Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 5 (Recap)

kakashi: This episode brings us another step closer to war and we have a lot to worry about. The God of War remains injured and an unlikely character plots with the devils to make sure they win the war.
JoAnne: Is it bad of me to be more curious about the little kid in the picture than in the fate of that witch?

Episode 5

Si Yin's heart: Broken. Li Jing's heart: Broken. Oh my poor babies ... He stammers that he was too foolish, that nothing can come of their relationship. Then, Xuan Nu pipes up about "being in love" ... wow, Si Yin gets furious - rightfully so. But Li Jing protects Xuan Nu, saying it's all his doing and calling himself unworthy of Si Yin.
Dammit, I do feel sorry for him. A little bit - because he IS sorry and ashamed, and because of his chivalry toward Xuan Nu. Even if that comes from guilt, because ewww, he was totally using her. But I am totally team Si Yin in this.
Si Yin runs back to Kunlun Mountain and cries and cries and cries. And then drinks and drinks and drinks. And burns all the things he ever gave her, letters and trinkets, self-made stuff.
No waffling for this girl. I like that.
It gets so bad with her, Shifu returns from seclusion early. Because of her. Not fully healed. Damn. I missed him. And so did she, quite obviously. All that touching! Him consoling her is the sweetest thing. He says: "Li Jing's eyes are very bright. What a shame he has such poor judgment". (All the others, by the way, assume she's heartbroken because the Prince stole Xuan Nu!) 
I totally did not pick up on that at all. Not at any point. But I might have been a bit distracted by the sincerity of Mo Yuan's wish to comfort her in her distress over another man, when in fact he himself loves her. Hey, look, 2P: here's how a good man behaves when he loves someone and thinks he can't have her.
Yes, so Senior Disciple and the other students talk about the Xuan Nu-love affair in this episode. There's also that bit where Si Yin asks Master "You knew"? And he quickly deflects. I'm pretty sure she either meant "that I'm in love with Li Jing" and/or "that I'm a woman". 
Rather than cuddling some more, Si Yin asks about the Bell of the East Emperor that she has been researching so ardently. Here is all you need to know about The Bell: Mo Yuan made it. It can destroy Heavens and Earth and is in the hands of the Ghost King. Why would they have given it to him? Well, Heavenly Father did, after the war, as a show of good faith. Excuse me?! So, the only way to stop this Bell once it's activated is to offer a powerful spirit as sacrifice. The soul of the sacrificed will be scattered. Peace will return to the world. The - maybe? - good thing is that the Bell can also seal people. But only the Fox King, Zhe Yan and the Heavenly Lord can do it. And Mo Yuan.
Gee, I wonder who will be sacrificed.
To cheer Si Yin up, Mo Yuan takes her to an assembly he gets invited to by the Lord of Numinous Treasures. He doesn't go to such events normally, but he says "it's time for Seventeenth to broaden his horizon". Up in the Realm of Supreme Purity, Si Yin meets the man the Heavenly Lord hopes she (in her princess identity) will marry (also a second prince). It's slightly awkward.
Heavenly Lord takes the opportunity of Mo Yuan's visit to the realm to discuss war plans with him. And Mo Yuan takes a special hot tub healing bath - dressed. We learn that his injuries are not at all healed yet, but that Mo Yuan is anxious - about the Lotus given to him and about the war to come. The Lotus has been stirring, apparently. Oh, yes! We saw it!
Why are they always in the water with clothes on? Why?
In the meantime, Li Jing has left the cave, to return to the Ghost Realm - Xuan Nu in tow. Yes, they have definitely overstayed their welcome. 2nd Prince is actually quite kind to this horrible woman. Damn, he's still a nice guy. It would be easier if I could outright hate him, but alas ...
This, more than anything, broke my heart. Because he isn't bad, he's weak. I hate that his father is right about him. I thought once he fell for Si Yin, he'd return to his better self and stay there. It would still be tragic for him because come on, he's the second lead - but at least we wouldn't be disappointed in him.
In the Ghost Realm, his half-brother waits for him and drags him in front of their enraged father. The one saving him from what looks like certain death is Xuan Nu: she twists the whole story into one where Li Jing followed Si Yin to spy on the Kunlun crowd and then fell for her, Xuan Nu at first sight. And then, she promises the Ghost Lord information about the Celestial Army's tactical formation, in exchange for their lives and an official wedding.
The look on 2P's face as he realizes just how sly she really is... and maybe begins to understand how seriously he got played.
Oh happy days! The Ghost Realm celebrates the wedding in style, but Li Jing is miserable, miserable, miserable. He even talks to a fictitious A-Yin, while Xuan Nu is waiting eagerly for hankypanky. He hates Xuan Nu for who she is and how she betrayed everyone at Kunlun Mountain.
I was surprised at how sincerely happy and excited she seemed to be. Did she really think he had come to care for her? His kind treatment of her came from guilt, not affection. I don't think she realized that.
I'm not sure about her, she seems very deranged
Li Jing walks out on her on their wedding night - right into his brother's arms. He has him imprisoned and his woman dragged outside. Wow, this first prince is a real piece of shit. They have her badly beaten and then dumped back at Kunlun Mountain - it's Ghost Lord's declaration of war.
I did not feel bad for her at all. And by the way, this whole sequence of events - how gorgeous was all of this?
Shifu is still somewhere very pure, with Si Yin. She doesn't notice, but he's still hurting badly and asks to take a break. She giggles at his meditation pose...
That look he gives her cracked me up.
... and then sits a bit away from him. The Golden Lotus Spirit joins her as she talks about loving Li Jing, about being unfilial ... and the Lotus Spirit scolds her about being such a burden for her Master. She doesn't hear him. That's good, because he's a bit of a judgmental ass. And yet, it seems he is quite interested in her and what's happening in her life. Indeed, she did caress him often when he was in Lotus form.
Would he have been aware of that? I guess he must have been. It must have been? I don't know.
Flower time is over though, the Ghost Lord is amassing his armies - Mo Yuan as well. He (and Dijun) seem utterly calm while Heavenly Lord is freaking out. But Senior Disciple knows: The more relaxed Mo Yuan is before a battle, the more difficult the war will be. Not good.
And Xuan Nu is back at Kunlun Mountains, trying to mend things with Si Yin. No chance there though. But as the episode ends, we realize this woman hasn't been kicked out of the Ghost Tribe at all. She has returned to steal Mo Yuan's formation strategy. DAMN.
So was that beating real but also fake? How much of this does 2P know about?
I got the notion this sick woman actually almost enjoyed being beaten like this


I love Mo Yuan. The way he speaks (always so kindly, softly), the way he looks at Si Yin, his measured, controlled movement. But I am worried. We saw that he is in a lot of pain and we saw that those who cannot hide their emotions as well as him and the bored supergod are extremely anxious. I am REALLY anxious becuase of Xuan Nu though. What a horrible, horrible person. These people were so kind to her and took her in when she didn't want to marry a bear. And now, she seems to take pleasure in betraying them. Just wow.
She's always been jealous of Si Yin (or rather, Bai Qian), who has 'everything' simply by accident of birth. But what has Kunlun Mountain done to her? Nothing! She doesn't care a bit for them - they're simply the casualty of her twisted hatred for Si Yin.

It seems Si Yin is quite fine already (who wouldn't be if they were travelling through pure dimensions with Mo Yuan), but Li Jing clearly isn't - and won't be. His blunder is much worse than we first thought, actually. Xuan Nu is a witch, not some weak woman who just wanted a man. His life will be a living hell, even if he never shares a bed with her again.
Man, when he messes up he really does it right. Poor guy. I don't think he quite deserves the hell he landed in.