Bad Thief, Good Thief 도둑놈, 도둑님 - Episode 3 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Misery reaches new heights in these episodes! Especially mine! I'll do a ffward version of bullet point a recap then. It's best for all of us, believe me.
JoAnne: I really like the bullet caps. But I also like the story. I would have hated it when I first started watching dramas, though. Isn't that weird?
SakiVI: Oh, Dear Lord, how much longer of this childhood torture?

Episode 3

  • Min-jae cannot pay the tuition fee for his school. Also, he did not sign up for a school trip (because he has no money). His mother, who works day and night and has started to make tofu, gives him some money she got as down payment for a new contract with a local restaurant for it.
    • They really live in unrelenting poverty, don't they... his mom works so hard.
  • Omma says she wants Min-jae to be an influential person when he's grown up - like a prosecutor or judge. hint-hint. 
    • I always wonder why they never say doctor. It's always the law. Then I realize they never say to grow up and have money - they say grow up and have power.
    • Power is the most useful. Of course, some money comes with power, but the power part is what keeps you safe. 
  • There are loan sharks. Mother hasn't paid the interest for two months = bad. They search the house and find more money - money Omma put away for Min-jae's tuition.
    • Min Jae looked a little shocked to see that money. I wonder if he will think his mom is stealing, too?
    • He knows she worked for it. 
  • Dol-Mok and Pan-Soo live with them too, it looks like they moved (Dol-Mok's origin is a secret though) - and we see that Min-jae is extremely considerate of his younger brother (who thinks his Hyung hates him - but Min-jae is "just resentful of Dad"). The cute little button has saved money and gives it to his older brother - for his tuition. 
    • I was glad to see that Min Jae is nice to Dol Mok. It's not the poor baby's fault any of this happened.
  • Dol-Mok hears his stepmother shout how much she hates him (and her life), but she doesn't. Nobody can hate this little sunshine, awwww. (I do.) He doesn't remember his real parents anymore.
    • I was so disappointed by her outburst, really - but then later she and Dol Mok had that nice little scene. I don't want him to be hated and resented, he's a good boy.
  • The little one dreams: we learn there are three maps, recording the location of a national treasure. We also learn that General Beak San was killed by a traitor. Pan-Soo, who realizes Dol-Mok remembers, forbids him to ever say anything about this.
    • I hope he stays a nice boy.
    • He's the first lead. Of course he'll stay a nice boy.  
  • Prosecutor Yoon seems to really love his wife (Hong Shin-Ae) - and vice versa. Hm, maybe he isn't really a bad guy? He asks her if she'd choose him or her father if worse came to worse. Hm. Hmmmmm. 
    • That was me, too. Hmmm, hmmm. I guess evil men can love their wives, though, right? But he doesn't seem like his default position is to hurt people, at least.
  • New character alert! Prosecutor Yoon's sister-in-law (Hong Mi-Ae) comes to visit. She's horrible. She married rich. Her son (Lee Yoon-Ho) is an asshole. 
    • Wow, what jerks. I felt my stress level rising the minute they showed up.
    • They fulfilled their purpose, then.
  • He gets into a fight with Dol-Mok at some charity event. It must be fate. So-Joo intervenes. Ohhhh, really fate. And Hwa-Young too! Awwwwww, Dol-Mok likes her (they met at a math competition!) 
    • The girls both seem really nice. But who names their daughter after alcohol? Let me ask my friend, Tequila.
  • Oh no, Dol-Mok told Hwa-Young about Beak-San's treasure! Stuuuupid.
    • Well how is he supposed to know? Oh wait, Pan Soo told him to keep it quiet. Right.
Little Cutie Pie 
  • The Ass Son boasts about his father's gold mine (it's total bullshit), so the kids decide to go have a look at the mine. Yoon Ho and the two girls fall into cave. Dol-Mok tries to use rope from a warning sign to save them - and Min-jae, who went looking for him, helps too.
    • Dol Mok is pretty resourceful, although he gravely overestimated his strength.  Good thing Min Jae showed up!
  • The kids end up at the hospital. Yoon-Ho has just a scratch. He's such a vile coward. He says it was all Dol-Mok's fault (when he was the one edging the others on), but So-Joo calls him a liar.
    • Yes, girl. You tell it!
  • Because Kang Sung-Il dares to touch Yoon-Ho's mother's arm, he is brutally beaten up by Mr. Hot in front of his daughter. What a charming family - the order comes from Hong Il-Kwon (that's the evil chairman)(just call him Bad Wig). They make Police Appa grovel and apologize to Hong Mi-Ae.
    • I am gravely disappointed in Mr. Hot.
    • Amazingly, he stays Hot, despite being Evil.
  • Vile. They tell Yoon-Ho that he is not to associate with lowly slaves. If this were Joseon, he would be the Crown Prince. His cousin Hwa-Young? She'd be a maid, or court lady at most.
    • They also tell him he's not a blood relative of Hwa Young. Is that to do with clans, etc? So if they had brothers for fathers, it would count, but since it's sisters, it doesn't? Or is that a hint at a birth secret in our future?
    • I didn't understand this at all. Oh, wait, it gets explained later. Just not in this episode. In episode 5. The sisters are half-sisters. And Hwa Young's mother was the mistress.
  • Ohhhhhh, Prosecutor Yoon acknowledges his father-in-law is a dirty scumbag - and tells Kang Sung-Il he wants to take him down.
    • I thought that was clear from the beginning, that he knew he was disgusting and that he hated cleaning up his messes.
  • Later Prosecutor Yoon hears from his daughter that Dol-Mok talked about Beak San's treasure. 
    • He can be a relatively decent guy and still think getting his hands on that treasure (remember, he also has an ancestor in that photo) could get him out from under his wife's family thumb. And her - I think it would be equally important to Prosecutor Yoon to be able to make it so his wife can't be mistreated by her sister and father. But I can see where this would also be something that could flip him over to the dark side.
  • Mr. Hot sees Pan-Soo with his two "sons" at the hospital and realizes Dol-Mok must be Kim Chan Gi's son. He goes to Pan-Soo's house, but Prosecutor Yoon stops him from doing anything illegal.  
    • Mr. Hot, how you gonna make up for So Joo's dad's beat down?
    • He isn't.
  • Mr. Yoon goes to talk to the boy instead, but when he asks him about Baek-San, Dol-Mok gets a piercing headache ... and remembers bits and pieces from when he was kidnapped.
    • Hmmmm, are we going to find out something we didn't know about that night? I think we are.
  • Prosecutor Yoon asks Min-jae about his brother and tries to unsettle him by pointing out he looks nothing like him. 
    • Shitty thing to do to a kid.
  • The loan sharks, who know Pan-Soo got a goldsmith license in prison (???) get him involved in the illegal gold-melting business. 
    • It seems very wise to give a thief more reason to be around valuable things, doesn't it? Uh, no.
  • Kang Sung-Il and his buddy raid the gold facilities. It looks like Pan-Soo might be able to leave without being caught, with a bag full of gold. 
    • Ah, but will he keep it and use it? Maybe they'll run away and start over in Seoul!


This episode was marginally more interesting than episode 2 - mainly because we realize the Yoon-family isn't that bad. We had to meet the Chairman's 2nd daughter though to realize. She's such a caricature of a rich %itch - annoying. Also the son, cliche and annoying. At least, he wasn't fully black and white. He looked uncomfortable when Police Officer Kang was beaten up in front of him.
He did, didn't he. And he seemed fond of Hwa Young, although like any kid he was more than happy to lord it over her. I wonder if he'll be a conflicted adult. We seem ripe for a few. And I definitely like this, although I can't understand why I took to it so fast. There's nothing particular remarkable about it. Maybe I just really love that tree.
It's okay. I still am not enamoured.