When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - Episode 20 (Recap)

kakashi: Xu Xu takes on the Golden Python. Be careful, brave snail, the snake is deadly! Sadly, it's our valiant Lion who suffers the most in this episode. One episode before the end, we do not know ... will he make it?
Eleanor: The closer we get to the end, the more I'm terrified the Lion will die T____T noooooo!!! Wang Kai looks soooooooo attractive in this screenshot. 
Trotwood: I feel like it is so long since I've thought about the show. I know I've been in denial about tour squeecaps ending, so I've taken a long time to do my part. However, I saw a guy who looked like Husband at the PriceRite today (same flat head in back, too very similar face but way too short), and I remembered my obligation.
JoAnne: Was he buying Bisquick? Syrup?

Episode 20

Bad guys are arrested! Take this, criminals! Jin Du too! We see him next with Commissioner Zhan, who seems very familiar with this guy. Zhan mentions the Ye Langqing kidnapping and murder case - planned out together with Hu Zishan. And that policeman who went missing ... Husband's daddy. This guy, Jin Du snarks, he knew it was a trap but he still came alone. Yes, says Commissioner Zhan, because the Chinese police value their responsibility.
Take that bad guys! Does everyone wear a white shirt in this drama? I guess if you're the boss guy not doing any of the actual work, you can afford to wear a white shirt. They must have some really great stain remover for this drama's wardrobe. 
I told you before. It must be the same manufacturer as My Beautiful Banker's shirt guy.
It makes them look so crisp and cool. I would be a wilted, flushed, damp mess in that environment. Wrinkled. Miserable. Spread out so that no part of my body touched any other part of my body, and constantly drinking water.
Cut to the train and Xu Xu searching for "Big Hu".  His compartment is empty. She hurries back to her own, slams the sliding door shut and starts pacing. She scribbled some stuff into her notebook, about Brother Lu, and that she would most likely only trust a love-interest. Hmmmm...
You can see her connecting the dots! Go little Snail go! She is so pretty! 
She really is. She's like a sprite in this show.
I envy her hair cut. I'd look like a boy. A boy with big boobs.
She calls Zhan and tells him that General Po might very well be the Golden Python. They're all in danger on this train! He cautions her against any moves, but the connection is breaking up! Yeah, shit. She starts hyperventilating. She clearly hasn't heard him. Commissioner Zhan immediately starts organizing for someone to intercept the train.
*starts biting nails* Things are about to go really wrong, aren't they? Nooooooooo!!!
They have to go wrong. What would they do for two more eps if things didn't go wrong?
I like it when things go wrong, though. Let's face it: we watch for things to go wrong. And then at the end, when we've had enough things go wrong and are satisfied, we enjoy 'finally, things go right.'
And we see that in General Po's bed, on that very same train, is a woman. We do not get to see who it is but I am sure we all know.
That is an actual bed on a train? What kind of compartment is this? How did they even fit that bed through the door? Or rather, how much did it cost to assemble this whole thing on the train, and how much do they charge for that suite. You saw how everyone else was sleeping, right?
Does he have a bedroom on every train? Or is this place not like that, and there's really just this one train?
Xu Xu has come to a decision. Taking deep breaths, she walks towards the wagon with the prisoners. It's where Monkey et al. are - smart move, Xu Xu. However, right before she can get there, two soldiers appear and tell her the General wants to see her. Ahhhhhh! Her colleagues see what is going on, but they, too, are blocked by soldiers. Short of escalating to an open conflict, they cannot do anything. On her way to the General, Xu Xu passes Old Hu - he, too, is now guarded and blocked by two soldiers! 
Eep! Not good. Not good. See, another white shirt. I salute the people who clean the clothes. Really. 
I remember this being really, really tense. I didn't pay much attention to what they had on...
Xu Xu really is on her own. Ji Bai knows nothing of what is going on, he is still with Zishan, who seems to find pleasure in giving him all the details about his crimes. In particular, he talks about how Zhang Shiyong was smarter than he looked. And in the end, you had him killed, you evil maniac?
Anyone else have a desire to stab Zishan? Like over and over. I need to vent some anger anyway. 
With a fork. In the eye. Right next to the retina so he can see it coming. (hey, Jo complained last time about our lack of bloodthirst)
You were feeling kinda tame, my friends. It's good to see you back in fighting form.
Xu Xu has reached the tacky part of the train up front. Wow, this General Po really has no taste. They lead her into his office. He is so damn creepy! I gulp when he waves all his men out. Xu Xu appears outwardly calm as he invites her to sit.
Creepy, tasteless bad guys. A bit cliche LOL but hey it works because he is so damn menacing. If I were XuXu right there, I would be dying from fear, well maybe trying not to show it, but argh. 
I'd suddenly develop the urge to pee. It would be helpful because I'd be concentrating so hard trying not to pee that I wouldn't be as afraid as I would be if I spent all my time thinking about how he murders people.
I can't...come again, Trot? 
I made no sense above. Corrected it, Jo.
She's good at psychology, isn't she, he says. She wonders who told him, but he does not reveal anything. He wants to know what conclusions she has come to - about him. If she is correct about him, he will give her a gun as present, he says. As a gift. His threats are only barely veiled, aren't they.
This is like playing Russian roulette with a python about to eat you. She really can't get out of this easily, but I trust our little Snail. 
I have to say, I'd immediately ask him what kind of gun. I'd want something expensive, quick, and light. I'd also ask if he was going to provide ammunition, too. When people make me offers like this, I immediately go into deal mode even in scary situations. It's a bad habit. (And really. Those are the ugliest curtains ever, and you know he paid a lot for that fringe)
It looks like the worlds most elaborate trailer park home.
But she says: not the gun, it's illegal in China. She wants an elephant sculpture, which stands close to him. Oh, she can have it, he says, it's not worth a lot. She replies that she can see it has a lot of character - and that makes her guess he probably made it himself. He pours himself some alcohol, but doesn't react. Of course, Xu Xu is spot on, isn't she.
More proof that she is smarter than I am.
Ooh, good eye XuXu. That glass and bottle shot is really beautiful. I love that blue! 
It's gorgeous. I had wine glasses that color back in the eighties. Thought I was so cool...
Back to Ji Bai and Zishan. Zishan talks about how he killed Zixi. Keep calm, Ji Bai. Zishan sadistically taunts him about Zixi's last desperate moments before she died. About how it was clear she wanted her Third Bro because she was scared shitless. And then, he describes in detail how the blood flowed out of her body.
How is Ji Bai not strangling him already? Ugh, Zishan is one sick bastard. 
Because he is focusing. Zishan wants to get a rise out of him. I'd go to stone, too. It's my response to bullies; it's the one thing they can't stand.
Xu Xu is in her element now. General Po is very stubborn, she says. He would do things his own special way, always. His men are both fearful and respectful of him. Second, he yearns for power and is very steady and persistent. He is very young for the position he is in. Third, he has a tendency for violence and torture. Not any kind of torture though. And he knows how to suppress it well, which she admires. Fourth, there are no women around him - he has a steady partner. Oh yes. And she is close.
Ooh, the python looks about ready to strike. 
Man, she's smart, our little Snail.
We see that it is indeed Brother Lu - and that she explicitly warned Po against Xu Xu earlier. It is like that police woman can read minds.
Umm. Because she can.
Po says nothing in that office but continues drinking. When she asks whether her analysis was correct, he puts on his hat, grabs a walkie-talkie and sits down on the desk beside her. He is busy now, he says, but he really likes her. He wants to continue chatting after he is done, so he cannot let her go just yet. Some soldiers come in at his command and take her to a compartment, where she is locked in.
Phew, she survived for now. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Don't let him see your fear, I bet he can smell it. 
He did smell it, but he respects the fact that she still did her job despite the fact that she is afraid. He probably has utter disdain for people who lose focus.
I think he means it when he says he likes her. It won't necessarily save her life in the long run, but she does amuse and impress him.
He, on the other hand, goes into a different part of his wagon - where Brother Lu is. How did it go, the woman asks? Instead of an answer, he gives orders to tell the terminus that the train has broken down. They need an alternative route to enter the station. So, General Po is taking his woman to Laos. From his interactions with Xu Xu he has realized they have been found out.
Hmmm, maybe the Python is a bit stupid. Surely diverting the train will alert the others even more. Surely they can think of another way. A bit impetuous is this python. 
I'm surprised he doesn't have a motorcycle or at least a scooter on the train. Everyone had loads before, and if they can fit that hideous monstrosity of a bed, they could fit a bike. Why aren't they riding and then escaping from the train--you know how the train sometimes stops for something on track or whatnot and then keeps going. If I were them, I'd let them have Zishan. Or better yet detach part of train you're on,go somewhere else, leave the rest abandoned. It will take forever to get to them.
Okay, remember I said I would find Trot in a zombie apocalypse and just stick with her and do what she says? I also will always choose Trot first for any criminal team I need to form.
Back to Ji Bai. More taunting from Zishan, how rich he has become, how many backup plans he has, how many people he has killed. They cannot really execute him, he boasts, because all the knowledge about his big operation will be lost and they will come up with nothing. He is certain they only know the half of it. He even claims Ji Bai is not as smart as him. Ah? "You are not smart", Ji Bai counters. He is just a warped human being.
Damn straight Ji Bai. You tell that worthless scumbug. He's not even worth being called a cockroach.
Look at him though. I know you are smart Ji Bai, but you can curdle people's minds with shots like this. He is angry no doubt but also world weary.

Ji Bai isn't moved a lot by Zishan and I am glad about it. Ji Bai says he has arrested more people than Zishan has killed - he is just another name on his list. And he, Ji Bai, has now officially put an end to Zishan's list. Ji Bai's list though? It will continue to grow.
This is probably the best way to counter Zishan's arrogance and hubris - react like he's nothing - not give him the satisfaction that he might have bothered Ji Bai - make Zishan a nonentity. 
I was just thinking that: 'ooooh, this will be the thing that breaks Zishan's cool, the idea that someone doesn't acknowledge his superiority. He'll start spilling secrets in order to brag.'
As soon as Ji Bai steps out of Zishan's compartment, he realizes something is off. Too empty! And then, he sees a message Da Hu managed to send him: "Po took Xu Xu".
I really hope that the Lion can help out the Snail here. And maybe save everyone and get the bad guys and stop making me stressed. That would be nice. 
It is too eerily quiet like a hospital after they've medicated all the patients.
Maybe it's a Zombie Train. I hope we see Gong Yoo.
Ji Bai turns around and walks to the end of the coach .... slam! Someone smashes a gun into his face from around the corner. He is down only briefly - soon, the corridor is littered with soldiers. Old Hu, who wasn't far, also manages to break free and runs to him. Ji Bai orders him to get Da Hu and Monkey and protect all the suspects. He needs to go find Xu Xu!
Ack! That looks like it hurt! I really hope that Kaikai didn't get too hurt with these stunts. I will kiss it better Kaikai
There is no signal in the train - and there is blood oozing from Ji Bai's ear. Not good. He feels very dizzy, apparently. He goes to the front of the train and plays stupid, to alarm some guards ... this is close to where Xu Xu is being kept. She screams "Shifu"! as she hears his voice and Ji Bai launches into action. Piff, poff and the guards are down. But Ji Bai is definitely not well at all - he is struggling to stay upright.
This is not doing good things to my heart rate. Please don't tell me that Ji Bai is going to get sacrificed as a noble hero. I will hate it if he dies T____T 
Head trauma!?!? They are giving him head trauma?!?! I love how we are all in denial when really he should have been injured a long time ago.
But he was injured long ago. He's been having dizzy spells by now, right?
Still, he manages to shoot open the door behind which they keep Xu Xu. Everyone is alerted by the shot, soldiers start running. Xu Xu comes out, fills Ji Bai in and tries to get him to his feet. In the prisoner compartment, Ji Bai's men take control.
Xu Xu and Ji Bai try to get to them, but Ji Bai can barely walk. They hear many soldiers approaching. Oh dear, what now? Ji Bai lifts his rifle. It is like the time stands still ...... when Su Su snuggles up to his back and hugs him, seeking protection and giving comfort at the same time. I think she is expecting to die here with him.
That moment was so loving, so caring, and so sexy. Seriously. I LOVED it!!! 
They are clearly so perfect for each other.
I would watch them fight crime together for many, many seasons, China, if you're listening.
In the prisoner compartment, Monkey talks to the soldiers and tells them General Po is a criminal, they have alerted the higher-ups and everybody who resists will face grave consequences. They should give up their weapons. And they do! Smart soldiers. What's the point of dying for someone like General Po.
Whoohoo! Our police team are so awesome! Way to go everyone! 
I really love this team.
I do too - I'm glad Monkey got something important to do. He mostly seemed funny earlier.
The train brakes sharply. Oh no, they have detached the part with the prisoners and half the team in it! It slowly comes to a halt. Ji Bai and Xu Xu are in the other part, which is still moving quickly - now in a different direction, towards Laos. Xu Xu realizes: Brother Lu is on the train.
Did they want to give me a cardiovascular workout with all this worrying??????
I swear, I completely forgot (repressed?) they did this. or did I remember at the wrong part?
In General Po's special wagon, Brother Lu and Po say a teary goodbye. (Why? Aren't they together? Aren't they planning to kill everyone else?) And then, he gives the order to bring Xu Xu to him. Ji Bai cannot know this, but he probably knows they are in even more danger than before - he quickly pushes her into a compartment and follows after. That only buys them a bit of time, but a bit of time is enough.
*biting nails* so much tension! Ack! 
Ji Bai grabs an emergency pack (Xu Xu shakes her head when she realizes what he is doing), but he opens a window and half pushes her out. He takes both her hands to lessen the impact and to control her fall and then orders her to find an open space to light a flare and try to tell their headquarters where the train is. Find some border guards! Survive! This is her only chance.
*swoons at Wang Kai's arm muscles* I'm with XuXu though, there's no way I would want to be dropped from a moving train. 
I wouldn't mind being dropped from the train part; it's the leaving him behind while he was looking at me like that part that I wouldn't be able to handle.
I would mind the being dropped from a train part, sorry. I bruise AND scar very easily.
And then he drops her. Despite her attempts to cling on to him. And throws the emergency pack out of the window. He puts her notebook into his jeans (aww). Right before Brother Lu opens the door and shoots him.
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT JI BAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! HE CANNOT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if she was still close enough to hear that.


Ah! Ahhhhhhh! That was tense. How dare this evil woman shoot Ji Bai!!!!!! >.< It's all on Xu Xu now.
I want to shoot that evil woman now! Argh! 

I am still a bit angry with Xu Xu that she gave her suspicion of General Po away too easily in the previous episode. He was warned by Brother Lu about her, but she should not have alerted and spooked him like she did - she should have played dumb and clueless! (He would have shot her. This is not the time to pretend not to know what he knows she knows) She did give him reason to think she knew about him AND Brother Lu and that is what set this whole calamity in motion.
I agree. It can't ever be good in that sort of situation to antagonise a super dangerous enemy. 
I don't agree. I think they were suspicious all along. Lying to a liar when he has a gun and you've seen him use it without remorse is not wise.
But what if she had said everything else but just not mentioned Brother Lu?

As for Ji Bai ... it's not the first time he is getting a blow to the head and not the first time he is very dizzy. Maybe that doesn't matter anymore though, now that he is shot. Haha. Not funny. I am sure he would have done what he did for anyone, but it was definitely much easier with little lightweight Xu Xu, whom he could basically throw out of that window. All that training ... for naught? No, now she can really show us what she learned. All alone in Burma. Good luck, Xu Xu. 
Poor Ji Bai. If he survives, he needs a reeeeeaaaallllly long vacation. He really has gotten all sorts of injuries on this case. I will nurse you back to health Ji Bai, don't worry. 
That little Snail might have something to say to you about that.