Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 53 (Recap)

kakashi: Let's see how the Lotus mess-up develops. We're also getting quite close to the end. It fills me with a mixture of panic and glee.
SakiVI: As I mentioned before, this latest villain looks like he has a cold sore. 
JoAnne: And wears his brains on the outside. I really do not like this look.

Episode 53

Kasuo, you might remember, had an idea. While Granny still laughs all demented (why, show, why), he makes the magic cubes spin in a circle and suddenly, the Star Scepter transforms into one too! Kasuo touches it ... and disappears. Cool.
This show makes me question what I'm doing with my life.
He's now on a different mountain ... staring at Prisoner Rock, seeing the dead birds and the blood in the snow. Dreamer is baffled. Haven't they defeated Yuan Ji? Why is the magic cube sending them an identical dream? Kasuo, nailing it, as always: "This doesn't seem to be the end yet". He thinks it means that something bigger and badder than Yuan Ji exists. Oh, do we get a 60 episode extension?!
Nobody knows a thing about it though, naturally. They didn't even know about Yuan Ji before he started manifesting.
This was all so pointless. 
See? It's got Saki doing the same thing. The emo... it's spreading!
Li Luo is having .... absolutely no fun with her Guardian colleagues. She can't hold her liquor, has forgotten the snowman song, doesn't value her old weapons and is, frankly, extremely annoying. They tell her what she used to be like (in short: awesome) and I feel like crying. Also because we got it ages ago and this drama is still "wink-wink-nudge-nudge, get it? get it?"
She's got the old Lanshang mannerisms and wishy-washiness down pat. I never thought I'd dislike looking at Victoria Song, but she's acting so well here, I don't want to look at her. 
I want to grab her hair and cut it all off with a dull knife. Just saw away at that ugliness.
But there is a crisis! Intruders! Off the Guardians go! Oh looksie, it's the Cat Prince from Sacred Snow Mountain. Li Luo saves the day (and her colleagues) by ... singing. A Mermaid Song. *yawn*
Anyway, they should have talked first and not started fighting right away. These are refugees! Not intruders.
Relevant to our times. Also, that Cat Prince has a really flat-top head.
Wow he really does.
They are all wounded and it turns out they fought against Phoenix, who has taken power in Sacred Snow Mountain. Haha, Phoenix? This will be fun. He declared himself the New Holiness. 
He has herpes. 
He sorta looks like your boy Jaehyo, Saki.
Many tribes died in the process of fleeing at the bottom of Infinity Ocean (no Teardrop Charms), but some have other magical methods (like cat prince) (hopefully not by sacrificing the feelings and hopes of mermaids). Sure, drama. Sometimes it's like this, sometimes like that. But! Dying in the Ocean is better than serving Phoenix, says the Cat Prince. The bad news is, the fleeing people broke the seal between the two realms! Phoenix is coming. Or is already in the realm! Because he is a GOOD person, Kasuo suggests an alliance between his tribe and all the anti-Phoenix forces. The refugees are allowed to stay, as long as they want!
Again, a lesson for our times. 
Which bathroom can they use, though?
Phoenix is indeed already in the realm and runs into Yan Da. She's telling her bodyguards/man-maids of honour to get lost. Naturally, he attempts to conquer everything and tells Yan Da to surrender. Before they can get serious, Flame (oh my, he has become powerful!) intervenes and suggests a collaboration. Wow, Phoenix is full of himself.
If you tell me that in the end Flame teams up with the Ice Tribe to defeat the new Big Bad I will give myself a hernia laughing, I swear.
They go celebrate their new friendship and I'm posting this picture so that you can see Yan Da's fancy gown. A pain to dance in though.
She has those man-maids of honour to help. 
Shi could be under there right now and you'd never know. And not even mini-Shi, full-sized Shi.
Yan Da doesn't like Phoenix at all. Haha. She calls him out on being all talk, no action and having his ass whooped by Kasuo.
If Kasuo can whoop your are lame indeed.
Anyway, Flame tells Yan Da to chill and that none of them can defeat Kasuo. There is only one who can! Yes, you guessed correctly: it's Fire Shi.
Gosh, he's HOT! Pun totally intended, by the way. 
I'm laughing because I debated writing 'loser' up above, and then scrolled down to see that I was channeling Yan Da.
Shi shows off his powers and Phoenix is quite impressed, though he clearly hates Fire Shi. But are Shi's powers enough to kill Kasuo? Yes, aren't we all dying to know?
Hurry up, Shi!
This look is so much no I can hardly breathe. The no is so massive that it sucked all the oxygen out of the room. My exhaled 'no' was so forceful that it emptied my lungs of air, and they collapsed, and now I'm dead.
Later, Yan Da tries to get close to Fire Shi - she even sets fireworks off for him. He is rude and she likes it, because that's her Shi. Aw - I guess.  He asks about the tribes that there are and shows some reaction when she mentions the Mermaids. Hm, why? Does that ring a guilt bell?
That his mother was a mermaid?
Here is Dreamer, all puzzled that Li Luo would have memories of Mermaid stuff. Come on, now. Or I will move over to the Anti-Dreamer camp with Saki.
Come to the dark side, kakashi!  
Still one of the best looking, still has the best hair, still has a pretty costume, almost ready to figure it out.
Kasuo is at the Mermaids' (checking whether there is trouble with other refugee tribes), playing his bamboo leaf-flute. Still missing Shi, I see? Shi is his Twu Wuv. A bit later, he and Lan Shang meet up. She is just about to sober up after becoming buddies with the Truthless Tribe. They are ready to accept him as their King. Lan Shang did Kasuo a huge favor - it this most untrusting tribe is willing to pledge alliance, all others will be more willing too.
She is so much prettier with LiLuo's personality. Charisma is making her prettier. 
You're right when you're right.
Back in Snowblade City, Kasuo has a moment where he finds it strange that Lan Shang can drink and made friends with those kiddos. He smiles fondly at the memory of sharing a drink with Li Luo waaaaay back when. But he smiles even more fondly when he watches a video pearl message that Lan Shang has sent him, since she didn't receive him properly just now.
I think we need to have fish for dinner.
Oh no, now Li Luo is jealous. Kasuo takes her on a ledge-date, but she's all mopey about not knowing anything and being a bad wife. She isn't even close to him! Even Lan Shang seems closer!
Yes, that's how it was for old Lanshang. 
I'm confused. When you say Li Luo now, do you mean fake Li Luo (really Lanshang) or real Li Luo (fake Lanshang)?
I mean the body of Li Luo with Lan Shang inside
And then, she slips. Bye, fake Li Luo. Ah, no. Kasuo catches her.
Ah. That Li Luo.
Wonder how much the actors laughed after filming these expressions?


This LanShang-Li Luo makes me wanna scream. I hate her. And seriously, show. Why does it take so long for these people to figure out what happened. Did Sacred Snow Mountains kill off most of their brain cells?
The Lanshang personality is just annoying. Madina Memet as Li Luo-Lanshang is gorgeous and awesome. 
Please, just let me die.