Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 7 (Recap)

kakashi: How do you deal with the death of a most beloved God? Easy: you make sure his body is preserved and wait for his return.
JoAnne: I will just quietly point out the swell of a well-formed chest and the appeal of an adam's apple. Also a strong nose and a noble brow. We will ignore that I am squeeing over a dead body.

Episode 7

The shock of seeing her Shifu "dead" made Si Yin faint. When she comes to, she's in his seclusion cave at Kunlun with her 4th Brother, Zhe Yan and Shifu's body. His soul is scattered, he's beyond saving. He did say "wait for me" though. And that means he will definitely come back, says 4th Bro. He doesn't believe in this himself, but it does calm her down a little. She decides to preserve his body well for the time being.
I didn't think he meant come back to that body, okay...
When 4th Bro and Zhe Yan (he in turn believes in his brother's ability to come back!) step out of the cave, the Lotus comes back to golden life. Yay! It's always slightly pissed off, but it declares it will stay with her here, to protect Mo Yuan with her.
I'm confused. Is he Mo Yuan or is he someone else? I assumed he was some kind of delayed twin. Did Mo Yuan come from a lotus, too?
The Lotus Spirit might be a bit grumpy, but he's also quite set on helping Si Yin. When she cries outside, he spirit-hugs her. Dude, she cannot feel you!
What is he waiting for? Manifest, Lotus. Come on! Is it Mo Yuan's soul that will make him real?
She has an idea then: to feed Mo Yuan her heart's blood. Lotus Spirit tries to stop her from stabbing herself, but that's hard when you only have a ghost form. We learn that the blood of a nine-tailed white fox can preserve a body.
So she's a gumiho in other words? But not a liver-stealing one?
In the Ghost Realm, Li Jing takes the throne and banishes his brother Li Yuan (without their sister knowing). Well, Li Jing is actually far more powerful than his brother (surprise, kekeke) and the military supports him, also because they are tired of fighting, and Li Jing is their ticket to peace.
Man, that was satisfying.
In what follows, Si Yin resists the Nine Heavens attempt to bury Mo Yuan and the Heavenly Lord sends his eldest son down to Kunlun Mountain to make sure she won't do anything stupid (meaning: start a revenge attack against the Ghosts). Before that, we meet Yang Cuo's (that the first son) Consort Le Xu, who has a little girl with her. This is the sole survivor of the Su Jin clan (remember, the clan who sacrificed themselves in the war). Since she's "only 500 years old", she doesn't have a name yet. Heavenly Lord names her Su Jin. He also bestows the title of Princess Zhao Ren on her and has his first son take care of her.  
Little cutie pie.
Le Xu isn't only happy about this; she thinks this happened because she herself has not yet had a child. 30'000 years of marriage and no child? Hmm. Dong Hua Dijun cryptically suggests they should go to Kunlun Mountains to find an answer. Creep.
I don't get the dislike of Dijun that seems to be pretty universal. (And I don't feel it, either.)

It's where they're headed anyway. Yang Cuo (1st Heaven Prince) expresses concerns about Si Yin harboring resentment against the Ghosts - and she rudely tells him to get lost. Haha, I love her. Truth is, she wouldn't seek revenge anyway, because her Master's sacrifice was for peace. She is just angry. She goes to be with her Master's corpse, while the Golden Lotus spirit is all concerned ... somebody touched him without permission! What this means is: he cannot stay with her. He will now assume human form, but the thing is: he won't remember anything about her. And then he fades. Does she hear his last whispered "A-Yin"? Yes, she does!
So in all that time, no one ever ever ever touched the flower? Or was it just that the right someone has now touched it?
Outside, the Disciples are extremely worried, the Golden Lotus has withered all of a sudden! Like in trance, Consort Le Xu reaches out to it and when her fingers almost touch it, it starts glowing again. It's a miracle!
I assumed she touched it and that it withered because the spirit is no longer with it. But she's just going to touch it now, and it comes back to life, but we soon learn that the spirit is definitely not with that flower now. Hint: it's in her belly. So confusing. Who touched it? Why would it come back to life when clearly its reason for existing has moved on?
From First Disciple, Si Yin hears that the Ghost Tribe has a sacred object, a Soul Jade, with which bodies can be preserved. I guess she wants to be really sure about this, because despite Senior Disciple's explicit warning, she goes to the Ghost Realm to ask for it. The new Ghost Lord says it's lost. In truth, he is still jealous - he knows it's for Mo Yuan. Still looking exceptionally good there, buddy.
Can we please just redeem him? Can she just have both of them?
Oh, but Xuan Nu makes sure Si Yin finds out that the Soul Jade isn't lost at all. She should be glad Si Yin doesn't kill her. But it's definitely the last Si Yin wants to see of Li Jing ever. And the absolute end of anything that was still lingering between the Ghost Lord and his Queen. Again, we are puzzled that Xuan Nu actually seems to like this guy and feels miserable and lonely in this marriage. Serves you right, you bitch.
I'm not puzzled that she likes him - have you seen him? Well actually, he doesn't treat her very well so why she STILL likes him is a mystery, but yeah, I can't drum up a drop of sympathy for her. I'm quite glad he loathes her. He also loathes himself, but that makes me feel sympathetic toward him.
The Disciples of Kunlun Mountain have a celebratory feast for their Shifu and Ninth that night. Awww, I'm getting farewell vibes, this is a goodbye, right? I will miss them a lot. I wondered when Master died, why they stayed in that place. They were never there forever, and now basically the school is closed. Right? Si Yin drinks them all under the table and then bids their unconscious bodies goodbye. To prevent Mo Yuan's impending funeral, she steals his body and brings it to Qing Qiu, the Fox Realm. 
This is getting a little creepy, Si Yin.
In another cave, away from everyone, she keeps feeding him her heart's blood.
Yeah, more than a little creepy.


After the excitement of the battle episode, this was a slow one. It was about Si Yin coming to terms with her Shifu's death ... or rather, not. She believes in his promise to come back and is ready to sacrifice her own life for it, drop by drop. I do hope she won't just die there. This can't be healthy.
Mentally OR physically.

I was sad to see the Golden Lotus go - and he clearly was quite panicked about it. It looks like Lady Le Xu will be blessed with a child soon, doesn't it? I am very curious to see what kind of "human" the Golden Lotus will turn out to be. Will it keep its difficult character? That could be fun. 
He never really seemed difficult or grumpy to me... he always seemed to be fond of Si Yin and, at most, concerned/worried about her.

This also was an episode of goodbyes. We won't see these Disciples again ... at least not like this. I'm sad about it. It also was a (painful) goodbye from former 2nd Prince, now Ghost King. I am sorry that Si Yin couldn't part in friendship with him - but it might be for the better. I do hope they won't meet under different circumstances later, you know, in a situation where she has to make a decision about his life or death.
Oh God, no.