Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 45 (Recap)

kakashi: Time to meet the four magnificent, ferocious, very bad CGI mystical beasts! They like arms for breakfast. After being badly wounded by them, Ye Hua goes and uses up his life force for an elixir that will revive Mo Yuan.
JoAnne: I just spent several minutes wondering if it would be inconsiderate to say 'here, let me give you a hand with that' to someone who only had one of them.

Episode 45

Mope-mope, Li Jing. He gets word his wife fled to Yingzhou (where the mushroom grass is) yesterday, with a "mortal" and Yan Zhi. His soldiers are ready to interfere, should Xuan Nu make a move on the princess. Also, Li Jing does not care if his "son" is wounded in the fight, he considers him dead from birth. This location is pretty!
Li Jing, why would you not insist on taking your dead child from your crazy wife and burying it, then?
The two women are resting in a cave, Yan Zhi is talking about what a cursed place Grand Ziming Palace is. Xuan Nu talks about her feelings of inferiority (Bai Qian, who turns out to be Xuan Nu's sister's sister-in-law, had everything, she nothing). She's feeling much too sorry for herself, this woman, but she is still pitiful. Plus, she really loves Li Jing, which is probably the saddest part of it all. 
I have my doubts about whether that's love or not, but she certainly thinks she does.
After Xuan Nu has gone to sleep, Yan Zhi stares at her until Sixteenth comes back from outside. Toilet-break? Anyway, Yan Zhi thinks it's time to reveal she's a Ghost Lady. Oh well, he says he isn't scared - and later, she realizes he has long known who she truly is. Not revealing who (and what) he is, he smartly adds that the ignorant have nothing to fear with regards to this ghastly place they're at.
They make such a nice pair. I want them to have more story, but I don't see how it would further Bai Qian and Ye Hua's story so I guess it won't happen.
They talk a bit more, she tells him she once was in love with a guy (that's Si Yin) after he asks whether she likes anyone... and then, our CutiePie16 confesses that he likes her. But he does not want to hear whether she likes him too - and he warns her not to fall for him. He will tell her who he is tomorrow.
It dawns on me now that he probably thinks they won't survive.
Okay, drama rule: never say "I'll tell you tomorrow". It's an almost sure way to either die or at least have things go to major shit in dramaworld.
I'm really not prepared for them to die, though.
And then, they're at the Fungal Cave. The names of the four mystical beasts are: Hundun, Qiongqi, Taowu, and Taotie. As we have heard before, they inherited half of the Heavenly Father's power. That's Mo Yuan's daddy, not the Asshat ruling now. Yan Zhi commands Sixteenth to wait outside with Xuan Nu, but of course, he follows her in, and Xuan Nu follows him, because she does not trust anybody. You are all gonna die, idiots.
I can't imagine that either Yan Zhi or Sixteenth are nearly powerful enough to do this, but as soon as Xuan Nu came into the cave I knew she'd make things worse for them. They had at least a chance together, but now...
Yup, they stand no chance. I wonder what this one's name is?
But then, 16th gets serious. He declares who he is (Celestials always do that before battle, apparently, so that people know to collect their bodies in case they die). Anyway, he also stands no chance. Luckily for him, Li Jing has arrived outside and hastens to his aid. He and all his soldiers? They stand no chance. At least, Li Jing knows this. He commands Sixteenth to take the women out of there.
It's like a Scooby Gang coming together, if everyone in the Scooby Gang were going to be killed.
Haha, the beasts do teamwork. One throws, the other roasts. And one looks like a giant asshole.
That was EXACTLY what I said when I watched this.
Xuan Nu refuses to go out. Sixteenth doesn't care at all (actually, he tells her to make sure she gets killed quickly) and carries Yan Zhi outside. The Crown Prince appears. He is updated on what's going on in the cave and seals 16th in ... not sure why, so that they can't come in again? Or is it for protection? 
I thought it was to prevent them from re-entering the cave. I don't think the monsters come out of the cave.
Okay, Ye Hua is awesome. He kicks those beasts' asses. Sadly, they kick his too.
I yelled at the screen!
He is badly hurt, but all the beasts are down! Time to take and then destroy the fungal grass.
I still don't understand why it's suddenly a bad thing. Especially now that the beasts are gone.
Ah, but Xuan Nu, though half-blind, is obsessed with getting fungal grass to revive her child. She attacks Ye Hua. One of the beasts takes this opportunity to snack a bit. Ouch.
I knew she'd screw things up. I knew it.
 And ewwwwww.
Li Jing's face, though. I guess he's grossed out by the sight of blood. And tendons, veins, muscle, bone...
Ye Hua manages to vanquish the beast, even with just one arm, and even though he is in great pain, he destroys the fungal grass. It could be worse, really! They could all be dead.
But if he dies... I would rather they all were dead than him.
Ye Hua sinks the island. I like him all powerful like that. Yum. Even with just one arm. I still don't understand why that was necessary.
They sat around in a room debating what could be done to Ye Hua that would be big, big enough to be a real sacrifice, but not so big that he became less manly. It worked out to be an arm. You can't take his leg and have him hopping around, after all.
I was talking about the sinking of the island, but never mind :) 
Yan Zhi begs him for a piece of the fungal grass for the Ghost King's child - and he gives it to her, even though she cannot even use it, as Ghost person.
So who was going to do it, then? Xuan Nu?
They have the grass now, but Xuan Nu dies ... in Li Jing's arms. Yan Zhi takes the baby from her arms... it looks like she is going to take care of it. She's such a nice person.
It was a really good scene. Xuan Nu was a really good villain.
Li Jing runs after the Crown Prince though - with a warning. Whatever he does, do not use the mushrooms for Mo Yuan! It is not jealousy that makes him say this (well, at least not primarily). It is necessity: once Mo Yuan's spirit is reassembled here, it will no longer seal the Bell. There is an additional problems: because Li Yuan died, Qing Can is now even more powerful than before.
So how come he's the only one that understood this? Shouldn't they all have understood this from the start?
And then, Li Jing asks something I'd rather not have heard: "If my father breaks out of the bell, will you use your own spirit to seal up Qing Cang?" Oh no. He adds: "For the sake of A-Yin and Mo Yuan". Oh no no no. Ye Hua does not answer, but his agonized face says it all.
Of course he would. You don't even have to ask.
Not much is said between Yan Zhi and Sixteenth on that seashore. She heard him declare who he is in the cave, so there are no more secrets. It also means they know they cannot be together; Celestials and Ghosts are a no go. He needs to return to Kunlun Mountain and she has a baby to take care of. It's goodbye for them. "Don't come after me", she says.
This is my biggest regret in the whole drama.
An extremely weak Ye Hua has arrived at Kunlun. Second Disciple first mistakes him for Mo Yuan (it must be SO annoying for Ye Hua) and then leads the Crown Prince to their elixir cauldron. It's a secret that he is here, of course, and he does not need any help, of course. And then, Ye Hua uses up quasi all his power to make an elixir for Mo Yuan.
About the power, do they get it back after thousands of years? Does it rebuild?
Half dead, Ye Hua stumbles into Peach Blossom Valley and collapses in front of Zhe Yan's hut. That's the most alarmed I've ever seen Zhe Yan. 
You're right, he's generally pretty mellow.
Zhe Yan makes Ye Hua a new arm from 10'000 year old lotus root. Haha. He knows the Crown Prince must have a secret ... or else, he would not have turned up at Peach Blossom No. 1. Bai Zhen tells him to make a better one. Oh yes, please.
I think have an extra joint might be useful, though.
At the Western Sea, Bai Qian has tended the lamp for three nights and days ... and Die Yong wakes up! We are close. We are so close.
So close I can TASTE it. Unfortunately, I'd still only be tasting Die Yong right now and no, I'm not gonna lick Die Yong.


Ouch, Ye Hua. Oh well, we couldn't stop you. Nobody could've.
Good job, though. Let's give him a hand!