Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 21 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 21

Written by MiniOrchid, chimera and kakashi
edited by JoAnne

Nine hundred ninety-nine dishes and 99 types of wine were served at the final banquet on the last day of the White Rock Sea Festival. The official festivities started at noon and ended at sunset to symbolize the peaceful conclusion of a tiring but advantageous journey, though for most of the guests the party did not end there - there was plenty of wine and food to be had afterwards, too, and most of the immortals mingled long into the night with old and new friends, in large and in small groups.

Si Ming was giddy from excitement and he still couldn’t believe his luck to be present at such an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime event. For eight days straight, he had recorded everything he deemed important and more, from sunrise to sundown and well into the night. Speeches, encounters, diplomatic meetings, and so much gossip … he could not keep up with everything, no matter how much he cut down on sleep. By day three he had even run out of scrolls and had to ask the king of the West Sea for more. So many immortals who were present here and so many who were not present were going to demand the full account of this historic moment - he would not fail them. Official records, off-the-record records, and the top secret very-much-off-the-record records - they were all to be had for the right price.

They had almost reached the end of the festival and he knew from experience that it was the last day, (and more so the last night) that brought the most excitement. He had to push his exhaustion aside even if it meant he’d collapse later.

Heading to the palace, Si Ming saw Third Prince approaching. Exactly the man he needed.

“Third Prince! Third Prince! I need to hear what you saw when the God of War and his intended bride ran into each other the other day. Did you witness it?” Si Ming had his scroll and brush ready. He still did not have enough juicy details about that meeting because he had only heard very dull people speak about it. And of course, he didn’t dare to ask the God of War for his impressions. He was a bit intimidated by High God Mo Yuan … he thought it possible that Mo Yuan would confiscate all his scrolls and turn them to dust in front of his eyes, not condoning this type of activity.

Third Prince sighed and shook his head. “Star Lord, I did not. It so happened that Bai Gun Gun dragged me away to see the corals at that moment.”

“What about Cheng Yu?”

“What about me?” Cheng Yu appeared behind them. Si Ming was impressed.  Cheng Yu had the most impeccable timing; he wondered how she did it and whether she could teach him that skill.

Third Prince instantly perked up, putting on his best flirtatious smile. “Cheng Yu! You look lovely in purple.”

Si Ming held his tongue. From his experience, their banter would take a few minutes at least. Best not to interrupt the routine.

Cheng Yu rolled her eyes at the Third Prince. “And you look smarmy as usual.”

Undeterred, Third Prince took a few steps towards her, “I want my payment, my dear.”

“For what?” She scowled at him, “and who’s your dear?”

“For getting your name on the guest list,” he smirked, “It wasn’t easy.”

Cheng Yu narrowed her eyes. “In that case I want my payment, too,” she countered.

“For what?”

Flashing her mischievous smile, she said: “For telling you and the Star Lord about the God of War and his bride-to-be.”

“Fine.” Third Prince edged closer, still smiling. “How should I pay you?”

“By cancelling my payment for the guest list.”

“Cheng Yu!”

“The Third Prince will go back on his word?”

“Fine, don’t tell us about the God of War and his bride, I’m sure we can find other eye witnesses. So you still owe me.”

Si Ming was losing his patience; he definitely felt the lack of sleep.

“Third Prince, I need to hear about the God of War and his bride,” he urged.

Cheng Yu looked at him. “Then make him cancel my payment, Si Ming.”

“It’s just a kiss,” Third Prince persisted, not ready to back down.

Cheng Yu turned to Si Ming again. “It’s not just any piece of gossip. I can promise you that.”

“You abhor me that much?” Third Prince asked, looking slightly hurt.

She glared at him. “Your wounded eyes don’t work on me. Besides, the Demon ancestor and Mo Yuan running into his bride is nothing, even if you consider where her hands were. A dozen people saw that. I saw something much more scandalous.”

Much more scandalous she said! Si Ming could not let this pass. “Third Prince, please!” He begged.

“Fine, it’s canceled. But I doubt it’s worth it.” Third Prince said grudgingly.

Eyes filled with mischief, Cheng Yu said “The bride has no interest in the groom.”

“What did you say?”

“How do you know?!”

She lifted her head and rubbed her chin, voice dropping to a whisper as she said “I saw her sneak off with someone else behind the coral wall yesterday. They’re amorous, to say the least.”

“But she’s engaged to the God of War!” Si Ming couldn’t believe his ears. That bland woman was humiliating the God of War? He had to pinch himself quickly to make sure he hadn’t fallen asleep without noticing.

Cheng Yu scowled. “So what? It’s an arranged marriage. No one asked if she wanted it. And it’s not like the God of War has looked at her even once before their chance encounter the other day. Even the blind can see where his attention lies.”

“Do you know who her lover is?” Si Ming asked, shaking from excitement.

She shook her head. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell - his head was buried. But I know for sure she is not going to wait for 700 years for the next auspicious date, judging by where his mouth was. By the look of his clothes, he is from the Demon Clan.”

“Demon Clan!” This was juicy gossip indeed.

Nodding her head, she turned her attention to the Third Prince with a triumphant smile. “Didn’t I tell you my juicy gossip is worth much more than that kiss?” Cheng Yu smirked.

“You underestimate the value of your juicy lips, my lady.”

“Pervert!” An outraged Cheng Yu stormed off towards the palace.

“Wait, I’m not the pervert, you have to tell me more!” Si Ming chased after Cheng Yu. He needed details! His prediction was correct; the last day was without a doubt the busiest day. When he got back to the Nine Heavens, his first priority would be to get a disciple or two to help him with recording gossip in the future so that things like this would not be missed again! The future bride of the God of War having her tofu eaten by a Demon Clan member! The repercussions of this would be tremendous.


The festival was almost over, the God of War had assurance from the Demons that they would not join the Yellow King in his warmongering and, in turn, the God of War had assured the collective Demon royalty that he would let them handle the troublemaker themselves without intervening, at least until the danger became too great for the Heavenly Tribe. Shao Wan had nothing to complain about - it was what she had insisted on. And yet, she did not feel good at all.

It had taken Cheng Yin’s early and rage-filled departure yesterday - clearly, he had waited for the first good opportunity to storm away prematurely just to make a statement - and many side-meetings with the other Demons to get to this point in a fairly short time. Tonight Mo Yuan’s face showed his lack of sleep.  She marvelled at this man’s selfless dedication once more.

She had heard the story of his sacrifice many times by now; the God of War had given his soul to the Bell to ensure peace in the realms. He probably didn’t even hesitate, Shao Wan thought, and he would probably do it again tomorrow if he had to. She had never before felt admiration for any man, but the God of War was an exceptional specimen all around. She wondered why it had taken her so many millennia to realize this..why she had not seen through her hatred much earlier. She must have changed, she concluded - and maybe he had changed too, when both of them slept for so long.

Others had also realized that he was exceptional, of course, being far less slow than her. The Purple Queen had gushed non-stop about how gallant the handsome God of War had been to her in his tent during one of the side meetings. That story had put Shao Wan in a very foul mood despite her like for the younger woman - an even fouler mood than when they had bumped into that virginal featherweight of a bride of his. Mo Yuan had not talked to Shao Wan alone again afterwards, surely because there was no need for more interaction. Had they not clarified everything that evening?

Shao Wan knew her silly daydreaming would change nothing. She understood very well what “I cannot give it to you” meant. She understood who he was, she understood his status, his lineage, what was expected of him. She understood that he would never be truly tempted by someone who was born from an egg, with no possessions or virtues. She had briefly thought he was wavering, that he was looking at her like she was looking at him, but that was a foolish notion.

She kicked a shell against a tree and was satisfied when it shattered into a thousand pieces. Tomorrow, she would return to the Demon realm. After her long talk with the God of War, the Purple Queen Yi Mei Niang had offered Shao Wan half of her palace as a temporary residence. She strongly suspected but could not prove that the God of War was behind this, and it would be rude and stupid to refuse. After settling in there, she would try to topple Cheng Yin; alone, if need be. It was the only thing she could do and she had promised Mo Yuan to settle her debt.

If only she could stop regretting how things were between them.

Suddenly, Shao Wan felt someone watching her. Cheng Yin’s minions again, even though he had left?

She sighed. “You'd better show yourself - or do you prefer instant death?”

She heard high-pitched squeals behind the coral wall. Children? This was embarrassing. She had been so preoccupied with thoughts about the God of War that she hadn’t even noticed their presence. Mo Yuan would have a good laugh if he knew.

Two small figures appeared from behind the coral wall and approached her. It was the two Celestial Princes, without their fox mothers for a change. She had no remembrance of their names.

“It is impolite not to introduce yourself to an elder,” Shao Wan said, giving them a stern look.

The first one, older than the other, bowed deeply and nervously said, “My name is A-Li. I’m the imperial great-grandson of the Celestial Tribe, my father is the crown prince, and my mother is the crown princess. I will be Heavenly Lord when I am bigger. High Demon Goddess, we apologize for our rudeness.”

The little prince bowed again. Shao Wan, who normally considered children to be awful pests, found herself smiling. That Fox woman even managed to beget an adorable, well-mannered son? Such skills! A shame they were not more friendly.

She now looked at the second child, the spitting image of Dijun in miniature. He was even more nervous than little A-Li.

“I am Bai Gun Gun. Pleased to meet you, High Demon Goddess, please excuse my rudeness.” He too bowed deeply. That The Rock had fathered such a well proportioned, comely son was quite baffling. What karma had he earned to be rewarded with such good fortune?

Scowling viciously just to play with them, she asked: “Why were you two spying on me?”

“We’re not!” they cried in unison.

Shao Wan arched her brow.

“A-Li would not dare lie to the High Goddess. We’re here for official business!”

Official business? Shao Wan could barely hold back her laughter. Their little faces were so serious! At this rate, she thought, they’ll turn into monks like that Celestial bastard.

“What official business do you have with me?”

“Dijun GeGe mentioned that you are the only Phoenix High Goddess in all the realms and the Demon Ancestor. Is that true?”

Dijun GeGe? This little turnip was allowed to call Donghua Dijun “GeGe”?

She wondered what else Dijun the Rock had told them. “Yes, what else do you know about me?”

“Not only are you the only Phoenix High Demon Goddess in the realms, you are also born from an egg. You went to school with Dijun GeGe, Fox Grandfather, High God Zhe Yan, and Uncle Mo Yuan,” said A-Li eagerly. “You always fought with Uncle and still do so today.”

That was common knowledge then, ha.

Gun Gun chimed in just as eagerly, trying to outsmart his older relative: “You have powers of the Phoenix, which include longevity, healing, staying youthful, and resurrection.”

“I admit, I am impressed with your thorough knowledge concerning me. But you two haven’t told me what the official business is yet.”

“We….we want to know if you are engaged yet?” A-Li asked.

“I … what?”

Ye Heavens, this was the official business the two shorties were talking about? Indeed, now she noticed how they eyed her with admiration.

“Father Lord said you’re still unmarried, is that true?” Gun Gun gleamed at her. He was his father’s son alright - already mischievous at his tender age. She had been wrong, they would not be monks like that Celestial.

“It is true, I am neither married nor am I engaged.”

Shao Wan wondered where this was going. One of Dijun’s pranks?

“In that case, A-Li would like to ask for your hand in marriage,” declared little A-Li with another polite bow.

“That’s not fair, I want to ask High Demon Goddess for her hand in marriage! High Goddess Shao Wan will be my wife!” Gun Gun declared, angry tears shooting into his eyes.

“No, High Goddess Shao Wan will be my wife! I asked her first! I'm older than you, I'll grow up stronger before you will,” A-Li shouted.

“My Father Lord said it’s not the strength of the man but his looks that matter!”

“My Father Lord said it’s not the looks of the man but his strength that matters!”

Shao Wan shook her head at the bizarre situation before her. She was being fought over by two Celestial princes barely out of diapers, all because that scheming Rock had too much time on his hands. He owed her several drinks for this, and hopefully tonight - she could use good company. But before then, she would play along.

“Princes,” holding up her hand, she stopped them in mid-sentence, “no need to fight over me. You can both be my male consorts."

“Male consorts?” they asked, glancing at each other in perplexity.

“Yes. It is called a reverse harem. You can both be my male consorts and I can have both beauty and strength. It’s a win-win for everyone.” Shao Wan smiled at them.

“Reverse harem?”

“If you don’t know what it is, you two are not mature enough to propose marriage to me.”

“I do,” said both immediately.

“Then we are promised? You’ll both be my male consorts?”

“Yes!” Gun Gun and A-Li beamed, but that was quickly replaced by a more puzzled look. “We need to talk to Dijun GeGe, we’ll be right back.” A-Li grabbed Gun Gun’s hand and ran off. Shao Wan laughed as they hightailed it, probably to ask Dijun what a reverse harem was.

She should head back before her mount got worried about her, she thought.

When she turned around, she came face to face with the crown princess, glaring at her, face that rose color that Shao Wan had learned to associate with extreme anger. Again? Shao Wan sighed. She had been working hard (well, fairly hard) to be civil, but the Fox Woman was giving her such a murderous look she knew they were going to fight again. Could she hope Mo Yuan would interfere anew?

“Did you just propose to my son?” the Fox Woman shouted.

“To be more accurate, he proposed to me,” Shao Wan countered. The crown princess wasn’t listening.

“First you attacked Shifu, then my husband! Now you’re after my son!”

Shao Wan marvelled at the woman’s temper and display of jealousy. Maybe she should have been more jealous, too? Should she have blasted Mo Yuan’s bride into the sea? 

“Fox woman, calm down,” she said, ”I did…”

But the crown princess was not listening, she was blasting her fan magic. Shao Wan blocked the attack and was thinking about what to do (since she did not want to break any rules) when all of a sudden the crown prince appeared in front of his wife and transported her away. Shao Wan’s heart skipped a beat, but only one; she recognized the Celestial twin almost immediately.

The Demon goddess heaved a heavy sigh; this wasn’t her day. She would just walk along the beach a bit more, maybe towards the famous secluded coves of the the Western Seas, a place with great spiritual power. She felt she was in need of some.

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