Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 50 (Recap)

kakashi: Fengjiu finally gets it. I repeat: Fengjiu finally gets it! Let's see how long it lasts, haha. There is no Ye Hua in this episode, because he's currently about 1 year old, but we get plenty of sad, barely coping Shifu instead. *cries a river*
JoAnne: Dijun, this pinkish shade is nice.

Episode 50

Hug Dijun time! He looks like something smells bad when he asks about who told Fengjiu he was going to meet his destined calamity. He adds: "Do I look like I'd die soon?" If you ask like this, no, not at all, Dijun. Handsome and healthy as ever you are.
Cold bastards never get sick, do they.
Okay, Fengjiu is still convinced he will die, maybe not just now but soon, so she hugs him again and declares anew she will never leave him and do all kinds of things for him ... he interrupts with "Your father is here". Hahaha, that made me laugh. He is indeed here. Not for Fengjiu primarily but to discuss Bai Qian's wedding, but why not take care of other things too, right? It's a sad affair, this sniffling young fox, who is adamant she will have to stay in the Heavens with a man who does not want her. *sigh*
You know, I'm starting to understand why her father spanked her.
Mo Yuan and the others have arrived at the foot of Kunlun Mountain, finding a collective of lower deities gathered there, looking up to the top in considerable awe. Mo Yuan worshipers! Bai Qian quibs that they used to keep a low profile when she was a pupil here, but what can you do? Even rocks react to Mo Yuan -  Kunlun Mountain is formed by a protruding dragon's bone and it is so happy Mo Yuan is back it welcomes him back with divine energy. Using an invisibility spell as not do disturb the worshipers, Mo Yuan beams them all up to the top. Haha, the little deities notice it anyway, cute.
Even a rock can appreciate a beautiful, quiet man with just the right amount of scruff.
And then, our Master is back in Kunlun and I cry tears of joy with all the Disciples who have gathered to welcome him. Iz cuuuute. Mo Yuan is back to wearing interesting headpieces as well. He's almost crying too. Really, all is well.  
Well.  We have no Ninth, so it's not entirely perfect.
They all go into the Grand Hall ... Bai Qian lingers a bit outside, not quite sure what to do ... and then follows them inside, staying at the very back. Sixteenth takes heart and reports something sad: Seventeenth has disappeared. They searched for him desperately, to no avail. He might in fact be dead. "I am not", says Bai Qian and steps forward. "Seniors, I am Si Yin".
Immediately all disciples have the same thought: Which bathroom will Si Yin use now?
She bows to her Master, like disciples do - and admits it was her who drugged all her seniors to steal his body away. Ah, but none of this matters now. Sixteenth is in tears, his Seventeenth is back! And she even dressed up as a female deity to hide from them! Pffft.
Ahhh, you simple boy. I love you so.
Well, Bai Qian is clearly a woman - Die Feng speaks up and can boast a little that he has found out first among the pupils - and a high goddess at that! She does not want them to refer to that status though, as long as Mo Yuan is around, she is Seventeenth to her seniors! Mo Yuan smiles a very little as he watches his pupils welcome Bai Qian/Si Yin back, but his eyes look wet and .... *rushes there to give Mo Yuan a hug*
The brothers share an emotional nature, although Mo Yuan is more reserved about it.
Mo Yuan is in his room, staring at the moon. As always, a vase with peach blossom twigs is on the table - Bai Qian puts it there. In her room, Bai Qian looks at the same moon. I doubt she is thinking about the same things Mo Yuan is thinking about though.... (later, after a cute chat with 16th, it's confirmed: she misses Ye Hua). Zhe Yan comes to Mo Yuan with some peach blossom wine - and Mo Yuan agrees to drink with him much more quickly than he ever did before. He has much to ask his brother, he says, about Bai Qian, it would seem lonely without wine. Zhe Yan warns Mo Yuan to consider whether he truly wants to know ... it may change how or rather as what he sees Bai Qian.
Zhe Yan always knew how he felt and always knew that Bai Qian was Si Yin. The only thing he didn't always know was that Su Su was also Bai Qian/Si Yin. I guess there wasn't anything he could say to anyone, though.
Zhe Yan tells him all about what happened then. How Si Yin hold his body and cried, like a mad person, how she wanted to destroy the Ghost Tribe. How she made sure nobody could take him away, how she fed him her heart's blood. It pains Mo Yuan, clearly, to hear how much she suffered for him. And yet ..... it seems she was simply repaying a debt.
That would actually hurt even more, don't you think?
Up in the Nine Heavens, Fengjiu escalates. She beams herself right into Dijun's bed, covered in (fake) wounds (pretending her father wanted to beat her to death). He sees through it right away. And leaves the bed. And the room. After telling her to leave him alone and stop chasing after a mere illusion.
Holy Pain in the Ass, Batman. Fengjiu where is your self-respect?
From Si Ming, both Fengjiu and Cheng Yu - it was her idea with the injuries, duh - learn that the thing with the destined calamity is utter bullshit. For a god of Dijun's status, there would be an incredible fuss if he were to be dying soon. He will continue living for some additional hundred thousand years, potentially even longer than Fengjiu. Haha. Fail. So.Much.Fail.
I'm so fed up with her. Grow UP.
But it gets worse. Fengjiu realizes that she might have gone too far today. She feels ashamed. And then, she learns her father went to talk to Dijun - about marrying her. Yes, her proud, powerful father goes and begs Mr. Rock to marry his daughter. But Dijun declines - right away, and totally honest. Him and Fengjiu, they are not meant to be. Once more, Dijun tells Fengjiu she means nothing to him. He WANTS it to be nothing (which is worse, of course).
At this point any pain she feels is her own fault. She's had more than enough time to come to terms and move ON.
But she finally gets it. Even after her father begged him, he refused. What humiliation for the noble Fox. What utter embarrassment for Qing Qiu. She runs away, to her father, who is waiting at the entrance to the Heavens. He doesn't scold her, but takes her home.
He loves his little girl.
It is later, when Si Ming comes to talk to Dijun, that we learn about the Rock of Three Incarnations, which makes clear what Dijun has been saying again and again: Fengjiu and him are not meant to be. Oh, maybe that Rock is Dijun's relative?
First cousins. Or maybe twin brothers, given the local history.
Trouble in the Ghost Realm. What else is new? The old Ghost Lord's return is creating unrest, there are only a few clan leaders left who support Li Jing, including two measly Generals. Li Jing says he will have to take drastic measures. What will you do, up your moping? First, he wants to go see Ye Hua. Not very drastic. But when he's in the Nine Heavens, there is no Ye Hua, but wedding decorations - and Li Jing realizes his A-Yin is going to get married soon.
Cue the freaking tears. I wish there was a spell that removed tear ducts.
Bai Qian serves her Shifu some tea. He seems very tired ... well, that elixir was only enough to wake him up. Plus, there are too many visitors. There are wild stories, too, about Mo Yuan arriving at the peak of Kunlun majestically, wearing his battle armor, carrying his sword of the Yellow Emperor. And ... he had a sweet young lady beside him. Ouch. Lol at Bai Qian saying: "A young lady is a bit far-fetched, but a sweet young lady? That's horribly wrong".
Well that makes it sound like he was off on a little trip with his girlfriend. Poor Mo Yuan :( When he was awake she was his student and a relationship would have been so wrong, so he was waiting. And then he was out of commission for 70'000 years! It's not his fault! Everyone keeps saying 'you snooze, you lose' but what could he have done?
Sixteenth starts teasing her about being an old maid and demands to see the man who wants to marry her. Bai Qian promises to invite all of them to her wedding in two months. Zhe Yan glances at Mo Yuan. Poor guy. This is a lot to deal with. Anyway, when new visitors are announced, Mo Yuan gets up and leaves, without another word.
Quiet little lovie, he needs some hugs. I volunteer quickly, before Kakashi has a chance to read this.
Too late.
Bai Qian finds his behavior odd and says as much to Zhe Yan ... who promptly teases her about being so dense. She still does not get it. Her heart, her mind are so full of Ye Hua ... who, she learns at the end of the episode from blabbermouth Second, made the elixir for Mo Yuan at Kunlun so that nobody would know. All she ever owed Mo Yuan, Ye Hua paid back.
Yep, all while thinking she loved Mo Yuan and that by doing this, he was basically making it possible for another man to spend his life with the woman Ye Hua loved. And what about Mo Yuan when he finds out he owes his life to the man who won the heart of the woman he'd been in love with for almost 100'000 years?


Mo Yuan :(
I don't like it that he's suffering. He has done nothing wrong, he saved the world and missed the opportunity to talk to Bai Qian about his feelings before. He probably thought he'd wait a little until she was more mature, but then .... sad. If there is one thing we learn from Asian drama, it's that it's all about timing, though, and your timing, dear Shifu, was considerably off. I am sure you will find a woman who suits you soon though. There's about 20 billion volunteering.
I'm not so sure it's fair to think of it as Mo Yuan's bad timing...how could he have done differently than he did? Rather than bad timing I think it was a poor choice...she was never meant for him, but how was he to know that?

We spent the rest of this episode on Fengjiu and her hopeless quest and .... well. It makes me physically uncomfortable to see her throw herself at this man so much. The scene with her father was quite powerful though. This proud, stern man, begging ... and being turned down in such a blunt, almost curt way. I do think Bai Yi knew - or at least strongly suspected - he would be turned down though and it was basically that a last resort for him. He also knew it would move his daughter, as it did. There is a limit to the embarrassment you would want your family to go through.
Yes, and we reached it about 20'000 years ago.

Well, we've discussed it before and I'm sure we will again, but it is Dijun's RIGHT to behave the way he does. He does not have to love anyone. He does not have to be moved by this fetus. Even if he has feelings but does not WANT to acknowledge them, that's his right. I find it extremely disagreeable that she keeps pushing and begging all the time. She is a stalker of the worst dimensions - she even beamed herself into his bed.
I would like to know WHY he feels that way, though, since it's clear she did move him at least a little bit.  But I ask for that from my privileged position as a drama watcher, because that gives me something of a right to have answers.  As a real person involved in that situation, though, I'd say that Dijun has no obligation to explain nor does Fengjiu have a right to expect answers.