn out to be important, in moments of crisis, particularly since it's clear she's a scared as anybody else and is upset about Other Professor.
Yeah but Fatty was shooting too and that snake jumped forward. By rights, Bayi should look like that sieve he was so worried about.
At this point, Anliman and the camels show up and he sees the dead Other Professor, and the unconscious Professor Chen, and also, not to be left out, an unconscious Girl Student. He is shocked, but what can you do, eh? And then the group walk on in the dark - none of you have flashlights? - and I note Xiao Hong checking out Bayi, because, well, it’s Bayi. I know, Xiao Hong, no one can resist him. But, oh, dead professor is on her back. Okay, maybe she’s not happy about that.
Maybe they finally decided to save on batteries.
You can't go from potentially sexually attracted camels straight to batteries, ladies.
They keep walking, and Bayi tells Anliman they have to get away from the mountain entrance as soon as possible. And then we see lots of beautiful, black, rocky mountains. It’s quite soothing, if one ignores killer snakes and Russian tomb raiders and possible demon queens.
I love the desert images the best.
Were you raised in gulags? That is not soothing. That is menacing. Forbidding.
Professor Chen comes to, and wants to see Other Professor. There’s a few emotional moments while Bayi tidies up Other Professor’s appearance and closes his eyes. Both Shirley and Anliman are touched. Me too. After all, Professor Chen lost someone who went to concentration camps for intellectuals with him. Professor Chen weeps over Other Professor’s body, saying no one else understood Chen’s passion for the ancient cultures of the Western Regions like him, and that he died just when they were so close to the Ancient City of Jingjue. Aww. Although, it does seem a bit silly…
Oh well.
What's silly? I was kind of bored, but I didn't think this was silly. There's so many silly things here, like how are their clothes so impossibly clean and still brand new looking for the most part. But this--his real sorrow for a man who he says is more like a son to him than a student--wasn't silly at all. It's bitterly ironic that he made it this far only to die.
Anliman was listening intently to Trot and agrees.
Anyway, everyone cries, even Bayi, who now remembers his old army comrades. It must be tough to see someone you shared so much with pass away. Okay, now I’m feeling rather bad for all the archaeology team and for Bayi.
What can I say ... I would too, but I am constantly baseline annoyed at everyone, so I'm getting quite antsy again. MOVE ON. And don't dehydrate.
In my mind, I kept telling them to stop crying because they haven't found any water yet.
I was wondering why they didn't bother putting any stubble on the men's faces. Yes, I'm heartless.
Then, the sun rises, Anliman announces that the sun is rising, and they see old stone structures that match old Walter’s photo perfectly. They’re at Jingjue. Praised be. They all stand amazed for a while because hello, did anyone think they’d definitely make it there? I didn’t at times. And they bury Other Professor right there where he can help protect the Ancient City of Jingjue in the name of Archaeology.
Oh, will he get a spin-off? As the vicious scientist mummy?!
The blanket that they buried him in looked brand spanking new after thousands of miles in the desert, Pfft. Did they just pass a Target?
Then, Bayi points out they need to find the water in the old city ruins, or else Girl Student will be in danger. Okay, she did just cry a lot, possibly more than anyone else. I just didn’t mention it before because I think she gets more attention than deserved on screen.
She's tenacious. Almost dead, but only almost.
Remember she is the one we all thought (hoped) was going to die because she still has a fever.
I don't know about you guys but I'm still a bit peckish.  I could go for another death. Anyone else?
Bayi tells Anliman to move, but he just sits there, praying. Sidebar: Bayi looks shekshy in his desert cargo pants, holding his shovel. No really, he does. It’s ordinary folk who would look ridiculous.
Need proof? Here's a pic.
I lost count of how many times I said in this episode that his hair is impossibly perfect.
I was just thinking that up there at the picture where I mentioned the distinct lack of stubble.
Anyway, Anliman refuses to go into the Ancient City of Jingjue because a colleague dying in the desert is an ill omen. Also an ill omen: dying from the devil’s envoy, namely those glowing red snakes. Okay, I can understand Anliman’s reluctance. Besides, he’s neither an archaeologist nor a tomb raider, and who would look after his camels while he’s in the catacombs of a buried city? Anliman says both ill omens prove this is a place God has abandoned. Fatty tries to curse at him, but both Bayi and Shirley say not to bother Anliman. Fatty says he’ll stay with Anliman so he won’t run away, and both Bayi and Shirley say Fatty is necessary (small spoiler: we’ll find out why in a later episode). Fatty seems a bit touched by all this, and Shirley tells him that if Anliman runs away, she won’t pay him a single cent, so don’t worry about Anliman running away. Okay, but doesn’t Anliman need water? Then, Fatty checks on his own payment from Shirley, and she says she won’t give a cent less. Cool.
Hey, why don't you discuss this for another whole episode?
So is Fatty warming to Shirley? Maybe because she just saved his best friend's life? Again.
Maybe they intend to sacrifice Fatty to the evil queen, and all along Bayi and Shirley have been conspiring.  Won't we feel sad about Fatty then, huh?  What?  No, me neither.
Another sidebar: I notice Fatty and Shirley both have chapped lips now, and that Bayi is getting a bit of sunburn. I’m surprised this lot didn’t have more sunburn!
You know, it's only getting serious now. Before that, they were never really in danger. But now. Danger.
Yes, chapped lips, but still gloriously clean looking hair and clothes. 
I think she had that cold sore/crack thingie last episode, too.

Then Bayi decides he’d better clarify things with Anliman. He asks how God would punish liars and promise-breakers. Anliman says such a person’s money and salt would become sand, and he would die of starvation. Then, that person would enter hell covered in hot sand and be tormented 1,800 ways. (where did he learn all this?) He’s earnest. Bayi asks for Anliman’s promise to wait for them all here, and Anliman agrees, and they clasp hands and lock eyes to bromantic background music for those who like that sort of thing.
This was actually kind of nice. Anliman has kept saying that they're all friends, but I don't think he meant it until now.
I think he was also touched because Bayi says that he trusts him, when it has never been clear that anyone trusted him on this trip.
Isn't that funny, because I thought this was the one time Bayi made a point of warning Anliman he better not run away, and that he did it by forcing Anliman to outline all the terrible things that would happen if he did.
Actually, that's why I thought he did trust him. I mean if Anliman really believes that all that could happen to him for being a backstabber, who wouldn't believe that he'd stay?
Bayi instructs everyone to travel light with just water containers, guns and ammunition. They tie a red scarf to a pole so they know where to come back to (hm, I think that's just Archo Mummy's grave), and they go off with Boy Student carrying Girl Student. But they all still look like they are dressed the same. What happened to not wearing as many clothes? Bayi and Shirley are striding up front with Fatty close behind, and Bayi is amazed that after 2000 years, they have come to the Ancient City of Jingjue. Me, I’m amazed you finally got there just after these couple of weeks you’ve spent on this trip. I honestly thought this lot would talk themselves to death in the desert.
They are taking the sick person with them???! On their backs???! And ... is Shirley praying?
Yes. Psalm chapter 23 verse 1-6.(  I wondered whether she was praying in English so Bayi and Fatty wouldn't know what she was saying since they're suspicious of such things. Though a person could guess since she holds her cross necklace while she is doing this. 
Fatty can’t believe that in less than a month, they’re going to earn $20,000. Hmm, I wonder, is all this trouble and stress worth $20,000? And Bayi says some famous last words: “I hope nothing else will happen when we’re inside.”
Hey, discuss this a bit more! You know, half an episode?
Nota Bene: the scenery is Amazeballs.
My favorite character in this show right after Anliman is the Desert.
I just wondered why how long Boy Student was going to carry that girl. Weren't they supposed to be taking turns? 
I don't think she can carry him, since she's sick.
Fatty notes that nothing seems whole. Yes, those are called ruins, Fatty. Shirley explains that the city was destroyed by conflagration and war. Enemy forces had broken into the city, and when the Ancient City of Jingjue was about to fall to them, a massive black sandstorm buried the place and all in it until the 19th century when the sand finally moved away. Hmm, so they are not the first ones there since 2000 years ago?
Wasn't that English explorer here? I still don't understand who wrote the notebook and what happened to that person.
I want to know how that notebook got back to where they found it.
I would just like one mummy, please.  It doesn't even have to be a big one.
Fatty starts to salivate (in spirit, because dehydration) at the thought of mummies and treasure, and Bayi says he might find more of those glowing red snakes too. Fatty is freaked out since those snakes would attack even cut in half. That’s because the head can still live for a while after decapitation, and, for a snake cut in half, it would still have half its body to use for a minute or two.
I'm really impressed.
Shirley starts thinking aloud about how the snakes were the devil’s envoy. But she never finishes the thought, though she mentions having that dream of the cave and coffin again. Bayi says they should all be careful. He also asks Shirley if the notebook said anything about the snakes, and she says no. People, I don’t think we’re done with the snakes yet!
I don't mind, they're the most exciting thing since forever. Hey, she's also talking about her father again and this time, it's like she thinks he made it here? Didn't he die in Blue Bug Cave? I'm so confused.
I don't think they established that. I think she thinks he made it further; after all they haven't found his body anywhere yet. Wouldn't it be funny if he were alive but turned into a demon or priest of the demon queen?
Maybe they all made it there, but her dad died there and is now a queen's guard or something, and the other guy with the notebook made it out but only as far as Blue Bug Cave.
The team keep walking, and Bayi and Fatty start fantasizing about watermelons in the Ancient City of Jingjue. Shirley tells them any watermelons there would be fossilized, and they’re all, this is our fantasy, okay? Sidebar: when I dry-fast, watermelon is very much on my mind the whole day.
This was very funny. And now I'm thirsty. brb. 
I actually drank a lot of water watching this episode. A LOT.
His hair is ridiculous. I want to date that hair.

We waste some time on Girl Student and then Bayi asks Professor Chen where they would find the underground river? Okay, better late than never to think about this. Professor Chen says to look for a temple because under that would be a palace, and under that, would be a river. Cool.
Getting back to girl. Her fever has finally broke. This is good because now Fatty doesn't have to take his turn carrying her. I find it interesting that Alien Student was not the person who carried her but Boy student. I know it probably means nothing, but I was so bored that I had to pay attention to something, especially since they are still dressed as if they are kind of cold.
She's the one who had the fever, and her lips aren't chapped?
They go off looking for the temple, telling each other to endure a little longer, and then, Bayi sees a tower with a stone eye. No one else thinks anything of it. I immediately thought of the Eye of Suaron from Lord of the Rings. Anyone else? No? But Bayi says that since the Queen of Jingjue had deadly eyes, the tower here must mean something. They look at the eye tower directly, and it’s placed right in between Zhagelama valley. Ooh, I have shivers, and the spooky background music agrees with me!!! Bayi says that ancient rulers built their tombs as soon as they ascended the throne, and, since the Zhagelama Mountains are rather scary, the queen had the mountains cut into, making that valley, and placing her tomb, with an eye, so that it looked at that center cut, at the vertex of a triangle.
Cool. More of this, show.
And how does he know this having known nothing about the ancient city before this trip?
Did we not establish that he's been lying all along about what he knows/doesn't know?
Fatty slips and falls (it’s one of the things he’s for), and look, there are steps under the sand! They look around, and Professor Chen says, look, that doorway there is the temple’s entrance!!! Woohoo! Fatty runs first, and slips and falls again, and the rest catch up. We next see Fatty has slipped and fallen all the way deep into the temple - good thing that was all sand, and good thing his gun didn’t go off - and as he looks around with a flashlight, there’s all these pillars and other building things. The rest follow more sedately, and on their feet, lol, and Chen is so thrilled! It’s like all the bad things went away!
You were right, Saki. Kakashi is funny this ep.
I mean, there's a big opening right there. Why did they need that 'eye' to point it out?


The snakes here are scary, but the really freaky ones were in the other grave robbing saga by Uncle Three, the Grave Robber’s Chronicles. Those snakes ate people whole and mimicked voices and were horrible demons of hell. I still feel sick thinking about them. These red snakes are deadly, but they don’t freak me out really. They just seem like any other poisonous snake in the world.
I liked the whole bit with the demon eye and the finding of the temple. I am hopeful we're getting some more excitement now!
Maybe another death? Maybe some real demons? Maybe mysterious disappearances?
One mummy. Just one. Is that too much to ask?