Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 12.5 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Another NSFW post!

Chapter 12.5 (A Special aka Fanservice)

written by Miniorchid
edits by kakashi and JoAnne

Bai Qian arrived in the Nine Heavens ahead of her husband. She was very angry. After Shifu had taken the Demon Witch away Bai Qian had tried to go after them, but Ye Hua had held her back with no real explanation given. She struggled against him for a while, but short of using the Kunlun Fan she couldn't win. For lack of other options she had gone back to the Nine Heavens without a single word.
“Qian Qian!” Ye Hua arrived and tried to hug her. It had taken him a while to get here, she noticed - what had he been doing?

“Don’t touch me!” She pulled away, and headed for the Hall of Beautiful Youth. She did not often go there, but today she wanted to be alone. Ye Hua followed uninvited, a few steps behind her.

“Qian Qian, what’s wrong?” he asked, after dismissing the maids with a wave of his hand.

She looked at her disheveled husband's bruised lips (that he hadn’t even healed) and his ripped collar, and her hurt and anger flared up again.

“What were you doing at the orchard?” she demanded to know.

Ye Hua did not respond - but he looked guilty, as if he were hiding something.

“You let that demon witch touch you!”

“She surprised me. Qian Qian, come here.” Ye Hua begged. But Bai Qian shook her head.

“You didn’t even push her away!”

“I assure you, I was about to!“

Bai Qian snorted. That was definitely not the impression she had gotten when she arrived. Her husband had locked lips with this woman and it had looked very passionate and fierce and not at all like he didn’t enjoy it.

She knew she had been rather passive in their bedroom activities, letting him initiate all of their intimate moments. But now she wondered … did Ye Hua like aggressive women? Had he not dared to tell her? Had he wanted to try out someone else? People said the Celestials, used to have large harems of women, were wont to do so. She better stop that kind of thought right away.

Without hesitation, she stepped in front of him and kissed him. Fiercely, grabbing his ripped collar and pulling him towards her.

“Qian Qian,” Ye Hua said breathlessly when she stopped to look into his eyes.

“I can be aggressive, too,” Bai Qian heard herself say.


Due to her pride, Bai Qian rarely showed strong emotions. Today was different, though. Ye Hua was not happy that Bai Qian thought he had met with another woman deliberately, but he could not help feeling intrigued by her jealousy. He was pleasantly surprised and very aroused by her forceful kiss - and decided to shamelessly exploit this opportunity presented to him.

“I do like aggressive women,” he heard himself say.

Bai Qian scowled but started to kiss him again even more fiercely. Without breaking the kiss, she tore off his outer robe and then pulled blindly at his clothes, doing more damage than the Demon Goddess had. Soon, he was naked. He decided to return the favor by helping her with her clothes, but she grabbed his wrists.

“Stay still,” she ordered.

“Qian Qian...let me…”.

“Don’t speak.”

Running her hands through his hair, she pulled his head to her lips again, aggressively exploring his mouth with her tongue. She pushed him to the bed and then down, climbing over him. He attempted to touch her, but she slapped his hands away. Instead, she grabbed his shaft, slowly moving her hand up and down until he panted.

“Qian Qian,” he begged, trying to touch her again. She stopped everything then, making him fear this was as far as she would go to punish him. She climbed off the bed. Looking at him intently, she began to undress herself. Slowly, teasingly, she let each piece of garment fall to the floor. She was down to her undergarment, a thin layer of see-through white silk, and he thought he would die of desire. He got up and reached out a hand to her, but she stepped away.

“Wait,” she breathed.

Even more slowly, she took her last layer off, fully exposing herself and her readiness to him.

She came back to the bed then and pushed him back down, climbing on top and swiftly taking him in without warning. He could barely hold back his climax, but she stopped long enough for him to get himself back under control. She then began to ride him, slowly, eyes closed. When she started to move faster, he reached out to her special spot with his thumb, not sure how much longer he could take it and wanting her to finish together with him. Faster and faster she moved, completely losing herself in her pleasure. He had never in his life seen anything more beautiful than his wife on top of him as they both reached climax together.

She collapsed on him afterwards and Ye Hua held her, stroking her back and her hair, breathing in the aroma of peach blossoms that he loved so much.

Suddenly, she went stiff and hurriedly climbed off his body, pulling a blanket over herself.

“What are you doing?” He asked, bemused. Was she feeling embarrassed? He rolled next to her, but she stayed silent with her back to him.

“Qian Qian?” He tugged at her blanket but she held on stubbornly, making him chuckle.

“I’m tired,” she managed to muffle the same excuse she often used when she wanted him to go away.

“Qian Qian, come here.” He whispered, his hands moving underneath the blanket.

“Ye Hua!” Bai Qian squealed.

“Don’t hide,” he persisted. He slid himself under the blanket, already fully erect again, pulling her waist to him. “I very much like when you are jealous,” he admitted as he kissed her neck. “Can you be jealous again soon?”

“Ye Hua …. that woman… she is really beautiful,” Bai Qian said.

“Not as beautiful as you are,” Ye Hua said as he played with her hair and slowly started to rub himself against her. He stopped when he realized his Bai Qian still did not understand.

“Qian Qian, the Demon Goddess was there to meet my brother. She mistook me for him! I met Zhe Yan and Dijun briefly, and realized they were trying to set them up. You'd better learn how to like her,” he chuckled. “We can’t have you two laying waste to everything at every family occasion!”

Bai Qian turned to him with such a horrified look on her face when she finally put the pieces together that he could not help but laugh. He hugged her, then kissed her until he felt dizzy and went on to make love to her the entire night. He had to go back for these peaches some other day.

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