When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - Episode 17 (Recap)

kakashi: Our team is still hunting down the human trafficking ring. They find a witness, but protecting him is more of a challenge than they thought. Ji Bai may or may not have paid for this knowledge with his life. I vote for not.
JoAnne: If Ji Bai goes, so do I. Sorry, Husband. No, I kid. I could never leave him.
Eleanor: Ji Bai, do you wanna come and do laundry with me please? Sorry, I got distracted. I doubt they'd kill Ji Bai off, at least not this early on. 
Trotwood: I could see his character dying but only in the last or penultimate episodes. But look at those cheekbones and that jaw and those tendons in hs neck. Yowza.

Episode 17

Monkey is on stake-out with two soldiers ... (doing some cellphone PPL in the meantime). A white van with six people zips by just when Ji Bai tells him on the radio that's the people who threatened their witnesses. Monkey takes a scooter and takes pursuit.
I laugh about the scooter but he is deadly serious.
Hey, if it gets him there fast enough, no problem. 
I was like "where'd that scooter come from?"
Back at the village, the gangsters left a message: "Chinese shouldn't hurt Chinese". Ji Bai thinks they need to change their approach if they want to succeed.
They say as they hurt Chinese, so that they can keep hurting Chinese unimpeded. Gangsters never get the irony.
Seriously. They really don't. 
Ji Bai's phone rings - it's Monkey! He has followed the gangsters into town and will text them the location later. Ji Bai pulls his team's leg by making a very concerned face first. Duh. And why? Doesn't matter, he is cute. I guess it shows the tension they are in. After this, they move out too.
I know he's a pretty minor character but if they hurt Monkey I will be upset.
LOL Ji Bai, you silly darling you. 
I like all the people on this team, I don't want any of them hurt. But I'm bothered by the "I'll tell you where I am later" business. Why not now. Often, later never comes.
 The white van has reached its final destination - it is the backyard of a club - or rather, a casino, named "Big Boss Casino". HAHAHAHA, Gangsters don't get irony or subtlety. Ji Bai et al. are four hours away. Xu Xu guesses that these guys must be new hires, they're super careless.
Wouldn't you think that new hires would be the most careful, though?
Maybe. It depends on whether they're rookies or just new to the bigger gangster group. 
After a short break (one of the trucks has engine problems), Ji Bai wants to take the wheel, but Xu Xu won't let him. He has to rest. She will drive. Nope, Ji Bai won't let HER - he tells Da Hu to take over. Pfft.
Hey, Ji Bai: you know what's as dangerous to your team as a member who's not physically strong enough to pull her weight? A team lead who acts like a boyfriend.
For reals. This made Ji Bai lose major points in my book. Stop with the stupid condescending man crap Ji Bai. It's just not attractive. 
And it's driving for Pete's sake. It's not like he's asking her to carry a missile launcher.
The white van is on the move again and this time, they go to another village and stop in front of a small store - Monkey is still following. Poor guy, I bet he is extremely tired and hungry. So that scooter must have a HUGE gas tank, I guess. I'm thinking his butt must really hurt, too. He doesn't have much padding down there. Ji Bai et al change direction to go there too. In the morning, the white van hoodlums make their move and smash up everything at the store - including the owner's face.
Why did they wait until morning? Surely they could beat up the dude at night with a lower chance of being witnessed? 
Gangsters lack irony, subtlety, and stealth? I thought the same thing about them walking in there in the daytime unless they are trying to give a warning to others in the area, too.
Excellent timing, Ji Bai arrives! In passing, he orders Xu Xu to stay in the car. It's cute and all, but I do think a woman in the force can and should decide for herself whether she wants to stay safe or not. Ji Bai has a bit of a stare-down with the gangsters ... and then goes and drinks Kai Kai Water. "We're police from China", he then says. "We just wanted some water". And: "Chinese people should love and support one another".
Earlier, I thought he was being easy on Xu Xu - but here, I assumed he told her to stay back because she wouldn't be any help and might in fact be a hindrance. Either way, I'm starting to feel like even if she passes the physical test maybe she shouldn't be on that team anymore - Ji Bai's feelings for her could be a problem.  
Agreed. She could become a Ninja Warrior (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfZFuw7a13E please note this warrior is 5 ft and weigh about 100 lbs so, Pfft. to you Ji Bai) and he'd probably still talk to her like this.
Oh the PPL. hahahahaha 
It's a very tense situation and it doesn't look like the gangster (haha, they're tiny) plan to back down. But then, Tisa arrives, tires screeching ... and with him a truck load of soldiers. That does it, the gangsters scram, but not without uttering threats.
Tisa just really gives me the creeps. It's the beard, I can't help feeling that a good guy would be clean shaven to go with his uniform. It's that laxness that makes me feel off about him, like he's playing dress up.
Now this has me wondering about different military practices and clean-shaveness. I'm sure in some cultures where having a beard is more culturally appropriate, men wouldn't be clean shaven. Now I'm curious about Myanmar. So I went googling and apparently train rides are supposedly quite bumpy, one makes kissing sounds to get the attention of the waiter when you want to order something, but I couldn't find any info about beards and the military. But yeah, he looks scruffy in a bad guy kind of way. 
The store owner is ready to be a witness - it looks like he has been bullied for a while, even though we don't hear what for. Ji Bai promises to protect him. You better, pretty boy.
I liked the store owner. Under the circumstances, he is brave.
Yeah Ji Bai, do a better job this time please. 
If I were this guy, I'd stick to Ji Bai like a bad rash.
Back in Lin City, Zhao Han chats up Yao Meng ... and then realizes she is researching Ye Lanyuan. Something strikes her as strange: he has four properties, two of them close together, but not next to each other.  Suddenly, she's all surprised she's talking to Zhao Han! She thought it was someone else. Come on, woman. Mean :D
Take pity on poor Husband, Yao Meng!
They are sooooooooo cute!!!
She's focused, people. but it's going to be almost too much for me to take when she does look at him back the way he wants. poor thing will probably have a heart attack. (Please note how calm I am even after that gif--I'm trying to break my glitter habit)
She inquires with Ye Lanyuan's secretary. Apparently, the second lakeside manor was Hu Zishan's birthday present. Oh! She suggests she and her other colleague (Xiao Fang) should go check it out. Yes, she thinks she's ready.
Let's hope she's right.
She'll never know unless she gets out there.
Ji Bai et al. move into a motel. Later, we get to admire Wang Kai's arms, when he washes some clothes. More tendons!! Xu Xu joins him for a chat (and a glimpse at the arms, I'm sure). She thinks aloud about the relationship between Brother Lu and Golden Shield (didn't we know this already?) and then seamlessly moves on to criticize Ji Bai's washing skills.
But not his arms. Never the arms.
*sigh* Ji Bai - making washing clothes look suuuuper attractive! *swoon* Director: How can we show off Ji Bai's arms a bit? I know, washing clothes! Okay, now flex nicely so we can make the women swoon at your arms.
The thing she is most worried about is this though: their secret investigation team is certainly no longer secret after the supermarket-stunt today. They risk have the gangster disappear after destroying all the evidence. Also, the person most in danger right now is the owner of the supermarket, their only witness. Okay, sweaty Ji Bai is a distraction. Ji Bai informs her that he has requested to get Big Boss Casino's floor plans from one of their undercover contacts.
SO true Xu Xu. So true. Where is the owner? I'd be paranoid if he were out of my sight. If I were the owner, I'd be paranoid if I was out of their sight and this has nothing to do with Ji Bai's arms.
Funny how Ji Bai sweating isn't gross at all but other drama characters sweating can make my skin crawl.
This man can make pretty much anything look attractive. 
At Ye's 2nd lakeside apartment, Yao Meng and Xiao Fang make a very gruesome discovery: the dead, crucified body of Zhang Shiyong. Not sure that's gonna help with the PTSD.
Oh wow, I had forgotten about this. Poor sleazy Shiyong, you never really mattered to me at all.
Ugh. Yeah, definitely not going to help with the PTSD. 
I don't know. This might be the very thing. I don't think it was the death that bothered her as much as the responsibility that she felt for the deaths (and Husband's injury). er hands don't seem to be shaking here. And can I say I love the way they hold the gun and the flashlight in these shows. So economical. I noticed they did this some in Candle as well. It's steadying for bothe the gun arm and the light and your already in a good stance for self-defence.
Xu Xu goes out to buy some fruit, while Ji Bai headed back to the supermarket. Alone? Dude. There's a guy with baseball hat sneaking about the motel. Oh, it's their informant! Xu Xu becomes aware of him and steps out - he dropped off the floor plans! She reaches him in the staircase and thanks him... hey, we know this guy! He was the one who helped Ji Bai in episode 1! He warns her of someone called Golden Python. If they don't get him, all will be in vain.
Hey there, guy in stealth mode: Hi! Thanks for helping us undercover! We really appreciate it! Now go on, go be very secret except for here when I point out to anyone who might be around that you're our informant!
He could totally just have written that down on the paper instead of talking to her on the stairwell. Not so great with the spying here dude. 
And so far away. He could've at least walked up closer to her. Geeze.
Xu Xu is playing with Ji Bai's lighter - at the exact same time, Ji Bai tells the witness in the store he won't smoke because he promised his student that only she could light his cigarettes. And he continues talking about her. Awww, Ji Bai.
There is a phallic joke in here, because of course there always is a phallic joke when we're talking about oral obsessions, but I'm not going to make it. Just you keep playing with his lighter, Xu Xu.
Xu Xu studies the floor plans now.
A package is delivered to the supermarket guy. Ji Bai steps out of the store to look after the delivery guy... he clearly is suspicious. Supermarket guy grabs a knife and starts cutting ... everything explodes. The explosion is so strong, it is felt all over the city.
Oh dear. This is bad.
JI BAI!!!!!!!!! He CAN'T BE DEAD!!!
No. But there goes our witness. Sigh. I'm getting tired of not getting anywhere.


No, he isn't dead. How could he be! Still, scary. Xu Xu was spot on, wasn't she, in identifying their witness as the person most in danger. Why Ji Bai thought it's enough for him to just turn up there, I don't know! Be more careful, you idiots.
It wouldn't take a genius to figure that out, though. Their performance from beginning to end on this operation has been painfully inadequate.
Definitely a bit of a filler episode, but well sometimes it's just the way it works out I guess. 
But filler for what? If they want filler, they could've given us more of the story about what's going on with the Yao Meng/Husband investigation, especially now that we have found Zhang Shiyong dead body hanging like he's been caught in a giant web.