Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 57 (Recap)

kakashi: Sad, sad, sad grieving. Me crying.
JoAnne: But his hair is really happy to see us, Kakashi!

Episode 57

Ye Hua's father (whose name I still don't remember and never will) gets involved and tells Bai Qian he wants to bury his son in the Sea of Innocence on the 36th, like it is custom in the Nine Heavens. Mi Gu - our awesome, loyal Mi Gu! - comes to her aid and calls them bullies, but Bai Qian won't fight this any longer. She just asks for a last moment with her (almost) husband, to dress him well and wipe his face. She even kowtows in front of Ye Hua's parents, as would be proper for Ye Hua's wife. TT____________TT
I love Mi Gu. Poor Bai Qian... poor parents, too, they loved their son. How long are their months, though?
Lian Song has some lines, yay. He tells Le Xu to not hold a grudge against Bai Qian. Yeah, you BETTER, Consort. She is outraged at the suggestion though. Like she cares about the friendship between Qing Qiu and the Celestial Tribe! She's like: "Am I not also heartbroken? Is Bai Qian the only heartbroken one?" Er, nobody said that, woman.
I believe I just said the opposite, in fact. I don't like her.
Fengjiu serves some tea and stares at Dijun for a bit after saying she won't have to be Queen of Qing Qiu anymore, now that her aunt isn't marrying into the Nine Heavens. Here, for the shippers:
Yeah, because the fact that you would be Queen is the reason he's been turning you down forever. Not.
A most heartbreaking scene of Bai Qian clothing Ye Hua's dead body for the last time. She asks whether he still remembers her promise to lock him up in the Fox Den? It seems she cannot keep her promise now. He is the Crown Prince and she has to let him go as the Queen of Qing Qiu. She cries when she says she wasn't good enough for him when she was a mortal - and can't keep him now that she's a queen. 
That is the best looking corpse I have ever seen. Damn, son. Side-bar: if I was MC's wife I'd be all, 'Sweetie, can you bring that wig home with you tonight? I'm feeling some kind of way about you with long hair...'
She also tells him she had already forgiven him when he stood outside her Fox Den for seven days and nights. She had forgiven him a long time ago. A last, tender kiss ...
Fine, dammit, I'm crying. I can't believe they fucking killed him.
A last cuddle...
... and then, Ye Hua's body is put into the basalt crystal coffin and zapped out of the Fox Den. And those F****** idiots refuse Bai Qian's request to come to the Sea of Innocence with them. It's a sacred place of the Celestial Tribe and Celestials only. She wasn't properly married to Ye Hua, so she can't go. HATE THEM SO MUCH.
Seeing how grief-stricken her aunt is, Fengjiu goes up to the Heavens but is barred from entering again. Dong Hua Dijun doubles back and faces her... Oh, she hasn't come for her Aunt, she has come for herself! She has a question: how are his injuries? He knows this is not what she wants to know. She wants to know if he would have fallen for her without the Rock shenanigans. "Yes", he says. And he only went to the Mortal Realm to be with her, however limited the time they had.
You know what? It's too little, too late, and she's only thinking about herself AGAIN. He should have said no. 
With a wry smile, he turns forever away from her.
Finally. This SHOULD have been a very touching story but it became such a load of crap, really. I didn't find her persistence charming or her love epic. I thought she was willful and thoughtless and immature and gee, you know what? He could have stopped all this if he had ever once explained to her what he meant by 'we can never be' with some actual reasons and facts, not that person needs to have reasons or facts to say no and be taken seriously. So sorry, nope. They lost me something like 30 episodes ago and this does not bring me back even one inch.
Bai Qian has dreams. Of Ye Hua. She talks about how she thought about how she thought about being able to find him in death - but then got afraid she would not remember him. Better to see him smiling like this in her dreams.
How she thought about how she thought about?
TYPOI agree, though, better to only have this way and smiling than to risk losing even this little bit.
It's very sad. After she wakes up, she runs around the orchard calling Ye Hua's name, crying. 4th Brother tells her to get a grip. She is old enough to know how to get over the loss of life. But she does not know how, she says. After she remembered being Su Su, all she thought about was how mean Ye Hua had been. Now that he is gone, she only remembers his devotion for her.
I think it must be even harder for her than it would normally be since they never quite got their happy ending. If she had been able to spend at least some small amount of time with him as husband and wife, perhaps it would be easier to let go.
4th Bro advises her to stop thinking about him then, but she just laughs sadly. She is just like Li Jing. She didn't even cherish Ye Hua enough when she had him. It is only now that she realizes she cannot live without him.
Well, don't go saying things like that. A broken heart won't kill you unless you let it, and you've no idea what else life has left in store - nor should you ever make the arbitrary decision that you don't care to find out. Today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow.
She goes to sleep in Zhe Yan's hut - and dreams some more. It's very foggy in the orchard (until it isn't), but there is Ye Hua, smiling, calling for her to come to him.
I talk a good game but I might sleep forever, if I were her.
Of course this is another dream, we all know that, and Dream Bai Qian does too, but she doesn't care. Dream Ye Hua assures her once again he was completely true to her in the mortal realm. Nobody ever doubted you, dearest Ye Hua. Plus, he only ever saw Su Jin "as stand for his brushes."
That is so cold. Normally, I'd say that no person should ever belittle another that way - but over time she earned this rudeness, as far as I'm concerned.
The 2nd of September was a good day, he says. Sadly, they missed it. TT_______________TT
Any day is a good day as long as he is here with her, she replies ... but he isn't, Bai Qian. It's just a dream.
Stop it, stop it. I'm running out of tissues...
All she has is his cenotaph that she erected at Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. She hopes he will come into her dreams more often. I am sure she doesn't even want to wake up anymore.
I can't really blame her, except that I think of A Li who lost his father, and has only had his mother back for a little while. She has to think about our little Riceball and pull herself together!

Three Years Later

Fengjiu is crowned Queen of Qing Qiu - Bai Qian has gone traveling with 4th Bro for three years. Fengjiu is still missing Dong Hua Dijun and Si Ming brings her word about him from time to time. He is working so hard he's had insomnia for half a month. Awww, poor Dijun. She has a vision of him standing on the coronation platform. Poof - and he's gone. 
She is stunning in red. Absolutely stunning.
He does send a wedding present though: a map of all Four Seas and Eight Far Lands, hand drawn by him. It's invaluable. The message with it is: hundreds of thousands of years, so much has changed with time. Nothing on this map exists anymore. Everything in the world is small and insignificant. There is nothing to keep on one's mind.
Very zen.
As she bows and thanks Dijun, we see that he is watching her in a copper mirror. He is dressed in white again, like at the beginning of the drama ... and he is carrying a tiny piece of her severed tail on his belt. Classy.
Just the tip?
Bai Qian and Bai Zhen's travels have taken them to the teahouse at Junji in the East. Also there: Ye Hua's annoying cousin, with her powers sealed. She recognizes them as deities and uses the opportunity to ask them for money. Bai Qian hands her a pearl and then leaves with her brother ("the most beautiful person in all the realms.")
He's really not anywhere close to that, although I love him.
Outside, he teaches her a lesson about looking forward, never back and about the mortals, who encounter so much misfortune, but still lead happy lives. Looking at them, isn't she much happier than them though? She scoffs at his long-winded sermons and when he says she looks so much better, she says no wonder with the amount of sleep she is getting. Ye Hua is in her dreams every night. And just like in Zhuang Zhuo's dream of a butterfly, who is to says whether the man is dreaming of being a butterfly or the butterfly is dreaming of being a man? It does not matter whether she lives reality as a dream or the dream as her reality, it is still a sort of life.
It's so sad, though, and such a waste.
Oh, but what is this? It's mortal Su Jin, suffering mortal life with a husband who is publicly divorcing her. I wonder, what lesson will that teach us?
No man ever wants Su Jin. Not now, not in the past, not in the future.


This is a very touching episode. Her grief, her dreams - and her refusal to treat the dreams as anything but reality. Another very strong performance by Yang Mi.
Yes, it was difficult to watch her sadness.

Fengjiu's and Dijun's storyline has come to an end ... and I still don't know what to feel about it. It was so annoying when they were in the mortal realm, but a lot of their interactions since were quite touching. Still, what's the point. Or rather, if he can cheat fate in the mortal realm, why not go again? Sure, she is Queen now, but I'm sure she can take a short break, Bai Qian also did it.
Sure, go again. Use up all your cultivation on a pointless exercise that keeps Fengjiu focused on an unattainable goal instead of actually living her life. That'd be swell.