Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 18 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

WARNING: Not for underaged eyes, turn away! To read chapter 18, you must be at least 18! Or 21! Yes, be 21!

Chapter 18

written by kakashi & panda
edited by JoAnne

Shao Wan was extremely proud of herself: she had gone through two days of what they called “diplomatic meetings" without losing her temper, without further angering the God of War (though she was sorely tempted, more than usual after the beach encounter) and without gutting Cheng Yin alive. Yes, she was on her best behavior, and she occasionally looked at Fong Hung over her shoulder seeking his nod of approval for it.

Her mount had always been her staunchest critic and when she had returned to her tent after the incident in the garden the other night and had told him what had happened between her, Cheng Yin and the God of War, Fong Hung had almost shouted at her. She did have to admit that this was a very bad situation and that she had completely mishandled it. Cheng Yin had power over her and that was about the worst thing she could imagine. Angering her most natural ally was undoubtedly stupid and she cursed herself for once again losing her temper with Mo Yuan. Getting on Mo Yuan’s good side was the primary goal now - getting her palace and everything else back was secondary.

Cheng Yin was all false niceties and hateful smoothness. It gave her some satisfaction to see in Mo Yuan’s posture and minuscule reactions to his shameless lies that he, too, abhorred the man. The Yellow Demon King had tried to have her banned from the festival for ruining the garden, but the God of War had calmly argued that damage to trees and walls did not break any rules, since the rules explicitly mentioned the drawing of blood, and trees and walls did not bleed. His word carried weight and the matter of the ruined garden was quickly put to rest by having a group of volunteers remodel it - someone, probably Si Ming, even had the brilliant idea to turn it into a side event at the festival.

So far, the “peace talks” had consisted of endless posturing by the Demon Kings about their prowess and good will towards the Celestial Tribe. It was completely useless and a waste of everybody’s time, because the real issue was plainly Cheng Yin. They all knew he had amassed a huge army and they all knew he was just waiting for the right opportunity to go to war. However, since she was on her best behavior, Shao Wan did not curse Mo Yuan for listening calmly to everyone’s lies. Rather, she was impressed by his patience. Maybe, she thought, looking at his impassive face, she should have learned something beyond fighting from him.

Cheng Yin lied that he was ready to yield her palace to her now that she had returned, but claimed that this could not happen from one day to the next since he had no other place to go. The vile scumbag knew well enough that she herself had to dwell in caves hiding from his soldiers, denied access to all her possessions including her sacred weapon - unless she submitted herself to him. She would rather kill herself than ever have him touch her again. Sadly, cave-dwelling did not agree with her; her energy level and her spirits remained low. She had eaten raw sea-snails the other night, not quite 4 baskets, but she did not gain the strength she had hoped she would.

She realized the situation was less than optimal. Like his father before him, Cheng Yin knew a spell to activate her sky-powers. Obviously, her body did not just switch off by itself like she had believed – at least not when manipulated by this spell. She knew Mo Yuan had severed the sky-link during the war but she had burned nonetheless, laying great waste to the surrounding lands. Probably, as Fong Hung had suggested, Mo Yuan had been able to fully deactivate it this time with no further damage to himself or herself because he had been standing right next to her and could react within seconds after the spell. What if the link had remained open, then and now? Would she have burned up the whole world?

The truth was, Fong Hung’s words had made her realize that she owed Mo Yuan yet another debt. She couldn’t fool herself; she had not been in control and she had been far from regaining it. Not that she liked it, but in addition to owing him for saving her again she also owed him for keeping quiet about her attack at the beach. He was neither tree nor wall and he had most certainly bled. She had seen that the sand was red, after he left. Something for which to be grateful: neither the festival rules nor the injury to his person were more important to him than having her present at the meeting.

All things considered, she had to admit that he was right. She did need to work on her control unless she wanted to be helpless again the next time Cheng Yin chose to move against her. Thus, she had started to meditate like they had taught her at school. It was the most difficult thing she had ever tried, not least because she was mightily distracted - by thoughts about Mo Yuan.

When he had pressed her into the sand, eyes ablaze with fury, she had realized this man was special. No other man would get so furious at her - because no other man who was her equal cared so much what she did and did not do. And no other man had ever made her want him with such intensity. That having him was such a challenge only heightened her desire. Unlike other men, he could not just be taken. Not only did he despise her, he had also proven in Zhe Yan’s orchard that he had far more control than she in such matters.

It was a new sensation for her to desire someone without being able to promptly quench her lust. She had often heard other women at school talk about the “art of seduction” while they were pining away for someone. After some reflection, she had come to the recent conclusion that this “someone” must have been Mo Yuan. She had never understood why they discussed this at such great length, and had always laughed at their wailing once they had failed to get the object of their admiration to even notice them, let alone bed them. They were clueless: bedding someone was straightforward and easy and most definitely not art. At least, that had been her experience before she'd begun lusting after someone who spent his life controlling natural urges.

Now sitting here and watching him listen, she wondered what art of seduction might work on Mo Yuan. She strongly suspected the Foxes knew, but she had not spoken to the Fox Queen or the Crown Princess beyond the required greetings. She was miffed about their lack of respect. The young one with the birthmark, Dijun’s wife, had stared at her quite rudely, and the other, the twin’s wife, had not looked at her at all. No, she would have to work this out by herself.

Jumping him as she'd done in the orchard seemed the most natural thing to do, but she really wasn’t herself these days - and he had gotten a lot stronger. She had considered asking him, but she was certain he would reject her. The only avenue unexplored so far was one thing the Celestials at school had gone on and on about: how women should subtly entice the object of their desire to make him make his move “on his own.”

She had no clue what “subtly enticing” was or why anyone should fall for such stupid games, but she thought she might as well imagine how she would undress him - that was subtle enough. Slowly, her eyes drank him in. He looked so good in his deep blue robes. She thought about ripping them to shreds with a dagger… or maybe she should do it more slowly, considering it should be more like “art”?

He wore so many layers of clothes; it would take quite a while to peel him out of them. She imagined the texture of his skin underneath her fingers when she finally succeeded. She thought that she would like to discover his scars and she wanted him to tell her - in great detail - how and where he had gotten them. How many were her doing, she wondered? Would he like it if she bit him? Would he let her take the initiative? She imagined nibbling and sucking on him. That made her remember his taste and she felt herself grow more and more wet as her desire deepened. Sitting still was becoming extremely difficult.

Abruptly, Mo Yuan got up and curtly dismissed everybody for a tea break in one of the other rooms. He signaled to Shao Wan to stay back and she realized with a rush of excitement that he knew exactly what she wanted - and more, was ready to give it to her. No need for words. As soon as everybody had stepped out of the room, he grabbed her waist and started to kiss her aggressively. That hadn't been very hard, she thought, those Celestial women sure were clueless!

Ah, but she needed to have her revenge. The bastard had been so cunning the last time! No more of his games - it was her turn to dominate.

She pushed him away. He was too proud to plead for more, but he couldn’t hide the hunger in his eyes. He would do exactly what she told him to do.

“Mo Yuan, take off your clothes,” she ordered. “Let down your hair and lie on your stomach.”

He complied immediately. After quickly removing her own garments, she straddled him at his waist so that she could run both of her hands through his hair and along his spinal column, making sure to touch the nerves and energy points. She could hear his breath come more and more quickly as she trailed her nails down his spine and sides while roughly nipping his neck and ears and anywhere her teeth could sink in. She was careful not to draw any blood since that was forbidden during the festival, but he would surely have some marks to show - or rather, hide! - tomorrow. She continued to tease him until he groaned and panted, and only then did she order him to turn over so that she could see how ready he was for her.

Initially she had plans to tease, and thought to suck him for a taste of his essence - but when she saw just how ready and big he was she instantly abandoned the idea. She had to have him in her, right now. Moving lithely, she flung one of her legs back over his body, balancing on the floor on her knees while she held him, now hugely swollen in her hand, to guide him inside her. His dark eyes were like bottomless pools as he watched her face, quiet and docile. She let his tip nuzzle at her before she gradually pushed him into the warm, wet, quivering place between her legs. He didn’t stir as she continued to ease the pliant column of her body down until he was enfolded deep, deep into her.

“Don’t move,” she ordered, looking down at him. His shaft was her plaything, her possession.

She would set the pace. If he tried to move or thrust, she would stop. He had to give himself fully to her. He continued to comply as she rode him. Being in complete control over him heightened her pleasure a thousandfold and her movements increased rapidly as the tension built within her. Hips moving faster and faster, taking him in deeper and deeper, she drove herself to her climax. At last she threw back her head in sightless ecstasy, her whole body shuddering uncontrollably. She collapsed forward onto his chest, her whole body pulsating in the aftermath of her release.

“Demon Goddess?” Mo Yuan said from across the room.

She opened her eyes and saw that everybody looked at her.

She blinked. Oh. Had she missed a question? She felt very hot.

When she locked eyes with Mo Yuan, he swallowed hard. Was he … blushing? It was the faintest of color changes, but he was clearly rattled. Shao Wan smiled her most radiant smile at him and settled back for more boring peace talks. She very much liked “subtly enticing.”

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