Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 24 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)


Chapter 24

with some NSFW stuff
written by kakashi
edited by JoAnne

Cheng Yin sat in the Obsidian Palace and waited for Shao Wan to fall into his trap.

He knew with certainty she would come. He had taken her mount, the one person she would walk through fire to protect. He had been too careless before, thinking just taking her whip would be sufficient, but he had made sure he would capture her this time. He would own her. He would put a leash on her, and he would drag her everywhere, as a sign of his power.

As he lounged in his favorite chair in the throne room, sipping some wine, he chuckled. Things had gone well for him at that “peace” festival. What a laughable affair! The God of War had made a fool of himself trying to get the Demons to swear to peace. He was too stupid: Demons knew nothing of peace and certainly didn’t give a rat’s ass about upholding it. Cheng Yin was certain they’d all fall in line behind him as soon as he got his hands on Shao Wan - as would most of the Ghost generals. Then, he would not stop until the Nine Heavens were in ruins and all the Celestials dead or enslaved. He would personally kill Mo Yuan, but only after keeping him in absolute misery for as long as it entertained him.

In front of him, Fong Hung groaned but did not regain consciousness, even after Cheng Yin kicked him hard.

Fong Hung flickered in and out of his animal form already, after so little torture - how weak he was. Cheng Yin had never understood why someone as glorious and powerful as Shao Wan had chosen such a weakling for a mount when she could have tamed anything.

He pondered how much she had changed since her resurrection. If only he could have found her in time, to subjugate her immediately after her rebirth, he wouldn’t have had to trouble himself with “peace talks” and other such ludicrous things. He would have killed Mo Yuan days ago.

The way Shao Wan looked at that Celestial was outrageous. Cheng Yin had smelled her constant arousal in the negotiation room, and it had made him want to take her right then and there, roughly, with Mo Yuan watching. How could she desire such a man? Someone who had killed so many Demons during the First Demon War, bringing humiliation to her own people? Being a heap of ash for so long had muddled with her brains and had made her weak - that’s why he wanted to punish her before he used her body and spirit to get back at their enemies.

Leisurely, Cheng Yin heated up a long metal rod with his magic and poked Fong Hung with it. It was no fun though, the mount wouldn’t budge. He only bled and made a mess on the stone floor.

Cheng Yin had to admit that one thing had not gone entirely as planned at the festival and he was still a little puzzled about it. He'd first tried his charms on the Purple Demon Queen, but she was probably frigid. Or did she love women? That would explain why she sucked up to Shao Wan and never had any men around her. Even her bodyguards were women - and quite desirable specimens, at that. Whatever the reason, he had failed to seduce Yi Mei Niang which had enraged him enough to go on a binge drinking rampage.

However, a new opportunity to cause grief had arisen shortly after. It had come when Mo Yuan’s promised bride, a slight woman in pink whose name he didn’t know, accidentally looked at Cheng Yin during a dance performance on the fouth day. She immediately cast down her eyes, like any proper Celestial woman would do. However, he knew how to read women’s glances very well - and since he clearly saw interest there, he decided on the spot he would sully Mo Yuan’s property for fun since he was so utterly bored with everything there.

Finding opportunities to sweet-talk her in private had been difficult, but he had skills. Sneaking away to the coral wall with her on the last evening after everybody believed he had left had been the easier part because she was inebriated. He was too, but not as much. She was surprisingly willing, which just proved to him once again how hypocritical Celestials were. Leaning her back against the coral wall, he had put his tongue to good use - the only thing he liked about Celestials was their taste - and had made her come several times in rapid succession. She made little squeaking sounds when she climaxed, quite annoying.

He had made sure his head had stayed hidden in her lap, with the fabric of her gown around him. His hearing was good and he knew that someone was watching them - just as he had planned. As much as the Celestials pretended to care about propriety, they quite liked talking dirty behind everyone’s back. They got their kinky pleasure from what they called “juicy gossip” and he knew very well who the three individuals were who would serve him best to humiliate the God of War.

The first surprise occurred when the pink bride had pulled him up afterwards and had clumsily grabbed for his rod to stroke him. The observer had left, so he'd let her continue, but certain doubts concerning just how pure this woman actually was had entered his head. She had little to no skills, though, and he had to help her with the right moves. He did not let her suck him; her virginal mouth was too small and he chose to come all over her gown instead. Let her maids see the stains and let them talk even more.

After this, things had gone somewhat awry. That woman had actually followed him back to his tent and begged him to deflower her. He hadn’t had a Celestial virgin before and his lust had risen rapidly hearing her talk like this - she was really quite beautiful and surely very tight. No wonder his nether parts had taken over in this situation.

Truth was, he was a little perplexed about her eagerness, but he was always sought-after by ladies and she had soon made him forget all caution. Everything was petite about her; she had tiny little breasts with tiny little nipples, an incredibly narrow waist, and a tiny, perfectly shaped ass. She was also still wet from before - or just always wet, who knew - and after bending her head down onto the bed, he had entered her swiftly from behind. It had been very exciting to ravage Mo Yuan’s woman like this, so exciting he had almost come immediately after pushing through her maidenhead. He barely managed to hold back until she orgasmed, making her now-familiar squeaking sound.

Again, it should have given him pause that she had not wanted to stop there but had insisted on trying out more things. His little sister had walked in on them at one stage, being the oblivious bumbling fool she always was, and it had been then he had realized that maybe this was getting out of hand. Not that he didn’t enjoy plunging into this tiny Celestial in various positions - he did, a lot, and the thought of Mo Yuan’s anger when he found out about it fired him up like nothing before - but somewhere in the back of his head there was a voice warning him that this could backfire in ways he did not quite understand in his lustful state.

Indeed so. That little witch made sure her father’s men, who were searching for her all over the encampment at this stage, would find her on top of Cheng Yin. With shocked, nauseous expressions on their faces, they had dragged her away wrapped in a blanket like a precious ceramic. Not daring to move against him, averting their eyes from his nakedness, they had made clear in shrill voices that he would have to account for himself later and take responsibility. Take responsibility? Would they make him marry the woman? He'd initially laughed them in the face, warning them to be be glad he didn’t slit their throats right away for trespassing like this, but thought it better afterwards to pack up everything and leave a few hours before schedule.

She had looked at him triumphantly, the vixen, when she was dragged away. He had certainly made sure she enjoyed herself, but Cheng Yin did not understand that look or her reasons. He just knew he didn’t like to be played by anyone and it certainly felt like she had played and used him. He wasn’t even sure anymore whether this would really cause Mo Yuan the kind of grief he had planned? That nagging voice in the back of his head told him that it was quite possible the God of War was the one walking away laughing from this.

Thinking about all this threatened to put Cheng Yin in a bad mood, but the image of Shao Wan finally falling into his hands helped to make everything look much better. He could take his frustration out on her soon, and in the meantime he would torture Fong Hung, who seemed to have transformed into his animal form permanently now.


Shao Wan knew exactly what she was walking into. Cheng Yin was waiting for her and he would most likely be much better prepared this time. She hated that she was afraid, a deep fear that sat in her stomach and made her nauseous. But it changed nothing: she would do anything to save Fong Hung.

Fong Hung had been in the cave when she had broken out of her egg, a tiny golden toad with a red belly who had just lost his tadpole tail. He had blinked at her, and she had blinked at him - and then she had laughed and he had croaked. They had been together ever since. They had played together, explored the world together, shared moments of happiness and grief. She grew stronger and he grew larger, until he could no longer sit on her shoulder. At night, she put her head on him, the perfect headrest. His slow breathing calmed her fiery soul so that she could find sleep. She had caught flies and other insects for him and later, bigger animals. He also liked sweets and she brought them for him, gleefully watching how he gulped them down. She had scratched his head and his belly until her arms grew numb. She had used his venom to make deadly weapons. He had worked relentlessly on his cultivation to be able to stay with her. When she had sat on his back for the first time and fell off in mid-air, they had laughed until they were out of breath. When he turned human for the first time, she had been so happy she had cried.

Thanks to him, she had never been alone, not once. She could not imagine a life without him.

Cheng Yin knew this, which surely meant Fong Hung was still alive. She was also fairly confident that she would be able to free her mount. What came afterwards was what scared her. That the Yellow King had a spell to trigger her sky-powers was horrifying enough, but not knowing what else he had was even more frightening. It was possible he was too strong. It was possible she could not beat him.

Shao Wan knew Cheng Yin didn’t want her dead; no, he wanted to enslave her. That was not going to happen. She would rather die than be used by him. If he was too strong, dying was also the only way she could keep her word to the God of War. She had promised him that Cheng Yin would not get her. She really wanted to settle her debt to Mo Yuan even if it was the last thing she did. She also really wanted to see him smile at her with admiration, and she longed to rest in his arms, like she had in her dreams.

This, she knew, was why she was to blame for everything: she should have protected Fong Hung instead of lusting after a man.

Of course, Mo Yuan had analyzed the situation much better than she. His “I cannot give it to you” hadn’t been him telling her he despised her. It had been telling her they could not be together even if he didn’t despise her.

She had never had any regrets in life before, because she had always done exactly what she wanted. Now, she regretted everything.

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