Ice Fantasy Destiny 幻城凡世 - Episode 4 (Recap)

SakiVI: This is a hilarious episode, and, we get Shi and Yan Da, yay! But Yan Da is a bit weak, boo. On the other hand, she has a doppelganger who may be evil, but is rather fun. Also, I'm setting a rule: anyone who mentions a Not Ice Fantasy Series show in the comments, has to upload a picture of Jaehyo.
kakashi: Hilarious? More like CRAZY. This show is insane.
JoAnne: Look! Look! It's my Dreamer! I could dream of Jeannie, but no, I'll dream of this guy.

Episode 4

Luo Luo paces her apartment. She is Deeply Thoughtful. That means she is Thinking Deeply. I know, this is a first for anyone on this show. Deep breaths, Us.
Ah, that's what her facial non-expression meant
It actually freaks me out when I can't tell what a person's facial expression means.
You probably spend quite a lot of drama watching time trying not to hyperventilate, then.
She calls Feng Suo for a meeting, and says she will find a way to meet him since reporters are outside. Conveniently, then the doorbell rings with delivery, with more PPL, by the way, from The World Food Group. Male Manager tells her to take it away because it's so late, but Luo Luo pops up with that face she pulls and that's supposed to be cute.
Ah, that's what that facial non-expression means! Thanks for the clarification.
Oh, I can read this expression. This is 'I have decided exactly how I will kill you in your sleep tonight.'
Yep, Luo Luo sends the delivery girl out with sunglasses as a decoy. However, she doesn't bother putting on a hat or anything, so as soon as the reporters discover the ruse, they chase after her instead. Oh yes, and also because she just walked right into them.
Very clever trick..... NOT.
Listen. They can spend time arranging their faces into non-expression, or they can avoid reporters. It can't be both.

Luckily, Feng Suo is there to pick her up. In the car, she stares at him, and he thinks it's because he's hot, and she says it's because he created a scandal. He goes, yeah right, I'm too awesome for that, and then she demands to know where they are going and he's all, you can't get out of the car anyway so whatevs.
Someone recently said they liked FSF in funny roles and I have to agree! He is quite comical. I'm warming up to him again. I'm not sweating yet though.
I wonder what else he has done that is funny?
Do you mean intentionally?
They end up at the Cao Cao museum after hours. Feng Suo brags they got in like this because he's awesome, and Luo Luo snaps she doesn't care about that, she wants to know what's with that ice slide? But Feng Suo rushes off to look at the jade pillow (I think it's a really hard pillow - is it for the head? They use wood blocks too) with the symbol Dreamer wanted (I completely forgot about that and was very surprised later), and Luo Luo finds a portrait of Cao Zhi. Who was Cao Zhi? Only an Emo, poetry-spouting War Lord of the Three Kingdoms period. He was also Feng Suo's previous incarnation. Once Luo Luo notes the resemblance to Feng Suo, he gets a bit emo and flashes back to being Cao Zhi - and he looks beautiful and totally dry as Cao Zhi - receiving the jade pillow from his lady love under a blossom tree. Then he stares at Luo Luo saying this is all weird. She does her crazy eye look and scolds him that everything is weird around him, and answer the question about the ice slide already!
He probably just had a shag-flashback. That WOULD be weird
I think I would have a hard time getting into it if my pillow was a rock.
But we cut to a black-clad hand stealing that jade pillow. Transitions: not this show's forte. And then, the glass breaks, and Luo Luo and Feng Suo fight off loads of black-clad men because apparently they did nothing else in their lives except martial arts. Seriously, to get that good you'd have to take years off your life and train in the Shaolin Temple. I think it's reincarnation muscle-memory. They manage to run away with the jade pillow thingy while Shi shows up behind them to ice-blast all the thieves. Dun dun da dun! One of the thieves has red glowing eyes!
Okay, I squeed when Shi appeared. The fight was really bad, but he was AWESOME
I was a little impressed. This reminded me of immediately-post-superfast-puberty Shi, when he first met Yan Da and was all hot and sexy and rude.
Omo, we see Yan Da!!! She says, so it's him. Which him? Feng Suo or Shi? And she's in this restaurant that looks like the Chinese restaurant version of Blaze City. Are those her Fire Tribe brothers in the lamps?
Once in a lamp, always in a lamp!
Are those supposed to be eyes or breasts with nipples?
Cut to Feng Suo and Luo Luo driving away. Yawn. She has a slight wound on her neck (wasn't it the elbow? Oh well, I admit I was ultra-tired when I watched this) so Feng Suo is about to take her to buy a bandaid when the symbol on the jade pillow glows. Over on Pluto, Dreamer sees the symbol in the sky and throws his magic cube into it.
Is it like the Bat Symbol? Are we in a Chinese Gotham?
We next see Luo Luo and Feng Suo hitting it off, but oh noes! Feng Suo is falling asleep! Dreamer called him back to Snowblade City on Pluto! Dreamer is all excited to go to Earth with Feng Suo, Feng Suo says, I'm driving! Quite Casually, Dreamer asks how he will find Feng Suo on earth, but Feng Suo is understanky too panicked to respond, just yelling at him to send him back.
This was very funny. Kasuo sitting there in Ice City, like he's still in the car, protesting against being dragged to Ice Planet. Haha
I'm stuck on understanky, guys.
On Earth, Luo Luo has grabbed the wheel, but the car is spinning out of control because Feng Suo has collapsed asleep on the wheel and the accelerator. They narrowly avoid running into several cars and buses on a bridge, though one red car flips over. And then one truck flips over - I feel so bad for the other drivers - and slides along the bridge at them. It looks like our official OTP are done for, but then Shi moves atoms and things and they drive through the truck without any injury. But he doesn't stop their car, instead just opting to look cool wherever it is that he's standing on the bridge.
They spent a lot of money on this action scene and I'm wondering why ...... Ah, got it. PPL!!!! It made me check out what car it is, mission accomplished.
I'm kinda feelin' Shi. This is disturbing.
The car does stop, though, with Feng Suo slumped on the wheel and Luo Luo passed out. Sidebar: for a tough chick, she passes out a lot. Yeah, and why would you pass out from this? It's not like she hit her head. And of all things, Dreamer walks up to them. Like me, he is stunned at Feng Suo's BMW sports car. Bleary-eyed Feng Suo looks up at him, and says call emergency. But Dreamer has no clue, pffft.
I was expecting him to call-out "112" into the air (or whatever the emergency number is in China), but they didn't go there. Shame
Such a cutie pie, that Dreamer. I'm so happy to see him, you have no idea.
Cut to a red, unlit candle. We're back in that red Chinese restaurant and to Yan Da in a matte red leather coat. A light flashes about. It tells her not to get involved in this last life of the Ice King. It's Shi speaking, and he is mad. Yan Da says that if she hadn't interfered in the last six Ice King lives, the blood red lotus would've withered and died. Shi says she had tricked him into deep-freezing himself by saying the Blood Red Lotus has a peak of maturity that would affect his magical powers. But no more! Shi is mad that his Ge and Li Luo were separated life after life, and Yan Da says she had to do it, or else the Blood Red Lotus would've withered and died and so would have Shi!
Oh. This is clever. A bit
Okay so if Li Luo and Kasuo are together then somehow that means Shi dies, got it. But...that's not really Yan Da, is it? The original Yan Da?
Oh, Shi appears. He says Feng Suo and Luo Luo falling off the building was her doing. Apparently Yan Da predicted exactly which spot they'd fall against and sliced the balcony. Sure.
She's cool like that.
Did Shi regress to his teens?
She tells him that he is alive because of her separating Kasuo and Li Luo life after life, and that the Blood Red Lotus will bloom on Feng Suo's 28th birthday. (Sidebar: Oh, come on, Feng Suo is 35 at least.) Anyway, when Feng Suo turns 28 AGAIN, that is Shi's last chance to bring him back to Snowblade City. But Shi says she has tricked him for 2000 years and he won't believe her again. She also warns him that Dreamer will try getting Feng Suo back. All this means that Shi will die because the Blood Red Lotus will kill him when it blooms. Or something.
Sure, Shi will die. He always does. I think he likes it.  
He definitely likes it.
Anyway, Shi stalks off, and Yan Da cries he doesn't love her, and then spooky wind blows through her hair. There's Yan Da's doppelgänger! Let's call her Yan Da 2. She wears a shiny red leather coat, and lights the unlit candle with her fingers, and is all evil, wanting to destroy Kasuo and to get the Ice Tribe powers so she can combine it with her Fire powers into Ice Flame powers. She reminds Yan Da that Shi was once Ice ancestor She Mi's pet bird and that Yan Da and Shi are doomed to forever serve their own masters against each other, unless Yan Da does what Yan Da 2 says. She also tells Yan Da that she and Shi will be friends when this happens. Yan Da gets all determined. Cool.
Oh. Two Yan Das. I am getting confused a little and will count on you, Saki, to tell me which is which. One is good, one is evil? Yes? 
Bad Yan Da is in the shiny coat. Good Yan Da is in the matte red coat.
Shinee is bad. Got it.
Next, we hear Shi thinking how he woke up from dying as a sleet bird - no clue how this worked out but we get a nice shot of Yuan Ji- and found he had the blood red lotus in his chest (!!!!!), and that the three realms had split into Pluto for the Ice Tribe, Mars for the Fire Tribe, and Earth for the Mortals. Shi apparently went to Mars, picked up Yan Da's floating soul, and made her a new body from a red lotus and a fire falcon feather. Wicked. He then dropped her off on Earth where she apparently tricked him into sleeping for 2000 years while separating Kasuo and Li Luo's reincarnations life after life because if they live happily ever after, somehow the blood red lotus will bloom, wither, and die, and so will Shi. We see Shi thinking all this on a rooftop with the letter H (that's a heli-pad) and looking out at a gorgeous city view. He is determined to get Kasuo's latest reincarnation with Li Luo's latest reincarnation and to get Kasuo back to Snowblade City. Even if he dies.
Determination is not something this man lacks
So wait. This is a picture of Shi in Snowblade City. They have helipads in Snowblade City?
Cut to nice, bright, sunny morning and very tall building. Inside,we see some alcohol, fruit, kleenex (hmmmmmm) and Feng Suo waking up. We know what heeeeee did. He was on his couch, which looks hard, and gets up to go to his bedroom. As he steps into the shower, we see a hand from under the bed's duvet cover. Ooh, who could it be?
God, I hope not Dreamer. Don't waste him on Kasuo. Bring back Eagle Fairy for that little interlude.  Or maybe Bear.
Three Guesses:
It's Luo Luo!!! I actually thought it might be Dreamer. Me too. I want Kasuo and Dreamer to have sex. UnicornSlippers, are you reading this? NO Feng Suo sees her, and he pulls his bathrobe a bit tighter around himself and scurries downstairs. While he wonders what happened last night, he opens the fridge and Dreamer!!! They both scream. As Dreamer tries to get out of the fridge, Feng Suo kicks him hard and shuts the door. Must be dreaming, he thinks. And then Dreamer cries, your kick was so heavy! Hahahahahaha!
Okay, hilarious. I totally LOVE Dreamer and his innocent, "is something wrong?" looks
But where is the rest of the fridge?
Next we see Feng Suo and Dreamer face off across a white table. Dreamer is all happy and Feng Suo is really puzzled. Feng Suo pushes a glass of water to Dreamer, and for some reason they struggle with it. Anyway, Dreamer explains he brought Feng Suo and Luo Luo back, and that Dreamer had told Feng Suo to bring him the Pillow of Golden Thread and Jade Belt (some commenter who knows Mandarin explain this, please) which is the key to the Endless Bridge. Dreamer had beamed down in a vampire pose, and some fireball first heated him up, and then flew away. Dreamer shrugged that event off because he had to find his Twu Wuv, The Ice King. Or, as we know him these days, Feng Suo.
Oh no, somebody wanted to hurt Dreamer! Leave him alone!!! 
I assume this all makes sense eventually, but I swear to you, Dreamer and Feng Suo will happen over my dead body.
Feng Suo checks he doesn't have white hair and blue eyes, but oh noes! Dreamer doesn't have a reflection! Okay, he must be a vampire, then. Someone cut off his head and stake him through the heart.
Vampires are there to have steamy sex with, Saki
Dreamer is too uptight. And I've never found vampires sexy.
Once you get him a bit relaxed though, I bet he's a freaky little thing.
Dreamer says, no, it's probably something to do with the fire ball. Sure, why not. Okay, let's hold off on the lynching. Suddenly Dreamer disappears. Feng Suo calls for him, and then hears his voice.

Cut to Luo Luo waking up. Seriously, did she have to? The other two are way more fun. As she wonders what psychiatric hospital she's in, downstairs, Dreamer actually looks cute as he sits in Feng Suo's freezer. Apparently he likes it in there because it's as cold as Snowblade City, pffft. Feng Suo, however tries to coax him out when Luo Luo shows up. Slam! goes the freezer door, hahahaha! But Luo Luo wants to know who he is talking to. She and Feng Suo struggle over the freezer door, and the fridge side opens, sending an open bottle of ketchup flying PPL, and Feng Suo's bathrobe opens too (No PPL). Ha. Dreamer steps out to tie Feng Suo's robe for him. Feng Suo and Dreamer share a bromancy moment (OMG can they make it more obvious??!) while Luo Luo notices Feng Suo is talking to thin air.
Sigh. No one is listening to me. Oh well. They'll learn.
And then Feng Suo and Dreamer notice Luo Luo can't see Dreamer. Dreamer even waves. (Gosh, I like him acting cute like this. Ha!!!!) Luo Luo, of course, thinks Feng Suo is insane, and Feng Suo realizes this. This is too funny.


The Jaehyo picture rule for all non-Ice Fantasy series posts holds. No one else will do. (My baby makes everything better.)
What about Ma Tianyu? 
Nah, might as well increase Jaehyo's search results.
You are cruel.

So, I'm wondering if Yan Da has a split personality? Shi resurrected her, not the ancestor. And Feng Suo's apartment is lovely, but looks very hard and uncomfortable. And slippery.
Easy to wipe down.

Also, no one kill Dreamer. He's acting cute and looking cute and I'm liking him now.
I am laughing so hard and won't stop. Him and Kasuo are HILARIOUS.
Dreamer is the best.