Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 60 (Recap)

kakashi: A grand (NOT) battle between Ice and Fire begins in this episode and Kasuo learns that the Veiled Lotus is quite demanding. Gains and losses, dude! You should have listened.
SakiVI: The battle was a bit slow. And once again, Yan Da showed herself the only sane person on this show.
JoAnne: Flame is feeling the burn, I guess?

Episode 60

Kasuo is gone, the others get ready for war. During some mock battle, Luna angrily orders Healer never to use Injury Swap again. I have grown so tired of their not-quite-love-affair. Just get a room and go for angry sex, Luna. It helps.
I ff'd.
Kasuo is gone? Like, gone gone? Forever gone? Or is he just off chasing his Destiny?
Yan Da has grown ever more suspicious of her father's doings and she sneaks around to find out what he is up to. She finds a heap of dead people (Phoenix's warriors) in his fire chamber (very forbidden to enter this without his permission) and realizes immediately he must have eaten their souls.
Serial-killer sick.
Oh wait, so the soul-eating isn't just a normal part of the Fire Tribe's day?
He catches her snooping. That's not good, he is very angry! And he locks her in. She did get in, but she can't get out? Oh well. Logic was never this show's strong suit.
I guess he used a stronger spell. Or scared her into not trying.
Well, now she has time to write in her diary about how Shi never notices her and her father is totally a control-freak and always favors her brothers anyway, and none of the other girls understands her and she hates all their flower and lace wearing asses with a passion.
Her diary is on the outside. So, no, she can't write in it. 
In the meantime, Shi is waltzing into the prison Lan Shang and Li Luo are kept in. Lan Shang has another cold spell attack when she insults him for being a brat - exactly like he expected. He helps her again. Just give her a bit of your soul already, what if you can't make it in time in the future? He enjoys socializing with them. Having to cure Lan Shang gives him an excuse to flit by. Some guards appear to take the women away and Shi lets them, but only after finding out where to.
Has there been a pattern to when she has these cold-spells? Have we noticed anything?
Stress, I think.
He then goes to see Flame (Shi = angry) and finds out about an impending attack on the Ice Realm. Lots and lots of talking about how Kasuo will suffer when he returns and sees the ruin and will be easier to kill and blablablabla. 
Crap, he's not gone forever then.
The invasion begins! It's waaaaaaaar! Flame has brought his two hostages and is pressuring the Mermaid Saint with them - to fill in Infinity Ocean. Or Lan Shang dies! Of course, the Mermaid Saint decides to ... three guesses!
yes, she freezes the Infinity Ocean so that Flame can just waltz over (like he usually does, even without any ice). Lan Shang trumps all. Fire and Ice have a battle and I'm pretty sure it's the same images from the first battle, right at the beginning of this series. No, recycling never hurt anyone. Also, it was a cool battle. At the time, we saw Yan Da surfing over. I've never understood how she and Shuo Gang came over after that since they just showed up.
Once they rode in, remember? 
But how did they get the horses across the sea?
It looks like a dire situation, when the Ice King gets involved with some icy energy beam - on the other side, Flame gets involved with a fiery one. Quickly, Dreamer throws in his Origin of Dreams. Everything collapses and the King's hand is hurt. I don't get it.
such a tiny cut and they made such a fuss.
Maybe he doesn't normally bleed. Hey there Dreamer, hi!
They head back to Snowblade City in panic after this. No, I definitely don't get it. Oh wait, only the Snowking heads back, not the Scoobies. Dieche is there too, fighting for them! She has nothing else to do. I really do not get her. What treachery, Phoenix exclaims.  Shut up, Phoenix. They fight with very bad CGI, until it starts to rain fire balls from the sky. Oh wait, no ... the King of Ice is still here too, he just said they need to head back immediately. Whatever. There's bad fighting and it's confusing.
Flame's hair is looking like it could use some conditioning.  He's still hot though.  Ha.
Flame looks surprised, not sure about what. Then, all of a sudden, the Mermaids arrive. Surpriiiiise, Flame - she is not really on your side. So ... just wondering here, what is Dreamers great plan that I have been waiting for ever since he said he had one?
To dress up in frilly shirts?
You're just jealous that my guy will actually do something that's effective. You're affected by his effectiveness.
I'm affected by his annoyingness.
Everybody regroups and right when Flame gives the order to kill Lan Shang and Li Luo (they are now useless to him), he gets surrounded by the Scoobies and the Old King. He still lifts the two up in a magic bubble and ... Shi intervenes. This is his bait for luring in Kasuo, he says! No killing of his bait!Yeah, sure, true. That's why Flame and his generals disappear and so do the Icelings, leaving Shi alone with the hostages.
Shi has threatened to kill Kasuo so many times and not done it so many times, that Flame really shouldn't pay attention and just kill off Li Luo and Lan Shang anyway.
This really isn't a good look for Shi.  He looks like a guy in costume who just took off his wig and mask.
Oh, look! It's Kasuo. He has arrived at the Veiled Lotus who looks ... withered. He begs it to reappear and it does! I guess it's quite bored. She still does that flapping things with her arms. That flapping thing is so unnecessary. She says your wish has been fulfilled, what do you want, you lousy god? No, she doesn't say the last part, that is my invention. Reasonable, though.
I'm sad there's no GIF of the flappy bit.
Well, he wants Shi at al. restored to their original self. She can't do that though, sawry. "Gains and losses", buddy. You came for nothing, emo prince! Unless he sacrifices three of his friends, then he can change his wish. Lose some, gain some! Who could it be? Go for Chao Ya, Kasuo and Dieche! We don't like them. And your father, he is very annoying too.
Good choices.
Yeah, I can support that.
Cut to Yan Da, who is sad and bored. Sabored. Borsad. Sored. Daddy comes back, looking grim - yeah, that battle was kinda no fun. He asks whether she knows what she did is wrong - she does... okay, she can go. Effective, Flame, really, I will make sure to take a page out of your parenting book in the future.
What did she do wrong? Ignore orders? See Dad for a psycho?
She went in a room she knew she wasn't supposed to enter without permission.  We were never allowed to be in our parents room without permission, so this doesn't seem odd to me. Actually, we weren't allowed to enter anyone's bedroom without permission, it's just that my parent's room was even more off-limits.  To this day, it seems an incredible violation of privacy to me, waltzing into someone's bedroom uninvited.
Suspecting some trickery from Flame, the Ice King requests to see all the allies. He thinks it will be an unprecedented battle tomorrow. Later, he evacuates the city. Dun-dun.

In Lava City, Flame is getting ready for the final battle with Kasuo (they claim they have killed everybody else, uhm, no?). But first, Flame eats Phoenix's soul. Okay, bye, Phoenix. This happens in front of everybody and Yan Da in specific is appalled and shocked. Then, he eats all his sons. They were only balls of light to begin with, I don't get it, but anyway! All of them, gone.
Yep, completely crazy.
Dad is a binge-eater, I guess.
Yan Da alone remains, sobbing oh-so-pitiful. He sucks in power from his staff, too. Leftover soul. Then, he approaches Yan Da, slowly, slowly... she closes her eyes, awaiting the inevitable...but he only strokes her hair, then helps her to her feet. No, he doesn't want to eat his most beloved daughter. Okay. Maybe female souls taste off to him? No, he wants a witness for his great victory. Okay.
I was thinking about this because it makes no sense that he wouldn't eat the soul of his arguably most powerful child, and I think men always want women to see them be awesome (even if they're really not), and in this case, Yan Da is a woman of the appropriate rank. So, she gets to see Dad, who doesn't think he needs sons anymore, be awesomely insane.
Here I was thinking it was proof  (a la Novoland regent) that she's the one he most loved and expected to take over for him some day.
Nah, now he's convinced he's invincible. 
Yan Da considers dying after her crazy father has left, but then she remembers she still has Ying Kong Shi! She wants to save him first. The dying can happen later.
See, she's the real hero in this show.  
I don't disagree! 
It does seem to be the case.
Important bit of information: the Mermaids have a Gigantic Kelp in case Flame decides to fly through the skies and over the Infinity Ocean. Alright! But no. Flame appears in their midst just like THAT, no Gigantic Kelp has a chance, and kills all of the Mermaid Saints warrior in one go. That was kind of funny.  He slurps up their souls and now, he looks like he's about to explode. Too many souls ain't good for you! But he particularly likes the Mermaid Souls, they are so tasty. Oh, he has become a demon at this stage, he is no longer a god.
Was anyone praying to him?
I expected him to burp
It does look like it for a minute.
Mermaid Saint tries to go up against him, but she stands no chance. He takes her soul out too - and gulps it down. Not feeling sick yet?
Lots of Omega 3's there. 
Maybe he gets mercury poisoning though. 


Haha. Flame eating all these souls and becoming more and more crazy was fun! The rest? Not at all. The battle was horrible and everyone is an idiot. Healer and Luna are simply annoying and everybody else too. No, Yan Da wasn't annoying, but that's usually the case, so it doesn't count.
Yan Da was a decent person in this. 
It's not like the bar has been set very high, you guys.

Kasuo will of course NOT sacrifice anyone else for an additional swappery of souls and will remain miserable for all eternity, yay.   
How annoying he is.
At this point, if Kasuo were to touch me I would probably vomit. He looks like he has permanently sweaty palms.
Hahaha, yes!