When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - Episode 19 (Recap)

kakashi: Gestures of love are made and one of the main villains is identified. We are close to the end, but everything seems open. It's a nailbiter.
Eleanor: Wait, wow it really is close to the end and yeah, so many loose ends. But I'm going to take a minute here and just pretend that's me with Ji Bai. 
Trotwood: I'll pretend, too, with me taking the picture.
JoAnne: As long as you're already set up with the camera, will you pretend one of me too? With Ji Bai, I mean.

Episode 19

Intro: We finally see what happened right before the explosion. Ji Bai got suspicious of the package! (and the way it was delivered) He stopped the shop owner from cutting it open, but then, they were attacked by bad guys. Or maybe THEY attacked bad guys, it's not clear. In any case, lots of bad guys are on the ground soon ... when the package explodes. As fast as they can, Ji Bai and the shop owner drive away.
And Ji Bai couldn't take like two minutes to call his crew and say: hey guys, I didn't get blown up?!?!? We've had enough phone PPL in the drama so I know their phones work even if they aren't in China. Cool stunt though. 
I wondered why he wasn't calling in about clues and to tell them info not just that he was alive.
Maybe he didn't realize the blast could be seen from space.
On the roof of their hotel, Xu Xu is treating Ji Bai's bruises. He feels a need to boast again and play the hard boy by saying "this is nothing to me". Date already.
This looks like a freaking modelling shoot. Ah he is so beautiful! 
I know we've commented on this before, but this is one beautifully shot drama. It's not like the people aren't pretty, but it's like the cinematographer just loves everyone and everything in each frame. Look how this frame is set up. Look at the interesting angle and perspective we get from the roof tiles in the background. This crew is really paying attention to shots like they are paintings.
Nice recovery, ladies. I know 3 seconds ago you were drooling and muttering 'Ji Bai pretty me want'
Director Zhan calls - he is very happy about Hu Zishan's arrest. Ji Bai is too, but he remains cautious. He thinks he might just be a decoy to draw their attention, a pawn sacrifice. The top shots, so he fears, are still free: chief among them a person called Jin Dun (it's Dijun in another mortal trial, you watch) (we have met him before) - this is "Boss" from episode 1, in this drug ring with Zishan. Director Zhan wants Ji Bai to focus on one thing only though: to escort Hu Zishan back to China.
Eep. Why do I have a feeling that something is about to go wrong?! 
Umm because every time anyone says "we just need to do this one last thing" something goes wrong ... in every drama ever.
Also, look at how they are using the sun as lighting in these shots. We've commented on the whiteness of his shirts before, but this is exactly the color both of them need to be wearing in this shot against the background of the docks and the water.
Like I said. Only this time it was drooling and muttering 'Ji Bai cute butt me touch'
Xu Xu gets ready to leave the rooftop when he says: "Nice drawing". Oh dear. He has seen her drawing book!! Ahhhhhhh, mortifying. And he knows the snail is her and the lion is him. That's his "sue me" look down there.
Sorry, Eleanor. I nearly pawed at the screen on that one.
Um, Ji Bai, just tell her you like her already. You already torture us enough with your charming ways, don't play with XuXu. Just make-out already. 
Kissuhae! Kissuhae! Oh wait, not Korea. What is it in Chinese?
Boy, you look at me like that and I'm going to make you pay. 
Apparently, he went to the hotel straight away after the explosion, to look for her. He found his lighter on the floor and her gone - but he also found her notebook under the pillow. Would you have looked too?
Pretty much the only thing I'm doing right now is looking at that adorable smile.
What? was anyone talking? I think my brain turned to goo.
Awwww he didn't call because he RAN TO HER *melts, mush, goo*
After flicking through it with the happiest smile we've seen on his face all series long, he became aware of the floor map on the wall and rushed to the casino. The rest is history. She asks him how much he has seen - everything, of course, though he didn't have enough time to read it all. She is very, very embarrassed and hurries away. He calls after her: does she not want to hear his thoughts?
LOL, he soooooo wants to tell her otherwise he wouldn't have brought it up. 
Gosh, this is lovely. Just really lovely. I just want to shake the lead cinematographer's hand.
Nope, they're too far away. I need their faces right now.
She says they should talk about personal things when they're back from this mission. She is right, he says with a smirk.
I love you Xu, Xu. Way to be focused and avoid. That is skill.
Um, Ji Bai, you might be the King of Smirks I think. 
So basically for us to adore a man here, he either needs to have the sweetest smile ever or the smirkiest smirk ever. Have I got that right, ladies?
A hotel employee appears and hands Ji Bai some documents that were delivered for him; it is the profiles of the criminals they are to take back. Of course, Xu Xu is curious about what information he got. He asks his "snail police who is focused on the mission" to go to one of the military camps tomorrow. She needs to get a signature from "General Po" so that they can take these Chinese criminals back to China.
*dies* that eyebrow raise. It's hard to focus on commenting for me for some reason. 
(humming Rogers and Hart love songs to myself) what's happening?
I see no one's trying to bullshit about scene composition anymore...
She has to step close to retrieve the documents ... and he smiles down at her oh-so-fondly. I think he's squeeing inside because he finds her so cute and adorable. And he is clearly in love.
I'm squeeing too, though just not quietly. He is definitely in love. 
Shit. I'm going to have to rewatch this episode just for this scene. My toes are curling.
But look how lovely that yellow building is in the background, it really plays nicely against the blue - and then his white shirt is so crisp against the hazier sky, it really.. .oh, forget it. *Ji Bai smile me want kisses*
In her head, she talks about the ending in her drawing book: the alien snail's visa has expired but the lion asks the snail to stay with him. It is what she wishes for, with all her heart. Not a word is spoken between them, but Ji Bai has read that ending, I am sure ... he hugs her close. This is so damn cute. 
A little awkward, but definitely cute. I bet there's no way that the lion is going to let the snail leave the team. 
You are definitely going to be rewarded in this life and the next for giving us this gif.
*                                       *  if you were a dog, you would hear the noise I made just there.
The next day, Xu Xu goes to get the signature - and things turn into a nightmare. General Po is a monster (close-up of his boots, *hint hint*). He shoots a defenseless Chinese convict right in front of her. To show her who the boss is. He does it without any hesitation and without flinching.
He is so creepy. I wonder what it feels like to know you've been cast as the bad guy in something. Do people enjoy letting out their creepy side? 
But I still don't get it. What is the point of it? Is he mad that they think they can take them back? Is he mad that his men didn't find them first? Does he want to keep this game going because he's making a personal profit? Is the dead guy really the only important one?  I mean why shoot him and then let them take the other prisoners?
It's because he couldn't actually whip out his dick and show her what a powerful *man* he is.
Xu Xu is completely rattled and terrified after this. Ji Bai comforts her as much as he can and then has her write a report about it. He also promises to tell the higher-ups, but we all know that will not change anything.
This whole team needs a vacation after this mission and some trauma counseling.
Ji Bai in swim trunks.
They're soon boarding a train back to China after this, with a load of prisoners. Uncle Zishan is kept in a separate compartment, with Ji Bai guarding him. And taunting him. About how his business partner sacrificed him and is escaping right now. About how Zishan is merely Jin Dun's pawn.
Uncle Zishan was so good at fooling everyone initially so it's super creepy watching his true and evil self come more alive and be in the open. If he causes any more trouble for our team, I will not be very happy. 
Why are we only bloodthirsty on supernatural-ish shows? We should all be craving someone's death right now, huh?
That's him, this Jin Dun. I don't think the drama does a particularly good job in telling us how they found out about him. Anyway, Jin Dun made arrangements a long time ago and plotted his escape really well. Zishan realizes what Ji Bai is saying is true - and gives up all he knows about Jin Dun (bank accounts, storage place of gold and jade and transfer locations).That was easy. Should I be suspicious?
Yeah, the drama was definitely sparse on information sometimes that perhaps should have been included I think.
Wait I thought... isn't this guy Husband's dad? It was a long time ago.
Careful though, Ji Bai. Should you really trust Zishan on this?! They think they can now figure out Jin Dun's escape route - and they're also conducting raids to get their hands on Lu Ge. Apparently, she got wind of the operation against her. Great. We all know what that means ...
Crap. Crap. Crap. *starts biting nails* Please don't tell me they're going to blow up the train or something horrible like that?! 
Yup. She's scary that one.
There's no reason to be on a train in an action drama or movie unless that train is going to blow up. Or maybe fall off a bridge. Oooh or blow up ON a bridge, then fall off. I like those.
Back to square one! Xu Xu is viewing information about Lu Ge's escape from China on her laptop. It dawns on her who it was that helped her back then, the guy in the shiny black boots ... General Po, of course. And he's at the door of her compartment. DAMN.
*jumps in fright* even just while commenting I'm getting chills down my spine. 
This surprised me and didn't surprise me at the same time. How is that possible?
Because you are world-weary, but just a tiny bit hopeful.
Taking a deep breath, she gets up and opens the door fully. He doesn't even try to hide that he spied on her through that gap. He tells her he got a phone call from the higher ups. He was asked to apologize for what he did yesterday to that prisoner.  Bull shit.  So yes, he's totally sorry. Double bull shit. What a PIG. He turns to go but Xu Xu calls him back. Xu Xu!!!!! What are you doing TT_______________TT
Don't engage XuXu!!! Leave him alone!!! He is TROUBLE!!! I know you're a brave snail, but you're perhaps a little out of your depth with this snake. 
I think he's wearing his hair UP, is he wearing his hair UP? He's a psycho.
She says she got a phone call from her boss too. Who said that the (Burmese) Golden Python is very violent, but also very stately. Did she just call him out??! He claims he doesn't like this name and walks away. Xu Xu, the idiot, steps out after him. You are not going to follow, are you??! 
XuXu! There's a fine line between being brave and being an idiot sometimes. Don't follow him! 
*Shakes head at silly Xu Xu*


Xu Xu is certainly one of the bravest women I've ever met, but the tendency to do things on her own and to basically endanger her life is NOT GOOD. Okay, yes, her suspicion that this guy might be Golden Python is spot on, but goddamit, Xu Xu. Go and talk to Ji Bai about it first!!!!
I totally agree. Sometimes it feels a little like she doesn't fully calculate the physical risks involved and that even the most experienced and physically strong police need backup in dangerous situations. 
I remember thinking when I watched this that she was keeping him back to stall for time, hoping that Ji Bai would come back before he left. I didn't think of it the way you guys are talking about it.
I remember thinking she was an idiot.

This episode was a bit confusing, because of how suddenly they brought back Zishan's partner in crime, as if we had known all along who he was and what role he played in all of this. We didn't though. He is still at large at this moment, but in comparison to Lu Ge, he does not seem to have gotten inside information about the operation against him.
The episode count on this drama hopped around a bit and apparently there was filmed footage for another three episodes but they edited it pretty heavily. I think they could have told a little more story and fleshed out some of the development like this story in particular. We needed just a little more information and story for it to make sense. 
They probably said something but we were too busy looking at Ji Bai or Husband.

Also, we knew that there is a Golden Python and that this person is both ultra dangerous and ultra important, but the drama did not maintain our interest in him or made it clear what law enforcement knows about this kingpin. I can't believe we only have two episodes left after this big reveal!!
I think it's the same issue as I just mentioned above. Editing is so important in writing and if you whittle things down too much, then it's just as bad as including too much story. Oh well, it was still pretty excellent. And wow! Only two more episodes left!!
It's hard if you spend a lot of time on something because YOU know the information and your brain supplies it, so you don't always notice that you skipped from A to C and missed B, or that what you're seeing on the screen tells you something different than it tells the new viewer.

I would like to say for the record that I do really love the cinematography. It's too bad that Ji bai is so distracting that the scenery doesn't/can't get it's due.