Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 11 (Recap)

kakashi: And so it begins. Remember how Ye Hua was so sure he would never ever meddle with the life of a mortal? Well, you were wrong, boy.
JoAnne: Remember how I couldn't figure out how they'd make that happen? It was so simple, in the end.

Episode 11

At Kunlun Mountain, a tall god has arrived and takes the scroll from the table, reads it. Then, he releases Fengjiu from the spell her aunt put on her. Have the bells rung at all? I'm pretty sure he is not at all compelled to come when they do.
So unreliable.
He is puzzled by this find. Is her aunt somehow tied to Kunlun Mountain, he wants to know? How can she not be if she wrote down a spell that was only known by Mo Yuan? But Fengjiu insists her aunt never left Qing Qiu, never ever since she was born. Wait, is she lying to him?! Wow, she has guts. And look at him when he smiles. Just wow. 
I had assumed, not sure why, that he'd have known about the Si Yin/Bai Qian situation all along. Also, the more I look at him, the more I think his face is a cross between Mei Chang Su and David Tennant/Dr. Who.
Outside, they (yes, she is following Mr. Tall Don't Care again, the debt must be repaid!) manage to bump into Li Jing, who is wandering about Kunlun Mountains too, still feeling the loss of Si Yin keenly. Dijun: "Ever since Mo Yuan left, Kunlun Mountains hasn't been this lively". He seriously gets the best lines!
In a close up of his outfit, I notice that Li Jing is basically wearing the Chinese fantasy version of a track suit. I also notice that he hasn't aged a day, and wonder if he's still enthusiastically trying to get someone pregnant, and whether his palace is taking applications for that position.
Nothing more comes of this conversation (but look at him up there!!) (you don't have to tell me twice!) and the Tall God walks to the front of the school. The Fox Princess follows (no, it doesn't help if you try to hide behind the door, sweetie). Here, he meets Si Ming and tells him he finally understands: the seal wasn't permanent, but they lucked out. A mysterious lady took care of it. Dijun very much suspects it was "that young lady's aunt". But how did she get this spell?
Gah! It's so close to the tip of his tongue that we can all taste it!
Fengjiu steps forward at this point and Si Ming is honestly delighted to make her acquaintance. I think these two are immediate friends. Dijun is rather annoyed at their tittle-tattle; but gossipy Si Ming has to tell her all about her aunt's new marriage arrangement and how it came to pass.
There was a lot of cute here.
Fengjiu has Si Ming take her to the Heavens, where she runs to confront that "horrible snake" who betrayed her aunt! Ferocious creature, haha. Dijun intervenes in time and asks 2nd Prince, now only Water King, to forgive the spoilt brat. The real reason why he has come to see the couple - they are leaving - is this though: He wants to know what Shao Xin knows about Bai Qian ... especially whether she has ever heard of someone called Si Yin. Damn, he is perceptive!
He's the supreme God, right? or was? He better be smart.
But our snake spirit knows how to keep secrets - she does not betray Bai Qian. Despite Dijun's evil glare. Okay, it's not evil at all. He just didn't try hard enough to be threatening, I think. 2nd Prince leaves and Fengjiu is stopped by a couple of vicious guards when she wants to follow Dijun into his Taichen Palace. She is so deliciously clueless.
I'll tell you what's delicious. That little grin of his, that's what's delicious.
Down on earth, the Golden Lion Beast is roaming the woods - and happens upon Bai Qian's hut. Oh, you know where we are, guys? On fabled Mount Junji of the Far East! That's right, that is where the Beast has been striking horror into people's hearts! Bai Qian is inside, oblivious to the danger she is in ... the Beast has already materialized inside!! Luck has it that she opens the Kunlun Fan to fan the flames - when the Beast sees it, it gets a shock and disappears. Ouf.
That mountain is getting pretty crowded. The Beast is there, now Bai Qian is there. Any minute now, Ye Hua is going to be there. Can we just throw a party?
The Beast is puzzled to see this weapon in the hands of a mortal woman, but he has no time to think about it, because here comes the Crown Prince. YUM.
There you go, Ye Hua. Show us what you're working with.
Mortal Bai Qian has no idea what fierce battle is raging outside her hut, lol. I recognize the red lightning, it's Crimson Hellfire!
And she just rolls over and goes to sleep. I'd like to know where the linens and clothing have come from. That hut was clearly open to the elements (still is) and just as clearly abandoned. Anything in it should be filthy rags.
That fierce battle is taken to town the next morning. When the Lion Beast transforms and starts spewing flames, Ye Hua has no choice - he has to transform too. Glorious: he is a black dragon. And he makes it rain to put out the fire.
Does everyone have an animal spirit?
He wins the fight (he even thinks he killed the Lion, but alas, he has not), but is wounded a bit. Also, the Hellfire prevents him from regaining human form immediately. Hence, he finds himself a cave, shrinks to the size of a snake and decides to rest for a few days. Remember the kitten? Yes, Bai Qian takes in wounded and abandoned animals all the time. Naturally, she picks up the beautiful black snake when she finds it not much later and puts it in her basket.
Favorite part of the episode, coming up.
In the hut, the Snake Prince sees her from behind - and is immediately reminded of his dream. He quickly forgets again though, because she's a woman and the person in his dream is a man (duh). Bai Qian is happy to see him awake and calls him "the most attractive snake I've ever met". She particularly likes the horns on its head. Ahahaha. This is funny. He's like: "Do I look like a snake?!"
Well you did just call him the Snake Prince. 
She decides to take care of the snake - he scoffs at that; why would he need that? - because the poor woman is lonely. He is annoyed until he sees the Fan on the table. What is that doing in the hands of a mortal?
For a snake face that is pretty damn cute.
Up in the Heavens, Su Jin first looks for the Crown Prince (he's not there, but he'll be back shortly, his servant says, since "a day in heaven is a year on earth") and then, she's humiliated and sent from a discussion of strategic matters by the Heavenly Father for "being a woman". Asshole. Gathering all her courage, she resists. In fact, she has a plan to pacify the clans. She wants to get married to the Heavenly Father and become his side concubine. Uhm..... what?! 
Xuan Nu lite, you watch. I see it coming.
As only descendant of the Zhong Lie tribe, her word holds power with the other clans. Marrying her would show them he cares. Our Heavenly Lord says he has long lost interest in his harem (awwww, gods get tired too?) and he wouldn't want to do this to her, but she insists. If he thinks this will indebt him to her, she wants him to grant her any wish she might have in the future.
Resist, you idiot. It's a trap.
Down on Mount Junji, Bai Qian proceeds to put some salve onto the snake's injuries. She uses these herbs on all the injured animals. The snake is alarmed: it's yellowseed herb! It can well remove rotting flesh, but it must be used with a specific berry juice to be useful! This way, she will make his injuries worse! Ahahahaaaa.
His running commentary for the next few minutes is the best thing ever. This damn show has me shipping a girl and a pissy snake. What the hell!
Next, she wants to feed him raw meat, since that's what snakes eat, right? They might, but he certainly does not! She says she will be sad if he doesn't eat ... and then kisses him. Does he not eat because he wants more kisses? Oh sweet prince, you are so doomed! 
His outrage at her familiarity was absolutely hilarious, because he certainly intends to sound like his dignity has been insulted but he actually just sounds like a flustered boy.
He has been with her for three days now and thinks it's time to leave, but she packs him back into her basket and takes him to town. Can't she see it'll rain soon? he says alarmed. No, she can't, but she does notice the dark clouds when she walks through the forest. Quickly, the Prince pays a visit to the Weather Goddess and tells her not to let it rain today. In the basket, the snake looks like it is asleep.
I was wondering who she was.
The town is being cleaned up after the devastation the Lion left. The Ghost Princess appears! As we know, she's looking for her brother. She perks up when she hears about a monster looking like a lion. She demands to see its corpse, but the people just think she's crazy. Not far from where she is, a Taoist (hedge) priest sells talismans. When he sees Bai Qian's fan, he gets all googly eyed. He follows Bai Qian to the teahouse, where he grabs the fan and loudly declares that this is his and she has stolen it.
Ugh! How frustrating!


I love that they met. I love that she met him as "snake", which is actually a miniature dragon. I love that she talks to him and he is totally rattled. I love that she cannot hear him. I love how much she likes this beautiful snake. I love her character. I love everything about this.
Me too! After the recent sadness, this is lighthearted and funny and refreshing.

I also love the FengDijun side ship. I just like to see him on screen (I keep gasping at his height) and it doesn't hurt that their interactions, in particular, are really witty.
I keep meaning to look him up in a real life. He is one tall skinny dude with super clear skin, I bet he's a model. Hmm. Vengo Gao, birth name Gao Weiguang. Sometimes yes, sometimes meh.