Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 61 (Recap)

kakashi: I can't with this show. I particularly like the zombies we get to see in this episode though! And that's a lot, coming from me, because I abhor zombies!
SakiVI: Oh, were there zombies?  Hard to tell with this lot.
JoAnne: Ooooh, I like zombies!

Episode 61

Everyone is evacuated (yes, we know) and our Ice People discuss what's coming their way now. They expect something biiiiiig. A Mermaid Ambassador (who hasn't been eaten) comes running and tells them about the soul-suck - all the elders are gone! How shocking! Flame broke the most sacred of all laws, this evil man. And now, he is as powerful as Yuan Ji. While Kasuo is still vacationing in Sacred Snowland.
Dad looks wicked determined, doesn't he? His eyebrows are even coming in dark again.
What can they do? Fight to death! The Old Ice King is very determined. (ha) And our Scoobies! Ready for death! Bring it! Death! Come! Etc. Healer and Luna share a moment. Instead of having sex, you fools. I hope I see that actress in something else.  She promises she will marry him if they win the battle. Okay, that's better than nothing, but guys, that's still a bit late.
I really don't understand why Dieche is suddenly with them. 
Just because
But I like how Chao Yan or whatever her name is is slightly apart, because I expect she will die in this battle. I'm planning on it, actually.
The Old Ice King is standing at the Ice Sheath, thinking deep, sad thoughts. He then extracts a ball of energy from it and it's the ice crystal thing. What, another picture of the old geezer?
Do we have to keep looking at him?
I'm thinking he's not really that old in real life and that he's probably better looking than Kasuo, who makes my skin crawl by now.
Cut to Kasuo thinking about gains and losses and whom to kill for Shi et al. while he walks through ice and snow. He, too, is very determined.
Determined Face. 
Makes me laugh to think he was standing there emo-ting against a blank screen.
The Scoobies are all determined still, walking in the snow. Very determined, Chao Ya even donned some special armor, oh, the Golden Feather thing! Suddenly, they are aware of a presence .... oh. The Mermaid Saint! Soulless? But still walking. A ZOMBIE! I love the show a little for introducing zombies, even if it's that late.
I thought Mermaid Saint was a ghost. 
I guess we'll find out. Does she move fast or slow? Does she snack on brains?
Flame laughs at them from out of nowhere. This is what they will become, hahahahahahahaaaaaaa. It is a bit funny, true. And then, the Mermaid Saint turns into Flame and he stares at them and says this is it, you're done for.
Let's hope so.
So she wasn't either, then. She was Flame, doing that appearance magic. Although he did seem to be threatening a zombie-like existence. Perhaps minus the brains.  
He zooms all around them, so fast it almost seems he has multiple bodies. Oh, he has! He wounds Luna. Bye. Ah no, she's not dead yet, but badly wounded.
Maybe if LUNA gets wounded almost to death, it will leech out all the stuff that makes her hurt people without wanting to, and it will be a blessing in disguise.
But Chao Ya ... bye.
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. That's for Bear and our darling Eagle Fairy. Eagle Fairy especially. NB: Her hair and ear pieces are the prettiest, though.
Dieche .... bye.
Also very pretty. I didn't understand you but thanks.
He eats all their souls, yummy yum. Many flashbacks of their loved ones.
Totally ff'd all those flashbacks.
*coughs discreetly*

Healer tries to use Ultimate Injury Swap on his Luna and then directs it at Flame. It doesn't work, also not to save her, he can only transfer the pain. He begs her to do Injury Swap so that she can ... but she doesn't want him to die. She wants to marry him. It's a "bit" late to confess your love, Luna, because at least one of you is going to die now. Silly.
Why do people always bleed through their mouths alone when injured?
It's like the go-to Chinese thing. There's been so much mouth bleeding and blood coughing in Peach that I feel like they should all be permanently connected to blood bags for transfusion. Get punched in the chest? Cough blood. Stub your toe? Cough blood. Break your heart? You know the drill.
Okay, Healer does Injury Swap (she cannot stop him) and ... bye, Healer. And bye Luna, because Flame zooms behind them and sucks out BOTH their souls. Haha, that sucks. It's all very romantic as they die.
I laughed a bit at the soul sucking because that's what these two constantly squabbling did to me. 
Wait, what? FUCK NO. That was a waste ...oh wait. Healer, not Dreamer. Okay.
That leaves *counting on my fingers* ... DREAMER! Dreamer is still alive. See, I always knew he was the best. He's like 3rd male lead so yeah, he'll live. Plus he's the only guy I really liked who had anything actual to do. He injects his Origin of Dreams into himself and cries. Whatever it does to him, he becomes very powerful. Flame zips and zooms around him, trying to get into his sphere of power ... and he does. Dreamer: down. So, injecting that Origin of Dreams was pointless? But even though he is facing death, he is unafraid and sneers at Flame; Kasuo will get him!
Kasuo? Doubt it. 
I hate these people. Hate them, hate them, hate them.
And then, right before Flame can suck Xing Jiu dry, Kasuo's spirit animal, the snow lion appears! Is Kasuo back? No, it's the old Ice King. He is taking over, objection is futile, Dreamer - you are to live. The Old Ice King says Kasuo will need one friend by his side when he returns. Awww. I think I'm liking him a little, now, that it's soon over.
Guess the actor's fans need him redeemed. 
Dreamer is SAFE. YES. As long as we walk out of here with him alive, I do not give one piddly little shit what else happens. Well, maybe Li Luo too.
The Ice King tells Snowy Lion to guard Dreamer and then, it's time for the ultimate battle. Guess who wins?
Flame. That wasn't hard, was it. Ice King just hasn't eaten as many souls, sadly. Or any.  Okay, Flame sucks Ice King's soul out too, but it seems a bit too much for him? His evil laughter soon turns to grunts of pain. The Ice King's soul was infused with the Six Leafed Crystal!!! Oh my, so damn clever.
So that crystal thingy hurts?
I guess so. I think that was pretty cool of Old Icy, actually.
Dreamer falls unconscious. But what about Flame?!

Kasuo has returned to the site of the Veiled Lotus. She appears and flaps her arms. What will it be, Kasuo? Who will die? Nobody, says the brave King we love so much. No, I love Shi. Which is good, because everybody is gone anyway, haha. Ha, yes, nearly all dead. Kasuo calls her a mirror, a reflection of greed and the hideous nature of men. He will not exchange anyone's life for his wish. But he will dedicate himself to making things right, as long as he lives. He will accept all the swapped people and will make them better human beings. The Veiled Lotus is SO IMPRESSED with Kasuo - finally someone who gets it.
I don't believe that, though. Someone must've gotten it before this. 
Nope. You're wrong. Only Kasuo! Only him in all the worlds! God, let me barf.
Yan Da is all alone, talking to her dead brothers, who always bullied her because she's a woman. But in a way, they made her what she is now, the strong and only survivor of the Ice Tribe. She cries over their tragic end and then pleads the ancestors ("The Life Lamp") to give her unlimited power to set things right. Will they though?
Her I was touched by. Her grief and sense of honour felt real. 
She does have a certain appeal. She should live.
Kasuo is wandering around some ice scenery... oh, he's back. And he finds all the dead bodies of his friends. Bummer, that's not a nice welcome. Hey, but it's an opportunity for more flashbacks (as he closes their eyes)! He also finds his zombie-father. He is an unmoving zombie. Naturally, Kasuo is sad. He asks "who was it" and I am sorry, but that is among the MOST STUPID thing you can ask your zombified father. Pffft. He touches the Old Ice King's face and he disintegrates into ice particles.
See ya, Pops.
Shortly after, Kasuo happens upon Snowy Lion, who has much improved since Episode 1! And with him, he finds Dreamer, barely alive, but alive! Especially after Kasuo gives him a power boost. From him, he hears all about what happened when he was away on holidays.
Must feel like I do, all behind on things after just a few days. 
Oh God, let's not even talk about how behind we are on things.
The big question  (for me at least) is: where is Flame? But that is not what Kasuo asks. He asks where Li Luo and Lan Shang are first (with Shi, Dreamer guesses). Ah, and then we hear that Flame's soul is apparently dispersing as he is moving towards Snowblade City. He is now completely insane. Like me! Recapping this. I feel very close to him.
Helps he's goodlooking too. 
He is that. But I'd take Dreamer over him, all told.
Kasuo returns to his City to wait for Flame (who must be much slower than him, I'm guessing, soul dispersing and all). It's snowing. Here, it's the warmest spring, just saying! Kasuo stares soulfully at the city gates and is very sad.


The end, it's coming, I feel it !
Once again, Yan Da was the only sane person. 
I think Dreamer has been quite lucid. (I crack me up.)