Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 47 (Recap)

kakashi: Another Guardian is vanquished, but the next is already waiting! Tenacious creatures. Why isn't Yuan Ji more worried though? He seems to care perfectly little that they're coming closer and closer ... I guess he's just too cool to worry.
JoAnne:  I guess that probably means something really big is coming.
SakiVI: I find Yuan Ji's insouciance quite frustrating.

Episode 47

We're in the middle of the Chi Mo story. The old King of Ice suspected Chi Mo had ulterior motives  and only wanted to steal "Music Mesmerize". He had Chi Mo punished (uhm ... on what grounds?! (On the "Being an Ice King means being a Jerk" grounds)) Dieche tried to save him, but was too late. She escaped the Ice Castle by playing her music and disappeared. 
Oh so she loved him 10,000 years ago, too?
What is the average life span of these long-lived aristos, anyway?
In the here and now (I mean in the story), Chi Mo isn't dead-dead after all! No, Dieche is playing the harp for him again and he wakes up! Temporarily. She is then visited by the black smoke (why is Yuan Ji in smoke form again? It's his vampiric side.) who reprimands her for failing to kill Kasuo. She promises to follow up on that (and to leave Yuan Ji Kasuo's soul). Oh, Yuan Ji promises her to resurrect Chi Mo for good with help of the Veiled Lotus and she looks really determined.
So she's not brainwashed...she's deliberately deceiving them. 
She has a goal.  
And BAM, she teleports the Scooby's back from the boat into her Destructor Hall. She will play a tune for them, which is going to be the most beautiful music they have ever heard ... and their last. She begins to play and they'd all be dead (and this drama over) if not for Eagle Fairy who screams "Watch out"! and has them launch into battle mode. Are they battling sound waves? Could be worse. In WuXin, the heroes battled paper dolls. Looks like it. Oh dear, but Kasuo seems thoroughly enthralled by the music, despite all his powers. Ah, it's because he is so sad. Dieche's music affects heartbroken immortals the most. Bummer. 
Everybody, vogue!
They must destroy the Sighing Wall if they want to end this, but how? Xing Gui knows: with even stronger music! Fine, Chao Ya will try - even though she knows, and has always known, she is inferior! Points for trying, anyway. Meanwhile, Kasuo is out and dreams. Suddenly, Xing Gui and Chao Ya appear in his dream and the latter magic-slaps him to shake him out of his sadness.
Ohhh, I'm laughing at that gif. Hard.
I wonder if his merman will be this feeble?
They need him to win - more precisely, they need his sorrow to win. Hey, does that mean it will be all gone afterwards? You know, an emo-free Kasuo?! As a non-emo, he could be attractive. All his sad, sad memories are turned into sorrow-energy for Chao Ya's music. Armed like this, she wins ... Dieche's sadness cannot beat Kasuo's sadness. Yay, I guess?
Awwww, a final farewell from beloved Chi Mo... but what isn't real must end. Only a carnivorous butterfly remains.
Okay, then.
*singing* Bluer than blue, sadder than sad, you're the only light these empty rooms have ever had...Life without you is gonna be...bluer than bluuuuuuuue*
And then, Yan Da - who is flying on a cloud like this (see below)
I lubs her.
is taken prisoner by this woman! Her name is Xing Zhou (Deng Sha) and she is the North Guardian!
Another really pretty one! Watch out!
Oh this actress plays Evil Consort in General & I. 
And she gets taken to this man! Who happens to play a little with the last bit of soul left from her brother Prince Xin Jue. Was he the first one we met? Yes. Anyway, Yuan Ji killed him (not the Ice King, like Yan Da thought), to eat his soul.
I'd still hit that.
Anytime, any place.
Yuan Ji is so evil. It becomes quite clear that he isn't even thinking about resurrecting Shi once he has the Lotus. He is only interested in his own fate.
The more evil he looks the hotter he becomes. What is this madness? I just can't take the dead crow on his head.
I rather like it. It's very Handsome Evil Overlord.
Everybody is back on their harp-boat, asleep. Why? Did they not pass through into the next dimension after winning against Dieche? Xing Gui gets up, all quiet, and has some dream-conference with her brother. They miss each other a lot and she suggests they meet in the dreams of the others, just to see each other (they cannot enter the dreams of any Dream Weavers). What a happy reunion! The others really don't mind to have their sleep time used for this and they start a little party. Even Kasuo is seen smiling!
I wish she'd get rid of that creepy doll.
It's some sort of dreamcatcher in addition to permanently infantalizing her. And the intense love brother and sister have for each other is rather creepy. 
But oh nooooo! Black Smoke appears and kidnaps Xing Gui! Everybody jerks awake ... but Xing Gui is just outside, talking about another enchantment shield they have entered, which interrupted their dreaming.
So then why did they dream about the smoke? Can he come into their dreams? Or was that a metaphor for his enchantment?
They come to this.
Pian Feng uses his eagle eyes to "look ahead", like this:
Still handsome.
He declares that there is a huge maze in front of them. They go in and ... get lost. Lol, yeah. That's what happens in mazes! But this one is extra-tricky... the rocks are alive and MOVE as they go! Kasuo claims they move in regular patterns and they just need to find out what it is. Getting out might take a long time though. Too long. You don't wanna miss the Lotus bloom-fest! Well, Xing Gui does some advanced Dreamer magic to find a path.
that's useful. 
The North Guardian attacks her with a dream though! Ohhhh, she's a Dream Weaver?! Xing Gui sees herself lying around dead in the Guardian's Black Tortoise Hall (that's a fright) and falls down from up where she was floating. She warns the Scoobies that they need to leave immediately and loses consciousness. Next, we're back on the boat and everybody tries to comfort Xing Gui, but she is certain: she will have to die. That doesn't stop her from weaving some dreams to find their path through the maze though. She returns after three days, horribly weak... but with a map.
Well, she was on borrowed time anyway, right?
or something. 


The logic of many things in this episode eludes me. But never mind. They beat the Butterfly woman with Spirit Cluster powers and they are now up against a rather powerful Dream Weaver. That will be interesting! I'm glad Kasuo did something useful for a change and saved everyone by being incredibly emo.
Great, this will just encourage a whole new generation of Emo kids.
I think he gets more manly after this. I hope so, anyway.