Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 55 (Recap)

kakashi: An incredible episode, in which Li Luo refuses to have sex with Kasuo.
SakiVI: He was rather sweaty. I was a bit put off myself. 
JoAnne: I bet he cries after sex.

Episode 55

Lan Shang is (temporarily) healed, but the big question is - what is wrong with her? Apart from being heartbroken over seeing Li Luo and Kasuo being so utterly in love. We do not find out in this episode, in case you were really curious about it.
Her old body was cryogenically frozen, so maybe her soul is now frigid. 
I think it would probably be best for the universe if none of them could ever breed, honestly.
Fire Shi, very much disguised thanks to his mask (no, he isn't), and is still with the Mermaids after dropping fake Lan Shang off. When he's about to leave, Kasuo starts playing the flute - sorry, the leaf (I still get that wrong), and, because Shi carries the flute around with him, there's a flute sound. The Mermaid Saint is surprised. He claims someone who has lost his memory left him the flute. Mermaid Saint says *hint! hint!* that his brother Ying Kong Shi has the flute. So, at this point in the drama, we still believe that Fire Shi doesn't know he is Shi. But he now understands the flute is his ticket into Snowblade City! 
Flame told Fire Shi that he's Shi.  Fire Shi knows he's Shi, and who his parents and adoptive brother were/are.
Are you sure? Why the whole new name thing though? Ah, but I can't be bothered to watch old episodes again, so I believe you.
I think she's right, didn't he spend an episode raging about how they all betrayed him and tried to kill him or something?
So, Lan Shang shouldn't be so worked up about things, because truth is, Li Luo and Kasuo are not as lovey-dovey as one might expect from a newlywed couple. Fake Li Luo is staring at her ugly, ugly hair in the mirror before getting changed into a pink delight of a dress. Does she want to please her husband? Looks like it. She goes to him and says she'll stay with him tonight. Yeah, guys, you're kind of married? And you haven't let him go to any of the bases yet, Li Luo? Wow.
She's too busy being dippy. 
Like I said. Think of the universe, guys.
He is such a romantic. They do love-shots with pinkish wine, she says "I'll help you undress". But hello. Soon, he is without .... coat and crown. Well, that's something! They attempt to kiss ... she freaks out again. Sorry, Kasuo, no sexy times ... again! But why is she so terrified of him? Didn't Lan Shang also want to sleep with him?! I don't get it.
After Lan Shang ended up with Shuo Gang instead of Kasuo, she got traumatized. Me, I was traumatized by Kasuo's sexy face.  Just icky. 
Yeah, she's got sex phobia now. Plus Kasuo is kind of gross to me at this point, so I understand.
He uses magic on her ... to make her sleepy and then puts her to bed, helping her to save face. Awwww, Kasuo. You are a good guy. He sleeps next to her, fully clothed. He smiles at her sleeping face, too. At night, she wakes up - and tries to touch his hand. Yes, his hand. She can't. She cannot be intimate with him. Meaning: she cannot even touch his freaking hand.
It's the Shuo Gang curse: Original Lan Shang remembers something truly horrible happening when she tried to "give herself" to Kasuo. 
Are we sure she doesn't know she's really Lan Shang by now?
Next, Kasuo meets demented Granny in the forest. She has been picking flowers and thinks Kasuo is She Mi. She also realizes he is in a bad mood. No wonder, after being cock-blocked like this. The distance between them is killing him. Granny is demented-chipper and says, you just have to coax a woman who is angry. If you think she's too far away, keep her close with the Deity Binder. Excuse me, what?
Da Fudge?
I guess it's the Un-chastity Belt or something. Or it could be some kind of bondage harness. They had those ice dildos, remember? I wouldn't put anything past them.
Li Luo wants Healer to read her pulse ... she thinks she's sick, not wanting sex with Kasuo. He does and is puzzled about it: She is obviously in good health. Is this about natural fears of a mortal of not being fit enough to bear Kasuo's children? Luna seems embarrassed or offended or both when he goes on and one about women asking him infertility questions. Finally, they decide to ask Dreamer for help, since Li Luo claims the real problem is that she cannot sleep well.
This was a surprisingly conservative attitude from this show. Also, it might've helped if Li Luo had spoken up instead of just turning her face away.
Then, the big and exciting alliance meeting with the new tribes from Sacred Snow Mountain is basically upon us! Flame is looking forward to it from afar, because he expects Fire Shi to make his evil move there. Many tribe people walk to Snowblade City, Fire Shi among them - in disguise! This is so clever!
I was thinking about this, and I would recognize my brother, my cousins, my close friends, not-so-close friends and distant acquaintances that I've seen at various times over the years, let alone hundreds of years, even if they changed their hair colour, and wore coloured contacts and a mask.
We've never argued that these people were very bright.
Ha, the good-looking Guardian Lu Zhao picks him out though and asks him to remove his mask. He refuses, of course, but Kasuo intervenes and says they have to respect his privacy. Haha, Kasuo is the WORST leader ever. Fire Shi lies that he is a traveling immortal without home - come to bring Kasuo something important.
No origin tribe for traveling immortals?
We've also never argued that they were particularly security-conscious.
Indeed, he has the magic flute! He tells him the same story, that he got it from an immortal who has obviously lost his memory. See, Fire Shi's disguise is so good, Kasuo doesn't see it's his brother. Or Kasuo is dumb. That. He goes to play on the flute for a bit - yes, not on the leaf - while Fire Shi watches him from behind. What comfort for Kasuo to know his brother is alive!
I wouldn't be so quick to jump on that party wagon, Kasuo.
Filler-shenanigans with Healer and Luna. *Sigh* There are many of the new tribe women around him, clearly showing their interest in him (maybe they want to compare his abs to someone else's abs?). Luna gets really jealous and angry and stalks off. *Yawn* Then, the women start talking about Luna and Dreamer being a couple and make Huang Tuo jealous. *more yawn*
It would be a nice surprise if Dreamer had some muscle under that pretty Chinese fantasy-style Victorian Goth outfit he wears.
Dreamer is playing around with the magic cubes when Healer catches up to him and Luna (who claims she was worried about Dreamer since she didn't see him around). They bicker, her and Healer, yawn-yawn-yawn - and then, Dreamer says he hasn't found out yet why one of the cubes projected that Birds-Dead-Blood-Snow dream to Kasuo. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS!
Nope, don't care. 
Actually, I do care about this. What else is there to care about?
Healer and Luna bicker some more, Dreamer smiles, then, an owl from Chao Ya arrives. Oh, right. She wasn't there, I hardly noticed. She has a problem! Something's up with the Bears. The three remaining scoobies leave to go investigate, but before that, they run into Fire Shi at the assembly. No, nobody recognizes him, because the mask! "But, A Mask!" Incredible. But Luna says he has a massive malicious aura and they discuss how careful they have to be about this dude.
Well that makes a little sense, sort of. You know how dogs recognize things by scent? Maybe these idiots recognize things by their aura rather than their appearance, and Fire Shi's aura has changed.
So, they think Kasuo must also have noticed the malicious aura and has a special plan. 
Kasuo takes Fire Shi sightseeing and finally takes him to the Withering Blossom Hill (where Shi's grave is). Fire Shi reminds Kasuo of his brother because he, too, asked why the trees are always in bloom. Wow, perceptive.
And yet so dumb. 
I mean, I don't know, but if I saw trees that were always in bloom, I might ask that question, too. You know. Probably. I....Shi?
They wander over to Lotus' grave, and Fire Shi wants to know how she died. "I couldn't save her in time", says Kasuo and is obviously sad.  Nothing new there, then. Fire Shi learns that Kasuo didn't directly kill her. But is he willing to listen? When he touches the gravestone, he has memories of being little Shi and with his mother.
Shi has been reborn/reshaped/renewed as so many different incarnations at this point that I have serious doubts about the structural integrity of his DNA.
Oh, and then, the show totally surprises us! Massively, when Shi turns his head away and lets us know that he will kill Kasuo on the day he finds out that he is, in fact, Ying Kong Shi! So he knows! Always knew, maybe? Incredible twist!
Yes, Flame told him everything. 
I thought so. This show has twisted itself up so much it's now starting to untwist.
Here is what's wrong with the Bears: the fairies and them got into a battle! It was Bear King's will that the fairies and the Bears became one big family and that Chao Ya got to rule them all. But! Somebody played EVIL music and agitated them against each other. Dieche! It must be Dieche, the evil woman. They must catch her.
So the real couple was always Bear and the Eagle Fairy, and Chao Ya was their beard? NICE.


I feel like killing this whole show.
I'm having fun rewatching.  It's like an itch got scratched. 
I think at a certain point the writers quit, and the producers told the actors to just do whatever came to mind. The whole thing is improv, and the only secret is they're all drunk as skunks.