Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 2 (Recap)

kakashi: We meet more important characters in this episode and I will introduce them in turn. They had me at 2nd Prince. Just LOOK at him.
JoAnne: Um, Kakashi? I think that's KO, from Love O2O. The one Trot and I raved about. The chef who could undress you with his eyes. Yeah. This is gonna be good.

Episode 2

The episode opens with Shifu Mo Yuan staring at his Golden Lotus. He is about to go into "seclusion", where he tends to meditate for ten or more days. He puts Nine in charge of watching over Seventeen while he's away - he may have given Si Yin the task to copy scripture 30'000 times, which should theoretically keep her busy for half a month, but Si Yin has a bad temper. Also, she  avoids practicing asceticism and that's a big problem because Shifu knows: she will face a heavenly trial to her godly ascension soon.
He looks like he's wearing a puffy old-fashioned telephone on his head. I love this guy. He's so serious. And I think those eyebrows are REAL.
For the moment, we are left to wonder what that means, but it can't be good. First chance Si Yin gets, she lures Nine away from Kunlun Mountain. She has heard that her first niece (and her father's first grandchild) will be born soon in the Fox Kingdom, and she really wants to go see the ceremony. Her reasoning is this: Shifu told you to keep watching me day and night? You won't stop me from leaving. So you better come with me and you can keep watching me day and night on the road too. Duh.
Makes sense to me.
At the border between the Ghost Realm and the Fox Kingdom, they run into the Ghost Lord and some of his children. They are some kind of demons, I think? Si Yin is smart enough to realize that it's probably safer for them to claim they are Zhe Yan's man, but the Ghost Lord takes them prisoner nonetheless. Well, he calls them "guests", but they are heavily guarded at all times, and later, after laughing in their faces about their obvious lie, he declares he will adopt Nine as his godson. He wants to provoke Mo Yuang this way. Only gods can use their powers on another clan's territory and both 9 and 17 are not gods yet, so they are pretty much powerless.
These people really like irritating each other, don't they?

Introducing: The Ghost Tribe

*Ghost Lord Qing Cang*
The Ghost Lord means trouble - he is itching to start a war with the Celestial Tribe, and finding these two pupils of Mo Yuang on his lands is a perfect opportunity to create strife. 
I am very, very bothered by the horns. Wouldn't one set have been enough?

*First Prince Li Yuan*
Oldest son of the Ghost Lord, an asshole. Power-hungry and mean. He hates his half-brother, the 2nd Prince (you will meet him a bit later). We will find out a bit later that Li Yuan's mother was killed because of 2nd Prince's mother. In turn, First Prince Li Yuan murdered 2nd Prince's mother. This family has issues. 
Ahhh...I'm guessing the number of horns signifies something.  Also, this guy just looks like a dick, so I 'm not surprised to find out that he is a dick.

* Yan Zhi, the Ghost Princess *
Not sure how it's possible with family like hers, but Ghost Princess is cute and sweet. She immediately falls for Si Yin, not knowing that this is not a boy but a girl. 
Awww, that's gonna hurt. She's so cute! Love her hair, too.
Realizing the danger Si Yin is in (seeing how her father is only "interested" in Nine) she helps Si Yin escape. Si Yin runs right into ...

* 2nd Prince, Li Jing *
He chills in the mortal world most of the time, enjoying wine and women, keeping away from politics, his father's plans to rebel and his ambitious first brother. That changes when he meets Si Yin though. He falls quite hard for her ... him? He suspects she is a woman pretty quickly, bravo - but he wouldn't have minded if it were a man either. 
Par for the course. KO fell for a boy in Love O2O too.
He is so DAMN handsome. Si Yin likes him too. Who wouldn't.
No one with any sense would turn away from that. It's the way he looks at you. Like he could eat you up.
They fall into the water together and he gives her air, since she has no immortal powers there. With his hand. It is really hard not to ship them. He is very considerate of his sister though - he heard she is smitten with this Celestial "boy", so he brings Si Yin back. And makes her get very drunk. Together with his sister, he starts plotting against his father, to let Si Yin (and Nine) escape. 
Dammit, am I going to keep hopping back and forth from one ship to the other? Why yes, yes I am.
Excuse screencaps. I can't help myself.
Yeah, I really just do not like horns I guess.
Pssst, he can retract them
He is gorgeous.
From the eyebrows down, I agree.
This, by the way, is Fire Qilin, Li Jing's mount. My god, he is cuuuuuute.
Oh my God looooooook at the precious baby!  

Introducing: More Foxes

In the Fox Kingdom, Bai Qian's niece is born - it's a girl! Everyone is so delighted. Meet the Fox Queen and King. Actually, this family seems to be loving and just great. 
Everyone loves babies, though. It could be temporary.
... and two of Bai Qian's brothers. On the left is Bai Zhen, our heroine's 4th brother and on the right Bai Yi, the 2nd son (and the father of the newborn).
Another familiar face...
The baby has a red birthmark on her forehead, that looks like a plumed cockscomb flower, they say. I googled that and I'm not sure. But that leads the Queen to give her grandchild the name Bai Feng Jiu
It does, a bit. It's a weird looking thing, really. They're referring to the top bit.


2nd Prince had me floored. I can't stop staring at him. How can a man be so beautiful?! I understand many of you have already enjoyed him in Love O2O. Apart from his beauty, he is an interesting character too. Aren't we lucky. He wants nothing to do with the politics of his Clan, which clearly is part self-preservation, but by planning to help Si Yin, that neutral position has been given up. I'm not sure he realizes it yet.
I'm quite sure he won't care.

The Disciples of Kunlun Mountains got more and more nervous, the longer Nine and Seventeen are missing. They're not quite nervous enough to get their Shifu out of seclusion yet, but the moment is near. Part of me hopes he won't go to save his two pupils, but the other part knows he will have to. He cannot let anyone mess with his affairs, as we already saw in the first episode, when he went to the White Goddess to free Si Yin.
I wonder if the two men will each recognize that the other loves Si Jin?