Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Timeline

kakashi: Dear Peaches - the recap project is almost over TT____________TT but we can't let go. In the process of creating the background for our fanfiction project, we came up with a timeline, which we want to share with you. Comments and corrections are welcome! We had to guess a few of the dates from background information. Pillow Book events are omitted.
Year 0
Father Deity/Immortal founds the Heavens and the Earth

Year 10’000
Because Mother Deity feels lonely, Father Deity and her created the 8 realms and the 5 clans:
  1. Celestials
  2. Phoenix
  3. Nine-Tailed Foxes
  4. Ghouls / Ghosts (Yao) 妖
  5. Demons / Devils (Mo) 魔
  • Donghua Dijun (no clan) comes out of a rock
  • Zhe Yan (A Phoenix) is born from a fireball
  • 5 Clan wars start (they lasted more than 100’000 years)
Year 40’000
Shao Wan, a Phoenix and the Demon Ancestor, crawls out of an egg (she claims it was a few hundred years after Zhe Yan and Donghua, but it looks like it was much more :)

Year 45’000
Mo Yuan is born from Mother Deity’s belly as only son of Father Deity.
No details are known, but the calamity that makes Mother Deity miscarry Ye Hua must have happened shortly before this.

Year 70’000
Mo Yuan becomes High Immortal (at a mere 25’000 years old)

Year 110’000
After the Clan Wars, Father Immortal's school (Shuǐ Zhǎozé) is opened
Shao Wan is admitted to school (at 70’000 years old)

Year 140’000
Father Immortal gives Mo Yuan the Golden Lotus to take to Kunlun
Father Immortal dies - the school is closed
  • Dijun takes over Realm (because he is the strongest)
  • Mo Yuan becomes Master at Kunlun (at 95’000 years old)
  • Zhe Yan creates Peach Blossoms St. and becomes a hermit
An extended warring period begins - Mo Yuan and Zhe Yan are kinda busy or don’t care, so it’s all left to Dijun.

Year 210’000
Demon War
(Fanfic: Shao Wan dies at 170’000 y/o

The Heavenly tribe wins, an extended period of peace follows. Donghua Dijun abdicates to Heavenly Lord’s father. Sometime later, the current Heavenly Lord succeeds to the throne

Year 260’000
Bai Qian is born

---------- DRAMA timeline starts here --------

Year 310’000
Bai Qian comes to Kunlun (at age 50’000)
She stays at school for 20’000 years

Year 330’000
Ghost War
Mo Yuan sacrifices his soul to stop the Bell of the East Emperor from destroying the world and seals Ghost Lord Qing Cang.
  • Mo Yuan is 285’000 years old when he perishes, R.I.P.
  • Bai Qian is 70’000 years old
  • Ye Hua is 0 years old 
Ye Hua's spirit is busy gathering Mo Yuan’s scattered soul for 20’000 years (book)
Bai Qian becomes Fox Queen (in the drama version)
Ye Hua becomes a Fetus when Le Xu comes to Kunlun

Year 350’000
Ye Hua is born from Le Xu's belly.
Bai Qian is 90’000 years old

Year 370’000
Ye Hua becomes High Immortal (at only 20'000 years old, breaking Mo Yuan's record)

Year 400’000
Qing Cang wants to break out of the bell after 70’000 years
Bai Qian (140’000 years old) seals him and becomes mortal Su Su

Year 400’005
A-Li is born
Su Su jumps down Zhuxian Terrace and becomes a High Goddess

Year 400’300
Ye Hua and Bai Qian reconnect
(You can read about the details in the recaps :D)

Year 400’300 and 6 months
Mo Yuan wakes up
Qing Cang breaks the seal
Ye Hua kills him (and destroys the Bell), using Father Immortals borrowed powers
Ye Hua takes a short nap in a basalt coffin  (3 years)

Year 400’303 and 6 months
Ye Hua wakes up

-------- Drama timeline ends here -------

Year 400’526
Ye Hua and Bai Qian get married (223 years after Ye Hua's returns)

Year 401’000
Fanfic: Shao Wan is resurrected (after 190’000 Years)