Ice Fantasy Destiny 幻城凡世 - Episode 2 (Recap)

SakiVI: Again, thank you to WS for the subs! So, we get a bit more setup in this, and Luo Luo's character gets fleshed out a bit more, and, we see Mr Evil a bit more, and we get a Mr Icy for a bit. Come to think of it, there are bits and bits and bits in this.
kakashi: I was struck in this episode by how stylish this version of Ice Fantasy is.
JoAnne: They upgraded Kasuo to a big-boy flute, I see.

Episode 2

Back to Luo Luo struggling with Qin Chu and then jumping out of the balloon into the swimming pool below. I really hope Qin Chu takes the hint: she's just not that into you.
And yet, this is a "bit" extreme :)))
She should be dead.
Feng Suo rushed to save her. He is not a good runner. Not that he was on my list, but now there's just no chance when you add bad running to sweaty palms, chicken legs, resting emo face, and poodle hairThe crowd rush behind him, and we get a clear shot of today's Chao Ya and her rather fabulous friend in shiny dark pink. Feng Suo carries an unconscious Luo Luo out of the water, looking quite manly (RAWR)*gagging noises*, while Qin Chu whines in the balloon - and then sees the swimming pool freeze over.
HELL would have to freeze over before I...
In the window of the building, though, we see a hat. (I think I have the same one!) Who could it beeeeeeeee??? Three guesses:
Shi!!! Gosh, he's so cute! As the crowd rush to photograph Luo Luo and Feng Suo, Shi just looks at them, and boom, all their photos are gone.
Shi continues to intrigue. Is he good? Is he bad? Does he even know? 
Who cares. Power is hot.
Cut to this Evil Bat Cave with an Evil Triangle Logo and an Evil Triangle Conference Table and an Evil Overlord who is not Hu Bing. Sigh. (Sidebar: no Hu Bing in this show sucks. Damn, I was hoping he'd turn up! That REALLY sucks. It was what I was looking forward to, him and Dreamer. And I wouldn't be unhappy to see Eagle Fairy or Bear either.) Everything looks like an Evil Spaceship, and, is that symbol in the triangle an eagle? At first, I thought it was claws.
Lets go with Eagle. Oh, will Eagle Fairy be back?! Anyway, this introduction to the lair of evil was a bit endless.
I immediately saw eagle, but I won't like it if Eagle Fairy comes back and is Evil Eagle. I don't think so, anyway. We'll see.
Anyhoo, Mr Evil is all annoyed Luo Luo rejected Qin Chu, his younger brother, and embarrassed his Da Qin Corporation. He orders her career blocked. Ah, so that's what entertainment companies do when they hate the artist they signed, instead of, yunno, making money from them.
Mr. Evil clearly has issues. But he's quite hot
It might be his hair but doesn't it seem like all his features are squished into the middle of his face?
We cut to Feng Suo all CEO-ish saying, "Sign her!" to Qiao Qiao. Qiao Qiao claps and says lao ba has the best eyes, and Feng Suo smirks.
It will take a while to get used to this new Kasuo.
The Poodle. He's a POODLE. He has big poofy hair on his head and skinny legs, like a standard poodle.
Next we see Luo with Chao Ya, now known as Yang Dan (puh-leeze), and that other person no one recognized from before wondering how to recover from this bad situation (guess they're her management team). While discussing whether Luo Luo should've jumped onto the ground instead of into the pool when she can't swim, (uhm, no?) (so that's settled, they're dumbasses.) Male Manager, which I suppose he is, tells Yang Dan that she has big breasts but small brain. Okay, since Chao Ya was always in rather low cut dresses, I found this amusing instead of just really sexist, which it also is. Is it? He's not saying she has a little brain BECAUSE she has big breasts... Luo Luo suppresses as laugh as the two bicker. Male Manager - I sometimes wonder how there can be so openly gay characters in Cdrama - and there IS one, in every contemporary drama, have you noticed? - tells her she should reconsider Qin Chu because he's rich. Yang Dan agrees, but Luo Luo says she would rather die. Then they get the call for Luo Luo to be the closing act for the Ge Ning Shopping Night, which is some big shopping night sponsored by Ge Ning Corporation.
Thank you for explaining that. I would have spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what that might be.
And cut to the shopping night! Is it for charity? Or just a big shopping event? Whatever it is, it's continuing the spaceship look nearly every location has had so far in this drama. You know, this is 2020 or something. That's only 4 years from now, you know. Luo Luo and her team are excited. I have to say, though, Male Manager - anyone catch his name? - has better makeup on than her. (And why was this actress chosen, again? She's not making any sort of impression on me whatsoever except to be a bit less tiresome than Lan Shang.)
Does anybody here know her or like her? Or am I free to rant? She looks like the mother of some boys I was friends with when I was little. 
Which one are we talking about? They're both pretty, but I think the one standing is prettier. The one sitting looks a bit like that girl in The Liar and his Lover, some idol. This might be her in 10 or 15 years. Male Manager is a cutie but completely unsexy. Well, so far no one in this is sexy, especially not The Poodle.
Ha, we next see Feng Suo straining himself to turn water into ice. Pffft. His desk and computer all look like they're out of Star Trek, which is probably where our devices and furniture are going so that the CIA can spy on us more easily. Qiao Qiao comes in just to tell him that Ge Ning Shopping Night is a HUGE success and that Luo Luo will perform in 3 minutes! Our thirsty CEO turns on the screen as does Mr. Evil at Da Qin (uh-oh. smirk-alert). We see Luo Luo getting ready, but then, her Rival walks into the dressing room. Annoying, but Luo Luo et al shrug it off. Until they can't shrug it off. Because Rival, aka Cheng Tong, is the now the big star performance. Come on, Tencent, you could've at least brought in Jolin Tsai.
I don't get how the two companies are related and how Mr. Evil could do this
I suppose it will be revealed. Maybe they both sponsored the night? Perhaps in the near future all businesses will just have a random entertainer on staff so that the executives will have backstage access to all kinds of goodies. Kind of like owning a beauty pageant, I guess?

Luo Luo is devastated while Cheng Tong is smug. Whatever, honey, your performance is probably all fake anyway. LuoLuo and her team are really sad with sad music playing while Mr. Evil is happy and Qin Chu is a bit upset. Over at Ge Ning, Feng Suo is mad and Qiao Qiao says Da Qin won't allow performances from their grounded artists without prior approval. (And she read this letter from what looked like a comb, but was an extendable see-through tablet screen instead. Wonder how soon we will get that in real life?) Also, Mr. Evil's name is Qin Han. Feng Suo just looks really mad - and really sweaty.
*shudders* Side note: I wonder if you brush your hair with the tablet thing will it get all static-y?
Luo Luo's team check up on her, and she's practicing yoga. I thought she was doing planks. Sensible. Not so sensible: her demand that Yang Dan end her contract with Da Qin Corporation right now despite needing $50 million which her credit card won't support. You don't say. As they recall she is still owed money for her Let Me Fly High activities, But she fell out of that balloon, so I guess they will say she didn't exactly do her job? Luo Luo picks up one of those weird comb-style retractable tablets to see who her rescuer from the other day was. Unfortunately, no one was able to get a video of the rescuer. Doesn't matter because Yang Dan and Male Manager already saw it was Feng Suo. Oh, and Luo Luo keeps pulling this really weird face. I can't explain it, but it's putting me off. Sorry, Kitty Zhang fans.
It's lopsided, her face. Plus, parts of it don't seem to be moving naturally. PS?
I'm laughing at Qin Han's face up there. His mouth is pushed up to right under his nose. I'm telling you, his proportions are off. Way off. He has a big egg-shaped head and all his features are smooshed into the middle of it. I think a different hair cut would do wonders because his features aren't bad.
The perspectives here are very odd. Nothing is a right angle.
Next, Mr. Evil and Feng Suo face off in this spaceship like building with a massive Skechers ad in the background. Well thank GOD we can still get Skechers in the future.  Mr. Evil is all insouciant and tall while Feng Suo is all prim with pointy elf shoes. Mr. Evil quotes the exact clause and sub-note in Luo Lou's contract that lets him withdraw her from any and all activities. And he lies that Luo Luo wanted a rest period and withdrew on her own. So evil this dude. Qin Chu, at least, looks embarrassed. When Feng Suo offers to buy Luo Luo's contract, Mr. Evil tells him the price is $200 million just for him. Feng Suo says he could, but says Da Qin and Ge Ning Corporations will be enemies. Then he gives Mr Evil his own quote, which Mr Evil is both a bit intimidated and impressed by. Anyway, the deal is done, and Qin Chu has lost any ability to workplace-harass Luo Luo for good, yay!
That was a great I'll show you mine if you show me yours competition! 
It might be hard to find 3 of anything I would rather see LESS.
Cut to Luo Luo and friends eating cucumbers and boxed vegetable stew because they have to spend $50 million to get Luo Luo out of her contract. The doorbell rings, and it's Feng Suo! His aura is rather intense, though. Not emo intense, but icily intense. Yes, he's almost scary. Inside, he tells them, and Yang Dan confirms, Luo Luo's $50 million compensation money was paid. Male manager is thrilled and strokes Mr Icy's arm, but Luo Luo wants to know the motive. Mr Icy says he will sign her and then basically offers her a slave contract worse than SM Entertainment's: 30 years, 90% profits to the company (I'm assuming it's profits and not earnings ), no dating or marriage, and any children must be by a surrogate and a sperm donor abroad. (Sidebar: ew.) Luo Luo kicks him out.
What an asshole! Him, I mean.
What the hell was that?
Before he leaves, Mr Icy says he will return in two days for the contract. Ominous.
Ohhh, like the devil!
There are two areas where his hair could kind of be horns - moving up the right side of his bangs towards the top of his head you can see the first easily - then the next bit is right above the beginning of his left eyebrow, but at the top of his head. Although...if he's the devil, shouldn't he be Mr. Hot?
Oh! Mr Icy crosses paths with Feng Suo and Qiao Qiao! WHATWHATWHAT! They don't see him, and he passes them with a cap on just like Shi's. Could it be??? The BASTARD. Anyway, they arrive at Luo Luo's with a smile, and Male Manager slams the door on them. Feng Suo knocks again, and Luo Luo opens it and throws water on him. It doesn't freeze.
It's a different guy? Hahahahahahah I didn't realize that. So who was it that walked on water? Well, on ice?
So, who was Mr Icy? We see it was Shi. Also, I think I have that same cap. (Cue Destiny jokes.)
Anyhoo, Shi looks deadly serious. What could he have been up to?
I have the same cap too, but I really am not interested in Shi
I do not wear baseball anything. Shi is very cute here, though, I think.
Cut to an ancient army encampment scene. Ancient army general, Xiang Yu, comes to his wife, Yu Ji (by the way, this is a true story) to tell her he has lost completely, and she kills herself rather than live without him. The funniest part is, I just saw White Vengeance, the movie that tells this story, and that has Feng Shaofeng as an amazingly sexy Xiang Yu, last weekend! Going back to our show, though, we don't see what Yu Ji looks like here because Feng Suo wakes up from his dream. And Qiao Qiao tells him Ming Na is back. Nugu? Anyway, Feng Suo looks happy.
Haha, this show is going meta on us in so many directions it's hard to keep track! 
So they used a clip from a movie he did to represent a dream that he's having in this show? *nods approvingly*
Cut to a club scene. Who is that girl in the terrible wig dancing horribly in the center? Three guesses:
Lan Shang! And she got Lan-Shang-as-Li-Luo's wig. Urgh. Ming Na is her reincarnation. But  who in wardrobe hated Madina Memet the actress so much they put this ghastly wig on her?
OMG, please stop dancing. The DJ-gear is cool though. Welcome to the future. 
Ming Na gets flowers, and we see Feng Suo smarming at the bar. Seriously, when he blew that kiss to her, I threw up a little in my mouth. Hahahahaha me too! Anyway, they hug hello, and go somewhere else to dance. (Sidebar: is that the cool new slang?)
He is gross like this
He is kind of gross, period.
They run into an empty, closing restaurant and Ming Na says she is the young miss of the Ming Yao corporation and that if she wants the restaurant to stay open, it will. (Question to Mandarin speakers: does Ming Yao have anything to do with seafood?) She wants Feng Suo to play the flute for her because she took his granny Fei Ao Na shopping a lot while he was working on his Ge Ning Corp. Also, these two are looking at each other like they are dating, or want to date. Why do I think a chaebol marriage will be in the works soon?
Seriously. Sexual much?!
But in the end, Feng Suo plays his flute alone.
Anyway, Feng Suo blows his flute, and Ming Na fake-ballet-dances. In this, at least, she's improved since she was Lan Shang. Kinda.
I thought those were the exact same moves. I cringed just as hard
I can't even open my eyes all the way to look at the screen.
Ooh, there's swirling black clouds and a boiling red volcano! It looks like that, anyway. Ah, actually, there's a column of red fire shooting up out of a massive H (I?) on the roof of a skyscraper. Plebeians are walking towards it with burning red eyes. We see the flaming column of fire is shooting up into the swirling black clouds. Looks pretty cool, really, and quite safe as long as no hot air balloons are around. We hear Xing Gui's voice say, Brother, the blood red lotus is about to bloom and the twin stars are about to join, and so you must go to Earth. Dreamer then walks up. It was all a premonition dream. Anyway, he has to get to Earth somehow, though why he didn't do that 5 lifetimes ago is beyond me.
I can't wait to see him in modern get-up! Will he show us his abs?!
I am very much looking forward to modern day Dreamer.
Cut to a fantastic kendo studio (no really, it's like a side tomb in the tomb-raiding show of my dreams) and two women dueling hard. One, I see is Ming Na, and the other turns out to be a cranky Cheng Tong. They are sisters, worse luck. Ming Na is planning when to confess her love to Feng Suo, whom Cheng Tong calls that "Do Re Mi Fa So," pffft. Ming Na doesn't want to turn into another Qin Chu. Oh dear, she's obsessed in this life too. Cheng Tong, on the hand, is angry Luo Luo rejected her idol, Qin Chu. (Sidebar: really? Because now he's free for you. And unlike me and Jaehyo, you are in the same social circles so you can date Qin Chu.)
I didn't get anything about all this. I should probably learn the names, shouldn't I. I thought Qin Chu was Cheng Tong's brother.
I was stuck trying to remember who Cheng Tong is, so you lost me pretty early.
Then they see another woman dueling, and Cheng Tong notes she's amazing at kendo. She certainly knocks her sparring partner to the ground, but, oups for Cheng Tong, it's Luo Luo. Oh noes, Qin Chu turns up ostensibly to apologize, but basically to harass Luo Luo into dating him. She tells him she won't forgive his brother, and stalks off, except stupid annoying Cheng Tong calls her back to call her ungrateful and pick a fight. The others pull them apart, Qin Chu gets in between, but Cheng Tong still lashes out with her big stick and there, the episode stops. We don't know who she hit.
I already know who is going to annoy me to death in this


So much happens in this episode! At least we saw Shi and we see some of the reincarnates (is that the correct word) but still no Yan Da. And it seems like Luo Luo is swimming in a sea of corporate sharks. I almost feel sorry for her, but not quite. I like her management team, though I didn't catch Male Manager's name. I don't understand why Shi tried to lock down her uterus, though. That is what he was trying to do with that crazy contract, right? Weird.
He was? Hm. Why does he know stuff and Ex-Kasuo doesn't?
Anxiously awaiting episode 3!
Seems like Shi is very interested in keeping Feng Suo away from her. Are we still having this triangle?