Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 35 (Recap)

kakashi: There are a lot of things in this episode that I don't get and that don't add up, but I think that's due to some very bad cutting and editing. Maybe the main editor was sick? Anyway, apart from some Ye Hua snuggling, it's a failure. 
JoAnne: I think Ye Hua snuggles can cover up a lot of sins, though, so I won't complain too much.

Episode 35

So, Ye Hua missed his Qian Qian, didn't he. They really were together almost all the time before this, it seems, ever since they met again. Let's have that gif again, shall we:
He's so damn CUTE.
She doesn't answer him, but he isn't discouraged much. He has something important to tell her too: guess who is reincarnated into Yuan Zhen's father in this lifetime? She guesses it's his grandfather, haha. Close!
Ohhh, I'm looking at your GIF and I think this is the episode with the part that tickled me the absolute most of all the drama, probably...
He tells her it's Dong Hua Dijun and she starts thinking about whether Fengjiu could be here ... when the shutters bang open and she excuses herself to go close them. When she returns, Ye Hua has readied himself for bed. Ah, that kind of "I've missed you"! And .... skillz, man. Smoooooth.
It is! It is!
He asks, matter-of-factly, whether she is sleeping on the inside or the outside of the bed? She says she'll sleep on the floor. He replies that no matter where she sleeps, the end result will be the same (I guess he means to say he will cuddle, no matter what?). And then, he says: "If you had any magic power you could fight me, then we'd both end up wounded. But haven't I already sealed away your powers? Or are you maybe just putting on a show of reluctance?"
I laughed so HARD. I think you're right about the cuddles but it sounded like he was saying 'Girl, you know we're having sex tonight whether we sleep on the floor or on the bed, so stop fronting.' Have we ever seen such a frankly lusty character? I love it. It makes him so real to me. All these couples in these dramas, watching patiently for sexless years with never a mention of struggling to control desire: finally we get a guy who's open about what he wants and doesn't pretend that adults don't have normal feelings, AND encourages his woman to be honest about it too.
To be honest, I am not sure what goes on in her head after this. She can't say "yes" to this, that I get. But she could have said "no, I'm serious, stay away from me or I'll kick you". In any case, she claims she just did not want to be a bad host, the bed is so small! She joins him there anyway right after saying this (because she or at least her body wants to, I guess?) and he magics out the light with a sexy wave of his sexy arm.
Bai Qian does what she wants in every other aspect of her life. Why the fuck CAN'T she say 'omg yes, I've been waiting to jump your bones all day. I'm going to ride you like it's a rodeo and why aren't you naked yet?'
I am guessing her sleeping on that side of the bed does not feel right to both of them, because this is not how they slept on that other bed. She asks about the roc bird in Si Ming's story (and I think the subbers made a mistake here, in the Buddhist tradition, it's a Garuda, isn't it?) and Ye Hua says Si Ming went all out with this fate, since he has issues with 2nd Prince. Does he? Anyway, Bai Qian worries a bit about pissing off Si Ming if she destroys his scenario (and Si Ming has to sneeze up in the Heavens).
Why would Si Ming have issues with 2d Prince?
She needn't worry about Si Ming, says Ye Hua and snuggles up closer. Too close, Ye Hua, ahahaa. She falls out of bed when he offers to hold her while she sleeps. And he smugly remarks he knew that would happen, she moves around in her sleep a lot, that's why he offered to hold her.
He's too much, I can't. I have nothing to say I'm too busy squealing with delight over the cuteness.
The order of the universe - or at least the order of how this couple sleeps - is restored after this; Bai Qian now sleeps on the inside and Ye Hua on the outside. Do you think she'll hug him like she used to, back when she was Su Su?
Maybe once she falls asleep? Surely at that point, at least her muscle memory would kick in? No?
He has things to discuss first though: Does she know Si Yin? She claims she doesn't. Funny, he says, he say a painting of Si Yin, who looks exactly like her when she is dressed like a man. Oups, Bai Qian. Methinks you've been caught! When she's asleep, he kisses her very tenderly.
It's a little weird to watch this, thinking about how much in love he is and yet how badly he let her down. Usually when things fall apart I consider it a failure of love - not loving enough, or choosing something else over that love, anyway - but no one could say that he didn't love her enough, right? He totally miscalculated things, I think, but it wasn't because he didn't love her enough.
Up in the Heavens, 3rd Uncle and Si Ming talk about how the Crown Prince quickly disappeared from the "Festival of Peaches" to be with his high goddess. Only for half a tea-cup's time! Yes, this time-difference thing is working out really well this time. It's morning in the mortal realm and Ye Hua asks Qian Qian to bind his hair for him. She does. Somehow, he isn't happy though. When she is done, he says: "In the past, you ..." but he doesn't finish the sentence. In the past WHAT?
Why does she never question these things? Why? WHY?
He then gives her a string of beads, because she's just like a mortal now. I don't get it, you? It does not make any reappearance later. As a goodbye, he kisses her on the forehead. She is so dense, this woman. I don't think she realizes how much in love with her this guy is, right?
Not sure how beads equal mortality, no, but I'm quite positive she is as dumb as a rock about how he feels toward her. How it is even possible to be so clueless and still be upright and breathing, I am not sure. Actually, I'm not sure why the default position around Ye Hua isn't prone and breathless, but that's another story.
Before he poofs (ah, you make me laugh), he tells her he was so busy last night (busy with what?! Staring at her? another thing I don't get) he forgot to tell her that the best option she has is to hold Yuan Zhen back on that day and send someone to push Dong Hua Dijun into the water instead. The first won't fall in love with a tragic beauty and the second will not be interrupted from experiencing the hardship of life. Win-win!
Si Ming is up there in the Nine Heavens thinking 'oh sure, EVERYONE can write dramas now, can they?'
After he has left, she remembers her niece and tricks little Yuan Zhen into telling her where she is living at. It appears Ye Hua gave her a hickey?! When did that happen? I don't get it. Maybe it isn't a hickey though and this was just to bring up the topic of "attentiveness" that this conversation is about.
I think it's a hickey. I think we're supposed to assume that someone got lucky last night.
Bai Qian gets to where "Lady Chen" is living and there's a weepy, weak Fengjiu there to greet and beg her not to take her back. Bai Qian realizes immediately that Fengjiu has used the Two Lives Curse on herself. Annoyed, Bai Qian knocks her out and has her carried inside by two maids. Later, she thinks about this curse-business over a meal. Even more later, Fengjiu comes to her room to apologize and speak absolute nonsense. In the end, Aunt Bai Qian says stay and keep offering your heart. Whoever ffwarded here, well done!
Bai Qian looks ridiculously dumb here, well done!
Cut to two motionless bodies who are much more exciting than Fengjiu - Mo Yuan and little A-Li!!!!! Crazy Xuan Nu reveals her evil plans; she wants to use their bodies (or rather, an elixir created with them) to save her child! That's also why the crazy queen created those puppet demons to kill high immortals.
Okay I have seen some shit but this girl is crazy.
Zhe Yan comes to visit in the mortal realm, to ask Fengjiu to come back and cook for Zhen Zhen (and tell Bai Qian about how Ye Hua asked questions about her). He also tells Fengjiu that the curse is working well on her, which leads Fengjiu to claim he's threatening her. Don't get it! And this (short) sequence is completely useless.
Really. What is even happening here? Did monkeys write this episode? If so, applause to the one who wrote the bed wrangling scene, but all the rest of y'all need to go back and re-write.
Later, however, Zhe Yan is dragged to the West Sea by Bai Zhen - Die Feng's older brother is very, very sick and needs his help. In the Western Crystal Palace, Zhe Yan examines Die Feng's brother Die Yong. Nobody knows what ails him! But he's been like this for 600 years and it got worse and worse. Zhe Yan does his thing ... and is major surprised about something. He won't tell us or anyone else what it is though! Boo!
Maybe he peeked into a dream or something.
Because of the Two Lives Curse, Fengjiu cannot be the one who pushes Dijun on the day of reckoning. Bai Qian finds somebody else though! Yuan Zhen's father, her former fiance and ex-2nd prince. Shao Xin offered to do it, but because that person needs to use immortal powers in the mortal realm, it's better not to use a pregnant lady. Bai Qian is curt but not unfriendly as she discusses matters with him.
Is she finally wearing her big girl panties about this matter? It.Is.About.Time.
And then, it's the day! There's a river, music, and dance. And beauties. Also there, a bit worried for Bai Qian because "this is Dong Hua Dijun" - Ye Hua (and Si Ming). Bai Qian summons the Crown Prince Yuan Zhen and has him go wait for her at his hall. Target 1 - removed. Then, the roc bird appears. It's immense! It grabs one of the dancers (indeed the one that seemed to please the Emperor's eye the most) and drops her into the water.
I laughed. 'Drop it like a roc'
The Emperor steps closer to look, Sang Ji becomes visible behind him and kicks him in before becoming invisible again ... and we (and Bai Qian) realize, this version of Dijun cannot swim. Man, I laughed so hard. Fengjiu jumps in after him and saves him. Braaaaavo.
I needed air. There was no air. Between the roc and that wet face, I thought I would die.
Suddenly, Bai Qian is attacked by some invisible force and almost thrown into the water herself! Ye Hua intervenes - with his immortal powers. Tsk, tsk, not allowed, Crown Prince. He clearly suspects it's Su Jin behind this. Yes, it's her, (almost) always - this time, it was Miao Qing, the dummy, acting on Su Jin's suggestion. To the illegal use of his powers, Ye Hua says: "As long as you're safe, it doesn't matter what happens to me". Hm, let's see about that. From Si Ming, Bai Qian hears that this was the original trial for Dijun and Fengjiu anyway (okay? So why all the fuss?).
Because it was going to be messed up by the introduction of the kid! Bai Qian went to save the kid, but as it happens the entire purpose of the other trial would have been spoiled had she NOT done that... so really, I think Ye Hua should get a pass on using his powers because all he was doing was keeping Celestial Order per Si Ming's dramas.
So you're saying this is all very clever? 


The editing in this episode was very, very off. So many scenes with no context, so many discontinuities! It almost felt like one of the latter Old Nine Gates episodes. Yeah, we've done crazy on this blog before.
Three lives, three worlds, ten miles of peach blossom, 1 episode of drug-induced writing

I puzzled the most over the Ye Hua-Bai Qian dialogues. I understand him and his desire ("I missed you terribly", haha), but I do not understand her. He is behaving like they are a couple who sleep together. Well, technically, they are - or at least were. But to her, this must have sounded .... I don't know, like harrassment at least?! What he said about sealing away her powers and her being powerless ... that sounded like a threat to me. Also, just assuming this woman would want nothing else than to go to bed with him ... Ye Hua, we do think about this and you a lot, but that is outrageous!
Sometimes I wonder if maybe they ARE having sex.

In her mind, they are not married yet. She has never shown any great affection for him since returning as Bai Qian. And he is basically climbing into her bed, telling her to stop fussing and join him. Okay, yes, after her initial reply that she'll sleep on the floor, she did not show any further signs of resistance and DID climb into bed with him, but it still was weird and out of character that she would do that. What was she thinking?! I'll just cuddle a bit?! Just cuddling with someone you have the hots for is agony. Or did she think, well, let's see where this will lead to? 
Maybe she only gives in once in a while.

What came after was even more puzzling. What did he mean when he said after the hair brushing: "In the past, you ..."? What was he busy about that she did not understand? Why did he give her beads? Strange, strange, strange.
I'm guessing she brushed his hair as Su Su and did it some particular way that she left out here. I think he was busy getting busy. I can't explain the beads. Well, I can provide explanations but I have no idea if they're accurate. One of them would leave me saying 'I hope he disinfected them first.'

The whole mortal-realm story - I know I'm repeating myself! - is just ... Fengjiu under that Curse! *foul cursing* And why would she want to be extremely in love with this guy during the DAY and not at night, when it probably matters more? I also did not get Fengjiu genius plan about how to make sure Dijun would find the "one true heart". I am glad though Yuan Zhen is safe, I like the kid.
Yeah, the kid is nice. I dislike the entire mortal story from beginning to end: I don't like Dijun's reasoning, I don't like Fengjiu's thought-process, I don't like the way she acts, I don't like the way he looks...you name it, I don't like it.