Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 55 (Recap)

kakashi: Another eventful episode, now close to the end! Ye Hua's mortal trial may be over, but a trial of another kind is waiting for him - will he win Bai Qian back before the end of the drama? Or will we all cry our eyes out for all eternity?
JoAnne: It's okay either way, Peachers. Kakashi and the Writer Throng will make it right if Ye Hua doesn't get his girl in the end. No Peach Pitty Parties will be necessary!

Episode 55

Ye Hua is back in the Heavens! The first person to meet him at the Gates is Si Ming ... the poor chap was nervous because Ye Hua didn't wake up in Xiwu Palace, but he knew that his trial was over from his Book. He says it's good that Ye Hua is back so early, trouble is brewing in the Grand Hall. Oh no, poor Ye Hua ... he knows immediately what is up when Si Ming tells him about how Bai Qian barged in and took Su Jin's eyes :(
I think he should go to Su Jin's palace and pretend he got turned around somehow and went to the wrong place and he's naked and gee, it's really lucky she can't see him.
Si Ming holds him back when he wants to rush to her though. Dong Hua has urgently requested for him. Anxious but resigned, Ye Hua heaves a sigh and says he'll need Si Ming to bring the following people: His uncles Sang Ji and Lian Song, Snake Couple's son Yuan Zhen ... and the figurine Su Su who served his mother in the Mortal Realm.
Okay, McGyver. No paperclips? I realize that might not translate well for everyone...but it makes me laugh really hard. McGyver was this guy who, could basically get himself out of any bad situation with a very random assortment of things. You know, like make a bomb from a tube sock, a piece of day old bread, some chewing gum, and a hair band.
Si Ming is very efficient with that task and after convincing his 2nd uncle that justice for Yuan Zhen needs to be upheld if he does not want to be bullied again and again, the whole posse strides in. I rewound this several time, it cracks me up. The league of justice walk.
Yes, if the League of Justice waddled like penguins. I loved it too, I thought they were so cute.
Dong Hua is like: good you're back, Crown Prince, this is after all an issue of your harem. Su Jin sees this as her chance to touch Ye Hua (HANDS OFF!). It looks like he's suppressing an impulse to kick her.
It's unhealthy to repress your emotions, Ye Hua. Be free! Express yo'self!
The figurine Su Su steps forward, happy to recognize her maker. Su Jin screams that she does not know this person, but Ye Hua simply turns Su Su back into the wooden statue with a flick of his hand. It lands in Su Jin's lap. Busted. Ye Hua tells everyone there how Su Jin made that figurine to seduce him. 1st Prince knows: the punishment for trying to seduce the Crown Prince with witchcraft is to be stripped off the celestial status and be banished to the Animal Realm (to be reborn as an animal. A worm, maybe?)
What is the animal we hate most in the world? No, wait. What animal do other animals hate most in the world?
Time for crime number 2 - Dong Hua has Yuan Zhen speak up about how he was wrongly accused. He carries himself well, the young one. Since it's clear he wouldn't have been able to find Su Jin's slumber chamber on his own on his first visit to the Heavens, the Heavenly Lord has no choice but to admit he might have mishandled the situation back then. I HATE HIM. Never do these awful old men get punished!!! But: For framing a grandson of the Heavenly Lord, Su Jin will have to be stripped of her celestial status and be punished to the Animal Realm a second time.
Make her into two animals that hate each other and spend eternity trying to rip each other apart! Yes!
Su Jin screams that Dong Hua has set her up - oy, that is DUMB - and it's only downhill from there. She rages and sobs and accuses everyone present to be against her - which includes Ye Hua. Aaaaaand she's added another crime to her record by saying that: slandering her husband. Pffft. It's actually more severe than the other two crimes (that's so Heavenly law)
You know what? This is one time I'm just gonna cheer for the patriarchy, okay?
She tries the pity card with Ye Hua one last time, pulling the hem of his robe. He says if he would side with anyone, wouldn't it be her? That drives her over the edge and she screams "No! You never take my side! Never! Not once! You've always pushed me away!" Exactly.
So...you DID notice? Then...I'm sorry, Su Jin, but if you aren't CRAZY, why on Earth did you do all these things? Can her being sane and just plain evil equal a third animal punishment? I would like cats to vomit hairballs on her for eternity.
At this point, Dijun says they should stop the hearing and not even discuss Su Jin's accusations of Bai Qian. Or else, Qing Qiu could get very angry that they believed such a criminal's accusation of their Queen. Luckily, they're among family (uhm, Fengjiu is there, but never mind), so this can be kept quiet. It's okay. She won't remember anything but how hot DiJun looked to her, being all presiding judge-y. Since Su Jin is the offspring of a faithful clan, she does not have to become a worm. Dammit. But the hairballs, at least? But she has to leave the Heavens and guard the bell. Booooo! She can have fun with the Earth Deity there, that's no ample punishment! Son of a bitch. No hairballs, really? I was counting on that. Heavenly Lord tells Ye Hua to get married as fast as possible after this. As you can see from Ye Hua's face, he's thinking that could be a bit of a problem.
Whatever you do, Ye Hua, don't compliment Bai Qian today and ask her if she did something different with her make up or hair...
His mother keeps him from rushing straight to Qing Qiu though. Now that she knows Bai Qian is identical to Su Su, she's on about how her poor son has suffered so much because of this woman again. Just buzz off.
From the side her hair looks like the poop emoji covered with flowers.
Up in the throne room, Fengjiu asks the big question: If .... if Dijun had not removed his name from the Rock of Three Incantations, would he have fallen for her? He walks out without giving her an answer. Which is an answer itself, I'd say. She just says she'll follow him around until she gets her answer. *Sigh* ... been there, done that.
I think if she keeps this up he's going to turn himself back into a rock and then bash her skull in with himself.
Ye Hua starts a sad vigil in front of the Fox Den. Bai Qian has ordered Mi Gu to forbid anyone from entering, she wants to see no one. Ye Hua looks like a sad, broken puppy.
A sad, broken puppy wearing the nose of a plane, complete with landing gear. (Yes I know it's in the wrong place. Humor me, this is how I cope.)  
Oh no, it's Li Jing. Somebody stop him! He had his remaining men - the rest rebel against him - build a ritual platform. He says he will seven days to "disperse the crimson clouds" and restore the peace. What he means to do is summon his father's spirit with the help of his blood. Hands up if you think this is a bad idea.
He dies as he lives, a drip.
Su Jin is delivered to Ruoshui right when it gets uncomfortable for Qing Cang inside. The Earth Deity is very happy somebody else has come to help. By the way, the Heavenly Lord had fish eyes inserted into Su Jin's eye sockets. I'm laughing so hard.
I wanted to see that, though.
Ye Hua cries outside the Fox Den, thinking about Bai Qian's marriage proposal to him. It's been seven days he has been standing here, waiting for her to let him in. She won't though. She is drinking and being miserable. She tells Mi Gu to tell him to never come to Qing Qiu again. She will go to the Heavenly Lord tomorrow to call off the engagement. Noooooooo!
Nope. Nope. NOPE.
The hope in Ye Hua's tear filled eyes when someone appears at the cave entrance! But it's only Mi Gu. The good soul continues to lie that she is just too drunk to understand what is going on. Ye Hua knows he is lying and he asks him to pass on another message for him. She told him she would snatch him back and lock him up in her fox den if he started a relationship with someone in the mortal realm. Maybe that maid he brought home to serve his mortal mother can count as one? (okay, one of the saddest lines in the entire drama, *sobs*)
Bai Qian, have pity on this miserable soul. It's too sad.
But she doesn't come out to snatch him and lock him up. She screams at Mi Gu to make the Crown Prince leave. She never wants to see him again! Later, it starts to rain. Ye Hua is still standing there. And he does not want an umbrella, he shouts at his worried aide. I guess men with low cultivation are not allowed out into the rain?
He's still weak, he'll catch a cold and die.
Zhen Zhen and Zhe Yan won't intervene either. They tell Jia Yun that one should not get involved in an argument between a married couple. They have to wait until Bai Qian figures her heart out. Both are confident all will be fine.
Sure, but what if Ye Hua DIES first?
Up in the Heavens, Dong Hua decides it must be time to visit the Bell himself. Outside his palace, he picks up a faithful shadow.
Someone, quick - teach me good insults in Chinese. I need them. I need them so bad.
Li Jing is still doing his blood magic thing. He manages to spirit chain his father. Things go berserk at the Bell, but all will be well because Dijun has arrived! Oups, no. He has lost his powers. He can't even use soul-tracking magic to look inside the bell. But Fengjiu can! The surprising result: there is no spirit in it!
What in the whuuuuuuuut?
That's because Qing Cang's spirit is back in the Ghost Realm, ugly as ever. Li Jing thinks it's an easy game, but I say with no surprise that no, it won't be. Qing Cang has his Double Crescent Halberd with him. His spirit might not be able to hurt Li Jing, but his weapon most certainly can.
We joked about this, but I was a little surprised.


I liked this episode! All of it, actually. Even the Dijun-Fengjiu bits. I still consider Su Jin's punishment much too light though. And she even got fish eyes!!
I had so many good ideas. What a wasted opportunity.