Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 46 (Recap)

kakashi: A slow-ish episode, in which we see just how bad Ye Hua is and in which Bai Qian expresses fears and doubts that her Shifu will ever come back.
JoAnne: I think her attention is misdirected...

Episode 46

Bai Qian is mortally tired and magic-locks her door to get some rest. She lies down to rest, but thinks she needs to get ready to get the divine fungal grass next (in secret). *Bam*, Die Feng enters. Haha, no rest for the wicket. It's her sour 2nd Brother who has come to see her. Everybody's reactions to him are hilarious. He has come about ... marriage! The Water King of the West Sea has promised that whoever cured his eldest son could marry his/her daughter to him. Bai Yi thinks Die Feng should marry Fengjiu! Hahaaaa, that's NOT the deal.
Love the sequined collar, Die Feng. You're so much more stylish than I expected.
Die Feng very clearly has no interest (Fengjiu is far too young for him, he thinks) and Bai Qian backs him up. She may be dense in matters of her own heart, but she does understand that this is about her brother's great displeasure with the Donghua Dijun affair. It is Die Feng who has a great idea though: make it known the Little Princess has come of age and let age-appropriate suitors come for her to choose! Immediately.
This is an appealing idea. Line me up some puppies!
Fine, that crisis is over too - Bai Qian kicks the two men out of her room, she really needs to sleep now. Looks like Fengjiu has to marry soon, huh?
What's the rush? Bai Qian is twice her age and not married yet. At what point is a fox so old that any kit born would just basically be dust and furballs?
Oh, but what is that? It's gorgeous Dijun in the mortal realm, visiting places, having Fengjiu hallucinations. That clearly bothers him (it doesn't exactly follow his idea of being a rock, I guess) and he has Si Ming deliver their arrow-balls, sorry, arrow-bells token to her, when he hears she is looking for a husband.
But if she's going to get a husband, shouldn't he keep his balls to himself?
I do not fully understand what kind of gesture this is meant to be. That he is cutting all ties? He has Si Ming tell her that because she saved his life in the mortal realm, their debts are now cleared. Oh, goodie. No more repaying shit. Apart from that, Fengjiu really gets the coolest presents! A dagger made from the scales of one of the (now dead) mystical beasts, something else made from the Roc Bird's feathers, a Luminous Pearl from Chang Sea, etc.
I love, absolutely love, that peachy coral pink Feng Jiu wears. My sweater is a darker shade of same. As for The Return of the Balls yes, I think that since it was a token of affection, to return her gift is to say that there's nothing between them now.
Anyhoo, the keepsake. Fengjiu told mortal Dijun to remember her, always, for saving him. And he promised. Him giving it to her now probably means he does no longer want to remember? She goes to the mortal realm after this, to that hut she almost died in ... and finds Dijun there. Her eyes fill with tears immediately. He reminds her that the romance started in the mortal realm and it ends in the mortal realm ... but! What is he doing here, then? Fengjiu asks. Does he remember? Yes, he does, is the answer. But they are not common mortals. "Flowers bloom and then wither. All things come to an end". He means to say: let it go, woman.
To his credit, he doesn't look pleased about it.
She seems to finally get it? Anyway, she returns to her father's den after this, looking all heartbroken and listless.
But lovely, because that color gown is incredibly flattering to fair skin and brown hair.
At Zhe Yan's, Ye Hua wakes. The poor boy - he has a new arm, but it won't move and he can't even feel it. Not to worry! says Zhe Yan, in a "couple of thousand years, it might be able to move". No biggie.
Let's all just stare at his attractive fingers, shall we?
Poor Ye Hua, trying to bow. :(
He leaves fairly quickly after this, after asking whether Qian Qian is still at West Sea (probably) and tasking Zhe Yan with delivering the elixir to Bai Qian. Without letting her know it's from Ye Hua, because Qian Qian does not like to owe favors. If she knew it was from him, she would not accept it happily (he thinks). And he totally lies to Zhe Yan about how he got it, claiming there is part of an elixir from the Lord of Numinous Treasure in there (instead of quasi his entire life-force).
I dropped in on comments earlier and saw a discussion about how numinous isn't a word? But it is: having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity. 
Zhe Yan agrees to pretend the elixir is from him. Before Ye Hua leaves, he also warns him about what will happen to the Bell once Mo Yuan's spirit returns to his body. Ye Hua believes that when the time comes, someone who can subdue Qing Cang will appear. 70'000 years ago, it was Mo Yuan. 300 years ago, it was Bai Qian. Someone will do it in the future.
He can't possibly mean himself, can he? He may be the CP, but he's now also a one-armed, half-cultivated CP.
4th Bro wants to run after Ye Hua to tell him that his sister's feelings for him are real, but Zhe Yan thinks he shouldn't meddle. I don't know, you meddle plenty enough, old man! Anyway, his two aides pick Ye Hua up and take him to heaven, where he collapses at the gate. Damn, he really isn't well. Of course, he tries to hide things again. He sends Jia Yun to fetch Cheng Yu and tell her to take A-Li to an assembly at Sacred Mountain and to pick sugar cane. Tian Shu he sends to his grandfather, to report he's back after successfully concluding the mission ... but that he has used up all his cultivation in the process.
That was one costly trip, all considered.
A-Li is skeptical when he hears that his father allowed him to go for sugar cane. Or is he celebrating something special? He is never that lenient! Cheng Yu is sure it must be the wedding between him and Bai Qian! A-Li is so happy.
When A-Li is happy, we are happy.
Well, Ye Hua's plan not to have people make a big fuss has backfired, they're all there in his room, fearing for his life. On the upside, we get to see him look extremely good again lying down.
Mark seriously needs to list that as a 'special skill' on his resume: Very good looking lying down.
Bian Qian really was tired ... she sleeps for days and when she wakes up, she hears Zhe Yan has been waiting for her for two days in the main hall. He has come to deliver the elixir! Of course, she is very concerned for him - is he hurt badly? Not at all, of course. But he does realize something: that Ye Hua did all this for Bai Qian, who was dead-set on going to get the fungal grass and use her cultivation herself. She would most likely have lost her status as High Goddess in the process.
I remember being surprised that he was surprised, but I guess it makes sense.
Knowing well that Die Yong's body is much too frail to cope well with the immense energy inside that elixir, Zhe Yan (meddler!) pays Mi Gu a visit and sends him to the Ghost Realm to go get the Soul Jade. Poor Bai Qian is so scared after Die Yong really collapses ... that Mo Yuan won't return after all. Our dear Die Feng consoles her though: it will be alright.
Just a brotherly chat over which hair pomade works best for the shiniest, most manageable up-do.
Also headed towards the Ghost Realm: Yan Zhi, still clutching the baby. Following her: Sixteenth. Poor, poor sixteenth... it takes all his resolve not to follow her into the Ghost Realm, but to turn back, knowing she is safe and where she belongs. Yan Zhi watches his retreating back, tears streaming from her eyes.
He made a ward so he wouldn't have to trust himself not to enter Ghost Tribe territory *sobs*
Ah, but Second is so glad to see his Sixteenth again. It must be nice to have a home like this to return to!
I know that it is much, much, MUCH more than this, but in my head I can't help thinking of Kunlun Mountain as a school and all these boys as members of a dorm, so when they return I think of it as alumni weekend at a frat house. Minus the carousing, of course.
Li Jing is moping (and drinking from chicken leg cups). I know someone who probably needs a set of those. He musters minimal energy to warn Yan Zhi against trying to use the fungal grass - that can only be done by the Celestial Tribe and if she tries, there will be dire consequences. Like she cares! Then, someone from Qing Qiu is announced ... suddenly energized, he asks whether it is a woman. Duh! No, it's a man, or rather, a tree spirit. And he tells Li Jing that Zhe Yan thinks he should repay Ye Hua's kindness (for saving Li Jing in that Beast Cave).
It's only polite, after all.
Bai Qian is fretting over Die Yong, who is in a coma again, when Mi Gu is announced. He gives her the Soul Jade and Bai Qian is major confused about how and why Zhe Yan had Mi Gu fetch it and bring it to her. Mi Gu, our simple dear tree spirit, forgets the most important part, which is: put the stone on the 1st prince, else he will be engulfed by the powerful aura of the elixir. Apart from that, Bai Qian also learns that Li Jing owned Ye Hua a favor. For saving his life. That makes her wonder ... 
Yay, Mi Gu, inadvertently furthering the cause of true love! For the love of all that is green and growing, can we not find this adorable guy a cute little flowering shrub or something?


Will Ye Hua ever learn to tell people when he needs help? Again, he tried to sweep everything under the rug. It's harder now, with one harm. First he has to sweep, then he has to drop the broom and lift the edge of the rug, but then how...? He sent A-Li away - that was very considerate - because he realized how poorly he is, but instead of calling for the Medicine King straight away, he tried to hide his condition. Seriously!
Do you think he figured 'screw it, I'll either live or I won't, and she doesn't want me anyway....' She wants you! You got to see her naked, remember? Live, fool, live!

Bai Qian knows nothing about it either and that, also, is not correct on his part. Yes, I get it. She hates to owe favors, he wants to pretend he did nothing for her. Still, for their love's sake, he really shouldn't just go and die quietly up in the Heavens.
Slinking away like a sick dog to die in a dark corner :( 

What else was there ... ah, yes. Dijun-Fengjiu. Oh well. He doesn't want to remember your love, Fengjiu, even if he does. I don't know, I find your insistence very clingy, if not stalkerish. If someone says "no" at least ten times, should you not, well, accept it? 
Definitely in that camp with you.