When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - Episode 14 (Recap)

kakashi: A wrong judgment and things go to hell. We are reminded once again how dangerous the work is these people do. Death is always only one step away.
Eleanor: This show. Such. Beautiful. Cinematography. And filters. Ah! I just love it! That shot says so much, doesn't it?! 
JoAnne: She really just wants to give him comfort.  It seems like all she really thinks about, in retrospect, although I know it's not true. She's brave, and strong, and fiercely devoted. I like that this tiny woman is really a lioness, though she describes herself as a snail.
Trotwood: Okay. I admit I have been dragging my feet on this one. Oh, Husband. This is a completely glitter free episode.

Episode 14

We continue where we left off ... with police officers carrying kids down the stairs and women and girls being led to a bus by medical professionals. But there is one woman screaming and kicking: The noodle shop lady, her name is Xie Yu Lan. Her disappearance has been confirmed in the meantime; she left her hometown to open a noodle shop but never got in touch with her sons again. The police officers want to search her, but she's too traumatized to let them near.
This actress is doing such a great job! You can really feel that trauma. And that shot is absolutely gorgeous. The framing. The focus. Love it. 
I remember wondering why this woman in particular was so much more traumatized than the others, and what had been done to make her like that.
She just made me so sad.
Full of compassion, Xu Xu steps closer and gently puts her hand and on the woman's shoulder to calm her down ... and then she talks to her, just as gently, about that she's safe now, that she's in good hands. The woman calms down and she joins all the other victims on a bus that goes to the hospital, with Yao Meng and Zhao Han.
XuXu is really good at her job. I really love her a lot. 
She is good.  But she still needs to be able to pass that fitness test.
She has that comforting, calming way about her that you want to believe what she says. She looks people right in the eye.
Once the bus has left, Xu Xu suddenly pauses. Something was off about that woman. For example, she wore (expensive looking) pencil heel shoes. Xu Xu rushes to the room she was found in. And she finds ... snacks on the table. A fresh face mask in the bin. Expensive clothes under the bed. And she realizes ... this was no kidnapping victim!!!
I really hope it's not too late! Seriously. This camerawork - I'm in love! 
I like the sunlight.  And I was not expecting that woman to be THE woman.
Neither was I,a nd I immediately went into panic mode because she's on the bus with Yao Meng and Husband
Xu Xu runs out where Ji Bai is. Panicked and out of breath, she stammers that she was completely wrong about Brother Lu. It's not the one Yao Meng arrested ... Brother Lu is a woman! And she's hiding among the other women!!!
Don't panic now XuXu! You've got this. There has to be some time to fix this. I really, really hope so. 
You feel her distress because you know she's thinking, "Crap, I was wrong again!!!!" But I love the way he doesn't question her and believes her on the spot.
Ji Bai springs into action. He is trying to reach Zhao Han as he runs to his car, but he is at the X-ray room, assisting the girls and women at the hospital, where they have arrived. Brother Lu ... well, no, Sister Lu is asking for a (quiet) bathroom, pretending to be in major pain. A girl Yao Meng took special care of asks to go at the same time. Seconds later, Yao Meng realizes that something is off ... the shoes, nicely manicured, soft hands... 
Damn. Damn. Damn. *bites fingernails* 
Summabeach.  Summabeach. *bites fingernails*
Zhao Han has seen the missed call and calls back Ji Bai. He starts running after he's heard what Xu Xu has to say. Yao Meng is already at the bathroom door, banging against it. She gets a doctor to open it up to her (it's the staff bathroom) and inside ... ack, so gruesome. The girl who followed her, throat slit, bled out on the floor. Sister Lu has escaped through the window. 
Nooooooooo!!!! These damn human traffickers have zero respect for human life. Ugh. I really feel so sorry for that poor girl who was murdered. 
All I could think of was how gutted Yao Meng must feel seeing that. And also, that girl's last moment... she thought she was safe. But then, I remember: everyone there should know who that woman is. Why didn't they alert anyone? Why would that girl follow her?
Very good point, I didn't notice! I am thinking that she did not do the dirty work, so they never really saw her. 
I don't think anyone ever saw the lead woman, and there are so many and new victims came every day, none of them would have thought anything of a different face showing up in the van. Why would she expose herself to them like that? It also made me really hate her because I don't think there would've been a need to kill the girl to escape.
Yao Meng takes pursuit straight away. Before her, Sister Lu has jumped on a scooter. Yao Meng runs after her! In the car, Xu Xu has started sobbing. I understand why she thinks this is her fault ... but it really isn't. Poor girl. Yao Meng has caught up to Sister Lu, who takes a nurse captive ... they seem to be at the car park of the hospital.
XuXu, it really isn't your fault. Sister Lu was so damn convincing. 
It's no one's fault.
Damn, Sister Lu is scary as hell. Calm and yet menacing. She threatens to cut the nurse's throat at five if Yao Meng does not put down her gun. At three, she already draws blood. Yao Meng yields ... I would have too. She puts the gun to the ground, slowly .... and Sister Lu cuts the nurses throat and pushes her towards Yao Meng. She grabs the gun. And mocks Yao Meng for believing her.
I think that if we aren't like Yao Meng, we will lose faith in humanity. I really, really, really hate Sister Lu and how twisted she is. I guess this is also another side to humanity. 
That bitch CHEATED.  She must BURN.
She can mock her if she wants (because apparently she can do whatever she wants), but I don't think Yao Meng believed her, she just didn't have a choice. She had to take the chance. That's what she learned in the Academy.
Ji Bai and Xu Xu have arrived in front of the hospital ... and hear shots. Oh damn! Zhao Han was shot!!!!! Sister Lu did it, before he could fire. He is down. Sister Lu stabs Yao Meng from behind, when she looks at her partner in horror. This image will come back to haunt her. The two women stare at each other for what seems forever, until Yao Meng faints.
No! No! No! No! No! Someone grab a doctor NOW!!! Please don't let either of them die. No! No! No! No! No!
Show, you are treading on thin ice. If you know what's best for you, you will not, I repeat, NOT kill these two fine people.  You want to pay attention to me right now, Show, before you do something you'll regret. I brought you into this computer, and I can damn well take you out of it.
I think I stopped breathing.
Sister Lu calmly walks to her scooter, takes a final look at the two officers and is off. Ji Bai and Xu Xu get there too late. Well, too late to catch her, but also too late to do anything for their friends?! They're bleeding heavily. They scream for help. Xu Xu checks Yao Meng's breathing ... and then starts crying, as she looks over to her boss. Oh the horror. This is Ji Bai's worst nightmare.
Ah!!! I know this is just a TV show, but I'm really angry and upset right at this moment. Sister Lu is just so horrible. How dare she hurt our beloved team like this. How dare she!?!?!
Her best friend and the guy who fought for her chance to stay on this team. She's watching them die, and she feels to blame. I don't think it could get any worse for her at this moment.
At the hospital. Ji Bai has donated blood - 600cc (=600ml, which is more than usual) (about 225ml more than is recommended). Xu Xu is with Yao Meng ... she is alive but still unconscious after the operation. Where is Husband?! :((( Xu Xu gets a phone call from the hot provincial police officer (Captain Su), telling her they found Xie Yu Lan's body. Brother Lu who is really Sister Lu killed her and stole her identity. Xu Xu starts crying again.
I think that this upsets me so much because this really happens in real life to so many people. If Yao Meng or Zhao Han dies, I will be very angry. It's not allowed. I will help you make glitter get well soon cards.
Maybe this weekend, WE make the pancakes.  From healthy flour, like buckwheat or something.
Here is a link to a place that delivers maple syrup by the tanker: https://www.maplesource.com/packaging-and-shipping/
Eventually, she makes it to where Ji Bai is sitting. He was donating his blood for Zhao Han. Which means he is not dead either! Yet? Ji Bai talks about how he did not want Zhao Han to become a police officer. They grew up together in Ji Bai's grandpa's house after Husband's dad went missing. It was Zhao Han's mother who convinced Ji Bai to let him become a police officer. She thought the two boys could look after each other. Oh no ... Ji Bai's voice breaks at this point. Can you imagine having this responsibility? They really are brothers in every sense of the word.
Oh no. This is too sad. Too sad. Don't die. Don't die. Don't die. It's just not allowed, okay?! 
I recommend you listen to Eleanor, Show.  And Trot's not even here yet.  You think Eleanor is upset?  HA.
I am here. I have packed a bag already with my passport in case I have to make visits to scriptwriters. I have taken care of my affairs, as they say, in case I do not return.
She puts her hand on his ... and he holds onto it, clearly glad for the comfort she offers.
Oh that moment of tenderness. So lovely. So beautiful. So perfect in this moment. 
Such a tiny hand.
This whole sequence was just so beautiful and so beautifully shot. I watched multiple times.
He jumps up when a nurse asks for Zhao Han's family ... and momentarily blacks out. No wonder after giving so much blood.
Ji Bai! Be careful! 
Eat a sammich, dammit.
Didn't they give him a snack? 
The rest of the team is in pursuit of Brother Lu - but they lose her in the jungle towards the Burmese border. She has changed two cars, killed one person and hurt another. In the forest, she is chased and captured by Burmese soldiers. Someone with black boots - a higher up? - appears... and kills all the soldiers. Huh. "You're my woman", he says in Chinese, "I won't let you die". 
Oh noes! Who is this guy? Have we seen him before? I can't remember. Oops. 
Oh my.  A twist has appeared?
Meeting at the police office - the drug bust was a huge success. The human trafficking operation on the other hand - a disaster. The master mind (her full name is Zhao Xiao Lu (played by Zhang Yan Yan - who was Dr. Su in the Disguiser and Grand Princess Liyang in NiF!!) escaped, the public is in panic, she left a trail of dead bodies behind her. She is most likely in Myanmar now. All in all, an unforgivable mistake. Ji Bai takes responsibility for it all.
This is the part that I don't get: I get that it was a mistake and that it resulted in a huge loss of life, but it's also a very understandable mistake, but surely there should be some sort of investigation into what happened before disciplinary action is handed out. 
I'm guessing there was, we just didn't see it.
Also, did they forget how many people they actually saved? Does that not count that they rescued all those women and children?
The police chief wants to ban Xu Xu and Yao Meng from further work though and have them punished. (Why? Why are these two being singled out?) Ji Bai will be suspended. And he should learn how to be an appropriate mentor. Now, boss Zhan speaks up. Suspending the two interns is wrong, he says. They are excellent. Brother Lu's escape was not their fault. If anyone is to blame, it is him. No, says Ji Bai, and gets up. He is responsible. He misjudged the situation and endangered his recruits. But he asks for another chance - he wants to continue on this case. With the two interns.
Yes! Stand up for the interns Ji Bai! Oh man, he is so handsome *has to sit down for fear of fainting suddenly* 
I have an extra sammich...
Did you give blood, too?
Nope, I just carry an extra sammich now and then.


But what about husband?????
Yes!!!!!! He CANNOT die!!!!!
He's not gonna die. All that glitter is fortified with vitamins and minerals. You just don't know...Trot is amazing.
It's literally life preserving. But people are also a bit afraid. If I know where to get glitter by the pound and maple syrup by the tanker, you know I can order all sorts of other things. Let this be warning to anyone who thinks they get away with harming Husband unscathed.

I am so impressed with "Lu Ge"/Zhang Yan Yan. I think this is the scariest portrayal of a woman I've ever seen. She is absolutely deadly. Ice cold. She gives me chills. I hope they get her.
She is amazing as "Lu Ge". They had better catch her and keep her in prison for a long, long, long time. 
So this woman just went from being a normal person to this pretty much overnight?  I mean, she was a regular mom with kids last anyone knew. How did that come about?
No, she stole that person's identity. We know nothing about her at this moment

I hope Ji Bai makes sure Xu Xu does not carry this burden much longer - she feels responsible for everything that happened. But is she? Certainly not alone. She did fall for that woman's scheming, but so did everybody else. It's a horrible lesson to learn for Xu Xu though ... she was always so sure about her abilities.
Yeah, and it's not like all the other seasoned police officers picked up on anything either. And almost immediately XuXu and then later Yao Meng, quickly figured out something was wrong. 
That was also my point. They actually started figuring out the discrepancies when no one else did.
I'm sure not all criminals get apprehended super smoothly and quickly. 
Definitely not.