Fanfic: A Cypress in Winter – Character Bios (Ice Fantasy - 幻城) Updated

Character Bios for "A Cypress in Winter", Ice Fantasy Fanfiction

Character bios are based off of the original Ice Fantasy TV series / current fanfic, with character observations from previous POTUP recaps included for entertainment. Feel free to add your own character interpretations in the comments. It’s Ice Fantasy, people! Magic mushrooms are welcome! New character bios will be added as the story progresses.

Characters listed in order of appearance/mention. You might want to check out Mao Jiang. He’s hot.

Written By UnicornSlippers

Song Bai

First Appearance: Chapter 1

Third daughter of the King of Earth Tribe and an Imperial concubine. Very strong in Earth magic. Young and stubborn. Raging hormones because she needs to mate. Was very attached to her father. Willing to sacrifice anything to help her people. Is extremely attracted to Xun Ru physically, but is also fascinated by Shi. She is unsure if she wants Xun Ru to take care of her virginity problem or if she wants to take care of Shi’s virginity problem.

Xun Ru

First Appearance: Chapter 1

A handsome and self-centered member of the Earth Tribe royal guard. Delights in irritating Song Bai, but has been secretly in love with her for years. A bit of a brute but has a good heart. Regularly drunk. Is hot-headed and speaks before he thinks. Amazing swordsman. Everyone wants him to hook up.

Ying Kong Shi (Shi)

First Appearance: Chapter 2

Youngest Prince and current King of Ice Tribe. Ethereal. GREAT lips. Definitely a virgin. Obsessed with his brother to the point of self-destruction. Treated like an outcast by his clan because of his magical abilities and parentage. Arrogant but kind-hearted towards the innocent. Generally cool and remote to his clansmen. Is the only immortal with both Ice and Flame magic. Thinks girls are annoying, except Song Bai. Has dubious taste in women’s fashion. Everyone thinks he looks like a 13 year old. Shaddup. Scared of breasticles...for now.


First Mention: Chapter 2

Eldest Prince and former King of Ice Tribe. Shi’s brother. Husband of Li Luo. Mopes/cries a lot. Frequently sweaty. Proficient at flute playing. Clumsy but a good kisser when he isn’t sweating. Terrible King. Killed by Flame while trying to help Ying Kong Shi regain his memories. Cryopreserved.

Yan Da

First Mention: Chapter 2

Fire Tribe Princess and best friend of Ying Kong Shi. Very beautiful and very badass. In love with Shi. Likes whips and fireworks. Eyeliner game is on fleek. Died protecting Shi from her father, Flame.


First Mention: Chapter 2

Former King of the Fire Tribe. Fantastic cheekbones, but questionable skills with eye shadow. Likes to eat souls for breakfast. Occasionally has fire hairballs. Without all the gunk on his face and the Wonder Woman crown, he is moving hotness. Died in battle against Ying Kong Shi after he killed Shi’s brother, Kasuo.

Li Luo

First mention: Chapter 2

Widow of Kasuo and former mortal leader of the Ice Tribe Guardians. Has some of Ka Suo’s Ice magic. Tough and beautiful. Is in a relationship with a unicorn named Turnip. Doesn’t look good with bangs. Depending on the day, she may or may not have facial expressions. Currently visiting her old Ice Tribe Guardian friends in the mortal realm.

Xing Jiu (Dreamer)

First Appearance: Chapter 2

King of the Dream Tribe. Spiced Tofu Master with a twist. Can move around in the dream world and manipulate other’s dreams. Wears a corset. Snoops a lot. Might be a peeper. Shi’s advisor but pretty pissed off at him right now. Has a questionable relationship with his sister, even when she is dead. Great abs. In love with Lan Shang.

Lai Yi

First Appearance: Chapter 2

A mortal in the city of Hollow Lake that gives information to Shi and Xing Jiu on the Blood Red Lotus. Let’s pretend that he looks like Hu Ge. Used an online Chinese Fantasy Character Name Generator.


First Appearance: Chapter 3

Slightly crazy matriarch of Ice Tribe. Very old. Potential bird nest in hair. Despite being frequently confused, she is very wise and full of interesting prophecies. Has something surprising in store for Shi.

Lan Shang

First Appearance: Chapter 5

Former Princess of the Mermaid Tribe, now Queen after her Grandmother was eaten by Flame. Shi’s second cousin. Beautiful but often goofy as hell. A very awkward dancer. Was in love with Kasuo for years but he only considered her a friend. Lost her tail to an ugly Fire Prince. Later had sex with Kasuo when her soul was inhabiting Li Luo’s body. Don’t ask. Currently having an affair with Xing Jiu.

Wu Zan

First appearance: Chapter 5

Head of the household servants at the palace in Snow Blade City, but he’s not your average Servant Master. He looks familiar. Skilled in many different disciplines, including women. Likes to play a friendly game of chess. Has mysterious plans for King Ying Kong Shi. Everyone’s bias.

Li Tian Jin

First Appearance: Chapter 8

Shi’s alter ego when he loses his memories. Sometimes referred to as Zorro-Shi, or Phantom of the Opera-Shi. Rather volatile and has crazy eyes. Doesn’t like Kasuo. Super sexy. Frequently wears a mask. Did I mention super sexy? Disappeared when Shi regained his memories. GREAT lips. Also a virgin. Occasionally makes an appearance when Shi gets very angry, as evidenced by Shi’s blue eyes turning to a metallic copper color.

Bing Zhanshi

First Appearance: Chapter 9

Sizable and stoic leader of the Ice Tribe Army. Steadfastly loyal to whoever is sitting on the Ice Tribe Throne. Brave and trustworthy, but lacks imagination. Wu Zan thinks he is boring, but there may be more to him than meets the eye.


Coming Soon Appearance: Chapter 13

Song Bai’s oldest sister, and daughter to the Earth Tribe King and Queen. Not terribly bright. Timid and shy, but loves to gossip once she gets to know you. Married but husband’s fate is unknown as he stayed behind to fight in Sanctuary. Not terribly loyal to her spouse and is interested in Wu Zan. Easily manipulated.

Mao Jiang

Coming Soon Appearance: Chapter 14

Former general of Fire Tribe, now ruler after the death of Flame and Princess Yan Da. Exceptionally hot, and also looks familiar. Intelligent, ambitious and utterly ruthless. Sort of a dick. May have had a thing for Yan Da back in the day. Despises Ice Tribe. Likes to pose for pictures with cats.