Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 7 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Welcome to the first Panda & Kakashi collaboration, aka "We promised you naughty bits, we're giving you naughty bits".

This chapter is NSFW and if you're a minor or have issues with explicit sexual content, STOP READING. If this were a movie, it would be X-rated.
All others: You're welcome.

Chapter 7 

written by Panda & Kakashi
edited by JoAnne

Mo Yuan had lain with many women in his youth. It was expected of the son of Father Immortal to take pleasure in women, and he had – but he had always felt pity for the pretty young maids sent to serve him. The least he could do for them was to make sure they enjoyed themselves in turn, but most had been raised to be shy and submissive. They had been flustered, embarrassed, and horrified by his attempts to bring them pleasure.

He soon realized he was not interested in the pure, docile women of the Nine Heavens. It felt wrong to use them as passive vessels for his carnal needs. As a result, bodily lust was one of the first things he learned to control when he started his meditation routines.

The endless and bloody wars in which he had fought at the beginning of Creation had conveniently absolved him from getting married. Later, after his Father had opened Shuǐ Zhǎozé, Mo Yuan’s filial presence at that school had taken priority. After his father’s death, he had become the Master of Kunlun Mountains, where no women were allowed by his strict orders. Yes, many had pursued him through the years - some with annoying persistence - but he wanted none of them. 

Si Yin was the first woman to move Mo Yuan after he'd become a Taoist Master, even if she hardly deserved the label “woman” back then given her disguise and her unruly tomboy behavior. Despite his very deep and constantly growing affection for her, he had never let himself think of her as a sexual partner. Their teacher-student bond was precious and, he believed, much deeper than the bond many couples shared. He had not dared to hope for something different until it was too late.

Way before Si Yin, the very first and maybe the only woman to tempt him bodily had been Shao Wan. She came into his life like an evil storm, his polar opposite in every aspect. She had never made it a secret that she wanted to destroy him, and she radiated danger with a breathtaking intensity. To the young him, she seemed like an intoxicating poison. She was something he desired to taste but knew he could never have unless he was ready to break every single rule in the universe and lose his soul in the process.

Now, in Zhe Yan’s orchard, on the day she returned from the dead, Shao Wan sat in his lap and taunted him again to lose himself to her, to finally stop resisting the dangerous and deadly temptation that she was. Her uninhibited demon energy grated painfully against his celestial essence; it was a maddening yet exhilarating sensation and he wanted her with every fiber of his being. His young self had been able to resist her, but his older self seemed unable to. Now, as her teeth nipped at his lips his mouth opened to her, and when her tongue met his he could not stop himself from responding eagerly.

Fate indeed knew how to test him.


Shao Wan started to rip off his tacky red robe. The expensive fabric tore with a most satisfying sound. Quickly, she shrugged out of her own gown. The darn thing didn't fit well anyway, and the cool night air was like a caress on her naked body. She felt Mo Yuan shudder beneath her and smiled a wicked little smile against his face. Oh, this was going to be good! She would torment him. Maybe he would beg? She liked it when they begged. It would be especially satisfying to make Mo Yuan the ice-block beg.

She wrapped her legs firmly around his waist and began touching him, lightly at first and then more aggressively. Breaking their kiss, she licked and nibbled and bit everywhere her lips could reach. Soon the skin of his muscular chest and solid back was crisscrossed with the marks of her nails and teeth, his nipples firmly erect from her rough handling.

His reaction elsewhere was underwhelming.

Impatiently shifting on his lap, she inwardly cursed Mo Yuan for being the same slow bastard he’d always been - and then remembered, with considerable regret, what they said about old Celestials. Could he be impotent?

The Demon Goddess pulled Mo Yuan's hands from her waist and drew them to her breasts. To her hardened nipples, his touch was electric, as painfully sharp as a lightning strike. A long moan came from the deepest part of her. What she felt coursing through her body had to be her averse reaction to his Celestial powers, but somehow she wanted more of it. She wanted more of it everywhere, all at once.

Shao Wan rubbed her body against his, her hands tracing the bunched muscles of his arms as she sought his pressure points. She watched him flinch in pain as she made their energies clash where it hurt the most. She drove her tongue into his mouth again, deeper this time and more demanding. A low moan escaped him and the sound sent a jolt of desire through her. She could feel him growing and throbbing as she squirmed in his lab. So it wasn't true what they said about old Celestials, she managed to think - but thinking was getting increasingly hard when all she wanted was him completely naked and helpless beneath her. Inside her. Soon.

Now, actually. 

She was trying to get the rest of his clothes off Mo Yuan as quickly as possible when she felt him beginning to break their kiss. Oh, no - this was not how it was going to go. She slammed his upper body to the ground and held on even more forcefully. Their opposing energies crackled and sparked as he struggled against her. They were back to fighting each other, but no longer with fists and feet. The assault of their bare energies was far more brutal than anything she had ever experienced.

I won’t give up! She told herself angrily, I will not lose to him!

The pain caused by their clashing energies grew. She gritted her teeth and wanted to scream. There was a limit to how much even she could take, but she hoped she wouldn’t reach it before him.

All of a sudden, Mo Yuan went entirely still. He stopped fighting her, stopped touching her. The pain immediately subsided. She wanted it back urgently.

Reluctantly opening her eyes, she saw him looking at her. That very moment, feeble moonlight reached their battleground. His dark calm eyes shone like gateways into the nothingness. She could not quite fathom that gaze, nor did she even want to. It felt too intimate, too soul-searching. She didn’t like it at all.

Bloody Celestials. Why did she even bother! How could he possibly be calm?

Shao Wan tried to laugh it off. She would find another companion for tonight. Surely, there were many who'd be willing. Mo Yuan would be extremely sorry, of course, but what did she care? She tried to unwrap her legs from his waist - but couldn’t. Why was he holding on to them? She tried again, even harder, but his grip was firm. She thought briefly about breaking free by unleashing her full energy on him without warning, but she no longer felt like killing him. Although it was very, very unlike her, she sat still on top of him and held his discomforting gaze.

“Shao Wan,” he breathed, and her insides turned to lava.

He had never before called her by her name.

“Shao Wan,” he said again as he touched her face, then cupped her cheeks and drew her head down to his.

His kiss was slow and tender and made her heart race. She hated it instantly and yet wanted it to never stop.

Mo Yuan rolled her over, her turn to be pinned down. As his tongue caressed her mouth, her whole body started to throb - but this time, there was no pain; only pleasure. When his lips suddenly left her mouth she wanted to protest - but they went to the pulse that beat behind her ear, to the pulse at base of her throat. She could not make a sound. His mouth traveled on, scruff grazing her skin gently as his tongue languidly licked every part of her except the parts which she wanted licked the most.

Impatiently, she gripped his head and positioned his mouth on her left nipple. Celestials needed help with everything.

It took her by surprise when he sucked on the sensitive bud with force and she cried out sharply, but he was already back to teasing her skin. Bastard! She arched her back as he alternately sucked and licked. She twisted and thrashed and tossed as his tongue teased her, trying to guide his head, always wanting more than he gave. Dizzy with desire, she tried to reciprocate; rubbing her hand all over his smooth shoulders, twisting her body, to get to some skin to nibble, to claw at. His skin tasted incredibly good. Funny that she had to die and come back to find that out.

Shao Wan's body was filling with the most delicious tension from Mo Yuan's tender attentions, and she briefly wondered how he had gotten so skilled at this (and with whom!) when his hand started to lightly stroke her inner thigh. Her attention immediately narrowed to the span of his palm and the press of his finger tips as they traveled upwards to the innermost part of her. She tensed. She felt defenseless against this gentleness. Why was he in control like this? 

He lifted his head from her breasts and whispered to her in a voice that she hardly recognized: “Shao Wan, let me.” Quivering slightly, she did. It was completely against her character and she should have known better.

Putting a finger inside her, Mo Yuan slowly drew her open and then lightly stroked and caressed her. He touched her walls, finding her bud and gently flicked it. He added a second finger and increased the speed of his strokes until she writhed desperately against his hand. She longed for another kiss but he distracted her from thinking, maddening her with exquisite touches until she couldn’t take it any longer. Panting heavily, she begged, “Enter me.”

“No," he said as he slipped a third finger into her and smiled. Damn, but the bastard was handsome.

She lost all reason as he gave her nipple a particularly hard bite, surrendering to the immense wave of pleasure that washed over her. Her dangerous energy surged wild and fiery around them as she climaxed.

He remained unscathed by it, of course. He was the God of War. He wasn't to be killed that easily.

When she could think again, Shao Wan realized from his taut body and heavy breathing that he hadn’t found his own release. Good. She still wanted more. She wanted to feel him inside her.

“Enter me,” she demanded again, voice cracking. “Mo Yuan, now.”

It was the first time she called him by his name, and it was a mistake.

She stiffened as she felt him fully retreat into himself. Cold, calm, utterly infuriating. The Mo Yuan she’d always hated was back.

“Sorry,” he whispered.  And with that, he was gone. He even remembered to take his wedding gown with him.

“Sorry? SORRY?” White hot rage engulfed her.

“I will kill you the next time I see you!” she screamed, filled with bitterness, rage and another emotion she tried very hard to ignore.

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