Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 46 (Recap)

kakashi: Another Guardian is in the way between Kasuo and Gang and the Veiled Lotus, and as before, it's marvellous. Flesh eating butterflies! Tragic lovestories! I love it!
JoAnne: Look how pretty Dreamer is. I should look up his face in real life. (pause) Oooh. Very nice. His name is Xu Ke. I think he's probably really young (I forgot to check) but he's definitely a cutie.
SakiVI: This story just gets better and better even if Dreamer is in it. (Evil Laugh)

Episode 46

At psychedelic Destructor Vermilion Linnet Hall (say this three times, fast, by heart With the "psychedelic" or without?), it's meet the South Guardian, Madame Dieche, time! Ah, but before we see her, we get to know the legend of the "Sighing Wall". A gorgeous woman is sealed in it - she is the most powerful fairy musician in history and all lifeforms sigh at the sight of her. As it so happens, Queen Chi Lan has been searching for it obsessively all her life (that explains things). Oh, don't tell me ... it's not just a legend, but this wall? This very one we now see?!
She's a powerful musician? I don't generally think of musicians as wielding tons of power, but hey, this is Ice Fantasy.
Didn't you see what the harp could do? And how Chao Ya freezes soldiers with her music? And gets two perfectly okay men obsessed with her whilst she couldn't care less about them?
OMG, all of a sudden, that statue that you see there starts moving - it is alive! It floats down ... and it is the South Guardian, Dieche (Wu Diao). She is so beautiful that Healer can only stare with his mouth open - he says there is no way they can fight such a beautiful creature (why does she not look people in the eye though? Is she shy?) Oh, good, she is ready to just let them through; if they pledge loyalty to Yuan Ji.
But how does that butterfly stick to her forehead?
The chain for it will be under her hair. 
Nasty surprise for Chao Ya next: Dieche has taken in and revived the yellow warbler fairies that our Princess Fairy betrayed for the crocodiles (remember, that is her deepest regret). I don't know, is it a lesson? It seems to be. South Guardian wants to stress that the survival of the tribes take priorities before anything else. And this is all Yuan Ji's doing, he is totally peace loving and he should rule them all again. Oh, I recognize this! These are alternative facts!
When real life comes in handy...
Anything to annoy Chao Ya.
Dieche says no need to answer her right away - they should think about it and rest. Part of the Scooby Gang gets wonderful food (Luna checks it for poison, but it's all good (she needed lines)). They talk a bit about Queen Chi Lan, who abandoned her tribe and never was a compassionate mother. Elsewhere, Chao Ya tells her mother all about her troubles (it sounds like she is near a burn-out). Mommy claims she has or had memory loss and was saved by Dieche. Actually, she was dead! And was given a new life.
Why do I think this will not end well...
Mum Fairy just looks selfish. 
Mommy has no desire to return home and even less desire to be queen again. Here, she can listen to Dieche's divine music every day! She wants her daughter to stay too - she does not need to worry about their Tribe, because they will all be reunited as one under Yuan Ji's rule. Holy moly, has she been brainwashed?
Make the Realms Great Again.

Cut to Dreamer! He is investigating the Anomalies. He has situated the source in a forest in the mortal realm. It looks like this. Yes, very, uhm, anomalitic.
It's very pretty.
Yes, the forest is pretty.
Dreamer does some magic ... pretty butterflies fly ... and then he turns around and we see .... horrible things! There are cocooned people in the trees!
Were they invisible before? Or was he just not looking in the right direction?
I don't remember the cocooned people, but sure, I'll go with it. 
Oh, there they are.
In the meantime, Kasuo promenades in Dieche's indoor gardens. Why? Is he particularly emo? Anyway, he meets this guy who can make flowers grow with magic. Kasuo is very impressed.
Do you think he's impressed because it's not plastic for a change?
This flower boy is very pretty.
The young man seems to have some sort of memory loss too though. He has never heard of the Spirit cluster, but at least he remembers what Dieche calls him: Chi Mo (Fan Shiqi). Suddenly, the young man starts spitting blood! Dieche appears all concerned and quickly takes him to her chambers. She is the only one who can save him, she claims - and she plays him godly music. Kasuo, who is snooping, can barely keep his eyes open and then has visions of his Li Luo - and Chao Ya busts a string on her harp.
I knew it. It's all going to be an illusion and they're in some horrible place and reality is breaking through.
Okay, so there is intense love in her music, we learn, because Chi Mo means the world to Dieche. without him, there will be no more music. Dieche says she could resurrect Li Luo for Kasuo ... if he pledges loyalty to Yuan Ji.
Wow, she really is pretty. But don't you think you'd go cross-eyed trying to see that thing dangling between your eyes?
It's not low enough to annoy her vision.
Elsewhere, Queen Chi Lan runs away screaming after meeting the Eagle Fairy. Hm, has she not lost her memory after all? Everybody agrees that this is weeeeird, but when Kasuo mentions the frail young man named Chi Mo, it gets even weirder. He was a "notorious sinner" of the Spirit Cluster, 10'000 years ago, sentenced to death. How can he be alive?!
And what did he do wrong?
For some reason, Chi Lan doesn't like this gorgeous face.  Hmm.
Poor Eagle Fairy gets NO love.  I love you, Eagle Fairy, I do.
Me too.  I love him loads.
Shi, popping out of the sword gauntlet because he wants to feed on some souls, delivers an important clue. Dieche, so he claims, is the only immortal here - all the other life forms around her are just spirits with no physical form. Queen Chi Lan? Only an after-image. 
ooooooooooooh TRICKS
And creepy.
In the mortal realm, Dreamer happens upon a hut and (I guess) a bed ... and then gets bitten by a butterfly. He calls everyone into his dream after this (funny interlude with Fairy Shi, left alone at the Psycho-Palace, very confused about where everybody went (he's so cute!)). In butterfly forest, he tells them that these butterflies feed on humans. Remember how maaaaaany episodes ago, humans disappeared and how there was a rabbit fairy that was blamed for it? (that's silly: rabbits are vegetarian.) Yes, those are these humans. Now, only their clothes remain.
Oh, I do remember that!
Apparently, these butterflies fly to the Infinity Ocean every day. And that gets Kasuo thinking.
About the impermanence of life and the meaninglessness of existence?
About how butterflies are just fancy bugs?
That evening, he solves the riddle: Dieche breeds those butterflies in the mortal realm on human flesh and blood, and uses them here in the Destructor Vermilion Linnet Hall for her tricks. Kasuo lifts his hand and whoosh, everybody turns into a cloud of butterflies.
In case you wonder where the real Queen Chi Lan is ... murdered. Fed to the butterflies. By Dieche. I dunno why, but this is kind of funny. The woman before us is an improved model. Still pretty. And soon a cloud of butterflies. Dieche is about to start to play her magic tune, which will put all of them to sleep, when Luna and Huang Tuo lead in Chi Mo. The young man is disturbed ... is he also just a puppet that she created? Oh yes, dearest - you're just a corpse, held alive by butterfly magic.
You know how in the posters for Silence of the Lambs there's that one butterfly? It's one of these. Oh wait, it's a moth. OH well.
Moths or butterflies, I don't like these insects. The only thing they've got going for them is not being bats. 
He begs Dieche to let the Kasuo Scoobies go - and she says fine, the enchantment shield is just behind the wall. But she is in no mind to actually just let them go, she attacks! During the fight, she badly hurts Chi Mo by accident. And he ... dies? Again? Forever? Not sure, but everything collapses and our heroes run out as fast as they can.
Really, the prettier they are in this drama, the more evil they are. Have you noticed that?
Shi isn't evil. Or Yan Da. 
They regroup on Chao Ya's harp boat. Chao Ya is unconscious though, because her mother attacked her. Her illusion-mother. They all kind of agree that Dieche cannot be all that bad if she is that deeply in love with someone (hmmmm .... I don't know.) (I'm with you.) (Hitler was deeply in love with Eva Braun or whoever that was he was with. Napoleon was deeply in love with Josephine. Henry VIII was deeply in love with Anne Bolyen.  All murderers.) Xiao Gui wonders what actually happened to him and Eagle Fairy tells us: Chi Mo is considered the greatest traitor there ever was, because he wanted to tell the secret of their magical music to the Fire Tribe, having fire-blood himself. But was he really?
Did he want to make the Fire Tribe stronger than the Spirit Tribe or did he want to bring people together?
Probably some jerk Ice Tribe propaganda. 


A total filler, but a damn good one. Be aware, they're not through the enchantment shield yet!
I think they sit around and get high and just pile this stuff on.
If they are, it's working well.