Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 51 (Recap)

kakashi: This is a very slow episode, a typical filler. Beyond that, it's slow torture for Mo Yuan. I found it very sad, overall.
JoAnne: But look at him. All those nipples put me off a bit, though, if I'm being perfectly honest.

Episode 51

Shifu is staring into the distance at the lotus pond when Bai Qian approaches. They chitchat a bit about the good-ol'-days and it ends with her saying "in the future, I'll surely be filial to you". Bam, daddy-zoned again. Ahaha, it's so brutal. She is so damn clueless.
He's staring at the lotus pond wondering why he didn't just drain the damn thing when he had a chance. It's not murder if your love rival is a plant, it's lawncare.
Mo  Yuan does not want tea, so she goes to the main hall, where Zhe Yan and Bai Zhen are playing Go. Zhen Zhen loses spectacularly, which isn't unusual, it seems. Bai Qian clearly has something on her mind, so Bai Zhen humors her. It's this: she wants him to cover for her so that she can go down to the mortal world to visit Ye Hua. Who is about 10 years old at the moment. Huh.
Make up your mind, woman. You hated it when he was half your age. Now he's a tenth! Hands off the pre-pubescent!
Bai Zhen allows her one hour instead of the seven or eight she demands - and then follows her right down. I don't know what the whole point about this "favor" was, lol, but Bai Qian claimed she's afraid her Shifu would also want to check on Ye Hua himself. And since Shifu has not been restored to his old glorious self, going to the mortal realm could be dangerous for him. If you say so. Also, it's snowing. Pretty.
Whatever. Let's do something.
Little Ye Hua's name is Zhao Ge in the mortal realm and the boy is just as studious and smart as Ye Hua was as a boy. He only has one arm, too, the reason why he's bullied by the other kids. Bai Qian visits him at night (the kid thinks he's dreaming at first) - and tells kiddo that they're destined to be married in ten years, ergo he cannot marry anyone else! Devious, jealous woman, haha. She gives him the beads that Ye Hua gave her way back when she was in the mortal realm for the Snake Kid as a token for their promise - he, in turn, gives her a piece of jade.
Okay, he IS very cute.
Here is 4th Bro being surprised she is so jealous. She tells him to shut up, he's the least one to know anything about women. Oh well, I'm sure he knows a lot about Old Phoenixes instead. Priorities.
I heard their favorite game is Hide the Peach.
The little boy becomes quite obsessed about Qing Qiu after the nightly visit ... a place nobody has ever heard of, but the lovely lady and future bride said that's where she was from.
So the mortals have no idea about the other realms?
Fengjiu ran to her aunt at Kunlun in Bai Qian's brief absence ... she needs a shoulder to cry on. And cry she does, of course. It's a total filler but quite amusing that she talks about her feelings for Dijun while Zhe Yan and Mo Yuan stand right there behind her, hearing every word. Well, she also asks Bai Qian if she could ever forget "the Crown Prince" if she were told to do so and Bai Qian admits she could never. Twist the knife in Shifu's heart, why don't you.
I guess after enough of this he'll volunteer for bell-sealing duty.
They all decide to get drunk together and Zhe Yan says about Dijun (at Fengjiu's insistence to learn more about him) that he is "even worse than Mo Yuan in terms of celibacy". Come on, now. Mo Yuan is a Taoist Teacher, it would be a bit weird if he had sex all the time, no? Have you seen him? It's weird that he's NOT having sex all the time. Also, both men have plenty of women following them around, leave them alone. Celibacy is a choice we should respect! Mo Yuan says Dijun stays celibate "for the sake of all realms" and looks quite stern saying this. 
I bet Mo Yuan knows the secret.  Ooooh, do you think that rock is Dijun's....nahhhhhh.
Oh no, Li Jing is moping around. He is at the foot of Kunlun Mountains with his Qilin, moaning about the huge increase of divine energy that makes it hard for him to get close. After confirming with some of the minor deities that Mo Yuan has indeed returned, he slowly mopes away.
If this show ruins him for me forever, I will be devastated.
Up at the school, Fengjiu wakes up with a hangover (I guess, she cannot drink as well as her aunt). When she sees her aunt, she is really happy and hugs her ... until Bai Qian tells her to get on with that Queen business. Fengjiu has a HUUUUUGE hissyfit, claiming Bai Qian only says this because she wants Fengjiu to give up Dong Hua Dijun. Uhm, why, what? This is stupid. Why should she not be Queen and then marry Dijun, just like Bai Qian was Queen and is now marrying Ye Hua? Also, I was mistaken when I wrote that Fengjiu gets it now. She doesn't. She is still planning to be with Dijun.
Bai Qian will stop being Queen when she marries Ye Hua, though. That's why Fengjiu has to be Queen in the first place. Also, from now I'm ignoring the FJ/DJ love story. It's old enough to get its own glass of water and put itself back in bed.
Next, Fengjiu runs into Li Jing (whom she doesn't know). He is moping in front of the cave in which he hid while pursuing A-Yin back in the good-ol'-days. Li Jing tells Fengjiu she is ruining her pretty face with all that crying.
Now tell her she'd be so much prettier if she just smiled. I've never seen a fox rip out a man's throat before, this is should be good. 
She says she'll keep crying until he can't bear to watch her. Oh, this is funny, she asks: "Is this cave pretty?" because he keeps staring at it. "It's very pretty to me", he answers. She calls him a boring man after this and we all agree, including Li Jing. Ooookay, enough with the fillers.
It's pretty bad when even the person who WROTE you is like DUDE. Enough with the moping.
All this moping and soul-searching has helped him reach a conclusion. He will not destroy A-Yin's happiness and upcoming wedding and he won't put Mo Yuan's life at risk again. He will not tell anyone that the old Ghost Lord has become more powerful and will soon break out. Because.... well, because he is STUPID STUPID STUPID. Does he really think he can do this himself?!  
Well, sure. He's been so successful at everything else, after all...ahhhh, I crack me up.
Nobly, he entrusts his child and the Ghost Realm to Yan Zhi ... and then knocks her out to bring her to the Arctic Lands, out of his way. His fiery Qilin, who is crying sad, sad tears, he tasks with guarding the Princess and the Baby until his stupid deed is done. He is not to come looking for him but he is to assist Yan Zhi after Li Jing's death.
Cute little Qilin, just let him go. I think he's done here.
Zhe Yan is still at Kunlun (since he's worried about Mo Yuan's health) and so is Bai Qian. The poor woman is exhausted again. Maybe she doesn't get enough iron?
Okay, but he claims to have come because of something serious. Do tell. It's about Mo Yuan, who has set his date for his meditation/seclusion. It will start in seven days and Zhe Yan needs Bai Qian's assistance to make him a special elixir to recuperate faster. The seclusion will potentially last up to ten years. Noooooo, Shifu! Don't leave us again!!! TT___________TT
It's too much to expect him to hang around for the wedding, though. This is a good excuse.
Upon hearing this, Bai Qian runs to her Shifu's chambers with fresh Peach Blossoms. He is resting his hands on his zither, thinking about Si Yin, who used to pester him every day for a tune. Beyond changing the flowers, she wants to talk to him, she says. They have barely had time to chat since he woke up. *smile alert* *swoon* *dead*
I think it's even cuter because it's so brief, you know?
Bai Qian says Ye Hua has never played anything for her (true, he draws though) and at that cue, Mo Yuan, this pained expression just won't leave his eyes, asks whether his twin is treating her well. He did pluck her eyes out once, Shifu, but apart from that, I'd say yes. "He does", says Bai Qian, but it's different from how Mo Yuan treats her. Yes, there is one spectacular detail you are NOT getting from Mo Yuan, we know.
But you totally could, and there isn't a woman here who would fault you, girl. Go for it.
It has started snowing again and Bai Qian rushes to the window to see. Mo Yuan starts playing the zither. Zhe Yan, who is sitting at his Go table, sighs and says "such coincidental mishaps". I guess that his brother's heartache, his missed opportunity makes him very melancholic. From Second, who approaches to greet him, he orders sweet candied peach blossoms, to bring to his Zhen Zhen. If you have love, treat it well. Happiness is only fleeting.
You know, like a peach blossom. THERE. Nailed THAT metaphor right to the wall.


Bai Qian is a creep. Making marriage-promises with a ten year old boy! Her jealousy is also a bit funny. The boy probably doesn't even know what girls are and she is already trying to prevent he can have any love affairs. Does she not know that Ye Hua is so much into her he would never enjoy anyone else's company anyway?
But that boy isn't really Ye Hua...

Li Jing is getting on my nerves big time. That's nothing new, but in this episode, he once again proves that he's a real idiot too. I get it, sure, he thinks he has to finally DO something, but could he not have thought about this a bit longer?! He isn't powerful at all, our Sex Prince. His father will eat him as a snack, get much more powerful, and will then be basically unstoppable.
He doesn't compare to Ye Hua at all, does he, that sexy little snack.

Mo Yuan ... Mo Yuan is not trying to fight. He knows he has lost this game while he slept and he is far too noble to hope for this situation to change. Bai Qian's love for Ye Hua is very clear and there were at least a thousand little things rubbing it in. But he is clearly very sad, apart from being very weak and frail. I actually liked how Zhe Yan is the one expressing the heartache for us viewers, with his concerned side glances and off-hand comments here and there. He realized that he is partially to blame for this "mishap". But in the end, it's fate. And these old gods know very well what that means. You do not fight fate.
The first rule of Fate Club...